Kate’s Story Pt. 02: The Dinner

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“That was boiling,” I was so incredibly horny from the previous several hours that even brief normally forgettable sex with Greg was just like wow. By the time he went down on me I had an orgasm in probably just a couple minutes.

“I know, I suppose a little teasing doesn’t hurt.” Greg admitted. I had figured despite him feigning concern over my behavior that he loved that I was teasing his friends.

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeah, but within reason! I don’t want..”

I was able to finish his sentence. The only thing he really didn’t want was for Steve to play with my breasts again. Even then based on everything I don’t think that line was really set in stone. I told Greg we’d better hurry because the boys would be waiting.

Since we were keen on me flirting more and the boys had already seen me completely naked I didn’t even bother putting a bra and panties back on. I had a small pair of shorts and a cute little t-shirt that I threw on.

Steve told us about a cool place in town and being so hungry we all agreed it sounded great. Steve recommended that we all just jump in his Jeep.

Getting in Dean yelled, “shotgun!” Darn I wished I had thought of that!

The backseat was not roomy and Greg said. “I’m not sure if there is enough room.”

I saw what Greg was up to, he was setting me up to tease JJ. ” It’s fine I can just sit on JJ’s lap, and we’ll fit!” I gave Greg a little wink as I plopped my butt down onto his friends lap. I loved that Greg was as into this as I was, to the point he was actively helping me.

Steve started telling us a crazy story about a time they had bears at the cabin. We drove over the first bump and I pulled JJ’s hand over my tummy. Feeling his hand on my gave me butterflies. It was so exciting!

Then Steve mentioned something about a baby bear “Wait, was there more than one bear?” I blurted out. I was so excited to hear about the cute baby bears! Plus if Steve was telling a story then everyone would be more distracted giving JJ and I more privacy.

“Yeah it was a momma bear and two cubs. So you know there was no chance of me going out there! They even took a dip in the hot tub!” Steve said.

“No way, the same hot tub we were just in!?” I asked this as we went over a series of bumps. Each time I could feel JJ’s erection building against my butt. He even pulled me into it slightly with each bump. I was getting so horny feeling this cute guy’s hard penis against my backside. It also made me feel good that I could have such an effect on him. I wanted nothing more than to touch myself or him right at that moment.

Steve told us that the bears damaged the hot tub when they played in it. That his uncle bought the current one after that. He told about other antics the cubs got into. As he got into that JJ started slowly moving his hand. My shirt moved up until his hand was rubbing my bare tummy. I began to wonder of he might start moving his hand up to my chest or down near my crotch. I didn’t have to wonder for Anadolu Yakası Escort long. He began edging his hand down over the top of my shorts. He was stopping just short of the top of my slit. I parted my legs slightly so JJ would know his movements were not unwelcome.

This teasing lasted several more minutes until JJ stopped moving his hand so it was resting just above my privates. Shortly after he moved his hand down over my crotch and pressed his hand firmly over my very aroused private area. He simply held at first, just like when he was holding onto me at the beginning of the drive. Only instead of holding me by my tummy he held me by my crotch.

I was a little worried this might be too much, but I had seen Greg glance over a few times without reacting, so I felt I had his approval.

At this point I knew even through the shorts JJ definitely had to feel that I was wet. I could feel him start to move a finger while keeping the rest of his hand motionless. He probably didn’t want to call attention to what was going on. I felt him move the fabric of my shorts over. Then felt the finger move up and down several times along the edge of my wet labia. The faintest moan escaped my body as I prepared myself for him to press his finger further. Just then the truck came to a stop and Steve said we were there.

On the way into the restaurant Greg whispered to me, “what happened in the jeep?” He was obviously just as excited about what had just happened as I was and eager to hear the details.

I didn’t really have time as we walked in, but assured Greg I’d give him the details later.

We grabbed our food and went into a corner booth, the kind of shaped like a circle. Dean and JJ practically raced to sit on either side of me. They were so funny. Then Greg let Steve sit down first. He must have wanted to give me space to do even more of the teasing he had seen on the drive in. I just loved how thrilled Greg was to see me play and flirt.

We were so hungry we ate like absolute animals and finished eating in just a couple minutes. I asked Steve to tell more beach house stories, figuring it was a good way to direct all the attention to him and let me tease more. JJ’s subtly moved his hand under the table and put his hand on my knee. When I didn’t object he began a gentle stroke on my leg. Dean took notice and followed suit.

Both boys started on the top of my thigh right above my knee, but didn’t take long before they were both softly rubbing my inner thighs. The hands moved up further and further and further until I felt JJ brush against the crotch of my shorts then Dean. I spread my legs slightly and the boys took the invitation.

Fingers from both immediately found their way under the fabric of my shorts. Both JJ and Dean lightly grazed my labia. Their fingers moved almost rhythmically causing my labia to begin to spread. Soon they had my lips pulled open, and were tracing the inside of my labia getting ever closer to the most sensitive Avrupa Yakası Escort parts of my private. I felt an orgasm was building. Their fingers must have bumped and one moved his fingers up brushing my clitoris and one down brushing the opening to my vagina. I was on the absolute edge of having an orgasm. So I was forced to quickly move their hands away in order to avoid a very loud and public orgasm.

