Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 9

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Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 9Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 9: Jeddie 3When Jade woke up, she was immediately confused, which was a new feeling for her. It was only for a second, but to wake up with her face practically buried into a guy’s chest was certainly a different experience. Beck was never the type to cuddle afterward, usually raring to go afterward if he didn’t think another round might be in order, but she immediately knew from last night that this guy… Freddie… was not going to be like that.He was still fast as!eep, but his arms were wrapped around her close, so that even if she wanted to escape, which she could never imagine, she really couldn’t without waking him. Jade raised her face slightly, looking at his tightly shut eyes, unc0nsciously defending against the growing sunlight in the room, and his partially opened mouth.As he slowly breathed, Jade began to relive the moments of the night before, imagining all those things that his lips had done, and could do, to her pale body. She wanted to repay him, to validate her comment about letting him have his way with her.The comment, in and of itself, was never something Jade would have expected to just toss out there, not just with anyone, and not even with Beck, so the fact that this guy from a thousand miles away who she had only known for less than 12 hours could elicit those words meant something. And he had the nerve, she thought to herself, the audacity, to not take advantage of her feelings. That magnificent bastard…Slowly, Jade began to marvel at the body in front of her, softly caressing his abs, which weren’t chiselled or anything ridiculous, but it should he was well built, especially compared to how thin Beck was. His pecs were soft, but not man boobs, creating the perfect place for her to lay her head, or wake up to, as the case was today.There was no denying the curiosity for what was going on beneath his abs, seeing a small tent in his boxers, and Jade wondered if that morning wood was because of her, or someone else in his dreams. Her hand slowly snaked down to his fabric covered manhood and ran her fingers across the growing shaft to the sweet sounds of his subtle moans.”Mmmmhmmm,” she softly moaned, eyes fluttering, and remembering the way he felt in her hands last night, and the mere thought of what he had done inside was pushing her to her edge.‘I’ve been awake for like a minute and I’m already thinking about sex,’ she thought. ‘What the hell is going on with me?’As she was lost in her thoughts, her fingers brushed a bit too much against his rod and it jumped a bit, snapping her out of whatever zone she’d fallen into. Freezing, she looked up to see if he was awake, but no, his breathing just changed pace and his arm loosened a bit.”Whew,” Jade silently whispered, slowly inching her way out from his arm and out of her bed, the fear of being caught touching him making her bladder, as well as some other things downstairs, awaken apparently.The dark haired girl snuck from the bed to the bathroom, but opted to use one down the hall so it wouldn’t wake Freddie from whatever deep s!eep he had earned from all of the night’s activities.Jade was quick about taking care of her morning business before walking back to the bedroom, where Freddie had not only moved, but shifted enough toward the center, and spread out, so that he was now taking up most of the bed. And his morning bump was more than just obvious.”So much for that,” Jade whispered, secretly hoping to get more cuddle time before he woke up and probably took off. “But…”The mischievous girl smirked at her newfound idea and quickly began to plot the perfect way to wake him up for a reward that was bound to keep him here for a little while. She snuck into what would have been his room if things hadn’t been… literally perfect, and looked into his suitcase, wondering if he had anything that she’d look cute in.Beck had always gotten really hot for her when she would wear his old shirts, or anything of his, since, while they would certainly fit on her, she filled the small shirts out to the point of stretching at times. Jade hated to think about Beck at a time like this, but she wanted to try stuff that she knew worked.Freddie had no tight, at least on her, t-shirts since he was a very different body type, but, just as she was about to give up on the idea, she noticed something different, but perfect. Jade undressed, and grabbed a pair of boxers from the bag and a long sleeve shirt, and used the two items to try and create the best look possible for making sure her lover woke up to something worth sticking around for.Jade admired herself, her hair down, and her makeup simply done, with Freddie’s blue stripe, long sleeve button up shirt, completely unbuttoned, just revealing a column of pale flesh with two pronounced orbs visible, while keeping the nipple of rest of the breast hidden. She rolled up the sleeves a bit, ending a couple inches beneath the elbow, and just along her waist, she wore his cotton plaid boxers, which, if it weren’t for her perfect peach of an ass, wouldn’t have stayed on.Slowly, like an anim*l stalking its prey, she slunk over to her bedroom door and attempted to pose in the doorway, waiting for him to wake up. After two of the most awkward minutes of her life, she relinquished posing and decided to attempt a more… aggressive technique.The dark haired teen sauntered over to the bed, trying to maintain the sexy façade just in case he woke up before she could reach him. Slowly, she climbed onto her bed, trying to create as little movement as she could before she wanted it to happen. Jade held the shirt in place, wanting to show that she was naked underneath the shirt, without revealing any actual skin.She lifted her leg up over Freddie’s waist and lowered it so that she was now straddling him, keeping most of her weight on her knees rather than putting it on him just yet, and softly undulated, grinding ever so slightly against his increasing morning wood.‘Fuck,’ she thought, as she looked down at him still fast as!eep, unmoving from this position. ‘This is getting really goddamn frustrating,’ her mind screamed as she tucked some hair behind her ear.Rolling her eyes, believing that this was a huge mistake, she lifted her left leg off of him, and prepared to leave.”You don’t have to stop, you know?”Jade’s head snapped back to face Freddie whose eyes were still closed, but he had a grin across his face. “How long have you been awake?” she said through gritted teeth, trying to decide if she wanted to kiss him or kill him.”Long enough to see you trying out different poses and facial expressions in the doorway,” he said, finally opening his eyes, losing his mischievous nature for a moment as he marvelled at the sight above him.Her alabaster skin reflected the sun’s light so much that the combination was hard to look at, but the way his shirt accented her curves made him want to never take his eyes off the gorgeous girl. She had put time and energy into looking this good, and it showed, and Freddie couldn’t wait to show her his gratitude for that effort, and for last night, and for… well, everything that she had done for the last 20 hours.”You see one you liked?” Jade flirted back, noting that he was checking her out so hard, she could have burst into flames. “Or something you liked?””Oh yeah…” he whispered, his hands cascading up and down her pale legs, stopping at her mid-thigh where his boxers were. “I loved the one where your back was arched, showing off both your incredible