Kate and Ali

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Kate and AliAli was driving Kate home after an afternoon together spent shopping, drinking coffee and generally having a good time. Kate and Ali had been good friends for years now, and of all Kates friends Ali was definitely her favourite. Ali was gorgeous. A short slim Desi girl with dark brown skin and shoulder length, raven black hair.During the drive home they chatted, occasionally Ali’s hand would brush against Kates leg as she changed gear, stroking against her tights and lifting the hem of her dress a little. Each time it happened Kate suppressed a shudder of pleasure at the electric like feeling that came with each accidental touch, quickly moving her leg away, but after a few moments it would find it’s way back, before being stroked again. Kate had something of a secret crush on Ali and often felt slightly nervous and self conscious if they were alone together, she often found herself staring at Ali, zoning out and imagining things that brought a blush to her cheeks and damp warmth to her crotch.Ali’s hand occasionally brushing her leg was making her feel a little uncomfortable now and she could feel the heat rising in her neck and cheeks as she began to blush, as well as the familiar warm glow spreading between her legs.Once more Ali’s hand brushed her thigh, but feeling emboldened by arousal, this time Kate did’nt move her leg away. Kates’s pussy clenched and she felt a familiar, welcome tingle there as the side of Ali’s hand made contact with the hair’s breadth of sheer nylon encasing Kate’s thigh. The touch felt lingering, longer than before, reaching further than just the hem of her dress, wishfull thinking, Kate was sure, but it encouraged her to move her leg a little closer to the gear stick nonetheless.The next time Ali changed gear, her hand brushed Kate’s thigh but this time after reaching the hem of her dress it changed direction and came to rest on top of Kates thigh, Ali’s fingers touching the soft sensitive flesh on the inside, her thumb resting on the outside.Ali’s hand was on Kate’s leg. This was no inadvertent touch, it was deliberate, and the way it gently squeezed her thigh conveyed indisputable meaning. “I’ve always admired your legs” Ali said as she ran her hand up the inside of Kate’s thigh, coming to rest with the outside of her little finger pressing against the gusset of Kate’s knickers, tickling the few stray pubic hairs poking out from beneath the tight elastic.Kate felt an instant surge of heat between her legs, her pussy clenching as a shiver ran down her spine. Her breath caught in her throat at the unexpected touch and the desire it awoke inside her, speechless and with her face burning crimson, Kate turned to look out the passenger window, while Ali’s fingers began to stir, gently stroking the deliciously sensitive spot in the crease of Kate’s thigh, her little finger delicately stroking back and forth across the bulge in Kate’s panties.”You OK Kate?”. Ali’s voice snapped Kate back from her extasy, still looking out the window she bit her bottom lip and nodded, unable to articulate even a simple “Yes”.Ali gave her leg a final squeeze before removing her hand, Kate’s head snapped round, wondering why Ali had stopped when Ali turned to look güvenilir bahis at her, smiling she said “I still have to drive Kate”. Kate’s face was burning and she was still unable to speak, they drove on until, after what felt like an eternity, Ali pulled up outside Kate’s home.They sat in silence for a few seconds before Ali said “Invite me in Kate”. It was’nt a question, and Kate could only stammer a reply “m-my hubby’s home”.Ali was already opening her door, “It’ll be fine” she said exiting the car and waiting for Kate to join her.Kate reached the front door first, fumbling with her key as Ali came up behind, pressing herself against Kate’s back and standing on tip toes to whisper in her ear “Tell hubby you’re back, then take me upstairs”.Entering the hallway and closing the front door Kate went to the living room door and opened it enough to put her head in. Hubby was on the sofa, feet up and beer in hand watching football or something. “I’m back” she said “Ali’s with me, were just going upstairs to, er, talk”. Before she could hear his reply Ali had taken her hand and was pulling her up the stairs. Following