Late night at the office

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Late night at the officeIt was 6:00 and the office had just cleared out. Being the manager it was just me and Elizabeth around in the office trying finishing up some last minute things. I was on my way out and saw her sitting there and I asked her how her day was. Elizabeth replied with terrible boring. I looked her in the eyes and asked if you wanted to make it a little more interesting. Elizabeth gave me a sly smile and asked me what I had in mind. Elizabeth was wearing a black fitted dress with a low v-neck and I was wearing a white shirt, tie and pair of gray pants.I looked her in the eye and said nothing but began taking the tie off from around my neck. I then grabbed both of her hands gently and wrapped my tie around both and firmly tied them together. Elizabeth wiggled ever so slightly and we both gave a small giggle of anticipation. I then told her that she was working too hard and needed a little stress reliever. I took the other end of my tie and lifted it up to the ceiling tile above our heads, pulling her arms above her head and tying them to the bracket above. Elizabeth squealed ever so slightly attempting to bursa escort protest my advance. With her hands above her head now standing on your feet I moved over to her and took off her glasses and brushed herr hair away from herr face. I took my lips and pressed them to hers lightly teasing you at first and then kissing deeper and deeper with each pass. As I was kissing I began running my hand up her thighs and across your back faster and deeper with each pass, grabbing onto her firm ass. Elizabeth moaned ever so softly. Then I stepped away and we stared each other in the eye with the longing for more. I looked down at the desk drawer and slowly opened it, reaching in I pulled out a pair of scissors. Elizabeth looked at me her eyes widening. I came close and ran the dull side of cold blade across her leg. I then took the bottom edge of her dress and began cutting upwards carefully. I cut all the way up to the top and peeled the black dress to the floor, leaving her in standing in the open with only her black bra and panties remaining. I then began kissing every inch of her body. Starting at her neck and moving down her back, bursa escort bayan across to her stomach, up and around the edge of her bra and then downwards toward her inner thigh. I then slide the blade of the scissors in between her leg and panties and gave a snip, dropping them to the floor. I then ran my tongue up your thigh until I reached Elizabeth’s soaking wet pussy. I began flicking my tongue across her pussy’s lips and thenslowly slide my tongue deep inside you. I wiggled it a little and then slide it out and then deeper next time increasing in speed and depth with every pass. Your moans became louder and louder. I then slid my tongue out and began working it up her ribs kissing them one at a time. Again I grabbed for the scissors and slide the cold steel in between her breasts. With a cut the bra feel to the floor and my hands began rubbing her hard nipples. My tongue followed as I tried to put as much of her breast in my mouth as possible. Flicking her nipples with my tongue and swirling it around and around. Elizabeth’s hips began thrust forward with every pass. I undid my belt and my zipper dropping my pants escort bursa to the ground. I held my hard cock in my hand and made my way back over to you. You were still standing naked in the middle of the office completely exposed. I grabbed her waist spinning her around so she was facing away from me, her arms still suspended. I leaned her forward spreading her legs apart. I slide my cock inbetween her legs then letting her pussy slowly glide down on my rock hard cock. She winced at first but then gave a sigh of pleasure. My cock was throbbing and then grabbed her waist just at the top of her hot round ass pulling her hips to my thighs over and over again with all of my force as I slide deeper and deeper inside her. She began riding my cock back into me moaning as I pulled her up and down my shaft. As we were fucking I would give her ass a light smack. I began feeling her muscles tense as she was about to cum. So I drove into you harder and faster until I heard her scream for more and then she came hard collapsing against her restraints at the same time my cock pulsed as exploded inside. I held her up again caressing her breasts until she gained a little more strength back then slide her arms back down slowly. I grabbed my coat and gave it to Elizabeth to wear home. I gave her one final kiss on the neck and said see you at work tomorrow.

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