Khaandani Randiyaan – Part II

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Khaandani Randiyaan – Part IIHey friends, this is Sanjana from Delhi yet again with the second part of the story that you people have so nicely appreciated for the first part, use the ISS search option and type in the story name without the part number and you’ll find that.Continuation,I continued to shoot the action and also was getting hotter and hotter seeing my mom in this kind of action. She was pretty much turned n oand was fucking like a real slut that was longing to have some good hard cocks inside her. She was not going to stop and I knew that fact.Mom aaaahhhhh Salim, tere laude mein aaj bhi wahi baat hai. Waisa hi mota aur tagda jaise humesha se thha aaahhh Salim, your cock still packs the same punch. The girth and its hardness like ever before. Salim ab who toh hai, kaafi khayal rakhta hoon iss chhote miyaan ka, tujh jaisi kaiyon ki raatein haseen banaani hoti hain mujhe.Mom achchha aur kisi ko yeh diya toh kaat ke haath mein de doongi isse.Salim hahaha! Ravi and Rahul took turns chewing her nipples and then fucking her really hard so that the complete drawing room was filled with that sound. All I could hear was sounds of mom being hammered hard by all the thick and hard cocks. She was having a great time and was not at all shy because of my presence now.Soon I realized that the phone was getting discharged, so I asked them as to what to do now Salim, mobile ki battery khatam ho rahi hai, kya karoon ab main? He looked at my mom’s face as she was not in her senses. He gave her a tight slap,Mom Kya hua bey Salim?Salim teri beti kuch pooch rahi hai, jawaab de usse. Mom turned towards me and inquired by signs of her face and I told her that the problem was that the phone was getting discharged. Mom ja mere kamre mein, almirah mein charger rakha hai. Wahin charging mein laga de waise bhi yeh sab bas 10 minutes mein hi jhaddne waaley hain.I decided that I would capture the complete part and then move to charge the mobile phone so that none of the part is wasted, as my mom was giving her best and she needs to be shot just like a star, may it be a porn star. Mom increased the movements of her hips and started to suck and stroke the cocks that were around her. She wanted them all to cum soon as she was getting tired of the session as well. Salim went away from her leaving her for the other wild b**sts waiting for their turns. He still looked energetic and was not on the verge of spilling their seed like the others, maybe this toughness of the guy kept mom waiting for him every timeMom Salim, kya hua? Itni jaldi hi chhodd diya? Salim inka kaam ho jaane do, I am thinking to stay back for sometime as they will leave.I will take care of myself in that period of time. The others took charge and one by one rode mom in various positions giving her waves of pleasure and some great DP moments. She loved each and every bit of it and was responding beautifully. Soon all of them came inside her pussy one by one and she was having sloppy seconds with everyone who got onboard.This felt kind of new and different as I had always had just one man’s cream inside me at a time, but what my mom was doing was sensational. Holding the semen of 4 men who just ejaculated inside her belly as the drops are seen dripping outside the pussy hole.Mom ahhhh mazaa aaya phaaltu ka hi tum log condom laate ho everyone else in the room started to laugh as they started to get ready, as it had been around 2 hours that the whole session and the talks lasted. Mom was exhausted antalya escort while the 4 men were also looking a bit drained out. Salim went upstairs while other were leaving.Men Chal Ragini, aaj toh mazaa aa gaya bas ek baar Sanjana bhi seekh jaaye, phirr jashn manaayeingey aise kaye. 2 ghante ke nahin yeh kam pad jaate hain 2-3 din ke liye kahin sab bahar chaleingey aur raatein haseen kareingey. Mom haha hwaab dekhna chaalu haha koi nahin dekh dekh, ek din zaroor ghoomeingey waise.”Saying this mom waved goodbye as I started to walk to the upper floor to put the phone in charging, while mom laid down on the floor amidst all the cum that was present there which was embedded in her pussy and had leaked out. The scent of cum, sweat and passion was present there as she closed her eyes to recover from her exhausted condition to do the final session and to finish off Salim who was still hard and ready for some good hard fucking session.I reached the room where the charger was and took it out, and put the phone in charging near the charger in her almirah, I found an envelope. I opened it to see if there were any more secrets that my mom might have hidden from us. To my surprise it was from a nursing home