chest and your amazing…” Freddie was fighting the word buttocks inside, but he managed to avoid it, “…ass. Plus you were pouting your lips, as if you were begging for someone to come up behind you and just take you.””That your fantasy, Benson? Taking a girl from behind?” Jade tried to be aggressive with the questioning, but halfway through, she realized that she was already fantasizing about what that could be like.”With a woman like you, every single moment is a fantasy come to life,” Freddie said, realizing as the words spilled out how cheesy it sounded.”Oh, cool your sweet routine… you are already getting sooo laid, Benson,” Jade smirked down at him, not even mad at how corny the ‘nice guy’ line was. She wanted that. She needed that. A nice guy who had proven himself to be a gentleman and kind, but willing to push her limits both emotionally and physically. As she looked down at his grinning face, his eyes locked on hers as she rode his midsection, part of her felt sure that he was the… well, she felt more sure than she ever felt with Beck.Freddie looked up at Jade, her eyes almost twinkling, signalling that she was deeply lost in thought and she showed no signs of coming down from it. He used the pad of his palm to caress her soft white stomach, softly moving upward until he almost touched the swell of her breast, but moved the hand back down. She was still pretty focused on whatever was going on in her head, but her body responded by grinding a little more against his abdomen.Jade snapped out of her thought when she felt his thumb enter her belly button and circle it as his spread fingers just barely touched her exposed skin. It was so simple and so basic, but his touch was electric, and she wanted to just give herself fully to him. It was crazy, she knew that, but the way he held her last night and the way that even the most basic kinetic motion could set her body on edge, not just aching for a sexual release, but also a release of the soul.”God, you’re gorgeous,” Freddie said, almost unaware he was speaking, but he still continued, unable to stop his compliments. “Flawless, and smart, and funny, and just… incredible.”Jade wanted to speak, but her emotions wouldn’t let her, feeling a tight feeling in her stomach as if she was going to cry, so she let her actions speak. She bent down like a hawk seeking a mouse and attached her mouth to his, surprised by the somehow minty taste, the couple sharing a deep and passionate kiss, writhing in each other’s arms, anxious for this… whatever this was that they were sharing… to never end.Even though she was practically inhaling his face, Freddie kept his hands on her clothed sides, not venturing to make this sweet and perfect morning into something anim*listic and sexual. He may not have known what this was that they were engaging in, but he knew this was special, and he had no plans to spoil it by letting lust get in the way.As their kissing deepened, Jade’s gyrations also increased, rubbing the increasingly damp bottom of his stolen boxers against his nearly fully hardened flesh pole, which was starting to seriously tent in his boxers, a small wet spot also appearing from his pre-release.”Freddie,” she moaned into his lips, clearly starting to really feel what was happening from her ministrations.”You ok?” he whispered, barely a centimetre from her blushing face.”More than ok…” she said, a pleasant smile practically plastered to her face. “I haven’t stopped thinking about what we… well, about all of last night.””Me either…” he smiled, giving her a quick peck. “I’ve never met anyone like you.””Same here.” There was a moment where they just stared, and his hand caressed the side of her face, the pale girl nuzzling against his touch, like a cat. “I’ve actually felt empty since I woke up.””I can make you breakfast if you show-“Jade silenced him with a soft kiss, smiling at how ambivalent the boy was. “I meant… empty in a different way, Freddie.”There was a soft pause, before his eyes widened a bit, and he gave her his best suave look, clearly trying to cover up his misunderstanding. “Ah…””I didn’t want to just jump you as soon as you woke up, but I’m… well, you can probably feel how bad I want… that,” she whispered, looking downward. Jade was never the type to be at a loss for words, usually the sharpest and fastest tongue in the room (a fact Cat could easily verify), but in Freddie’s presence, something just felt different. “Is that ok? We don’t have to if-“”Jade,” Freddie said, with a calming smile, still stroking her cheek. “Even if you hadn’t shown up wearing my shirt and boxers, way better than me, might I add, I still couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend my morning than making love with you again.”Jade wanted to thank him, but she realized that would just be weird. What only a couple people in her life could have known, was that, despite being the most standoffish, mean, and sadistic bitch to people, what Jade West truly craved was connection. It was probably why she jumped at the kindred spirit she saw in Sam. She needed to feel that way before she’d even establish a friendship or relationship. It took people years to get to that point with her. And Freddie had done it in less than a day.The dark haired girl reached behind her and pulled Freddie’s boxers off of him, his erect member popping out with a bounce that made Jade want to giggle. Slowly, she pulled one leg out of her stolen boxers before letting them go down her other leg, headed for the floor, but Freddie grabbed them.”Possessive much?” she joked, as he pulled them up to his chest and up to his face.”No,” he said, before a strong sniff. “Your scent is just… intoxicating, and I wanted to enjoy you in every way that I can.”Jade wanted to make a snide comment and mock him, but she just couldn’t do it. He was putting as much of himself out there as she was and she couldn’t stand being mean to him. Plus the sight of him enjoying her smell reminded her of how much he seemed to enjoy going down on her.Her introspection of ‘mean girl’ code was shattered as she felt his throbbing length between her ass, wondering if where he was hitting on her back was as far deep as he was inside her last night. This couldn’t wait any longer.Jade raised her body, leaning to one side for support as she reached underneath herself and gripped his girth to position it. Her hand stayed there for a second too long, savouring the way his velvet covered steel felt in her palm. How it felt… or could feel… everywhere.Slowly, she lowered herself onto it, his stiff pole disappearing, inch by inch as Jade winced in both pleasure and pain at the large size, her feeling of emptiness retreating with every passing moment.”God… Freddie…” she said, her eyes closing and clenching her teeth a bit to find the right position. “I swear you somehow grew overnight… shit.”Freddie reached inside the shirt, keeping one hand on her side, which didn’t physically do much, but feeling that he was right there to offer her comfort, still gentle, even though he was getting what he wanted. Something she never even felt for a moment with Beck.Jade took his comforting hand in hers and brought it down to her small patch of hair, putting his thumb against her clit, believing that the stimulation would make the process a little easier.Calling what Freddie was experiencing ‘a tight fit’ was perhaps the understatement of the year. Even with the heavy rubbing of her exposed love button, she felt like a glove that was three sizes too small. It wasn’t painful to him, but he hated seeing that Jade wasn’t having the best time with it, especially since he had been thinking about being inside her again since they