Kate and Tiff’s Surprise

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Kate and Tiff’s SurpriseI woke up the morning after my wild day of sex with Tiff and Kate, my wrists still hurt abit from the bondage but i was ok. I looked around the room and to my surprise i was alone i had fallen asleep with both of the on either side of me. On the Mirror next to the bed in red lipstick was written “Met us on by the hot tub, no need for trunks” I walked out of the room and followed the sound of thier voices till i reached outside, they where in the hot tub along with a guy and a girl who i had never seen before they introduced themselves as Hank and Vicky. Vicky was a ebony goddess she was tall and had long dark muscular legs then went up to her perfect ass and washboard stomach, a pair of perky c cups with large brown nipples. Her hair was pulled back into a sloppy pony tail away from her face, she had the sexest eyes i had ever seen on a black girl they where green and bright as day. Her lips where full and looked like she could suck a golf ball though a straw, Hank was next to her he was atheltic build with large muscles everywhere. His tanned white skin looked pale in comparison to Vicky’s, between his legs he had a large uncut penis like mine only he had a large set of balls i caught myself starting at. I climbed into the hot tub between Tiff and Kate, they were in the middle of telling them the story’s of how we meet and the day before i watched as Vicky and Hank started to masterbate each other to the story. Then Tiff’s Hands went over to play with Vicky and me and Tiffs to play with Hank and me, i put my slid my hands over onto Tiff and Kate’s breasts and started to pinch and rub thier nipples before slowing running my hand down bakırköy escort thier body to thier pussies. Hank put his hand onto Tiffs chest and started to rub and massage her tits, Vicky did the same to Kate’s. Soon we were all helping each other the sound of the water spashing must have distubred the neighbours because soon from behind the tall fence we heard, “can you take that inside my k**s are about to come out and play, i dont want to have to call the cops again” We all stood up grabbed our towels to dry off and headed into the house, Kate and Tiff led us down to a different room then the one i had seen the night before, this one just had one large mattress on the floor, a small nightstand with lube and condoms on it and a tv in the corner with a selection of porn next to it. Hank and i laid down on our backs and instantly i had Vicky ridding me and Kate hopped onto Hank’s thick cock. Tiff laid down inbeween us and started to play with her pussy as she looked up at Kate and Vicky getting fucked by us, kates pussy was tight it felt like it had not been fucked in a long time or at least not by a cock as thick as mine. I had guessed before that her and Hank were together but i know knew that this could not possibly be true. She started to move up and down faster, she was grunting loudly with each thrust down and a moan with each one up. She leaned forward into me and we started to kiss passionatly as if we were the only two in the room. I could not even hear/see the others in my mind right now, she she slid my cock out of her pussy and right into her equally as tight asshole as she faced me taking me up her ass i could beşiktaş escort see the pleasure all over her face, i made her moan even louder when i leaned forward to suck on her hershey nipples until they where swollen and soaked with my spit. She said she wanted to get fucked now with me ontop so we changed possistions and she got on all fours with her ass high in the air for me to enter again I slid my cock into her again and started to fuck her deep and hard, reaching around every now and then to play with her nipples or clit to drive her wild. I looked over and the others had started a double 69 each mouth fucking one another, Kate was getting licked by Tiff well sucking on hank and hank was eating out Tiff’s pussy. Watching them made me start to fuck faster our minds must have been on the same page becuase the next thing i new we both cummed, i pulled out and shot my load onto her ass and as it dripped down she took two fingers wipped it up and then licked her fingers clean. We move over to the others and joined in, Vicky planted her self underneath Tiff’s tits and started to suck and play with them as i was behind Kate i straddled her as she was still getting licked by Tiff as i slid my cock into her asshole and started to fuck her just as hard as i did Vicky i could hear her muffled moans from around Hanks cock. Once again we were all fucking as one, everynow and then i could feel Tiff’s toungle lick my balls and whatever part of my cock was out of Kate’s ass at that time. I then slid out and put it down into Kate’s dripping wet pussy and started to fuck her hard as Tiff sucked on her clit, i felt close again as i pulled beylikdüzü escort out i shot a load right into Tiff’s mouth my accident but watched as she swaollowed it. Hank started to groan loud as the three girls were now jacking him off as they each played with thier own pussy he shot a huge load all over himself and the girls hands They got down and each lick thier own hands and then him clean. Tiffy led me over and laid me down before getting ontop of me and had me start to fuck her pussy she soon leaned into me and Hank slid his cock up into her ass she said she wanted a huge cock DP and we were the first guys in a long time to get the change to do it to her. We both fucked her hard she was moaning the whole time as we almost in unison slid in and out of her pussy and ass. Midway though she pulled us out and flipped over so we were in opposite holes, her ass was loose now but it made it easier to slide in and out of her as we fucked. As Hank got closer i could feel his power fucks untill he pulled out and turned to give his load to Vicky and Tiff who where sitting next to us watching and masterbating. He covered thier tits in his sticky load, then went over to have his cock licked clean. I felt i was close too but i wanted to cum inside her, i told her i was cumming and she started to fuck faster i shot my load up into her ass and then we collapsed into each other panting from our sex workout. All of us covered in pussy juice, ass juice, lube, spit, cum and sweat went outside to clean off in the hot tub this time we all just kept to oursleves trying to catch our breath and get the blood flowing again. Hank stood up and said he had to be off to work and left me alone with the girls, Vicky asked what i had planned i told her that i had to go home and get ready for work too. She asked me if i didnt mind driving her since she took the bus to get there and from what Tiff says we live pretty close to each other……… to be continued 🙂

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