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Kay, My Sister Cums 2 Town 1“Where are you?”“Just across the street. Be there in a second.”I sat in the parking lot and scanned the cars across the street, finally spotting my sister, Kay’s car as she pulled out of the gas station and pulled into a spot next to mine. She had texted me the other day and said she was going to be in the area, did I want to hook up for a couple of hours. I had of course said yes and when she had asked if there was a place near a route 35 and I71 I had laughed and said, let’s try out the porn shop. She said okay.So I got out of my truck and leaned again the front quarter panel as I waited for her to get out and join me. It was worth the wait! Kay is short, but God is she stacked, and when she got out of the car, I about shit myself! She had on a tank top and no bra, and short red shorts that showed her off very nicely! Her brown eyes were full of sass and she had her long blonde hair all pulled back in her braid, which meant she was ready for business!!“Hey big brother, nice to see that you are glad I am here!” She made no effort to hide the fact she was referring to the bulge in the front of my cargo shorts. I made no effort to disguise my open leering at her hard nipples that appeared ready to rip through the cotton shirt. She came over and we kissed and as we did I knew she had to feel my cock against her belly. “My my, you are glad to see me.” She said rather breathlessly.“Dressed like that, who wouldn’t be?”“Well when you tell a girl you want to meet her at a dirty bookstore, she has to dress the part!” I laughed and kissed her on top of the forehead and we turned and headed into the place.Now, this maltepe escort shop is small…smaller than most hole in the wall porn shops. Lots of DVD’s a few magazines, a rack of lingerie, lots of dildos a few restraints and a novelty section is all there is. The guy at the register, took one look at Kay, smiled at me and turned over and adjusted the thermostat down. There were two other guys in the room doing their separate shopping. They each noticed Kay as well, but quickly went back to getting what they were there for.“Damn, does it always have to be so cold in these places?” Kay asked and I chuckled.“Well if your nipples didn’t look like they are feeding stations for quadruplets, maybe they would warm these places up, but as long as cold air makes you stiff, guys are going to use you to get stiff!”“You like?”“Hell yes, you know I love your tits!”“Then play with them as I look at some things!” And with that Kay walked over to the wall with vibrators and dongs on it and I moved in behind her.Our height difference means the base of my cock loves to nestle in the top of her ass crack and Kay pushed her bottom to take all she could get. I slid my hands around her and under her G-cup beauties and began squeezing, weighing and kneading her. One of the guys near the back corner of the store made his selection of movies turned and saw us. He stared and I looked at him, smiled and nodded in greeting. He looked from me, down to my hands as I pinched and pulled on Kay’s nipples and she leaned back into me. He shook his head, smiled and gave me a wink before walking to the next aisle and heading to the register.Kay picked up a couple escort maltepe of different ‘magic wands’ and described what she would love to do with it and how each would make her cum in a different way. She leaned over to ‘look at some on the bottom row and I ran my cock up and down her ass, spreading her ass so that my dick was rubbing right over her asshole with only a thin layer of cloth as a barrier to us! When she selected a seven inch long anal probe that looked like a series of impaled black balls growing from small to a nice size, I was not shocked. She had told me long ago she liked anal play as long as there was LOTS of lube.Speaking of which, we next stopped at the counter with the lubes in it. The shop manager came over and from behind the case asked us if he could help us with anything. Kay immediately bent over and put her hands on her knees driving her ass back into my straining cock. The guy looked down and saw her deep, sexy cleavage hanging out there and I thought for a moment he might jump over the display case! He started to obviously rub himself and Kay moved so that the lube she was interested in was between her and him and she pointed and said, “I would love to try that lube. May I see what that is like?”The guy looked at me and I shrugged. He unzipped and pulled his cock out and Kay smiled at him, still bent over. “That’s nice. Very nice, really, but I was talking about the black tube it is pointing at.” She licked her lips and then said, “I think it is called Anal Assistance.”The guy looked down, saw what she was pointing at turned 10 shades of red. He got it out of the case and started to tuck himself maltepe escort bayan away, When Kay said, “We will buy the dildo, but would you give me the lube for free? I am almost tapped out. You can shoot your cum all over my tits if you like.” She smiled at him and added, I like having big, young cocks get off on me!”He stepped to the gap between display cases and spit in his hand and started stroking his meat. The guy was probably 25 and I would say he ate more bags of potato chips in a week than he did sit ups in a year! Fat and flabby as he was, he was still long and hard! I pulled Kay’s shirt up and began slapping her funbags together and squeezing and tugging on her nipples. She had one hand behind her, stroking my cock and the other was reaching between her own legs.It did not take the guy 3 minutes and he suddenly started bucking wildly into the air and Kay was telling him to not stop until he had painted all of her tits with his sperm! He fired and from her chin to her belly button she was soon covered with a generous layer of white goo. She turned and grabbed a bandana that was on display and wiped herself up as the guy looked at her with a lascivious smile. There was the other guy standing at the register, having watched most of the show! Kay said, “I guess that pays for the lube.” The manager guy mumbled a Hell yeah.“And I will pay for your toy, thanks for the show!” said the guy at the register as the manager went to ring him out. Kay pulled down her shirt and smiled at the man. I followed her as we walked toward the door. As we passed guy who was paying for us, she reached out and squeezed his cock. “Thanks for lending a girl a hand. I only wish I could return the favor!” She blew him a kiss and we stepped out into the bright late afternoon sunlight and all of the heat!============Please leave me a comment! I really want to know who is reading me. Thank you

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