and had the abortion report inside it. Along with that, there were around 5-6 thousand rupees inside the envelope and a letter on the back of the report.The letter read,Dear Ragini,We are hereby happy to tell you that the abortion was successfully carried out and that you are perfectly fine now. As per your wish we had also carried out Vasectomy operation on you and you are perfectly infertile now. Thus, you are now discharged from the hospital premises, but please do make regular visits to the hospital to enable us to check on operation’s success.YoursDr. SunderP.S. please make the regular visits somewhat longer for prolonged tests.The last line was the one that caused me great concerns is mom having sexual relationships with random men whom I did not know? Was this doctor also one of her lovers?I could only find out all about this once mom starts to open up to me regarding her sex life, and then maybe I can have my own sexual adventures in front of my own mom, or maybe she can join in in my fantasies and have fun with me. I was thinking of a plan to get cozy with my own mom after this open behaviour and to get to know more about her, when someone’s fingers just entered my vagina and started to tingle me there, making me feel warmer as I was already wet and that person would have go to know that the first instance when the hand touched my pussy.Before I can resist or say anything, the finger started to move vigorously inside the pussy, sending waves of pleasure till my brain. I was starting to enjoy this and was holding the hand but not for removing it now. I wanted the person to continue doing whatever he/she was doing. I knew it was mom and she was just trying her best to get cozy with me so as to make sure that I don’t tell dad about this thing at all.The person pulled me back near the sofa as I was still not facing towards the person, also had my eyes closed and was moaning with pleasure. I got to know that it wasn’t mom when the person who was now sitting on the sofa make me sit on the lap. While doing so, I felt that a cock went inside me and at that moment I knew that it wasn’t mom and was her lover Salim.He was looking at me with lust filled eyes and it seemed quite obvious that he was not just there to fuck me in an escort antalya easy way. The sex that was about to take place would be more than just steamy, it was going to be wild and he was going to tear my pussy apart and suck and bite my nipples like an a****l.I could not wait for it as well as I was totally turned On after the sexy show that I had just recorded and was wanting some action just like it to take place here with me. I wanted Salim to be as rough with me as he wanted, as I was looking for someone to play with me and give me the orgasms that I was missing for so many days.I knew that only he can give all those pleasures to me, but I also knew that giving in so easily may ruin my image and he may get to know that I was longing for a serious fuck as well. I said Salim, leave me you can go and fuck mom if you want but not me. She’ll get angry when she finds out about this.Salim you heard her out there, she wants you to get prepared to take care of us and yourself now, why not do the honours now only? Come on, No! She was in the mood so was saying all that. She did not mean it andSalim caught hold of my arms to make sure that I was not able to get up and move away from him. He held me tightly and started to kiss my bare back. Leave me Salim, please. Salim then suddenly let go of me and threw me off him as his cock was out my pussy and I fell on the floor in front of him. He was angry a bit and said “Okay then, go away get dressed and don’t show up here, I’ll take care of the mobile myself.He came forward caught hold of my hand and dragged me towards the door to throw me out of the room. Seeing this, I came to realize that he was really turned on at that moment and would not compromise for his demands related to sex, at least not in this mood and state of mind.Before he could throw me out of the room, I got hold of the hand from which he was dragging me and held it tightly with both my hands. I wanted him to ride me and I knew that he would do it the way I was longing for. Okay Salim, okay. You can have my pussy but only on the condition that you won’t tell mom that I’m not a virgin.Salim as if I care saying this he closed the door behind me and trapped me with my back to the door and started to kiss me on my lips and as his hands were all over my body and assets. His mature and rough hands were sending ripples of pleasure to my brain, I loved the way he was caressing me. The sweat that was still lingering on his skin gave the smell of some fresh sex that had just took place before