Just the Six of Us Bk. 02 Ch. 05

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Friday afternoon…

Emma went to work as normal that Friday morning and spent most of the day on the phone running the business as usual. She’d left Mike in the middle of checking all the stuff they were packing, though he declined her offer of help when she’d given it before leaving for the day. Danni too was out that morning as well, finishing her last shift before the two departed on their trip.

Part of her wanted to just skip work that day and spend it with her siblings, but she knew that her irrepressible big sister would probably act out and earn some spankings, and who knew where that would lead. That wouldn’t be a bad thing, but she was looking forward to spending time with both of them that evening since they’d be gone tomorrow.

She was deep into her work when she got a text, the notification jarring her a bit in the silence of her office. Picking up her phone, she saw that Danni had sent her a picture. She glanced at the clock and was briefly surprised that it was already so late in the day. She looked back at her phone and opened up the picture.

Danni had an all-too-familiar smirk on her face and looked like she was trying to come up with some ridiculous scheme that ended with her ass freshly spanked. Emma was admiring her undoubtedly attractive sibling when she got another message. It was another picture of Danni, though this time she was sitting Emma’s spot on the couch. That wasn’t allowed unless she’d been told it was okay.

Another picture came through, followed by several more. The first showed the little brat standing on the bed with her shoes on, and Emma knew for sure that she was trying to get in trouble. A picture of Danni holding Emma’s toothbrush over the trashcan was next, then a picture of it actually in the waste bin along with a pair of Emma’s shoes and her hairbrush. The next one showed Danni in the kitchen, pouring out one of Emma’s diet sodas and sporting an exaggerated pout.

“Little shit,” Emma muttered with a quiet laugh. It was all ridiculous of course, but she felt the unmistakable urge to hurry home and try to catch the little brat in the act.

The next couple of pictures showed Danni grinning like a maniac after she’d thrown all the pillows off the couch, then holding some of Emma’s favorite panties with a pair of scissors dangerously close to the fabric. She rolled her eyes before scrolling to the next and final picture. Danni was holding the paddle that Emma used to punish her, a devious grin on her face.

“Guess what I did with it,” Danni messaged.

“You know that you’re getting spanked regardless, right?” Emma replied.

“You have to guess!” Danni sent back, and even through texts sounded like she was being spoiled.

“You threw it away?” Emma guessed after a giggle of appreciation at the lengths her sister was going to.

“Nope!” Danni told her.

“You better start behaving or you’re not going to be able to sit down on your trip tomorrow,” Emma sent.

“I guess you’ll have to make me!” Danni shot back.

A final picture came through, showing her sister giving the camera the finger and sporting a very wide and mischievous grin on her face.

Emma took a moment to collect herself, then quietly shook her head and laughed. She quickly gathered her things and locked up, thinking about how much she was going to enjoy punishing the bratty little shit waiting for her at home. Various scenarios played through her head, some involving Mike, some just her and Danni. Most ended up with Danni bent over her lap in their customary fashion and sporting a very red rear-end.

Pulling into the apartment, she hopped out and hurried inside, pausing only briefly to note that Mike’s truck wasn’t in the parking lot. She unlocked the door to the apartment, quietly dropped her things on the table nearby, and kicked it closed behind her.

She glanced into the living room and saw that the couch had been put back together as it had been before. The panties that Danni had been threatening to cut were laying on the arm with the scissors next to them. Emma stepped over and picked up the garment, seeing that it was still whole.

“You realize that you’re still getting spanked, right?” she called out.

A quiet giggle wafted delightfully in from the direction of the bedroom. Emma felt a swelling of affection inside at the endearing sound of Danni’s laugh and immediately started toward where she’d heard it coming from.

She stepped into the dim light of the bedroom and saw that some candles had been lit to set the mood. She grinned in approval, then looked over at the bed. Danni was kneeling on it, naked and looking subdued but with a quiet smile of anticipation.

“Pretending to be a good girl?” Emma asked, stepping over toward her.

Danni smirked then shook her head. It was then that Emma noticed that her sister was wearing some sort of leather collar. There was a long leash attached to it that was clutched in Danni’s hands, both of them folded neatly in her lap. Beside her lay the paddle, intact and not hidden in the escort izmir least.

Emma felt her heart pounding as she realized that all this had been set up for her and had to take a deep breath to keep from getting emotional. Danni’s demure smile widened a bit, and she cocked her head to draw Emma’s attention, then held out the leash for her to take.