finished last night.Finally, Jade bottomed out and rubbed her soft belly, just to feel if she could feel bahis firmaları the impaling object which currently felt like it was against her lungs. Even compared to last night when she first had him inside her, this felt like a brand new experience. The feel of his body, holding her tight, and knowing that when he was done, she wasn’t going to be left alone, or wanting, for that matter. She trusted him.”Are you going to be ok? We can take a minute if you want,” Freddie calmly said, reaching up to cup her cheek, before she leaned over to kiss him for his kindness, his length withdrawing a bit, and applying major pressure inside, before she sat back up, creating even more friction.Freddie thought he had seen Jade’s beauty before, but now, sitting up like that, exposed physically and emotionally, her hands exploring her own body to try and find an outer outlet for the pleasure brewing inside, as the sun’s rays shown through the window, spotlighting strips of her body. There was something very old, classic Hollywood about her standard appearance, but this was something he couldn’t even put into words, and that wasn’t even taking into account that he was deep inside her.Jade moved slightly, lifting, then dropping and grinding a bit, slowly at first, but as she became more comfortable, her pace increased, as did her desire. Her hands left her own body and stationed themselves on his chest and abdomen, petting his skin, and every so often, when he’d hit that sweet spot, her nails would dig in a bit. Never enough to cause real damage or draw blood, but she knew he could feel it, and from the look in his eyes, which never glanced away from her, it only made him more determined.Freddie’s hands, inside the billowing shirt, gripped her sides, offering her a bit of help as her body rose and fell, making sure he was helping her up and guiding her down, rather than pushing her down, which, while incredibly stimulating, may have been too much for the moment. His fingertips were not planted deep into her sides, to avoid any injury, and allowing his fingers to roam upwards to the one part of her body he couldn’t wait to see in this light.Jade’s eyes fluttered when she felt the pad of his thumbs brush against her aching nipples. Knowing that Beck was always so focused on her tits and they were all he seemed to care about when it came to her body, she was not exactly in a hurry to get them involved with what had become an incredible lovemaking session, even if it had only lasted a few minutes so far. But Freddie’s touch was gentle and patient, but filled with want and a fiery desire, a rare serenity that was truly a mystery for Jade.”Mmmmm…” the dark haired teen muttered, throwing her hair, which was starting to get in her face, back and biting her lip, getting a faster and more intense grind. “My body needs so much attention, Freddie. Don’t stop touching me…””Wouldn’t dream of it,” he whispered back, using both hands to knead her breasts, keeping his thumb on and circling the nipples as the backs of his hands pushed the shirt more and more off her shoulders with each movement.Once the shirt was barely hanging off her shoulders, Freddie’s hands retreated downward to her sides, allowing him to fully marvel at her revealed beauty, her pale skin yellow in thin strips from the blinds, slowly riding him, looking sad that he had stopped touching her breasts, but the look in his eyes that not only conveyed sexual hunger, but also an emotion that she’d not ever truly experienced. Not like this. She wouldn’t even dare say the ‘l word’ with Beck unless she felt f0rce to. And now here he was… and here she was… and that empty word suddenly had some real connotation.Now that he knew she was good and no longer in any pain, Freddie didn’t mind thrusting against her own movements or pushing and pulling her up and down, which caused a delirious smile to cross her face, followed by the lip bite and the eye roll. Her mouth opened slightly, as if she would speak, but no words would come, and even if they could, Jade knew that Freddie could guess what they would be.Jade grabbed one of his hands and guided it up her body, along her stomach, and between the valley of her exquisite flesh orbs, all the way to her face. The dark haired girl kept his hand against her cheek, nuzzling it as her eyes fluttered, savouring how amazing this truly felt.”Unghh…” she began to moan, unc0nsciously at first, but as the volume increased, so did her awareness, using Freddie’s hand as a silencer, putting the side of it in her mouth for a moment before taking one finger at a time and suckling them, still thinking about how his fingers, his skin, and especially his cock, tasted so good.Once all the fingers were saliva coated, she pulled the hand down her body to just above her left breast, pressing it tightly, so that he could feel her quickened heartbeat. Their fingers entwined against her chest as Jade rode things out to what she believed would be the best possible conclusion.Freddie thrust upwards, getting faster and harder with each move as Jade bounced, and the Seattle teen couldn’t help but look at himself disappearing inside her sheath, glistening with her abundant wetness. Turning his head a bit he grabbed her discarded boxers and inhaled them again, looking forward to tasting his ‘breakfast’.”I’m sooo close,” she muttered, wincing a bit, forcing Freddie’s eyes to look to her right thigh which she was trying not to favour.”Are you ok?” he asked, feeling that he already knew the answer.”Yeah… I think I’m still a bit sore on my thigh here from last night. I can power through it… I’m almost there.””Jade…” Freddie said, giving her a knowing and calming glance. “It’s ok… we can take a minute, and I promise I won’t stop you from reaching that perfect destination.”Jade gave a sad look, and Freddie helped her off of him, laying her down on her side beside him, before sitting up and crawling downward along, now opposite her body until his face was right at her glistening and practically enflamed sex, its incredible aroma enticing like nothing else. For a moment he almost felt like a cartoon, being carried toward the location of the scent, but now that it was inches from his face, his hot breath making it even wetter, Freddie knew this was real. And he planned to enjoy himself.”Freddie, you don’t have to do that again,” she said, putting her hand on his side, just above his still wet and springing member. “You already did an incredible job last night…””I appreciate the compliment, but this isn’t just for you,” he said matter of factly, using his index finger to gather some of her release from her outer petals, eliciting a small shiver. “I want this… I want every part of you.””Freddie…” she cooed in a high pitch, wanting to tell him how much it meant that he wanted her for, as his tongue flirted with those glistening petals. “I…””No words, Jade…” he whispered into her core. “Just relax…” With that last syllable his tongue jutted out, licking along the gaping part where a much more sizable organ had just filled.Freddie’s fast and deliberate licks hit their mark beautifully, eliciting all kinds of sounds, ranging from low moans to high pitched screams. The noises only made Freddie work harder, his body shifting a bit so he could have a better angle to feast upon her most succulent flesh.”Ohmygodddd!” As Jade cried out for more as much as mercy, she felt an urge to return his favour, since his tempting rod was so close by. She smiled with a fiendish glee as she swiped her tongue across the head, tasting the combination of his member’s pre-cum and her own sex. Grabbing hold of his base, she