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landladyWhen I went to university back in 1980 it was my first time away from home, and I was just a bit over 18 years of age. Unfortunately for me when I arrived at college I was told that due to an admin error my application for accommodation in the halls of residence on the university site hadn’t been processed and so I wouldn’t be moving into the college accommodation. I was told not to worry, the college had sorted out some temporary accommodation for me in the shape of lodgings in a family house not far from the college. I was still seething and pissed off as I took the address and headed off in my car to meet with Mr & Mrs Johnson. I dreaded the idea of a room in someone’s house, the lack of privacy, the lack of opportunity to bring girls back and of course stumbling in drunk whenever I wanted. As I pulled up outside the house I was pleased to see that it was in a nice clean area not too far from the college, and not some crappy council estate. Knocking on the door I was greeted by a slightly balding man in his late 40’s with a bit of a Cockney accent, “Hello mate, you must be here for the room, come on in”. I followed him into the front room and it was nice to see the house was as clean on the inside as it was on the outside. He introduced himself as Mr Johnson but said I should call him Pete, and then went off to call his missus as he said this was her idea and best she dealt with it. I’d been sitting down for a couple of minutes when I heard voices and Pete walked back in but this time accompanied by a tall blonde lady and introduced her as Val his wife. Val was probably in her in her 30’s and unlike Pete was more softly spoken, “Hello, we’ve never done this before so bear with us”, she said. She then gave me a guided tour of the house starting with my room which to my surprise wasn’t a pokey box room but a decent size room with a double bed. She explained that as she had recently lost her job as the company she had been with had shut down and as Pete was a long distance lorry driver they needed the extra money. I appreciated her honesty and she said that it would also be nice to have some company too. It wasn’t long before Pete, Val and I were all getting on like a house on fire and I forgot to go back to the college housing office to try and find a permanent home. However things took a turn a couple of months into my tenancy when I came home late from a party the worse for wear for drink, yes I was pissed. As Pete was away driving, Val was up when I got home and ended up nursing me and my hangover. When I awoke the next morning Val was there with a nice cup of tea and some aspirins, but I was more concerned as to the fact I was laying in bed naked and couldn’t recall undressing myself. Before I had a chance to ask how I’d got in the position I was in, Val commented, “I think you spilt more than you drank, your clothes reeked of booze, so I put them into the wash, I hope you don’t mind?”. I replied nervously, “No, but”. Val cut me off in mid sentence; “Don’t worry everything you’ve got I’ve seen before”, with a sexy little smile playing on her lips. “Now before I get you sort you some lunch you need a good wash, I’ll run you a bath”. kayseri escort A few minutes later Val called across, “Your bath’s ready”. Wrapped in the bedsheet from under my duvet I made my way to the bathroom where Val was standing with her hands on her hips. It soon became clear that she wasn’t going to leave and wanted to bath me, so I let the sheet drop to the floor and stood naked in front of her. She looked me up and down before gesticulating that I should get in the bath which I did. As I sat down and got comfortable in the warm water, Val started to unbutton her blouse and unhitch her skirt, “If I’m going to scrub your back, best not to get my clothes wet”. Val’s impromptu striptease lasted just a few seconds as she was soon standing in front of me completely naked. I knew Val had a good sized pair of tits having glimpsed her cleavage, but the full effect was amazing, gorgeous globes topped off with large pink areola and nipples like bullets. My eyes quickly moved lower down to her pussy lovely lips topped off with a nice blonde bush. Moving closer Val perched on the edge of the bath behind me and started rub soap my back and around my neck. “You better stand up so I can do the rest”, she said, and I obliged without hesitation turning and facing her with my cock now rock hard and literally inches from her face. Val cupped my balls and began to stroke my cock with her other hand before leaning forward and kissing it. Pulling back my foreskin she began to kiss and lick the tip of my cock before pulling me closer so my cock disappeared down her warm wet mouth. She continued to suck my cock before dropping to her knees on the bathroom floor and making me fuck her mouth deeply. Rising from the floor Val was now level with me and as I started to rub her tits she leaned into me and began to kiss me. Like a k** eager to discover all the features on a new toy my hands wandered down to her pussy and began to rub it. “Not here, let’s get comfortable” sighed Val, before grabbing my hand and leading me to her bedroom. Falling onto the bed we kissed like maniacs before I began to lick and suck on her ample tits, biting her now rock hard nipples. “God, I’m so fucking wet” moaned Val, “Yeah I know” I replied as I pulled two fingers out of her wet pussy and began to lick them. Loving the taste of her quim I moved my mouth down to her pussy and spreading her lips began to lick and suck her juicy cunt. Two fingers weren’t enough for Val as she urged me to fill her pussy with more, so before long I had four fingers deep inside her and she was screaming with pleasure and squirting her hot cum dripped down onto her asshole. I rimmed and tongued her ass before fingering it so I was now inserted deep inside her cunt and ass. After sucking my cock some more Val begged me to fuck her and I was more than happy to oblige bending her over the edge of the bed and fucking her doggy style. Pulling her hair and slapping her ass she shrieked as my balls banged against he fleshy ass cheeks. “Cum inside me” moaned Val and within a few minutes I was pumping her full of my hot thick creamy spunk. As we lay on the bed exhausted and sweating I watched as Val dribbled my spunk out of her pussy and onto her cupped hand before licking her fingers clean.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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