Emma smiled and couldn’t help herself as she reached out and took the end. “I love you,” she said.

“I love you too,” Danni told her. “And I’m ready for my spankings.”

Emma giggled and moved closer. She paused at the end of the bed and stared at her older sister for a few long moments, taking in the sight and admiring everything she was seeing.

“Come here,” she said, beckoning Danni forward with a single finger. She knee-crawled forward and settled back down into the same submissive position.

Emma leaned forward, sliding her hands up the back of Danni’s neck and into her shoulder-length locks, then leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. Their warmth oozed into her as their tongues found one another and slid energetically around and against each other. A gentle whimper whispered out from one of them, though Emma didn’t know which one of them it had been.

After a few minutes of passionate yet slow kissing, Emma stood back straight and turned to sit on the bed. She was about to tell Danni to assume the position, but she was amused to see her sister already moving to do so.

“You totally love being spanked, don’t you?” Emma asked, reaching over and grabbing the paddle.

“Hell yes,” Danni giggled, and leaned over Emma’s legs, her rump presented and ready, poking upwards adorably.

Emma raised the paddle as she caressed the gentle curve of Danni’s pale rump. She saw her sister tense in apprehension at the impending impact. She held her swing for several seconds before finally bringing it down hard, the impact loud and startling as Danni cried out in surprise and pain.

She glanced back at Emma with a shocked expression but that quickly dissolved into one of excitement. Another hard impact made her briefly wince and whimper, but the same aroused look returned swiftly.

“You’re such a little shit sometimes,” Emma said. “And now you seem to love getting spanked, so I’m wondering if its really the best form of punishment for you.”

Danni frowned pitifully back before Emma’s scowl made her turn back around.

“Let me think…” Emma said.

She rubbed the leather of the paddle across Danni’s reddened rear before moving it back out of the way and dropping it to the bed behind them. Her hand free, she brought it around toward Danni’s face, who’d turned back to face her again with an angry scowl. Instead of explaining things or allowing her to speak, Emma pushed two fingers against Danni’s lips before they disappeared inside. Furrowing her brow in confusion, Danni obediently sucked on the digits before Emma pulled them free.

“I think…”

Emma traced her fingers along Danni’s waist, up the curve of her hips and across one of her butt-cheeks. The move made her sister quiver briefly, and she saw the tiny hairs raising up on her skin.


She ran her finger down more, sliding it across Danni’s slit and firmly pushing it across the flesh concealing her clit. Danni’s scowl disappeared and her eyes widened a bit as her mouth dropped open in arousal.

“…will show you…”

Rubbing gently but swiftly, Emma kept her eyes fixed on Danni’s. She was loving the highly aroused, almost defeated-looking expression she had.

“…how I feel…”

She pushed her finger inside smoothly, completely. Her sister’s pussy was wet and warm, greedily swallowing the intruder completely and enveloping it in the fleshy confines.

“Fuck,” Danni gasped as Emma’s middle finger bottomed out inside, her head dropping down to the mattress as the pace quickened.

“Are you going to be a good girl, or am I going to have to stop doing this?” Emma asked.

Danni groaned audibly and didn’t immediately answer.

Emma snickered quickly and started to withdraw.

“I’ll be good!” Danni barked and reached back to grab Emma’s wrist and stop her from removing it.

“Good,” she said simply, and waited for Danni to let go before she went ahead and pulled her finger out anyway.

“But…” Danni cried out, turning back around.

“Turn over,” Emma said softly, and offered a smile.

Danni grinned in response, then turned over in Emma’s lap. The two shifted a bit, then Emma gestured higher up on the bed. They slid completely up onto it, and she directed Danni to the pillows as she moved right next to her.

Her incredibly sexy sister laid back on the pillows as Emma moved to her side and faced her. Her hand immediately slid back down Danni’s thigh, causing her to open them a bit, the two staring at each other all the while.

“You see…” Emma began and moved her finger back down to where it was before, only she was massaging her clit instead of sliding it back inside.

Danni was biting her escort izmir lower lip, and Emma wondered briefly if it was out of apprehension, arousal, or just her older sister trying to look sexy. Whichever it was, she loved it, and felt her own arousal growing.


Her desire to inflict pleasure on her sister won out over her desire to prolong and punish her, and she slid one, then two fingers deep into her pussy. Danni moaned in response, her mouth falling open once more.