began to lick it up and down to get more of their combined lovemaking, pausing every few seconds, to gasp from the stimulation happening down below.What began as basic licks and teases quickly escalated into a full on blowjob, her tongue polishing his knob as she took him deeper into her throat, a task that she never knew she was capable of. What she couldn’t get in her mouth, she stroked, using her dripping saliva for greater lubrication. All she knew was that she wanted their release more than she wanted breath in her lungs.Freddie reached around and gripped Jade’s plump ass tightly, the soft flesh coming between his fingers, as his face dove into her sex, licking wildly for a few moments as her body involuntarily bucked against his face, slipping his tongue deeper inside her folds, letting the sponge-y organ get the full flavour of her inner workings. It didn’t take long before Jade was starting to tremble, signalling that she was about to reach that peak.But the Seattle teen had one more treat in store for her as he pulled his face away swiftly, and inserted a finger, which he crooked as if to tell her to come here, and she almost did. But Freddie’s tongue moved a bit to the side, and after spreading her perfect cheeks just enough, he flicked his tongue against her tightened backdoor.”Ahhh!” she screamed, her body writhing both against and away from his teasing tongue. “Unnnngghhhh” Jade choked on his member, before she practically went into shock, tensing up so tight that her puckered ass became too closed off for even his tongue, but he still tried a couple more times until she granted him entry. While it was nowhere near as good as her pussy, Freddie loved the way her body convulsed and the noises she made with just a sliver of his tongue got through the tight ring. And the more his tongue explored, he would add another finger inside her molten core.Freddie pulled his face back down to her steamy sex and used his thumbs to pull the lips apart to really dig deep with his long tongue and within a few seconds he hit that g-spot, shutting down the last bits of her body’s resistance before the tidal wave of her release. Just as she uttered the near glass shattering shriek, he placed a soaked finger at her backdoor and pushed it in at the moment of explosion.Jade pulled her face off his member, her cheeks red from activity as much from blushing, her body convulsing, and bending her back so much, Freddie thought he could hear a crack. It was as if Freddie had performed an exorcism via oral sex and ass play, from the way her body shook and the sounds she created. But even withal that movement, Freddie kept his mouth and finger (which he nearly broke from her final tightening) in place so that he could not miss a drop of her secret nectar. And there was plenty of it.The noises she made as she came down from her high were like a puppy who had just been shamed as Freddie cleaned her perfect pussy with his tongue before nuzzling against her thigh.Jade released a deep sigh, lackadaisically putting his member back in her mouth for a few moments before she decided she wanted to give Freddie something she’d never done with anyone.”Sit on the edge of the bed,” she said, breathily as he sat up to follow her orders. “I think you deserve a reward for… that.” Jade took a seat on her knees between Freddie’s legs, her face just centimetres away from his throbbing member.”Jade…””Shut up…” she said, sternly but with a wicked smile. “If I want to repay the man who gave me the most earth shattering orgasm of my life, I’ll fuckin’ do it.””Yes, ma’am,” he said sardonically as he watched her put the cockhead to her cheek, slapping herself with it a bit before taking long licks. She was so talented with her mouth that it took her no time to cover every inch of his erection with her saliva.”When I was with Beck,” she started, before suckling his crown a bit, “he used to beg me for something, and I attempted to indulge him in it once. It didn’t really work out, and even though he begged for it more, I never tried again. Today, I want to offer that service to you.””I don’t understand, Jade…” he said, looking into her eyes, which were still half open, as if high on her orgasm still.”See, Freddie…” she said as seductively as possible, her hands drifting down to knead her breasts. “I have a really nice rack, I think you’d agree, and I don’t think it’s too arrogant to say that guys would kill to put themselves between them. And Beck wasn’t exactly… well, let’s just say he wasn’t half the man you are. So he kinda couldn’t do much. But you, Freddie… you are my King Arthur, and you are the one…” Jade’s words made her question what she even meant by that. “That you are the man worthy of putting, and pulling, over and over, your sword between my stones.”The beautiful Goth gave him a wink before she pressed her DD breasts against each side of his member, the head of it, poking out the top, and once she felt comfortable, she began to stroke him with her incredible pillows.For Freddie, the feeling was insane. He had never imagined anything like this, and as much as he wanted to try it with Sam since she had a great chest as well, he never worked up the courage to ask. And now here was Jade, this incredible girl who seemed like an open book one minute, and then something different the next. She was like no one he had ever, and is his mind, nor would ever, met. By the second minute, he was already thinking about proposing.Jade was doing much of the work herself, but eventually, once Freddie knew her rhythm, he began thrusting into her orbs, creating a tight vacuum that had Jade’s warm and wet mouth for his head when it would pop out, her oral fixation popping up again.”Your girl Sam ever do this for you, Freddie?””Never even tried it, but then again, I will admit I might have been too shy to ask her to. And I don’t think she could have been so… talented as you, Jade.””Good…” she smiled. “Knowing that I’m the first just made this a lot hotter.”She thought this would be a chore, and was just doing a favour, but as she pinched her nipples a bit as she held her chest together, she felt this incredible feeling of closeness, so much so that she was willing to not only turn every inch of her body over to pleasuring him, but also to surrender her very essence to him. No one ever made Jade West do things, except for Jade West, but in this moment, she didn’t care about her wants and needs, she cared about his, and the feeling that she was going to make him come for her, just from something like this, made her even hotter for… whatever this was, the two of them were doing together.”Sweet chizz, Jade… I’m so close,” he grunted, teeth gnashing, knowing that at this rate he had less than a minute at most.”Mmmm… good,” she whispered. “Fuckin, baptize me… You can shoot anywhere you want, baby- my neck, my face, my tits, even hai houth,” she grinned, sticking her tongue out.”Unnngghhh…” The open invitation proved too much for Freddie as he jerked for half a second and fired several thick milky shots from the valley of her breasts, splattering against her chin, neck, a lot on her tongue, and the dribbling rest cascaded down on her breasts.”So good,” she said, tasting what landed on her tongue before scooping up the rest on her face and chest with her fingers and sucking them clean. “You have no idea how much I love your cum. Jizz isn’t supposed to taste yummy…” her voice trailed off before licking his still hardened length to get every last bit of it.”If it makes you feel better, I could eat you out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.” Freddie grinned at her, stroking her cheek as he helped her onto kaçak iddaa