Karla in the Library Pt. 01

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Hey, all. This is my first submission to this site! It’s probably going to be a little rough, all works are in the beginning. Feedback is always valued.

This story is based on the “Elites” fictional universe by masterlovehurts.


The Elites have full sexual control of anyone anywhere they want, chosen by the government through unknown means. Everyone respects their authority, but nobody ever expects actually meeting one.


Karla wandered between bookshelves, eyeing the covers carefully before moving on. When she found the one, she’d know. She always knew, and it was never wrong. Sun filtered through the window and the library was gently humming with the noise of the public. James, a longtime friend, pulled the books out and examined them carefully several shelves away.

A strange silence caught her ear. It seemed as though everyone had stopped breathing and were watching one thing. After a second, the hum renewed slower, more deliberate. Karla walked out of the shelves to see why and recognized instantly.

A woman was walking – no, strutting – through the library. She was an Elite. It wasn’t the leather kink outfit she was wearing, not her long boots clicking along the floor, not the naked couple shuffling embarrassed behind her. It was her confidence. She looked like she own the place.

Karla casino şirketleri felt an electric tingle run through her. She’d never seen an Elite before, though one of her friends was picked up by one a few months ago and said she had to blow a guy every day. Would this Elite see her? If she did, what would happen? Would all these people see her naked? She glanced at James, who tried to avoid eye contact with the Elite by burying his face in a book. It must have worked, because she stared directly at Karla while walking past. Then she stopped.

Karla couldn’t think straight. The Elite turned and walked directly toward her, eyes covered by thick black sunglasses. The only things Karla could notice was her own heart pounding and the click of the heels of the Elite. They stopped.

“What’s your name?” Asked the Elite.

“K-Karla,” she said.

The Elite nodded towards James. “You know this one?”

Karla tentatively nodded as James looked up from his book, clearly showing his nervousness.

“He’s going to strip naked. You’re going to strip naked. You’re going to make out with each other until I say stop. No sex, no getting too handsy. Understood?”

Karla and James were silent, failing to think of anything to day. The Elite clapped her hands and looked at James.

James stared back for a beat casino firmaları and said, “Ummm…” and the Elite snapped her fingers.

“If you don’t strip right now, I’ll give you to the next man I see as a sex toy.” She stared hard from behind her sunglasses.

James started and unbuttoned his shirt. Somewhere in Karla’s brain, she was beginning to comprehend what was about to happen. She was about to see James naked! Then she’d be naked! And they’d make out, and who knows what else! Karla shivered and the electric bolt returned, roaring into a hot flame through her body. This was real. This was happening.

James unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants, then his blue boxer-briefs. His cock dangled openly. When he unconsciously moved his hands to cover himself, a glare from the Elite pulled his arms to the side. Karla stared briefly at his penis and light brown neatly trimmed pubes and forced herself to look away.

“Very nice,” said the Elite approvingly. James’ cock twitched. She turned to Karla and said, “your turn.”

Karla looked wide-eyed as her whipped off her shirt. The faster the better. She felt the stares of the other library patrons, the strangely hungry look of the naked couple who followed the Elite in. She unclasped her bra and dropped it at her feet, then stepped out of her jeans and panties. She güvenilir casino resisted the desperate urge to cover her breasts or bald pussy. James was looking at the ceiling. The Elite raised her eyebrows.

“My. You’ll be turning heads tonight, that’s for sure.” Then she gestured her towards James. They walked towards each other.

“Alright dude, let’s just get this over with and leave,” Karla muttered. James stared firmly upwards. The Elite coughed and, sighing, Karla grabbed the back of his head and pulled him close. The kiss was long, and he gradually eased himself into it, sinking his lips into hers. He tasted better than she expected, Karla thought. James was a firm but compassionate kisser. They pulled apart, but the Elite snapped her fingers.

“I didn’t say when to stop! Move closer. Feel each other more. But careful – don’t go too far.”

James pushed himself against Karla’s body, catching her by surprise. His chest was warm and hard and his cock pressed firmly up to her navel, stiffening slowly. Karla thought, “fuck it,” and leaned into him. His hands gripped the back of her head her fingernails dug into his neck and down along his spine. Their breathing got slow and heavy. Karla’s hand naturally drifted downwards and cupped James’ ass, massaging it gently. A sharp snap across the back of her hand broke up the kiss and shattered the moment. The Elite stood holding her whip, a satisfied smile on her face. Karla blushed at the attention she had: people behind the Elite stared openly.

“I told you not to go too far,” she said. “You lose.”

End of Part 1

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