La Campanella

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La CampanellaPrologue25 Hours Hotel, Zürich’Non; Wait for me outside, Bitte.’He does not let him inside.He takes with him only his room key.They Kiss; They have Sex inside the Men’s toilet, at the 25 Hours Hotel.They get on the Tram.They sit together; They don’t talk.He touches his hand.EpilogueLyric Opera, ChicagoCio-Cio-San; Sie ist tot.Now he is giving him a blow job, inside his car.Noone cares about Cio-Cio-San; The Bitch is dead.He takes out his iPhone; He makes his very short film; He does not realize what will happen next, by making this very short film, in 759 hours.He commits suicide; Because he feels embrassed, for his Wife, and for his c***dren. He is a good Catholic, afterall. Switzerland, minus 1 conductor; He is just a [#]; He can be replaced; We are all just a [#]; We are all going to be replaced, by other people; Young people, Old people, Black people, Japanese people, White people, Pink people, Spanish people, Gay people, Bisexual people…It is not his fault; He asked for his verbal permission; He didn’t break any laws. People need to grow up, and stop tripping over each other.New Bodyfriend then; Life is too short; Time to move on Bitch.Exam Room, YVR AirportHe memorized the Numbers in Chinese; He can only do it in Chinese, it is much easier; 132458679, just like a telephone number, a very unique telephone number; Now he needs to put them in the correct tiny little boxes, from the bottom to the top. The rest is a little bit more difficult; He begins with the Very Large Vigina Hole, followed by Naughty Perimeter, Saint Perimeter, White Dyke on the left side, Slutty Dyke the other; And there are 3 Power Bottoms, from left to right, 08 Years Old [Left handed], 31 Years old, 26 Years Old [Left handed], in the middle are 2 Canadian Service Roads, followed by Cargo Road and the very beautiful Compass Rose Garden; And besides the Hole is General Electric, followed by DR. STUVWY, followed by Asshole Fucking 2 Cunts, and British Columbia are in Yellow; Going back to the top is Nymphomaniac7, Queer, 2Mothers, Pacific Standard Time, Japan ABC, and last but not least, Romeo Kiss Juliet.100%4 People failed.Another test on the Canadian computer; All the answers are right in front of him; He needs to select the correct answers.100%More people failed.Apron 7, YVR AirportHe tells Mackay that he hates the snow; Him as well; He is going to Thailand, with his lover, in April.He drives very slowly; He waits for Air New Zealand to almost disappear. There are a lot of People Inside; Waiting to move around, in Canada.No Mistakes.He takes the Crew Shuttle to the airport. He uses his Mastercard to buy 2 bottles of wine, from New Zealand.He walks to the Fairmont Hotel, to have his Lunch, at 7:36PM.He gets on the SeaBus; He walks towards his very small apartment, in Victory Ship Way.In his Kitchen, he drinks his Red Wine, from New Zealand.He wakes up at 3:40AM. Today is Sunday. He makes his Breakfast. He reads his book in Japanese; He reads his book in German; He reads his book in French; He makes his own Lunch; He drinks his wine.He prepares for tomorrow.He prepares the supplies. He goes back inside, he needs more long hand paper towels, he puts them in a plastic bag. They urfa escort are on the Right Hand Side. He cleans the first lavatory; He cleans the second lavatory; He cleans the third lavatory; He cleans the galley; Noone is helping him; He does not need any help.They have lunch together. They speak in Japanese. She tells him that he can apply to work as a Flight Attendant. He tells her that he is not interested in becoming a flying waiter, serving people food and drinks; He wants to sit down in First Class, and be served.They go back to work; They exchange telephone numbers.They talk about where they want to go for Holidays; Auckland for her, Switzerland for him.He takes the Crew Shuttle bus back to the airport; He takes a taxi back home.Food Court, ITB, YVR AirportSpeed limit 15 km/hHe is not allowed to be left alone. But his co-workers left him anyway, all by himself; He does not panic; Maybe they have something important to do; A celebrity to see.He asks for a cup of hot water with Honey; He goes into the Men’s washroom. He sits on the toilet to piss. He watches his short film on his iPhone. He walks out