Keeping an Open Mind

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Not much to say about this one, just an idea I have been meaning to get to.

“Okay, now I’m asking you to keep an open mind.” Having just finished a great meal cooked by my girlfriend, Seema, for our anniversary, I was in a good mood. However whenever she asked me to “keep an open mind”, it didn’t mean the same thing other people mean. When she uses that phrase she’s suggesting something like, bungee jumping or my personal favorite “let’s take a two week survival course”.

“Seema, every time you say that I get nervous. Now just tell me. You cooked this wonderful meal, but you’ve clearly got something special in mind, now give.” She grinned, but didn’t answer right away as she finished clearing up from dinner. Finally she finished and predictably led me to the bedroom. We sat on the bed and she continued to grin like a naughty schoolgirl.

“Alright. Now for our anniversary I want to try pegging.” This was hardly the sort of thing I was expecting, despite my past experience with her.

“What?” She grinned.

“I have a strapon, I’m going to wear it and then…” I held up a hand to stop her.

“I know what pegging is Seema. It’s just even with you this is a bit of a surprise.” She laughed before reaching into her night stand and pulling out the strapon. I guessed it was about six inches long and not too thick.

“Good. Well do you want to?” I shrugged as I thought about it. As expected she wouldn’t leave it there. “Come on, I promise you’ll enjoy it, and if not I won’t bring it up again, please.” She had a strange way of turning on a dime from dominant to pleading like a petulant child, however I knew she would persist until I gave in. She usually went back and forth between the two modes until one finally worked.

“I know this won’t surprise you, but you win.” She squealed in delight, which she only does because of the expression it usually produced on my face. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed my cheek. “Seema can you stop, you want me to do something X-rated and then you act like you’re five. It’s a bit much.” She shrugged and she started undressing, so I did the same. Once naked she donned the strapon, with a little help from me.

“On your knees, little slut.” Now normally this would be just her dominant side, but the expression on her face made me lose it. I lay on the bed laughing, on the verge of hysteria, when she smacked my hip, hard enough to sting somewhat, although not enough to really hurt. It took a minute or two, but I managed to calm down.

“Are you going to take this seriously?” She shrugged.

“Sorry I couldn’t resist. Now come on, knees. I want the full experience.” I stared at her a moment. The two things that were off were, the “little” comment, at five foot eleven inches, she was one inch taller, but I was about thirty pounds heavier, and as for her wanting the “full experience”, she never got on her knees for me. Not that I minded, she loved giving blowjobs, just not in so submissive a position.

However this didn’t matter so as asked I got on my knees and with brief hesitation I licked the dildo trying to cover it in my saliva. It had a faint plastic taste, but barely noticeable. She grinned and moaned softly while running a hand through my hair. Deciding that I had enough of licking, I opened my mouth to take it in. I hadn’t gotten much further than the head when I felt it stop and couldn’t figure out how to go deeper. She looked down and smiled, shaking her head.

“Bob your head a bit, but don’t try to take it further. I’ll teach you later, for now, just suck it a bit and we’ll move on.” I shrugged and bobbed up and down on the dildo, it didn’t really do much of anything for me, but I continued anyway. Finally I pulled off to catch my breath and rest my jaw. When I did so she took my chin in hand and gently raised it so we could make eye contact.

“That’s enough, on the bed.” I nodded as I knew delaying would only end in the same way and complying would best. I knew she would do everything she could not to hurt me and she would keep her word to never bring it up again if I didn’t enjoy it. The only problem was that I probably would enjoy it and she would likely want to do it a lot. Nonetheless I climbed onto the bed on all fours, head down and legs spread as I felt this was likely the best position for her. She laughed softly and playfully smacked my ass.

“Well I hope this doesn’t undermine your fragile male ego, but your ass is really cute.” I groaned as the fragileness of male egos is a favorite joke with her, even though she knows it doesn’t really apply to me. She ignored me as she placed what must have been a tube of lube to my ass and squirted inside. I flinched as the lube was a bit cold. She stopped and pulled it out.

“Sorry babe, I didn’t realize that would be so cold. Let me think. I’ll be back soon.” I heard her leave the room and waited in the somewhat uncomfortable position. It must have been a few minutes before she returned. This time when lara kendi evi olan escort I felt the lube it was warm, not uncomfortably so, but rather soothing. She worked the lube in with her fingers and I relaxed feeling myself open to her.