her up Kate was able to study Ali’s pert round bum and slim, perfectly proprtioned short legs clad in skin tight denim. Her T-shirt rode up a tiny bit with each step climbed, allowing brief glimpses of silky smooth, dark skin just above the waist band, not to mention the beginning of her butt crack, the sight of which triggered another a flush of warmth between Kate’s legs.Ali led Kate into the bedroom before letting go of her hand and turning to close the door, then turning again and leaning back against it.Kate stood by the bed, a few feet away, staring at Ali, not quite believing what was happening. Ali smiled, not breaking eye contact she began unbuttoning the fly of her jeans, allowing Kate to glimpse a very hot, very skimpy, white lace thong underneath.Ali then walked puposefully toward Kate, reaching up on tiptoes to kiss her on the mouth, flicking the tip of her tongue against Kates lips. At first Kate did’nt react but after a few moments her body relaxed and she almost fell into the kiss, parting her lips and letting Ali’s tongue in before meeting it with her own, swirling it around Ali’s mouth, breathing in Ali’s hot breath and savouring the waves of pleasure emanating from the pit of her stomach.Ali’s hand gripped one of Kate’s wrists, placing it on her flat stomach beneath her T-shirt. Kate could feel the warm,silk smooth skin and taught muscles beneath her hand as she stroked with her finger tips. Then Ali was guiding Kate’s hand lower, pushing it down into her jeans, over the thin lace of her thong. Ali kept pushing as Kates fingers traced a path over smooth hairless flesh and plump lace covered pussy lips until her hand was squeezed inside the tight denim, cupping Ali’s pussy, hot aginst Kate’s palm, the tip of her middle finger resting on her string, just below Ali’s bumhole.Kate began to gently squeeze and rub using her whole hand. Her palm pressing against Ali’s lips, the heel of her hand gently rubbing on her clit, middle finger stroking the space between her holes.Ali continued to stand on tip toes, pushing against the hand inside her türkçe bahis jeans, her own hand rising up the back of Kate’s leg and under her dress to fondle and caress her bum, eventually working it’s way in through the side of her knickers, cupping her buttock, finger tips stroking her wet lips, parting them as they travelled up and down their length.Ali’s mouth left Kate’s, turning instead to her neck and throat, working it’s way with gentle pecks and licks to nibble at Kate’s earlobe. Heavy breath and whispered encouragement in her ear had Kate’s arousal building further. Fingers sliding between her pussy lips had made her so wet, Ali too was dripping, the soft lace of her thong was wet against Kate’s palm as she continued to rub and squeeze her pusssy.Ali pulled away, placing her hands on Kate’s shoulders, gently pushing her backward onto the bed. Propped on her elbows, Kate lay back aand watched as Ali removed her trainers before wriggling out of her jeans. Standing before her in just a T-shirt and white lace thong, Kate could do nothing but stare at Ali’s crotch. The damp lace panel clung to her bald wet pussy, moulding to it’s shape, plump wet pussy lips barely contained by the thin fabric. Ali climbed onto the bed, legs wide apart as she straddled Kate’s stomach, pausing briefly to bend forward and kiss her lips, before shuffling forward to hover her wet snatch inches above Kate’s mouth.Kate could smell the musky scent of Ali’s sex, firing her desire to taste her, increasing the ache in her pussy and lower abdomen. Straining her neck she raised her head to try and lick at Ali’s pussy. She was tantalisingly close but could’nt quite reach. Ali, looking down at Kate’s face as she tried in vain, dipped slightly allowing Kate the merest touch of wet lace against her tongue. The tiny sample and smell of pussy made Kate giddy, Ali’s heady scent was like a d**g to her and she wanted more. Reaching up Kate took hold of Ali’s hips, pulling her down to her face and licking her through her panties. Ali began to writhe and moan, dropping further so that Kate could lower her head back onto the bed. Kate’s tongue worked back and forth, round and round on Ali’s wet gusset, licking either side of her knicker line along the soft thigh crease. Moaning and panting with each lick and kiss Ali pulled the skimpy