of the Men’s washroom. He looks for his co-worker from Emirates. He is playing a video game, besides his sleeping Escort. He sits beside him. He talks to him about his [£] making Wife in Hong Kong. He listens to him. He gets a ride back to the hangar; He applies the First Class lotion on his piano playing hands.He takes the Crew Shuttle back to the airport; He takes a taxi home; He listens to Gwen Stefani; The taxi driver wakes him up.He goes on his very personal computer; He gives away his shifts.He makes his Singapore Curry La Mian; He eats his Singapore Curry La Mian; He drinks his red wine from France.He takes a shower; He goes to sleep. He wakes up, he goes to work.During Lunch, he watches people celebrating Brexit on television; He goes back to work; He concentrates all his energy on his work; He takes a shower at work, so he can go to sleep right away when he gets home.He goes to sleep. He wakes up, he takes a taxi to work.He cleans up the fresh vomit from 7A.On his 4 days off, he renews his driver’s licence, he plays his piano, with his piano hands.He eats his dinner, he drinks his wine.He eats his breakfast, he drinks his very American Ginseng Tea; He makes his Tomato Egg Drop Soup.He listens to himself play la campanella; He plays la campanella, on his piano; He does not care about the scandal. He feels deeply sorry, for the very immature journalists/public. He ignores/deletes the many messages on his Yellow iPhone 11; He does not change his telephone number; He does not move. Psycho Bitches around the world need to get a fucking life.He makes an appointment to get his new airport ID, on the Company Computer.He escorts his co-worker from Emirates to eat Lunch. They talk about love, sex, and the very complicated life. He shows him his travel photos from Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo.They go inside the men’s toilet together; They don’t have sex.He drives him back to the hangar.He takes the Crew Shuttle back to the airport; He takes a taxi back home.He goes to sleep for 21 hours. He wakes up, he takes a shower.He cleans the apartment, escort urfa all by himself.He has nothing to do.He looks out his window; He is all alone. He drinks his Nu-Pure spring water from First Class; He goes back to sleep.He wakes up.He goes to a French restaurant, all by himself.He listens to himself, and he allows the waiter from Paris to serve him his Lunch, à la française.He takes a taxi to UBC; It is snowing today.He listens to himself play; He watches his 01:32 short film.It is not his fault; He cannot control other people’s actions/moral judgments/lack of grey matter, inside their Mother Fucking Brain.This is where it all started.There is a new piano in the library; He starts playing. Nobody gives a fuck; Noone can hear him play; Good.He gets on the SeaBus.The fucking annoying Chinese Bitch is there again, with her daughter.She asks him again in her Best Hong Kong Mandarin how he is.She wants him to work for her daughter.Non; Ich bin beschäftigt.She calls him.He deeply regrets giving her his very private telephone number.They meet, again, without her daughter; Right now, she is doing her Chinese/Math/Ballet; She needs to become a perfect woman, within 6 years.They communicate with each other, in Mandarin.They are both lonely; Her Husband is immobilized, in China; He has no Husband.She confesses to him that she is sexually attracted to women.He gives her a big hug; He does not say anything more.He is not going to give any piano lessons to her daughter, nor to anyone else; This is not In the Mood for Love; The Bitch is Fucking Crazy; If she already knows that she wants to Fuck Women, por qué…He books his tickets to Switzerland. This High-Rise/Building is inhabited by Crazy Bitches; He wants to get away.Flughafen ZürichHe has his Vietnamese Lunch; He buys his fresh oranges and apples; Check-in is at 2PM, at the Radisson Blu Hotel.He takes a shower, for 49 minutes.He reads the Zürichsee-Zeitung; He reads Le Temps.He thinks.He meets him inside the Casino; They have sex, inside the Men’s toilet.He comes back to the ITB, at YVR Airport; Speed limit 15 km/h.He slowly moves, with the Swiss people, at passport control; He takes a taxi back home.He sits down at 7A. He eats his free Canadian Lunch; He drinks his free wine. He writes his very personal journal.He sits down