Lai Ch. 08: Nan

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I was already waiting alone at the centrally placed table when the host informed me that Nan, already fifteen minutes late, had just called to say that she was going to be yet another ten minutes late.

Nan had chosen this restaurant in the TST district of Kowloon. I had never been here before, but it was my style, quite elegant, with thirty tables draped in long white tablecloths, all located in a single large dimly-lighted room. I was a little annoyed at her delay, but the extra time did give me time to think about the events that led to my date with her.


My name is Louis Lai. I am 29 years old, generally judged to be handsome, a bit above average in height, and well-built from hours spent exercising. I am not a playboy, although many might consider me one. I am the heir to Lai Property and Management, LLC, which has holdings all over Asia and North America. I had spent the much of the past six years in the United States, studying for an MBA, managing our more limited number of properties in North America, and developing a successful on-line real estate company. I would judge my presence in America as successful. I had graduated with honors, I had grown the family business, and I had earned over $10 million USD selling off an Internet company that I co-founded. I had been disappointed that my parents forced me back to Hong Kong eight months ago, citing their need for my help in managing our much larger Asian holdings. I am not convinced that business concerns were the reason. I am certain that they had been increasingly worried about my behavior in America, straying from their more conservative beliefs, especially with respect to my admittedly more undisciplined approach to personal entertainment and intimate relationships. It is true that I had enjoyed going out till late at night frequently and that I had enjoyed the serial companionship of at least a dozen girlfriends in my search for lasting love, but I had not violated any serious laws nor had I created any really embarrassing situations for the family.

My personal life is certainly constrained here in Hong Kong. While I have dated a number of attractive women introduced to me through my family social circle here, two of which had stretched for a couple months, I have felt that there were implied expectations associated with all these potential relationships, as if these unions were a business arrangement and a resolution needed to be achieved within a certain timeframe. So I had decided to go my own way.

I had initially bribed the event organizers to allow me to judge the Miss Hong Kong pageant two weeks ago because I wanted an excuse to meet one Barb Wei. The business elite in this city is not that small, so it had taken a few months for the rumor that Ryan Lin, who I had met a couple of times, had broken off a lengthy affair in which she was the mistress. I had then watched her on the local news a few times and decided that she might be an interesting woman to date. Or at least fuck. After I had successfully acquired her number and a commitment to a future date, I had been accosted by the second place contestant. Nan Wen had been extremely flirty at the outset.

“Mr. Lai, I just wanted to thank you for helping become the runner-up for Miss Hong Kong.”

I had not been able to tell if she were happy or upset by her placement, but I had responded as if she were happy. “My pleasure, Miss Wen. You deserve it. You are an incredible singer, the best on stage tonight, by far.”

“Well, I would like to think that my face and my figure contributed to the outcome, too.”

“Yes, that definitely was a strong point, as well, Miss Wen.”

“What part of my physique do you find most attractive, Mr. Lai? My breasts? I know Barb Wei’s are slightly bigger, but mine are quite a mouthful also, wouldn’t you say? Or maybe my toned round butt? My dates have always found my ass quite fun to grope, I have to say. I tend to think my legs are both my best feature … and my favorite part, too. Almost as long as Barb’s. Quite shapely, don’t you think? Especially in heels, which I love to wear all the time, even in the bedroom. And, gosh, so fun to wrap them around a lover.”

I am not dense. She obviously wanted to obtain a date with me. So we had continued to banter flirtatiously for a number of minutes, ending with a general commitment to get together later. After having left me her number, she had winked at me and had whispered in my ear, “Don’t forget to call, Mr. Lai. I think we could have a lot of fun together.”

I had called her the next day, after having secured the upcoming weekend with Barb. “Nan. Louis Lai. I wanted to set up a date. Would you be free the weekend after the coming one?”

“So nice to hear from you, Mr. Lai. I was wondering when you would call. Yes, I think I have some time in a couple weekends, although that Sunday afternoon is my dear grandmother’s 75th birthday celebration. My father and his siblings have been planning this for a few months and I have been really looking forward to it. Probably ten tables.”