this session that was about to kick off and that was getting me wet all over again.I was getting in the groove and I knew what I wanted at any cost now. I wanted him to play with me as I played with his cock. I wanted to suck the cock and get it rock hard to penetrate me and to fuck me really rough. He sensed my pussy and knew that I was fully turned on and wanted his cock inside me and without wasting any time he pushed me to the knees on the door and inserted his semi-erect cock inside my mouth.Salim Saali kutiya, abhi bade nakhrey kar rahi thi. Teri choot toh koi aur hi kahaani bayaan kar rahi hai. Choos isse, aaj teri maa toh aaj bahut chud li, ab teri baari hai. I said ab thodi sharaafat toh dikhaani padti hai warna tu mujhe bhi randi samjhega. Randi toh tu hai hi, teri maa ki tarah. Ab dekhna yeh hai ki kitni der mein tu khud jhad jaati hai.I started to suck his cock and prepared him to the best of my ability to fuck me well. The thick antalya escort bayan hard cock seemed like a dream that was in front of me. Maa ne tujhse bada zabardast chudwaaya tha, phirr bhi tu jhada kaise nahin? Teri ma ho gaye hai umrdaraaz, uski choot mein ab who baat nan rahi. Kuch na milne se behtarr hai kuch milna so uske mazey le lete hain, parr itne mein jhadd jaoon main itna bekaar bhi na hoon.”He completed his sentence and pulled me back up as his cock was now fully hard and ready to enter my vagina. He also got my one leg up and turned me towards the door. He put his cock on the entry of my pussy and gave it a rough push forward. The cock entered the slippery pussy and thudded against my walls giving me a sensational pulse that reached till my brain.The cock was really throbbing and was pretty much the best thing that I have ever felt inside of me ever. Salim “ab tu aa gaye hai na, teri choot bhi tight hai. Ab toh yahi ghar hai mere laude ka kuch din, tujhe hi chodega dhangg se, teri hi pooja karega, teri hi pyaas bujhaayega, aur tere hi andarr jhadta jaayega.I screamed in joy ahhh tna mota hai yeh, ahhh lagta hai. Aadat daal le ab tu iski, tere liye ab hafte mein 4-5 dinon ki baat hai yeh ek baat tu iske hisaab se faill jaaye, phir tujhe jo sukoon milega, kisi aur mardd ki baahon, ya lund se nahin milega. Ahh madarchod, nikaalo isse meri choot nahin sambhaal pa rahi isse, dardd ho raha hai bahut.”Salim took this chance seeing that was not used to the cock and that was causing me much of the pain at the moment. He turned my head as he started to kiss me to make me feel better at the moment and to feel more intimate and that showed the fact why my mother was so used to having sex with him. He not only had a great tool but also was a great lover.He was doing his best to make sure that I started to enjoy the action rather than be amidst all the pain that I was feeling at the moment. His kisses took my mind away from the pain for some time and the next thing I knew was that I was moaning with pleasure. His magical kiss did work on me and now here I was moaning loudly to the best of my voice.I was saying to him ahhhhhh Salim tere laude mein toh sach mein bada dum hai aur chod, ahhh tu 4-5 din kya, poore hafte ya mahine ke liye mujhe apni rakhel bana le. Mujhe tujhse chudne ka bhoot sawaar ho raha hai ab. Salim tu chinta mat kar, main jab chahoon tujhe chod sakta hoon aur tu bhi jab jee chaahe mere paas aa jaana ya mujhe bula lena.Teri maa ko main sambhaal loonga aur agar zaroorat padi toh phirr kisi din Ravi aur Rahul ko le aaunga taaki who teri maa ki choot ka khayaal rakh sakein. Salim was now gaining speed as I reached my first orgasm and he could feel the liquids around his cock and said dono maa beti ka paani toh zabardast garama garam hai, lagta hai teri maa ki tarah tujhe bhi meri aur mere iss lund ki umar bhar zaroorat padti rahegi.He pushed me ahead in excitement which let the door open as I was gasping for breath as the action intensified and he started to give the best he can to fuck me and get discharged on his own and was on the verge of it. Salim le saali kutiya, le teri maa ki tarah teri choot ka maalik bhi aaj se sirff main hi hoon. Ahhhhh haaan tu hi hai. Sirf tu hi hai abhi tak meri choot ka maalik.The sounds were too loud and I was not able to notice that due to the loud noises, my mom had woken up and she had come upstairs to check on us, she was there in front of my eyes looking at me in amazement as Salim was looking at her and smiling. Mom looked a bit angry and she approached Salim and gave him a tight slap. What happens next, be sure to check back in to view the next part of Khaandani Randiyaan. Please leave your valuable comments down below.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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