to piss; He helps the Flight Attendants to change the CascadesPRO Select toilet paper; He helps the Flight Attendants to replace the 100 2 PLY TISSUES box.He drinks his favorite wine; He drinks his favorite tea; He thanks him for serving him; He leaves.He takes the garbage out from compartment 701 with his piano hand; He wipes it clean; He takes the garbage out from compartment 705 with his piano hand; He wipes it clean; He takes the garbage out from compartment 708 with his piano hand; He wipes it clean; Baptiste is done vacuuming; He helps him to clean the galley; He closes the door; They go down together; They drive to dump the International Garbage, together; He presses the green button with his piano hand; The International Garbage from many countries have group sex, before incineration.They eat lunch together. They talk about where they want to go, for holiday, in French; Marseille urfa escort bayan for him, Switzerland for him.Baptiste drives him to l’appartement.They drink wine; They have sex; They sleep. They have 4 days off, together; They don’t get married; They don’t get divorced; They don’t merge their bank accounts.Baptiste drives him to work.They have lunch together; They talk, in French; About some bullshit.The snow is getting worse. He guides him to the Airbus. They go up. Noone is here yet; They have sex, inside the galley, in front of the trash compactor.They have lunch together.He spends his 2 days in Switzerland. He takes a taxi to his house; He walks around his neighborhood; He takes a taxi back to his hotel.They have a group meeting about the plague, in the hangar; He listens; He takes the biohazard Coverall with Hood.He finds a book, in German, in 1A; He takes it to the Truck; He will read it later.He cleans up the Hundescheiße.ITB, YVR AirportSpeed limit 15km/h.Work is done; He cleans his piano hands with a Benzalkonium Chloride Wipe. The plague is in every country now; He does not read the newspapers; He has no television in his apartment. He asks his co-worker where he is going on his next vacation; Melbourne; Fabulous; Everyone else is talking about the plague; He inserts his Earbuds.He uses the very Free Wifi; He sends him a message.He goes inside the Men’s washroom.He sits down to piss. He flushes the toilet. He waits. He sends him another message; He sees his Size 9.5 Blundstone in Crazy Horse; He comes inside; They have sex.He goes back to the British Airways Lounge.On the SeaBus, he meets a couple from Australia. They ask him for directions to the Suspension Bridge. He tells them how to get there; He walks them to the bus stop; They thank him.He walks home, he drinks his very Special tea; He goes to sleep. He dreams about the past, with an alternative ending; Everyone is happy.Another fan mail; He feels nothing.He listens to himself play.He drinks his special tea; He goes to sleep again; He is a free entity.He sits down at 6A. He eats his free Canadian Lunch; He drinks his free wine. He writes down his very raw feelings and emotions, in his very personal journal.He sits down to piss; The Flight Attendants do not know how to change the toilet paper rolls; He helps them.He drinks his favorite wine; He drinks his favorite tea; He drinks his espresso; Confezionata in atmosfera protettiva. He thanks him for serving him; He leaves; He takes a train to Paris.He takes a taxi to his beautiful house; He walks around his neighborhood. Nobody knows who he is; Perfetto.ITB, YVR AirportSpeed limit 15km/h.He gets on the SeaBus.He cleans the Combi Brewer Number 1.He cleans the Combi Brewer Number 2.He cleans the Combi Brewer Number 3.He wipes the small uncomfortable seat, reserved for the flying waiter/waitress; He wipes the emergency exit door clean.He takes the Crew Shuttle back to the airport; He gets into his Uber.He books his flight to Frankfurt.He eats his Bol de riz et thon à nageoires jaunes façon poke hawaïen; He drinks his Broken Earth Reserve Merlot; He eats his Milk chocolate praline cream puff.He sits down to piss; He helps the Flight Attendants to change the toilet papers.Italia, 2044Sonntagmorgen, in Cinque Terre, mit Gwen Stefani; He eats his Italian Seafood pasta; He drinks his Italian wine; He feels happy; He doesn’t need to answer/apologize to anybody; Personne le connaît; Perfetto.

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