Her response had thrown a small twist in my plans, but I emphasize the word “small”. I was free that weekend and I bahis firmaları didn’t have the patience to wait to discover what Nan had to offer to me as a woman. “Nan, please call me Louis. Actually, I meant all weekend, though. Perhaps you could let your father and grandmother know that you might be occupied that day. I have found that, with me, dates are more worthwhile for both parties if we spend an extended and concentrated amount of time together. I am quite busy and I am used to making important decisions over short periods of time. This includes my choice of companions. I would ask that you clear your schedule from Friday evening to Monday morning. The date will continue, as long as we are getting along well. If one of us decides to terminate our date earlier in the weekend, well, I think that would be ample evidence pointing to our poor prospects together. And I am sure we could both go our separate ways as mature adults.”

She had hesitated before replying, “Um, yes, you do have a point, Louis. I guess I can change my schedule for you.”

“Excellent, Nan. Call me on Tuesday, two days from now. I understand that I may be inconveniencing you, so why don’t you let me know what you would like to do Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon. I will make it happen. Does that sound acceptable?”

“Uh, sure, Louis. Let me get to work on this.”

“Oh, by the way, if you wish to purchase anything for our weekend together, call my personal assistant Jen. I will text you her number. She can pay for many things that you may desire. In fact, I insist that you avail yourself of this offer. I am taking your time at the last minute and I would like to repay you in some trivial way for it. Also, if you have any requests, please convey them to her and she will see what she can do. I have to go now. Bye-bye, Nan.”

I recalled that I had been quite intrigued by what this unexpected opportunity with Nan might bring.


My reverie was broken by the advance of Nan, or more specifically, of her legs, sashaying towards me. I stared at her luscious figure as she approached me and I noticed that the patrons were openly gawking as she passed by. I stood up when she reached me. “Sorry I’m a bit late, Louis. I was putting on some finishing touches for tonight. It will be worth it for you, though, I promise,” Nan said breezily. “What do you think of this little black dress and heels I wore for you tonight?” She slowly pirouetted around to show me her entire form.

As I watched her display herself to me, my first and really only thought was simply, I want to fuck you right now, you slutty little girl. What I did say, however, was much more controlled. “You look absolutely great, Nan. Thank you for taking the time to get yourself so ready for our date tonight.”

“Thank you, Louis. Like the long sleeves? I didn’t want to look like a slut,” she said, winking.

Nan was sin incarnate. Her long jet black hair cascaded in waves across her back and was parted to seductively cover some of the right side of her face. Her eyes were outlined in dark black, with thick eyelashes and dark blue shadow. Her cheekbones were highlighted with heavy dark bronze blush, deeper in tone than her flawless natural olive-colored skin. Her full lips were painted a bright shade of glossy fuchsia. Her fingernails were polished a dark red. She accessorized sparingly with dangling gold earrings adorned with a column of diamonds that reached to her clavicles.

The most accurately termed part of the clingy little black dress that she was referring to was the word “little”. The dress had long sleeves, but it would only be a slight exaggeration to say that there was scarcely more fabric in the rest of the dress. The shoulderless sleeves merged directly onto a bodice with a low heart-shaped neckline which was supported by a halter and which left the top and sides of her breasts exposed. The tight fit pushed her large boobs against her chest, creating an appealingly deep cleavage in the middle and ample visible mounds to the sides. The hem of the dress barely cleared her firm butt, leaving all of her smooth and slender legs exposed. There were three midline oval cut-outs in the front, the middle one over the navel, which revealed the presence of a small diamond navel stud. There was also a deep cut-out along the sides of her thin waist. The back was bare to the top crack of ass, save for a single tied strap that appeared to secure the bodice around her breasts.

The astounding aspect of the dress was appreciated best at closer range. The fabric was a shimmering translucent black mesh that would obviously reveal details of her skin in brighter lighting. As it was, I could already somewhat discern the size of her areola and the absence panties and pubic hair. Nevertheless, the design and material appeared quite sophisticated and I suspected that the item had cost me quite a bit.

Her shoes were more understated, black open-toed platformless mules with one-inch biconcave kid-leather vamp straps and gold metallic stiletto heels that I estimated to be over 4 inches in height. I noted that Nan wore a gold-chain ankle bracelet kaçak iddaa on her left foot. The fuck-me shoes brought out the incredible shapeliness of her legs, extremely toned with just a hint of the underlying muscle fibers along its entire long length. The ankle bracelet drew attention to the delectable structure of her feet, with its long toes featuring clear polished toenails, high arches and delicate ankles.