“…is how…”

Her pussy seemed even wetter than before and accepted both fingers snugly. She began to gently stroke, sliding them just a bit in and out while she caressed Danni’s soaked walls.

“…good girls…”

She leaned down, deftly flicking her tongue out and running it upwards across Danni’s erect nipple. She watched her sister’s chest rise and fall faster and faster, then leaned over to tongue the other.

“…get rewarded,” Emma finished, and cradled Danni’s neck with her free hand while she continued strumming with her other.

Leaning in again, she kissed Danni intensely as the moans and whimpers grew in frequency. She sat back to keep her focus on making her sister cum a few moments later.

“God… that’s so good,” Danni whined, and bit her lower lip once again.

Emma couldn’t help herself and dove back in for another deep kiss but forced herself to keep stroking as she did. Sitting back once again, she stared down at her sister’s incredible body as she fingered her.

“Please… can I cum?” Danni blurted out suddenly, causing Emma to smile in approval.

“Ooo…. good girl!” she praised, impressed that she’d asked permission. “You can cum,” Emma cooed.

Danni cried out as soon as she heard it, and Emma saw her eyes roll back as she kept up the pace of her emphatically persuading fingers. Muscles tightened and Danni’s mouth fell open as it worked in silent moans. Emma slowed her strumming and slid her two fingers as deep as she could, marveling at how tight and warm they felt.

Danni finally cried out in pleasure, gasping immediately after and reaching for Emma to pull her down. The two collapsed, one on top of the other while she recovered. Soft kisses passed back and forth, caresses and nibbles following each. The caressing turned into satisfied snuggles, and the two kissed and giggled at one another while Danni recovered.

“That was nice,” Danni whispered, then nuzzled Emma comfortably.

“You were a bad girl, but then you were a good girl,” she said. “You just get me all twisted up in knots sometimes.”

Danni giggled. “That’s the point,” she pointed out and lazily traced a line along Emma’s waist. “I like being your sub.”

“I like being your Domme,” Emma replied.

“You’re really good at it,” Danni assured her. “I have to say that I was surprised.”

“Oh?” Emma looked down at her curiously. “By me being good at it?

“Mmhmm,” Danni confirmed. “I remember a time when you were happy to be submissive to Mike.”

“I still am,” Emma countered. “I just like being your Domme too. Speaking of our brother, what do you think he’d do if he found us like this?”

Danni raised an eyebrow and winked suggestively. “I’m pretty sure it would involve his cock and both of us being forced into a coma from cumming so much.”

Emma smiled at the thought, then grinned as an idea began to form.

Danni saw her grin and looked at her inquisitively. “What?” she asked.

“I’ve got an idea,” Emma said, and reached over to take the leash in her hand. “Do you still have those handcuffs we bought before?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Danni replied, with an emphatic nod.

“You’re going to handcuff me to the bed frame so that when Mike comes home and finds us, he’s unable to control himself and has to take us both.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Danni said, grinning and moving off the bed.

Emma was still holding the leash when Danni rummaged around in the toy drawer next to the bed. She let it go, realizing that it would be better if she were nude, and slid from the bed to get undressed.

“Here they are,” Danni said, holding up a pair of steel handcuffs.

“You have the key, right?” Emma asked.

“Oh! Good point,” Danni said. “Let’s see.” She went back to rummaging around in the drawer once again. Eventually she stood back up, holding a key in one hand and the cuffs in the other. Emma had gotten completely nude by that point and reached over to take the leash once again.

“Good girl,” she praised, seeing Danni’s smile widen.

They moved back up onto the bed, Emma gently yanking on Danni’s leash, the gorgeous young woman obediently following. Moving up into position, she lifted her hands up over her head as Danni crawled up next to her. Looking at her inquisitively, Danni sat still for a few moments. Emma nodded at her with smile, and Danni proceeded to secure both of her wrists to the bed frame.

“Is that good, Mistress?” Danni asked after she’d finished.

Emma pulled against the restraints, the metal thudding solidly against the wood, then nodded.

“What about your feet?” Danni asked.

“Hrm,” Emma said. “It would be hotter like that, don’t you think?”

Danni nodded quickly, flashing a smile.

“Maybe some rope?” Emma ventured.

“Ooo,” Danni said. “I think I have some in the closet that would work.”

