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Landlords wifeAs you can tell from most of my stories I lived out of a suitcase for a large part of my life and this is an example of what that could lead to. Twenty or so years ago I was on a contract just outside Manchester, England. At first I stayed in a local pub hotel but after a short while by asking around at work one of the girls there introduced me to her parents who had a small house for rent.It was very convenient and at first I was just hoping that the girl from work might visit me. She was late twenties with a gorgeous pair of tits. That was not to happen but after the first month when I went to her parents house to pay my rent I met her mother for the first time. She was a lot taller than her daughter but I could see where the tits came from. Maybe 50 years of age with natural ginger hair she wasn’t thin or fat. and about five foot ten. Nothing happened that bursa escort first time or even the following two months even though I kept on trying to drop the hint with such questions of where could I buy a bathrobe as that was my preferred attire at home. Then one evening it all changed.As usual I was just sitting chatting with them and drinking a whisky when the landlords wife suggested to her hubby that he looked tired and maybe should go and have a lay down. After a little denial he decided to follow her advice and slunk off to his bedroom. When his wife came back in she sat down and started to ask me questions about my love life and what it was like to move from country to country.I began to wonder where she was leading to as she remained a good few feet from me and I felt that maybe I was hoping for too much. Then, first of all she stood up and brought the whisky escort bursa bottle to me without even asking if I wanted another drink. Once she had poured me one she surprised me by going to the far side of the room and picking up a small brush and scoop. She went to the far end of the sofa that she had been sitting on and for some reason started to sweep on the floor in front of it. In order to reach down her blouse opened up and I could see two magnificent breasts. She wasn’t wearing a bra so it was fairly obvious that she was doing this to entice me.In order to go along with what she was doing I pointed to a bit of fluff on the floor maybe two yards in from of me and she duly obliged so that I could easily see her dark nipples.Knowing a come on when I see it I told her that it would be great if she sometimes came to the house I was renting off her and do some cleaning görükle escort for me. Especially in that blouse with no bra. She blushed a little and told me that it was totally unintentional but we both knew she was lying.Nothing more was said and I drove back half expecting her to follow me but she didn’t. In fact it was three evenings later that my doorbell rang. In anticipation I was wearing nothing but a bathrobe as I let her in. As part of the facade she had the scoop and brush in her hand which made us both smile.I didn’t waste much time, instead I just sat in the middle of the settee and pointed to an imaginary fluff on the floor two feet in front of me. As expected she got down on her knees giving me a full view of her breasts. Without saying a word I leaned back and pulled my bathrobe open. My already erect cock pointed straight at her face and she just smiled before dropping the brush and scoop and leaned forward to take me in her mouth. Over the next few months she made a regular twice weekly visit and we did everything from oral and anal to rimming. It always pays to keep your eyes open.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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