JJ and Dean moved their hands above the table. I took a couple minutes to regain my composure. Then I rested my hands on their knees. They got me all worked up and I wanted to return the favor. I began to stroke their thighs then like they had with mine.

Next I moved my hands up over Dean and JJ’s crotches and rested them. The idea wasn’t to get them off, but simply continue the tease. Both were rock hard and feeling their thick penises under my hands made me so horny I could have jumped out of my clothes right then and there. They felt like they had similar sized penises and good sizes at that. Both above average in length and thick. Compared to Greg’s modest penis my mind wondered what it would be like to be on the receiving end of these larger one’s.

The server brought the check by about I gave each penis a firm squeeze before moving my hands.

Walking back to the Jeep I yelled, “shotgun!” But Dean cut me off and stole my seat! I scolded him. “Hey not fair I called shotgun first!”

“Well what’s stopping you from sitting here?” Dean asked with a grin patting his lap.

I agreed knowing Dean probably had something fun in mind. I didn’t need to wait long until Dean had his hand on top of the wet shorts covering my privates. Steve told more stories, but I couldn’t pay attention with Dean massaging my vulva through my shorts.

This continued for a while. I think Dean was a little unsure about putting his hand in my shorts. That is until Greg asked, ” Kate you’re a little quiet is everything OK?”

Dean slid his hand under waistband of my shorts causing me to stutter, “yeah honey everything’s fine. I think I’m just getting a little tired from such a busy day.”

Dean began to massage my bare vulva. I guided him to my clitoris and had to suppress a moan of pleasure. He continued to play with my clitoris and I reached back and began to stroke his penis over his clothes.

We played with each other my vagina dripping all over Dean’s hand. I managed to unzip his pants and slipped my hand in. I was now rubbing his penis with only his boxers between my hand and his skin. Dean in response moved his finger from my clitoris and slipped it deep into my vagina. My entire body pulsed with pleasure. Unfortunately, we were approaching the lake house and had to remove our hands from each other.

I was so horny I had to get Greg alone asap telling the boys, “hey boys Greg and I will be right back. I want to put on something more comfortable before we go back outside.”

I began to kiss Greg immediately. “Oh my God I am İstanbul Escort so hot from all the teasing!”

Greg moved his hand down and feeling my wetness immediately asked for the details. “What happened Kate? Things didn’t look all that innocent.”

I reassured Greg that every thing was teasing without romantic overtones.

Seeking clarification Greg asked “Well it looked like it was very sexual things you did.”

I wanted to make sure he knew I wasn’t doing boyfriend/girlfriend type sex stuff, but just sexual to the extent of the teasing kink we shared, “No nothing like that. Not exactly anyway, just teasing so it wasn’t real sexual stuff. It was just we talked about.”

I reached down and found Greg’s little friend totally hard. Now I knew he really loved this. He was using his mock concern to dig for the sexy details. I had no problem playing along, “Tell you what. I’ll give you every detail about what happened to put your mind at ease. Ok?”

I pulled out Greg’s penis and had him sit. I started blowing him and switching to a hand job when I’d speak. “It started with the drive to the restaurant. I was on JJ’s lap and it was a bumpy ride. Each bump caused my ass to push down onto his lap and I felt his cock get rock hard. Is that hot baby knowing that my teasing got your friend hard?” He of course and seen what JJ was doing with his hands, so I focused on what Greg couldn’t see.

“And then of course dinner. It was so cute how JJ and Dean were so quick to sit next to me.” I felt like Greg was getting close to cumming to I gave him a summed up version of what happened at the booth, so I’d have a chance to tell him about the drive home, ” So JJ put his hand on my knee and then he started to gently stroke my leg. Dean of course noticed as well as start doing the same thing. I figured get them worked up no big deal, besides attention from two men at once was really an ego boost. But when they began rubbing my inner thighs it got me really turned on and so excited I had to push their hands out the way.”

“Anyway after that I decided to return the favor by putting my hands on their thighs. Then I used my hands to tease their laps and let me tell you they have nothing to be ashamed of!” It was extra erotic playing with Greg’s smaller penis while at the same time referring to his friends much larger members. It felt a little naughty in a very sexy way.

I had just started talking about the drive home when Greg erupted in my hand.

“What happened on the drive home?” Greg asked as his penis shrunk down.

“Oh just teasing!” I wanted to wait to elaborate on the details until Greg could get excited again.

Then for safe measure I reassured him one last time that I was playing with his friends for him. Also that any sexual play meant nothing more to me than simply being a tease, so I told him, “I just wanted to get you excited, but don’t worry it was JUST teasing.”

Of course Greg had just cum, but I was as horny as ever so wanted to get back out with the boys right away.

I took off my wet shorts and replaced the t-shirt with a large baggy one that was long enough to cover my top and bottom on its own. “Come on Greg let’s get dressed and join the other guys out there I feel like we still have a lot more fun ahead of us tonight!”

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