the bed with him. “Like every day. That’s how much I love it, and why you were the first thing I wanted to taste today.””I’d say you got breakfast covered, Benson…” Jade said, kissing his cheek softly, and starting to feel ready for another round even though she knew he needed a little bit of time to recharge.The young couple began to kiss softly, quickly moving to deeper and more passionate kisses, without saying much more. Jade wrapped her legs around Freddie’s waist and threw her arms around his neck. She wanted to keep him here. Not just here in LA, but right here, in her room, in her arms, and attached to her body. Her heart pounded when she realized he wasn’t going to be sticking around much longer before heading back to Seattle.His lips crashed into hers as his arms held her in place, exploring her back, and even grabbing her ass to f0rce her abdomen closer to his. This was enough to shake Jade from her fears, but in the back of her mind, she knew they were on borrowed time.”Is it bad that I could be satisfied just doing this all day?” Freddie said, taking a breath before moving his kisses to her neck up to her earlobe.”Bad? No…” Jade said, nuzzling her cheek against his head, her fears and sorrows about the impending end when he left still haunting her. “But there’s so much more I wanted us to share… I know this is just a temporary thing while you’re here.”Freddie stopped cold and looked her in the eyes. “Jade…” he was clearly trying to find the words to ease her clearly visible hurt. “I might just be in LA for a short time, but I don’t… I don’t think I could ever ‘leave’ you. I know the moment I get back to Seattle, all I’m going to think about is getting back to you. 24 hours ago, I had never met you, and now, I don’t know if I ever want to go a day without at least talking to you.”She really didn’t want him to see what she was feeling, the tears welling up in her eyes. This can’t be a one-time thing, she thought, caressing his cheek. He thinks so too so that has to mean something, so she just said, “Thanks.”Jade West had never put much thought into the idea of ‘The One.’ In fact, for her, the idea of having to spend the rest of your life with just one person was the very definition of hell. But that belief was shattering with every second she spent with Freddie Benson. The idea that she had found this one person, a visitor, in the midst of the nearly 4 million person population of Los Angeles could only be described, in Jade’s mind, as fate.”There’s no reason to be distraught, Jade,” he whispered pulling her hair behind her ear. “Who needs tomorrow when we have today?””You’re too goddamn perfect,” she whispered back, pecking his lips. “With your fucking wisdom and every line you feed me just makes me fall more in… well, into you.””I assure you I’m not perfect, Jade… I-“The dark haired girl held her finger to his lips, “You are good looking and strong, you are sweet, you have a dick that I am pretty sure is made of my hopes and dreams, and semi-related note, you made me come like 5 times in the last 12 hours. Pretty sure you’re perfect, Benson.””Thanks…” he said, with a mild grin.”Why are you thanking me?”Freddie just gave her a glance, and spoke a Deep South accent, “You said my… manhood was impressive. You thank someone when they say that. My mother raised a gentleman.”Jade tried so hard not to laugh at him, but she couldn’t help herself. This guy was bare ass naked with her, where she was emotionally vulnerable and she had promised him anything he wanted with her body, and he would still rather make awkward jokes than take advantage of her in this moment. “Well, thank you Freddie for everything you-““So far,” he added, letting her know he wasn’t done, and that made her want this even more.”Still true,” she finished. “Being with you like that has just been incredible. It’s like you were trained by some sexual Jedi or something.”His face became sombre at her words as he stared into her eyes. “This is the penis you are looking for,” he said straight faced, waving his hand as if he was performing the mind trick.”You bet it is…” Jade said, licking her lips seductively and biting it a bit. “How long do we have before Obi Dong Kenobi wakes back up?”Freddie tried hard not to laugh at that stupid name, but she at least knew a little Star Wars and, as if there could be any more boxes to check, he added another piece to the ‘she’s perfect’ pile.”Not sure. Probably a couple minutes. I thought sooner but it’s kinda hard to get that engine going to a beautiful woman crying.””Then we have a little bit of time to talk about what I said last night. About I letting you do anything you want with me if you let me finish once more, which I kinda reneged on. And-“”You don’t have to do-“”What was it you said earlier, Freddie? ‘This is not just for you and that you wanted every bit of me’…” Jade’s finger began to trail along his chest as she spoke in her most sultry voice. “Let’s just say the feeling more than just mutual.”Freddie smiled at her, tilting his head up to kiss her softly on the lips. “You’ll get no argument from me then, I guess.””Good,” she said, smirking at what she was about to do. “Because I think we should talk about options.” His confused face gave her the opportunity to be a bit more explicit in her flirtation. “I think you should tell me all those naughty thoughts. All those things that you desire that you can, and will, be doing to, and for, probably, me this morning.”Freddie was speechless for a moment. His mind raced, never imagining she could be so forward with her wants and needs, and even more surprising want him to tell her all the dirty thoughts he had been resisting. Not because they were horrible or gross, but because he had quickly gained a respect for her, but there were some very disrespectful acts that he desired. In fact, she’d already delivered on a couple of those.”Why don’t you tell me what you like?” he asked, clearly overwhelmed by the proposition.”This isn’t about what I want, because I want whatever you want. Literally, whatever you want me to do, I will do it. With gusto.””But if you aren’t enjoying what we share, it doesn’t feel right. I just want you to be, and to make you, happy, Jade.””Look,” she said, narrowing her eyes, “you need to kill the gentleman thing for a little bit. Here,” Jade took one of Freddie’s hands as the other still supported her back, and brought it between them and pulled it down until he could feel the heat from her sex and then the wet velvet. “I’m already wet for you, and I am eager for anything. There was talk of bending me over in the doorway and having your way earlier; we could make that a reality. Or I could go down on you or let you fuck my tits again.””Jade…” Freddie said, seeing that she was getting a little rambunctious with all this excitement and pulled his hand back which she quickly took between her lips to lick her juice off his fingers.”If you think I don’t want to swallow your cock and everything it can give me, you are dead wrong, so believe me… my body is yours.”As her words poured out, she could feel that there was some motion beneath her body, the subtle sign that all this was getting to him.”You could dominate me if you want, you know…” she whispered directly into his ear. “Make me your sex slave. I’ve got a few things in this room that you could use- rope, handcuffs, blindfolds, even a riding crop; options, in other words.”Freddie was starting feel a bit of an overload, and while part of him felt awkward that she had all that stuff on hand, and if it had been used on anyone before, but he shrugged the idea off. Letting her fall a bit from his body, he no longer felt the overwhelming heat