To my surprise I found it so soothing that I was starting to nod off. I barely noticed when she stopped working her fingers into me. Needless to say I came fully alert when she lined up the dildo with my ass. While this got my attention it was not painful as she slid the dildo inside and continued to apply lube around the edges until she was fully inside me. I found a moan nearly ripped from me as she was all the way inside. I heard her laugh as she playfully smacked my rear again.

“That sounds good. I think I might have you begging for this again after all.” I barely noticed what she said as she slowly pulled back, just stopping short of pulling out, I felt a bit more lube being added before she began pushing back inside. This caused me to moan and soon she was moving the dildo in and out slowly, but steadily. She continued at this pace for several moments and then increased her speed. I moaned a bit louder. She continued in this fashion, thrusting for a bit and adding more lube before increasing her speed. My moaning grew steadily louder and I noticed my cock had grown hard, with precum dripping from it.

She finally reached a peak speed and I felt my cock swell even harder. This continued until she must have hit a sensitive spot because I moaned even louder and I came. My orgasm seemed as though it wouldn’t end and she continued to thrust into me. Finally my orgasm ended, but her thrusts continued further. She slowed her thrusts until she stopped and made two hard thrusts before pulling out. I collapsed completely onto the bed, breathing hard for several moments. In time my breathing calmed and I rolled over. A short time later I sat up to see Seema sitting on the bed beside me, naked having removed the strapon. She grinned and leaned into kiss me. I readily accepted her tongue into my mouth and she wrapped her arms around me and did the same. We kissed for a while before she broke the kiss and we lay down together.

“So what do you think? Are we going to be doing that again?” I nodded.

“You know damn well I enjoyed that. So, yes we will.” She laughed and leaned down to give my cock a quick lick.

“Oh yeah, you definitely came.” We kissed for a while further before falling asleep. She awoke first, I was awoken by her idly stroking my cock, more playing than anything else. She spoke when she saw my eyes open.

“Morning.” I glanced at the clock, it read three after two in the morning. She followed my sight and shrugged. “Well technically it’s morning.” I shook my head.

“So, what now?” She grinned.

“I’m really turned on.” She didn’t speak further as she straddled my face, lowering her pussy onto my mouth. I opened my mouth and began licking, remembering the places she was most sensitive. Soon she was moaning and her already wet pussy became more so. She ground her pussy into my mouth, riding hard. I redoubled my efforts and switched to thrusting my tongue between her lips, this quickly became her riding my tongue. She continued to ride, moaning loudly, to the point where my tongue was starting to feel numb and I was feeling a bit sore. Suddenly she slammed her hips hard and ground jerkily and I knew that she had cum. Moments later she rolled off of me and lay down next to me. She kissed my forehead and soon we were asleep again.

This didn’t involve a significant change in our relationship, just something new to add in the mix. One day as we lay in bed, after having both fucked the other senseless she spoke.

“Kaden, I want you to keep an open mind about something I have in mind.” I sighed as I turned to her.

“Seema, why do you have to sell it to me? And more importantly are you bored? Is that why you keep throwing something new in the mix?” Her eyes opened wide and she shook her head as she gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

“No. Never. I just want to have fun and more importantly, with you. I’m not bored, I just find things I want to try and don’t feel like waiting. Does it bother you?” I shook my head and kissed her lips.

“No, I don’t hate the things you want to try, I just wanted to know. So what is it?” She smiled as she relaxed, looking up.

“Oh, nothing much, I just wanted to take this to the next level.” I sighed.

“How Seema?” She ignored my tone as she continued to stare at the ceiling.

“Well, now you’ve taken my strapon, so how about trying the real thing?” Afterwards I would feel a bit silly for not connecting this, but nonetheless I asked.

“What are you talking about?” She laughed as she finally turned to me.

“I want to see you fucked by another man.” I didn’t respond right away and it was not till several days later that she brought it up again.

“So Kaden, lara otele gelen escort have you thought it over?” I stared at her for several moments. Finally I sighed.

“Who?” She frowned for a moment, presumably trying to process what I had said as it hadn’t been “yes”, or “no”. She smiled reassuringly as she spoke.