I made a move to grab her by the waist, hoping to sneak in a friendly kiss, with the thought that even more sensual contact might ensue. She stepped backwards, ensuring that I could not reach her. “I have a little rule on first dates. You must be a gentleman. No touching me until I think you are worthy,” she said with a wicked grin and a twinkle in her eyes. “You do want to feel me, don’t you, Louis? I mean, look at this body.” She cupped her breasts with her left hand. She then slid her hand between her inner thighs. “I assure you, it feels good inside, too,” she added, winking at me.

Nan clearly liked to tease, but I was up for the challenge. “What I want, Nan, is to get to know you intimately, in the most comprehensive sense of the word. That’s why I wanted to be with you all weekend. To understand your thoughts and personality. To determine how compatible we might be. To discover if we are meant for the long-term. Isn’t that what all we all search for? I want to romance you the next few days, Nan. Getting to know your body is only one part of my goal this weekend.”

Nan’s face briefly twisted into a faint but unmistakable smirk before placidly nodding in agreement. I pulled out the chair for Nan and assisted in getting her seated. I sat down on the side adjacent to her. The waiter came over and I ordered a bottle of Cristal and the eight-course prix fixe option.

“I hope you like this restaurant. It’s my favorite French restaurant in Hong Kong,” Nan declared with a happy smile. “Eight courses. Plenty of time to learn about each other.”

I learned more about Nan over the course of four dishes and a bottle of champagne. She had graduated two years ago from the City University of Hong Kong. She worked as the director of music and a substitute teacher at one of the international secondary schools in Kowloon, supplementing her income as an occasional print model for clothing and lingerie lines. She told me that her motivation for entering the Miss Hong Kong pageant was to see if the exposure might lead to better opportunities for a singing career.

“Well, Nan. I wish you luck. You are quite a singer. Although this should be confidential, I do want to let you know that I voted you number one in the talent portion and, as I recall, you did come in first in the talent part of the pageant.” Actually, I had voted her second in the talent portion, but I figured that a small fib wouldn’t matter. “Combined with your beauty, I think you have a real chance at making it big.”

“Thank you, that’s a nice compliment. A number of agents have actually contacted me since Miss Hong Kong, so I’ll have to see what happens. However, I try not to anticipate too much. Much of life often is beyond our control. So my philosophy is to just try to have fun in the moment and not to focus too much on the final outcomes.”

A waiter placed the fifth course in front of us. Before starting this new dish, I pulled out a box that I had stored under my seat. “This is for you, Nan. I know that you may have had to disappoint others to be with me all of this weekend, so I just wanted you to know that I appreciate your sacrifice. Hope you like it.”

It was a silver choker with a single row of diamonds. My personal assistant Jen had asked Nan for all her physical dimensions and then had asked me what kind of necklace I wanted to buy for Nan. When I had told her that I wanted a choker like the one I had gifted Barb the week earlier, Jen had become apoplectic. “You are so obnoxious. Are these women just interchangeable playmates for you to put identical branding collars on?” she had yelled. I had told her that I found that choker design particularly sexy, but Jen clearly had not been convinced of my reasoning. Nevertheless, I was the boss and she had procured it for me.

Nan beamed. “It’s beautiful, Louis. Thank you. You have indeed proven yourself worthy. Would you like to put it on me?”

I did and Nan gave me a deep kiss on the mouth as my hands circled behind her neck to fasten the choker. I responded in kind, as our tongues explored each other enthusiastically. We stayed passionately locked for at least a minute, hands embracing each other by the head, until Nan suddenly broke the seal.

“You are a great kisser. You may even be worthy of being inside me this evening, Louis,” she declared, a glint in her eyes, followed by a wink. “I have a gift for you, too. It’s also a test.” She removed a small remote-control device from her clutch and handed it to me. Then she pulled out something from her lap and showed it to me, a contraption which I recognized as a rabbit vibrator. She slid her high-backed cushioned leather chair out a bit. “You have the privilege of controlling my sexual satisfaction tonight, Louis. It’s been a pleasurable kaçak bahis meal with you so far and I was hoping that you could double my pleasure going forward. I want a gentle touch, so don’t get too fast or intense immediately, got that, stud?”

I observed Nan open her thighs widely and stuff the phallic instrument inside of her. “First test, Louis. Do you think you can align the clit stimulator correctly for me?”