of her sex against his rod, but it also gave him mouth access to her glorious chest.His tongue flicked across her perky nipples, sucking ever so often as she clutched his head to her chest, his hands moving downward on the pale girl’s body. When she felt a strong push on her ass, she knew he was enjoying himself, and that was the goal after all.”You do like my tits and ass don’t you?” she said, stroking her hair as he looked up at her, trying to find where her mind was at right now. “You’ve shown how much you like those two, but my ass hasn’t gotten near that attention… maybe we should fix that.”Freddie looked up at her from what she seemed to be leading to, suggestion-wise. He had kinda wanted to try it once with Sam, but with his size, and their inexperience, they decided against it.”Sure… you licked and fingered my ass but you could do more if you wanted… spanking, maybe? You could do anything back there. Beck never even attempted it even though I knew he wanted it. I could give that to you… but you’re sooooo big,” she said breathily, secretly praying he wouldn’t take that option because it sounded painful. But she did promise him…Jade was clearly manipulating him, but Freddie didn’t care. Her body was surrendering to his desires more each moment and he didn’t want to disappoint, and from the reaction he was having downstairs, he was getting close to full form.”Oh shit….” Jade cried out, as his nipple sucking increased in pressure. “Don’t make me wait any longer, Freddie…” she pleaded, grinding against his invisible member, acting out what she was truly craving.That was the last push he needed, as Freddie held Jade up by her ass, standing, with her arms and legs wrapped tight as he effortlessly carried her across the room to a flat wall, pressing her back against it, her legs becoming jelly in light of his overwhelming strength. His turn from gentle and loving, to anim*listic assertiveness made her body quake with anticipation.The cool feeling of the wall compared to the body heat emanating off the skin of the man that was about to make love to her was a perfect contrast, but that was nothing compared to what was happening between their bodies. His fully engorged rod was right beneath her, and as strong as he was, she thought she could be held up by just that organ, but she knew that was crazy. Its velvet steel teased her, the length of his shaft between her moist lips.”You ready?” he said, kissing her neck softly, still focused on her more than his own pleasure.”More than you could ever know,” she shot back, holding him tight as she awaited his entrance.Freddie lifted her a bit, and got positioned before letting her come back down slowly, her body shivering with each inch that entered her, and with her arms and legs busy and her back against the wall, she was completely at his mercy. Jade was incredibly thankful that he didn’t just drop her on it, and instead let her feel every bit of it, something that felt like it took simultaneously forever, and zero time, to complete.”Ohhh fuuuucccckkkkk meeeeee!” she screamed out as she was filled once more, feeling him bottom out inside her. “Freddie…please…””What is it?” he said, wondering if he had hurt her or something.”Don’t stop,” she said quietly, her mind starting to clear from the sudden overstimulation.”Wouldn’t dream of it, Jade,” he whispered, back in the moment and preparing to lift her up so he could impale her once more. Freddie did this a few times, very slowly, letting her ride this journey out, but both of them wanted so much more and Freddie wanted to deliver on all of those desires.Jade’s mind raced at how great this felt and for all her ‘verbal fluffing,’ there was no comparison to what she was experiencing right now. Beck could never have done this, even if he wanted to, she thought, but then stopped herself. ‘Why am I thinking about Beck right now?’ Constantly comparing them is not ok, and she feared Freddie would be disappointed in her if he knew that’s what her mind was doing.”No more…” she said, unaware she had actually spoken.Freddie instantly stopped moving and started to pull out, when she stopped him.”Wait… don’t stop…” she huffed, preparing to admit her, or what she believed to be a, crime. “I know this is supposed to be about you and your desires, but I have a favour to ask.””Umm… sure,” Freddie said, his member, still deep inside her moving a bit, which he hoped was not an issue.”Ever since last night, I’ve done nothing but compare you to Beck… Beck didn’t do this, and didn’t do that… and obviously you are superior, in like every way imaginable… but I don’t want to think about that.””It’s ok to think about your ex when you’re with someone new.” Freddie said, trying to show support, and maintain his strength. “I’ve compared you to Sam a couple of times. If you need to think about him though, I can understand that. I’m sure I’m not-“”You don’t understand…” she whispered, scooting down a bit so he could go deeper inside her. “I am going to see Beck when I go back to school, but I don’t want to think about him… at least, not like this. But my mind, my crazy brain can’t help but keep him right there at the forefront because… I don’t know… he’s kinda always been there.””So what can I do to help you?” he said, kissing her lips softly, making her close her eyes and smile.”Those thoughts in my brain… I want you to screw them out of me.” She said, biting her lip and looking him in the eye to give him the full ‘go ahead’ for what was to come. “I want you to fuck my brains out.”Freddie wasn’t sure what to make of this moment, going from wild, to something deep and emotional, and now, given the hungry look in Jade’s eyes, this was now something inherently carnal and lust-driven. He did his best to oblige.Pressing her harder against the wall, he increased his speed and f0rce against her defenceless body as she moaned non-stop, eventually latching her mouth to his shoulder to silence herself. The pain from her suckling and biting there was just fuel for getting Jade to her desired feeling.Jade had never believed that Freddie was capable of doing a sexual lobotomy on her, but she was quickly finding it hard to think, flashes of white growing with each passing moment as he drilled into her very being. Her thoughts dissipated like smoke and peaceful oblivion seemed on the horizon, as being with Freddie was the only that mattered in this moment.In fact, after a good two minutes of pumping and thrusting, he didn’t even need to hear her voice to know that she was getting to her peak, her incredible vice getting incredibly tight, until she finally spasmed for a second, shivering as her orgasm took hold.”Don’t pull out just yet…” she whispered into his reddened shoulder, starting to cry once again. “I just… I just need to ride this out.””You’re ok, Jade,” he said, pressing his face to hers, kissing softly on her ear and lobe and along her hairline. “Take as much time as you need, my angel.”Freddie softly entered and exited her, as she cooed, her grip getting looser, feeling an unmatched safety in being here with him. She was utterly powerless in this position, a feeling she despised, but she was gladly surrendering her soul to this handsome chunk of boy.”Ok…” she whispered, as Freddie slipped out from her, and let her down, not letting her go until he was sure she could stand without assistance. “Sorry about killing the moment.”Freddie just shook his head. “You had feelings that you needed to get out, and I care more about you being ok than any sort of getting off situation.”Jade kaçak bahis hugged him tightly, his member sliding through her legs, the head scr****g her puffy entrance and her ass as she held him