She didn’t move though, and Emma smiled and nodded after a few seconds. Danni hopped off the bed and immediately went to the closet. A couple of minutes later she re-emerged holding a coil of rope and moved back to the bed. She set it down and looked up at Emma quietly.

“Tie my feet now,” she said, realizing that Danni was waiting for the command.

“Yes, Mistress,” she responded, grabbing the rope again.

Uncoiling one end, she wrapped it around an ankle and tied it securely. Next, she ran the rope down where Emma couldn’t see, then moved over to the other side of the foot of the bed and pulled it tight. Emma felt her foot being pulled to the side as Danni started tying the rope around the other foot, then to the bed as she had the other, the rope pulling Emma’s legs apart and displaying her lewdly.

“I have to say, Mistress, you look really sexy. Mike’s not gonna be able to control himself when he comes home and finds you like this.”

“Definitely,” Emma agreed as Danni slid down next to her and idly traced a line along her chest and stomach with a single finger as the two fell silent and enjoyed the moment. Danni’s fingers felt wonderful, but she moved a little too close to one of Emma’s ticklish spots at one point causing her to inhale sharply.

“Oh, sorry Mistress!” Danni said quickly, offering her a frown as well. “Did it tickle?”

Emma smirked at her briefly but then nodded.

“Total accident,” Danni added.

Her tone made it sound like she was being truthful, but Emma knew she couldn’t do much to stop her if Danni decided to go ahead and tickle her.

“I promise,” Danni said, frowning at Emma.

“Okay…” Emma said. “I just can’t really do much to stop you if you decide to be bad again.”

“I promise I’ll be good,” Danni said.

“Yeah, but I’ve heard that before. How many times have you promised to behave before you did something to earn a dozen spankings?”

Danni giggled in response and conceded the point with a nod and a shrug.

“You could always just tell me what you want me to do and see if I’m feeling like behaving,” she suggested, and resumed tracing a finger along Emma’s soft skin.

“Mmm… that could be fun,” she mused.

After a quick smile, Danni looked at her for a few moments before raising a single eyebrow and smirking. “Or… I can just do whatever little impulse comes to me.”

Emma rolled her eyes in amused resignation at the suggestion, having expected Danni to do exactly that.

“But… when I’m misbehaving and being a little brat, it’s not about trying to not be submissive,” Danni continued. “I know we kind-of started doing this on a whim, but when I really got into it, I was fully committed. The bad things I do now are always about being your sub.”

“You misbehave to get a reaction out of me,” Emma said, drawing a smile and emphatic nod.

“I want to be a good girl for you, but at the same time, I just need to misbehave so you have reason to punish me.” She was still tracing soft lines on Emma’s torso, the gentle strokes causing her arousal to grow.

“This is nice,” Emma mumbled quietly, and sighed in contentment. “I just hope Mike doesn’t take too long to come home.”

“Do I need to text him?” Danni asked.

“Not yet,” Emma said, shaking her head.

Danni nodded, then scooted closer while she continued to caress Emma’s taut flesh.

“You’re so beautiful and sexy,” she said idly.

Emma smiled and looked over into her eyes. “You really think so?”

Danni nodded. “That’s not just the submissive in me being obedient, either. I’ve been attracted to women before, but you’re just… on another level.”

Emma blushed a bit, despite her efforts not to. “Thank you,” she said eventually, her tone hushed.

Danni’s stare was boring into her, the arousal of the two growing as they gazed at one another. A long silence engulfed them before Danni slowly leaned over and kissed her, her smaller form sliding half over the top of Emma’s. Her body was warm and her skin soft as the two melded together, Emma’s hands moving up and around her head, hands still secured to the bed, as her tongue pushed inside. Delightfully persuasive and muscular, Danni’s tongue slid around and across Emma’s as their lips danced against the other’s.

Danni briefly broke the kiss a few seconds later, but moved a few inches left to her cheek and continued.

“Can I keep kissing other places?” Danni whispered, already moving down to her neck.

“Yes!” Emma said hurriedly, and briefly forgot about her hands being handcuffed. The metal thudded against the wooden rails of the headboard they were clamped around as she tried to reach down and put her arms around Danni.

“Mmm,” Danni murmured between kisses. She moved down Emma’s neck as she spoke, then moved across the soft skin of her shoulder and across to the other side. “Are you wanting me to let you out, Mistress?”

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