thong to one side, allowing Kate’s tongue and lips full access to the wet smooth flesh held within. Kate slid the tip of her tongue along the inside of Ali’s swollen lips parting them as her hands reached round to cup her buttocks, pullling them apart, and opening Ali’s wet hole, before pushing her tongue inside, exploring and probing at the soft pink flesh and tasting the stronger, muskier juice as it oozed from her pussy. Ali was panting now, gasping and moaning as she built to orgasm. Hips gyrating she bore down harder on Kate’s tongue, pressing and grinding seemingly lost in her own pleasure as she bucked and rubbed herself all over Kate’s chin, mouth and nose. Kate pursed her lips and pulled down on Ali’s hips as she felt her near orgasm, feeling Ali’s body shudder as wave after wave of delicious pleasure coursed through her body. Liquid trickled over Kate’s mouth and chin güvenilir bahis siteleri as Ali’s body jerked and juddered to a stop, her wet pusyy resting on her mouth. Kate placed a few more gentle kisses and licks on Ali’s pussy, tasting, and enjoying, an added saltiness to the heady musky flavour, before Ali climbed off and collapsed beside her, wrapping an arm and a leg over Kate as she lay panting, catching her breath.They lay in silence for a few moments, the only sounds their heavy breathing, and the muted sound of the TV from downstairs. Kate could hear hubby down in the kitchen, probably getting a drink, before he returned to the TV.Ali propped herself on one elbow, her face above Kate’s and leaned down to kiss her mouth, tasting herself on Kates lips as she did so. Kate kissed back and soon they were kissing softly but passionately, entwining tongues. Ali’s hand ventured down to Kate’s boob, squeezing and caressing it over her dress, pinching her nipple and moving south to stroke her stomach, eventually reaching and slipping beneath the hem of her skirt. As her hand stroked and teased the inside of Kates thigh, brushing against the gusset of her knickers, she kissed and licked around Kate’s face, her lips, cheeks and chin, seemingly enjoying the taste of herself her orgasm had left there.Kate spread her legs wide as Ali’s hand wiggled it’s way inside her knickers, parting her already wet and swollen lips expertly with her fingers and sliding two fingers slowly into Kate’s aching pussy. Kate’s hips lifted off the bed, back arching as Ali pushed deep inside her, warmth pulsed through Kate’s pussy and lower abdomen as Ali began to rythmically push in and out, using the full length of her fingers while resting her thumb on kate’s clit.Curling her fingers slightly as she fucked Kate’s pussy Ali began to stroke the front wall of her sex with each stroke, stimulating her G spot with each in and out thrust. Kate’s pussy was clenching with each stroke now and juice was dribbling in regular small trickles each time her G spot was touched. Kate was in the highest state of arousal she had ever experienced, her skin was hypersensitive and anywhere she felt Ali’s body contacting against hers she could feel tingles like electricity coursing through her skin. Ali’s lips on her neck felt divine and her fingers pumping in and out of her wet gaping hole, her clit was tingling and throbbing with pleasure from the thumb rubbing against it. Hips rising and falling, matching the thrust of Ali’s fingers she could feel her orgasm building. Begging Ali to fuck her harder, faster deeper she reached for Ali’s face, clamping it between her hands and kissing her on the mouth, forcing her tongue inside. Juddering and shuddering she came, back arched with two fingers buried deep inside her she let out an almighty keening groan between clenched teeth, face pressed against Ali’s. For a few moments the world ceased to exist and Kate laid, eye’s closed in a blissful afterglow of satisfaction.She was brought back to reality by the sound of Ali giggling as she wriggled back into her jeans. “Oh my God Kate. That was amazing!” she said “I gotta go, call you tomorrow” and then she was out the door. Kate heard her quickly descend the stairs, say goodbye to hubby and then open and close the front door.Kate took a moment more to enjoy the afterglow before deciding she needed a shower, and she really should brush her teeth before she went downstairs to hubby.

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