close. “You need to come too, Freddie… this is all for you, after all.”The dark haired teen headed to the doorway and readied the pose that Freddie noted earlier, bending her back a bit so that her ass was on display, with two clear red handprints from where he was holding her moments ago. She tossed her hair back and made sure that her breasts were also on display so that he couldn’t resist her.She was instantly proven right as Freddie came up behind her, his hardness nestled between her ass cheeks as his hands rubbed her shoulders, and leaned in to kiss her shoulder blades a bit.”Mmmhhmm…” she moaned, pushing her face against the frame for support. “Not sure there’s a part of me that hasn’t felt like heaven with your hands and mouth. But please take me. I’ve been thinking about you just ravaging my body right here, just like this, since our first few words this morning.”As if he needed any further convincing, Freddie gripped his base and lowered himself to her glistening pink entrance. He pressed the head against her petals, pushing through only a little easier, sheathing himself deep inside her core.”Chizzzz…” Jade moaned, adjusting her stance to allow him better access, feeling her insides shift, as she once again felt full, not only physically but emotionally. The last thing Jade wanted in this ‘sexy’ moment was to get emotional but the softness of his touch, his fingertips digging into her back without doing any real pain. This new position opened up so many new feelings, the most different of course was feeling his balls slide against her exposed and swollen clit.As Freddie watched himself disappear inside her, his hands drifted to her beautiful peach of an ass, getting a good feel as he savoured being completely inside her, before retreating very slowly, allowing her to get adjusted.”More,” she said, breathing deeply from the ecstasy flashing in her eyes as they scanned the room, seeing Freddie in a mirror, biting his lip and seemingly enjoying this as much as she was. “You don’t have to be gentle… I’m a big girl.”Freddie gripped her stomach and pulled her up so that her back was to his chest and kissed her ear, before his hands moved north to her chest. “What does that mean, Jade?” he whispered, knowing what she meant but he had another question laced within it. “What are your limits? I’d hate to go too-“”There are no limits, Freddie…” she said, reaching back and cupping his cheek. “There have never been any limits for us.”His strong hands gripped her breasts tightly, playfully pinching her nipples as he began increasing his pace and f0rce, as she held onto his head, letting out louder and louder moans.As Freddie gave her the rougher treatment she was looking for, her upper body began to lower, until she was practically bending over, supporting herself on the door frame as his hands dug into her sides, gripping tight as he pounded her over and over and over again. Jade’s eyes subconsciously began to roll back as her body felt even weaker, but on a whole other level of feeling.”No limits, right?” he said through gritted teeth, not losing any focus.”Give… ungghhh… me… everything,” she said, grunting and groaning.SMACKA half second later, Jade felt a sharp, sudden sting in her ass, that sent just as much pleasure as pain to her brain.”How’s that feel?” he said, clearly testing the exploratory waters.”Like… I’ve been very bad,” she said, biting her lip. “I think I need to be punished for how much I love your cock.”Jade’s dirty talk was having the desired effect as Freddie increased his pistoning and spanked her ass every so often, not in any sort of pattern so the random jolts always surprised her and made her want them more.In fact, the spanking made Jade thrust against Freddie’s rhythm, allowing an even stronger crash when they would collide, his swinging sack hitting her overworked clit like a speedbag, sending electricity through her body every other second.SMACK”Still love it?” he asked, wanting it to see if she still loved his anatomy, but also to check if she was enjoying what he was doing.”Fuck yes!” she screamed out. “I love your fucking flesh rocket more than life itself… It’s all I… shiiiiittttttt, right there… It’s all I ever wanted or needed.”SMACK”Good,” he said with another slap. “Because it’s the only one you’ll be having from now on, Jade.””My pussy is all yours, Freddie!” she yelped, the spanking increasing. “I want you to mark it as yours. Cum deep inside me, where no one ever has… Paint my walls with that white blessing.”Freddie was a bit worried at the connotation behind her lust-driven words, but he pushed himself not to think too much about it and really cut loose with her. Using just his hips, he kept thrusting into her, one hand on her ass rubbing where he had spanked until he delivered the next blow while the other one rubbed her back, leading to her hair.Taking another ‘rough’ step forward, Freddie grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back and leaned down to kiss her for a moment as he spanked her the moment their lips touched, eliciting a small yelp before their mouths enveloped each other before he pulled his mouth away.”Remind me again,” he started, slowly massaging her ass, “whose body this is?””It’s yours,” she said firmly.SMACK”I couldn’t hear you, Jade…” he said, whispering through gritted teeth into her ear. “Whose ass and whose pussy is this?””YOURS!” she screamed out, her mouthing starting to hang open in exhaustion, trying to form her words. “I’m all yours Freddie… just don’t ever stop fucking the shit out of me.”Freddie let go of her hair, and let her head fall back down. “You’re such a good girl, Jade, and I want to reward you.”The no longer bridled male gathered some of her dripping juices on his middle finger and licked it clean before getting some more, making sure the digit was completely lubricated before pressing it against her backdoor.”You mentioned that I should show your ass some attention, and as much as I would love to make that happen, will this…” he pushed the finger through her tightened ring, causing a scream that quickly turned into a deep moan, “suffice?””God…” she bit her lip softly, eyes starting to see white as she was penetrated, even though it was something small in one, in both her holes at the same time. The feeling was somehow both physically incredible and there was something that one guy had done all of this- confided in her, saved her from herself, broken her of B… whoever that other guy was, put her back together, and now he was giving her yet another thing she’d never experienced. “Even your finger feels a little big back there.”His thrusts hadn’t slowed down much but his finger moved at about 1/8 that speed, giving her a moment to recover, feeling overwhelmed when it was in, relieved when he pulled it back out, and for a second, she would miss it, before he would push the digit back inside.”Freddie, I can’t hold out much longer… please don’t stop…”He was surprised that her playful and ‘into it’ mentality had seemingly disappeared as the real her emerged. A beautiful girl that had reached her limits, and was desperate for a release.”You really want me to go off inside you?” he asked, slowing down quite a bit and pulling his finger out completely.”Yes. I want to feel everything. No barriers… not for us,” she said, taking deep breaths.”Then we need to do this right because I’m getting there too,” he said, withdrawing from her sex with a loud slurp. Freddie took her hand and sat down in the chair they had shared their love in the night before, and Jade climbed on it with him, wrapping her tired legs around his waist, most of her weight on him now. A quick shift and he was back inside