Last Weekend – Sunday Morning – Being treated like

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Last Weekend – Sunday Morning – Being treated likeThe satin rug moved ever so slowly exposing my shivering smooth skin as I groggily opened my eyes. It was 7 AM and my master was already up and was uncovering my nudity on a pink silky bed in which we slept the previous night. The chill in the room and the smooth silky slithering feeling of the satin rug, turned on every nerve ending on my body and my sleepy eyes were opening just enough to sense the nakedness and sensuality of my master’s well chiseled body and his morning wood glistening and bathing in the sunlight, peeping through the curtains of the room.The satin rug had just cleared the mounds of my ample bosom, exposing my nipples which switched on and responded to the chill in the room as my glistening lips part just a bit to respond with a smile, conveying to my master that he was turning me on. My eyes were now wide open and naughtily eyeing my master and guessing his intentions. The rug progressed further down and reached my sissy clit that popped up as soon as the rug passed over it. My sissy self ensured that my clit responded to my master’s wish by throbbing like a dogs tail responding to his/her master. The throb didn’t cease till the entire rug was removed and i lay wide open on the bed with my eyes naughtily gazing at my master and his morning wood. The throb in my clit was so intense that a bead of precum formed on top of it like a dew drop on a shard of grass. türbanlı aydın escort The throbbing of my clit intensified as i found master gazing down at my nakedness and his eyes ready to devour me and all its elements. His majestic self stood at the end of the bed ready to overpower his slave. But to my surprise he smiled and gently climbed on to the bed with his knees placed between my widely spread legs. His manly hands, surprisingly gentle, moved over my feet to my ankles, inching towards my knees and as it reached my milky thighs they just grabbed its softness making my body arch on the bed. My clit, in its erectness with a bead of precum, now welcomed my master as he lay his body between my legs with his arms entwining my thighs and his palms cupping my butt cheeks. Every squeeze of my butt cheeks arched my body even more and i could sense his warm breathe in the chilly room just near my erect clit. To add to my surprise he started to smell my groin area and shocked me by licking the small shaft of my sissy clit all the way up to bead of precum which he lapped up into his mouth. I noticed that he didn’t swallow it. He slithered up on to my body with his hands still squeezing my butt cheeks and parting them just enough to let the chilly air enter my love hole. As he slithered over my soft body he planted kisses without parting his lips apart. His crew cut hair poking my türbanlı aydın escort bayan soft mounds of breasts and sending shivers down my spine. He was a different man today but I enjoyed every bit of it. His eyes rose above my mounds and I could see his naughty eyes r****g me with all the love that it can shower. He looked straight into my eyes and slid further up with my sissy clit being squeezed between his body and my tummy. And when his face was right over mine I felt his hard wood shaft punching my balls and his throbbing manhood slid between my butt cheeks as he left his hands to run them over mine and hold them in place on either sides of our bodies. This was the most erotic morning that I had ever had so far in my life.The scene just froze in time. He was gazing deep into my eyes and all that I could do was to softly smile and invite him to proceed further with my loving eyes. He got the signs and bent his lips to touch mine and I instantly opened mine to let him flood my mouth with his saliva that he was storing in his mouth. I could distinctly taste my precum in his saliva which engulfed my mouth along with his tongue which wanted to enter the deeper reaches of my throat and gag me. I sucked all his saliva and gulped it down my throat as he started to passionately kiss me deep and deeper down my mouth as his hands clasped mine and squeezed them until the blood türbanlı escort aydın ran out of them. His manliness was overpowering making me submissive to his erotic explorations. Our legs were entwined, so were our hands, his manly body squishing me down and my throbbing clit being pressed down on to my tummy. The sequence was so erotic and so unexpected that I began squirting and my sticky juices just lathered our stomachs as we slithered on the bed like couple of snakes. He didn’t break the kiss all this while. He had his eyes shut and and I was in heaven. There was more to come, and I was ready for anything that me made feel more lady like. After a lot of kissing which lasted for around 10 minutes he broke the link for me to gasp for some much needed air. Our saliva which frothed up in my mouth started to drip down the sides of my face and he would lick it up and put it back into my mouth for me to gulp it down. He was being romantic to an extent that I never imagined. He lifted himself and placed himself between my legs and started working on my clit by licking it and sucking all the nectar that had oozed out. He didn’t swallow it. He mixed my juices in his saliva and kept in his mouth until he licked every drop of nectar that was smeared on my belly. He even suckled on my belly button and came up to my face and dropped our juices into my mouth, which i willingly swallowed and gleamed about. He lay on top of me again and whispered – “Baby, I wanted you to feel like a total lady today. Did you like it?”… I was speechless and smiling cheek to cheek. I grabbed his hair pulled him down to my face and kissed him hard and told him – “Master, I love you. Thank you.”Later I went back to being my slave role, serving and caring for him like a sissy slut that I always was…:)

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