“Kord. He’s in town. I thought we could meet him for a drink. I know you’ve met. I’m sure if you two had a chance to talk you’d hit it off.” I nodded as I recalled Kord. He was about six feet tall and with his shoulder length dark hair looked like a minor Norse god, not quite muscular enough to be Thor or another major one. I wasn’t able to recall what he did for a living, but I knew he was the bassist in a metal band that tended towards performances of operatic proportions. They had a produced three albums so far, I actually owned one.

“Fine, we’ll meet him. But I’m not really interested in sex with someone I only know slightly.” She shrugged.

“He’s in town a week, so you should have an opportunity to know him better. If not I’ll wait. He promised to be back in a couple of weeks.” I thought a moment.

“Okay, we’ll see. Just out of curiosity did you rope him into this, or is this where his interests actually lie.” She smiled.

“Oh, Kord doesn’t restrict himself, if there is a mutual attraction he tends to go for it. He sees their drummer off and on.”

As agreed we went to a local bar that we liked. When we arrived Kord’s band Huginn (named for one of Odin’s ravens) was in the midst of one of their lighter sets, meaning the band were playing to relax having overruled the lead, who tended to do an entire epic. We applauded with everyone else when they finished. The band got drinks and each went to a different part of the bar. I noted the lead sitting next to a dark skinned amazon of a woman, whom I knew was his wife. Kord meanwhile approached with a glass of red wine. Jokes were occasionally made about his preference for wine, as opposed to beer or whiskey. He smiled when he reached us and sat down.

“Hi Seema, how are you?” His voice was rich, but not too deep, clearly a voice meant for singing epics, as he did a few times on their albums.

“Very well, Kord. This is my boyfriend, Kaden. He owns your second album and listens to it a lot.” He laughed and sipped his wine.

“Don’t let Anton hear that. He wants to forget the second one, thinks it was a complete misstep.” Seema and I laughed with him.

“Why don’t you boys discuss Doctor Who? I know you’re both huge fans.” He nodded and turned to me.

“Actually I think Doctor Who floundered until about ’06.” I smiled and shook my head.

“I got into the series in ’95, so I prefer the classic series overall. However I really enjoyed Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.” He shrugged.

“Hellbent?” I laughed and shook my head.

“Flawed from top to bottom. Big Finish, Kord?” He nodded.

“Just beginning. It’s far more difficult to get into.” I sipped my drink.

“So when you’re not contributing to Anton’s epics, what do you do, Kord?” He smiled.

“My job is very boring. I have to wear a suit and move money around, other people’s.” I laughed hard at this statement, soon they joined me in my humor. Finally we calmed down and I spoke.

“So, basically you have to be respectable and strait-laced at work, so you go the other way in your personal life?” He grinned widely.

“That about sums it up.” We spent much of the evening discussing Doctor Who, we found it was best to agree to disagree. However it was great to debate with him. After a couple of hours his band wanted to return to their hotel and Seema practically dragged us to the car. Once back at her place she served us drinks and we sat in the living room.

“So Seema, are you two serious?” She smiled looking over at me.

“Actually I want him to move in, but he still has another month on his lease. I’m thinking of asking him to marry me, but not yet.” I stared at her as this last part was news to me. She ignored me as she continued. “So what do you think of him?” He glanced at me smiling before turning back to her.

“Obviously he’s cute. Are you sure?” He shrugged. Seema smiled.

“I’ve used a strapon, he loves it. But let’s start slow. Shirts off.” He slipped off his black t-shirt revealing a toned chest that showed he worked out regularly, but only pumped weights moderately. They both turned to me and I shrugged before removing the Within Temptation t-shirt that Seema had bought at a concert we had attended. She nodded and turned back to Kord.

“Well, you seem to be taking the lead Kord. Please continue.” He grinned. We had already removed our shoes upon entering, so he slipped off his socks and stood to drop his jeans. He sat to finish removing them and nodded to me. I followed suit. He grinned and dramatically took his underwear off. He hesitated before revealing his cock, which although lara rus escort only semi-hard was bigger than her strapon had been.