her cave, and Freddie had never felt more at home. “I want to look into your eyes as we share the most intimate feeling two people can ever share.””Ooooohhh…” she moaned, starting to grind against his length, this angle forcing his head to hit her G spot with every other thrust. “Just like that… Don’t stop….”Freddie gripped her lower back and pushed his face forward against her bouncing chest, seeing the glaze of sweat that the two of them had worked up. He took one of her nipples into his mouth, beginning to suck and lick the nub as if he might get something out of it. And then he moved to the other one.It only took a couple minutes before Jade’s body couldn’t take it anymore, Freddie feeling her shiver, and he detached from her chest to look her in the eyes, never looking away as he held her face, letting her know that he was here, and that she was safe. This was rather difficult since her body was incredibly distracting, her welcoming hole becoming superhumanly tight.Jade’s ecstasy fuelled face quickly shifted to desperation, looking deep in his eyes, begging for her reward. The couple just breathed into each other’s face as Freddie pushed through the last bit of resistance he had, and he crashed his lips into hers as he fired his first shot, something that felt like a year’s worth of build-up, deep inside her core. Freddie looked into Jade’s beautiful blue eyes as they grew from the hot and thick explosions which clearly were a new experience.She couldn’t very well see what her insides looked like, but as Freddie’s hose fired off more than she could have believed, she knew that her inner walls had truly been painted with his seed.Once he was done, they just sat there, unable to speak, too baffled by what they had just experienced, still sheathed with one another, even after Freddie began to shrink back, allowing the room for his release to ooze from her hole onto the chair. Neither knew what to say or if they even should speak after a moment like that. They just looked at one another, giving facial expressions that somehow conveyed their feelings better than most any words could have.Freddie helped Jade off of him, withdrawing himself completely, a trickle running down her thigh as gravity brought his release south onto her leg. The dark haired girl was still overwhelmed and took his strong hand in hers and kissed him with as much passion as she was capable in this weakened state.Jade took a step back and pulled him along, leading him to the bathroom where they could, and probably would get cleaned up, but in her mind, she didn’t want to truly clean herself of this experience. This had been practically religious for the Los Angeles native and the idea of cleansing herself of any of that, even the more sweaty and gross parts, seemed like she was ridding herself of those memories. Especially if this was to be the last time.Remaining silent, despite her fears and feelings, the beautiful teen reached into the shower with her free hand and got it going, steaming hot water flowing through as she pulled back the curtain. Her wobbly legs needed a little extra support from Freddie as he helped over the edge of the tub before joining, behind her.Even though the water was indeed cleaning her body off, feeling his arms around her, his face nestled into her neck, offering both support and affection, it showed her that what she was afraid of losing wasn’t going to happen here. Not this morning, at least.After nearly 20 minutes of unspoken touching, kissing, bathing, and enjoying one another, the couple got out and headed back out into the bedroom where they could get dressed. Or Jade could at least. Freddie had to run and grab his suitcase and bring it into her bedroom which, compared the fresh and clean they experienced in the bathroom, smelled like sex. Needless to say, Jade loved it.”I’m so happy I followed you out from Cat’s place,” Jade said, putting on a tight t-shirt, not even bothering with a bra, before slipping on a pair of black lace panties. “I never imagined it would lead to this, but I’m pretty sure it’s the best decision of my life.”Freddie nearly responded, throwing on his signature look, a t-shirt with a long sleeve shirt over it, and jeans, but held back a bit with his words, thinking on what went down less than a day ago. Worrying about Sam’s well-being. Being lied and seduced by Cat. Losing control sexually with the redhead. And then there was the look Sam had, full of anger, betrayal, and sadness. As happy as he was with finding Jade, there was something truly upsetting about what went down at that apartment.”I’m happy you followed me too, but…” he trailed off and she could clearly see that something was very wrong, which made her want to cover herself up more quickly.”But what?””We left two of our best friends in that place, and I feel really bad about what happened. It’s primarily my fault, you know? Between me being stupid with Cat and how completely destroyed Sam was.” Freddie took a deep sigh, before going on. “I know my relationship with Sam is… different, but I still care a lot about her, and I think I should at least see her before I leave. Just doesn’t feel right to leave things the way they are with someone I’ve known for, and cared for, so long.””So rather than spend the day with me, you want to go make nice with your ex? And you’re telling me this… right after we have sex?”Freddie could tell that Jade was not happy with this situation so he quickly backpedalled to clear up his point.”I still want to be with you, like as much as humanly possible, but would it be too much trouble to swing by there after lunch? Just for a few minutes, and we don’t even have to separate… I just want to make sure my friend is alright.””You have the worst timing and priorities for being a friend, Benson,” Jade said, finishing off her outfit with jeans before grabbing a bra, since this had shifted to making a house call, rather than this just being a pause before they ravaged each other again. “But… I guess I can understand. And I hope you will join me in the kitchen for breakfast in a few minutes. You cook me something good, and maybe that will make up for you killing my euphoric buzz, Benson.””I appreciate it, Jade,” Freddie said, giving her a deep smile, and standing up to join her as she walked past without even giving him a look. He cursed himself for being a buzzkill, before heading into the bathroom to throw some deodorant on. Freddie fixed his hair, something he was incredibly vain about for some reason, and headed towards the living room and kitchen where Jade was waiting, looking impatient. “Look, I’m really sorry about killing the mood. We can go later if you want… maybe stay here and watch another gory movie for now?””It’s whatever, Freddie…” she said, stretching her back out against the counter, highlighting her incredible curves. “Not like I don’t get your whole ‘my friends mean so much to me’ thing.””Really?” he said, coming around behind her and kissing her head before opening her fridge to find some eggs or other breakfast items. “You experience that type of emotion a lot?””Let’s just say I have a… ‘friend’ who has a bad habit of not giving up on people. She’s about as annoying as she is… helpful.””Sounds like a real winner,” he said, grabbing some eggs, bread, and some cheese from inside the spacious appliance, and gave her a look signalling that he was genuinely interested in a future. “Can’t wait to meet this ‘good, and helpful friend’.””Oh, I can imagine. There are a lot of things in this world that I can do without, that everyone else just loves, and number one on that list is Tori fucking Vega.”

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