I had never seen one of these devices being used, but I was not going to let her know that. “Absolutely,” I lied. While looking directly into her eyes, I took my left index finger and slid it along her gash, until I felt a protuberance that I thought was her clitoris. I rubbed it hard, confirming its identity when her eyes and mouth widened dramatically. Then I used my free hand to rotate the vibrator so that the stimulator extension lay directly on top of her clitoris. “Done. Shall we check?”

I studied the remote and turned the small dial to “1”, the lowest setting. Nan simply closed her eyes and smiled, whispering, “Good job. Leave it there for now.”

I stared between her legs, which were still splayed wide. “The vibrator seems to be securely seated in place. You’re not worried about it slipping out or rotating?”

“Louis, I have a tight vagina like you wouldn’t believe. And I do these exercises, Kegel exercises, I think people call it, to keep it tight and help me contract it on command. If you’re a good boy and can satisfy me, maybe I will give you a chance to find out for yourself what a hot vise I have down there.” She winked again at me, which seemed to be a recurrent, albeit sexy, habit of hers. Then she pursed her glossy full lips and kissed the air. “You do want me, don’t you?” she purred, staring at me and grinning mischievously.

“Uh, yes, oh God, yes,” I blurted out, uncharacteristically candid and uncontrolled, choking on my own saliva. Nan was shaping up to be a character out of some male fantasy, with her attractiveness, brazenness, and implied sexual skill. What was still unclear was whether she would get around to applying her talent on me, as opposed to all this explicitly manipulative teasing. Indeed, one thing that was really bothering me was that I was used to directing the sexual narrative during my dates and Nan was clearly in charge, at least for the moment.

“You may get lucky, Mr. Lai. But first, I’ll have to see if you have what it takes. Let me check.” She slid her chair closer to the table, her thighs now completely covered by the long tablecloth. “Oh, you might want to have the food come out a little bit slower …”

She leaned over and I felt a hand moving around my crotch, stopping when it found the zipper to my trousers. I motioned to the waiter, who arrived quickly, just as Nan was unzipping my fly. “Could you please slow down the pace of the last few dishes? We wanted to extend our enjoyment …” I gasped sharply, as Nan suddenly wrapped long delicate fingers around my fully erect penis and tried to maneuver it out of my pants. “… our, uh, our enjoyment of the dining, uh, dining, uh, experience,” I finally managed to croak out. Fortunately for my sense of propriety, the waiter simply nodded and quickly left.

Nan seemed to be concentrating as she fondled my exposed rod with both hands. “Nice, Louis. Glad to see you don’t wear underwear, like me. I can work with this. Circumcised. You are a beast. Let me guess, eight inches long and two inches thick. Perfect size for my pleasure.” She had inflated my dimensions, as I have an average-sized cock. I suspected that she knew this and was intentionally trying to inflate my ego and stroke it.

Then she actually began to stroke IT. We were silent. She stared straight at me, devoid of emotion, and I met her eyes. I felt her right hand languidly moving up-and-down the entire length of my shaft. She paused after a few pumps to rub around my frenulum with her thumb and gathered some of my pre-cum onto it. She released my cock and brought her hands out from under the table. She then grinned seductively and placed her right thumb into her mouth.

“God, I love the taste of your juice, Louis,” she said softly, leaving her thumb in her mouth. “Be a dear and increase my vibrations.” I turned the dial up a notch and she let out a soft moan while closing her eyes.

She brought her right arm underneath the table again and repeated her languid stroking of my manhood. By now, even I could sense that a copious amount of pre-cum was flowing out. She gathered pre-cum onto multiple digits and brought her hand out again. I watched as she placed her thumb into her mouth, her eyes still closed. I turned up the remote control dial up another notch and she let out another soft moan. She removed her thumb and placed her index finger into her mouth. I turned up the dial a bit more and she let out another soft moan. Then she replaced her index finger with her middle finger. She then performed fellatio on her middle finger, while I turned up the dial to half of the maximum. She moaned again, leaned back, and then smiled with a look of rapture on her face, her eyes still closed. I was so entranced that I had no idea whether the other patrons were witnessing this depraved scene and, at this point, I did not care at all if they were, if we were going to be asked to leave, or if I were going to be caught by paparazzi that occasionally tail me.

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