Again they turned to me and I was soon naked as well. It is a bit of a running gag that when a guy sees another man with a larger cock he feels intimidated, however all I was thinking was that Seema was nuts. I mean I usually thought she was nuts, but this time in particular I felt that way because I was certain he would never fit inside me. Seema grinned and kneeled in front of his chair.

“Do you mind?” He shrugged. She gently took his cock in both hands and started stroking. The response was immediate as he moaned softly and his cock began swelling. He was still not completely hard, but was noticeably thicker than her dildo and was now about eight inches long, based upon how it filled her hands. Before he was fully hard she began licking his shaft and quickly shifted to taking the head in her mouth.

He moaned a bit louder and she began taking more in her mouth. I watched in fascination as he swelled until fully hard and despite a bit of stretching she continued to take him further in her mouth. As it was in her mouth I could only guess at how big he had become, but nonetheless she had taken him to the base. He moaned loudly.

“Wow…you are only the second person who has been able to do that and the first was Deeta.” I glanced at him as this was the name of his lead singer’s wife. He shrugged as Seema pulled off and gasped for air. “It was a bet. He had to clean the house for a week and give her food massages.” I leaned closer looking at Seema wiping drool from her face.

“For how long?” He laughed as he relaxed further into the chair.

“He’s been giving foot massages for almost two years, on demand.” I grinned and Seema spoke.

“Get over here Kaden, I want you to try.” I got on my knees next to her. Kord didn’t speak, but watched intently as she held his cock to me and I leaned in. I looked at her, hesitating a moment before opening as wide as I could. I took the head in my mouth and sucked hard, eliciting moans from Kord, trying to remember everything Seema had been teaching me about blowjobs.

However with everything she had taught me I started gagging when I pushed much past the head. I pulled back and concentrated on slightly more than the head as that was what I was comfortable with. He moaned and put a hand on my head, but it was only resting not gripping. I felt him swell slightly and I thought he might cum, but Seema tapped me and I pulled off to see what she wanted.

“Not too soon. Get in position, right here on the floor. Kord let me know when you’re ready.” I didn’t hear a response so, he must have nodded and she left the room. I got into position, head down ass up and I heard an appreciative whistle.

“Well, if I weren’t motivated already, I would be now, you have a great ass Kaden.” Seema reentered at this point and spoke in an amused voice.

“I know right. That’s what got me thinking about pegging him. Okay Kord, I’ll prep him, you lube yourself up.” I felt her applying lube and using her fingers to open me up. She was so practiced at this and I had been taking her dildo for a while that I was ready in a short time.

“Good. Now Kord, I’ll hold him open. Move slowly.” I heard his grunt of acknowledgement and she spread my ass cheeks, while I concentrated on completely relaxing. I felt his cock head press against me and hesitated a moment before pushing. He didn’t immediately penetrate, but it didn’t hurt as he pushed a bit more.

Suddenly the head went in and I moaned, while Seema kept me up. He waited while she added more lube and then he pushed forward. I felt my ass spread further, not painful as she had done a good job, but a little uncomfortable. Soon he was all the way inside and I moaned loudly feeling as if his cock were pushing mine from behind. I was almost immediately fully hard and dipping precum.

He slowly pulled out and slowly worked his way back in. He did this a few times before increasing speed. Suddenly on an inward stroke he slammed back in rather than slowly sliding in. This action prompted an even louder moan from me. Seema, who by this time had stopped holding my ass cheeks, leaned into kiss me. Her tongue plunged into my mouth with as much enthusiasm as Kord’s cock. I moaned into her mouth as Kord continued to pound away, gripping tighter on my ass.

I lost track of everything besides her mouth and his cock, especially time. She broke the kiss and before I could react she had her mouth around my cock and my moaning somehow became louder and I felt somehow higher pitched. This reached a peak as I came down her throat. She didn’t stop licking and sucking until my cock was clean. As I came my ass tightened and I felt Kord slam his cock into me as he came.

I relaxed and he made a few more thrusts in rapid succession before pulling out. I collapsed onto the floor and as I nodded off I saw Seema cleaning Kord’s cock with her mouth. However a short time later I came wide awake as she began licking the cum from my ass and I moaned. At last she finished and I slowly sat up. Kord was once again sitting in the chair and Seema led me to the couch. She kissed me again and I tasted a hint of his cum.

“So, how much did you like that, baby?” I smiled and turned to Kord.

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