Just Spectators, Maybe

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Please remember this is fiction.

Jill and I have been married for about 10 years so we’re not quite to our mid thirties. She’s 5’4″ with B sized breasts, a great ass even after having two kids and lovely legs. I’m Joe about 5’9″ tall keep in relatively good shape (Can’t forget this.) and my dick is not quite eight inches.

After the second kid we decided no more so I got snipped, which allowed Jill to come off birth control. She started feeling better after that and I was glad to get her off those pills not to mention the money saved.

She has a wild friend named Karen, who’s appeared in a few porno films and was asked to do a creampie gangbang at a motel in the next town. Not wanting to go alone she asked if Jill and I would come along. Having never seen anything like that I said sure I’d be willing.

“I asked Joe and he said okay if we can get the grandparents to watch the kids and we’re only coming as spectators right?” Jill told Karen.

Karen then replied, “Of course, just watching and seeing what happens.”

Well we got things arranged and a couple of days later, after dropping the kids off, we picked up Karen and headed out. Directions were pretty clear and we soon found the motel on the outskirts of that town. The guy shooting the video had rented adjoining rooms so the space was big enough for everybody.

In one room there was a small buffet of snacks and drinks. Everyone, including us, had to sign a release just in case. There were six black and two white guys that were going to be in the video. Shortly after signing the forms a couple of guys welcomed Karen with kisses and started feeling her up.

That’s when I realized this is going to be a very different experience for us. Although we’re only there as spectators to support Karen I was pressed into service taking still photographs during the gangbang.

Since Jill, like me, has never seen anything like this she followed Karen to the bathroom. That way they could talk about how one prepares to be gangbanged. Finally it’s time and the women emerged with Karen only wearing an almost see through gown.

Just before we got started Karen put a small bottle of lube for the guys on one nightstand then sat on the edge of the king sized bed. After a signal from the producer one white and black guy sat on either side of her and started kissing as well a fondling her. Soon the gown was off, she was naked and lying on her back on one side of the bed..

The room was crowded but over on the bathroom side there was a small area with a sink and that’s where Jill was standing to watch the action. Since there was room two black guys were standing on either side of her.

Once Karen was down on the bed the men, except for myself, Jill and the producer, took off their clothes as they had to be ready. Now Jill had a naked black man standing to her right and another to her left so she looked a bit concerned. Noticing this I looked at her, nodded and she relaxed.

Back on the bed the guys had gotten Karen aroused so she had her first of many orgasms and was spreading her legs. Now the fellow that went first started to move in so her first load of baby batter was going to be from the black guy.

After he dumped his load into her the white guy took his turn and so it began. Each of the guys took turns as they pumped more and more baby batter into her waiting pussy. Soon the room was full of the sounds Beylikdüzü escort of sex, grunting from the guys as well as gasps, moans and some hissing from Karen. Adding to the intensity was the aroma of sex, which is a pretty heady atmosphere to say the least.

I looked over at Jill and I could see this was having an effect on her. She started rubbing her breasts with one hand and her mound with the other. One of the black guys beside her moved closer then started rubbing her shoulders, squeezing her and kissing her neck. He looked at me and I nodded it was okay. That got me wondering how far Jill was willing to go. In all the years we had been together I never had a chance to see her under a man that was fucking her. Maybe this will be my special day but it’ll be interracial with the added excitement of it being during her risky time. After all she doesn’t use birth control so one of the guys could get really lucky.

Back on the bed there had been a steady stream of guys grunting as they unloaded into Karen. She was responding in kind so it was quite a show. Around that time four other black guys arrived. The producer had them sign releases, get undressed and come into the room. Enhancing the scene was the rising room temperature as it was full of bodies.

Looking over to the side I saw one guy was getting further along with Jill. Now he was in back of her with his arms wrapped around her then he started stroking her breasts while he kissed her neck. Soon one hand moved down past the elastic band of her shorts where he could rub her pussy and finger her. For her part Jill was looking a bit flushed then she gave me a concerned look. I responded with a smile and mouthed ‘enjoy yourself,’ then gave an affirmative nod. Wanted to signal it was okay and was still wondering where this would lead. In fact at that time, despite the risk, I wanted to encourage her but not be too obvious about it. For me this could get really thrilling.

By now any guy that put his dick into Karen would push out some cum as she had so much in her. The wet spot was growing and she was swallowed up with passion and sex. It was amazing to watch this woman become so possessed. Guess that’s why she enjoys doing porn so much.

As I was changing a memory card in the camera I looked at Jill. By now the other guy had moved in front of her and was giving her passionate kisses as she wrapped her arms around him. Then his hands moved under her t-shirt, she raised her arms so the t-shirt came off followed by her bra. I could tell she was really getting turned one as the first guy continued to finger her while the second was kissing her breasts then would French kiss her. She had her arms around the second guy’s neck when the first took hold of her shorts and thong and sent them toward her ankles. Not only was she in the throes of passion but naked as well.

Hmm, maybe my fantasy is going to come true. Have to wait and see since it could get very exciting at least for me.

About that time Karen called for a short break in the action since she needed a quick drink. Looking over to Jill she patted the other side of the bed. The guy fingering Jill looked at me, I nodded it was okay so both guys moved her onto the bed. Karen looked at her, gave one hand a squeeze and said, “You go girlfriend.”

On the bed I think Jill was trying to say something but the guy that had been in front was giving her really deep kissing. Beylikdüzü escort Hard to say something when your mouth is full of another person’s tongue as all you could hear was “muff, muff.” If she wanted them not to cum in her I didn’t think that request was going to happen as all the fucking was bareback. The other guy had moved between her legs and was using his tongue to give her a strong orgasm.

Boy both women were putting on quite a show. I’m taking stills of both and the producer is switching from one side to the other with the video camera as we watched both women being fucked.

Finally the black guy slid up Jill’s body, briefly sucked both nipples then put the head of his dick into her pussy. She gave me a concerned and somewhat frightened look so again I smiled and gave her the thumbs up sign. Don’t know if that’s what she wanted to see as the guy on top of her was starting to push his dick into her vagina.

He’s thicker than I am so at first you could see it wasn’t too comfortable as she bit her lip. After some steady pressure the guy finally got all the way into her and Jill’s pussy started to loosen up. What followed was a wonderful sight as I watched his black ass going up and down between her white legs while his dick was going in and out of her pussy. Never in my wildest dreams did I think this would happen. Not long after that he put a load of baby batter into her unprotected pussy so it was on its way to her womb. I figured there’s no reason to stop as the damage is done. When that guy pulled out she didn’t have a chance to close her legs as the other slid across her and inserted his dick into her.

On the bed men were alternating women and dumping load after load into them. It was great for those that went first as they had recharged and now there was married pussy to plow. I even told both white guys that they could have it if they fucked Jill. They both looked pleased and moved over to her side where they eventually dumped two loads into her.

This two-women gangbang went on for a few hours as guys would recharge and dive in either for seconds or thirds with Karen or firsts and seconds with Jill. Both women now were lost in passion as the fucking continued. Then finally after everyone had two or three shots the producer called it quits. We had more than enough for at least two videos not to mention about four memory cards filled with still photos. I was so turned on but somehow managed not to cum in my pants.

For a couple of minutes both women lay there gasping while cum leaked out of their pussies. Finally Karen got up and put her hand out to help Jill stand up. That’s when the producer got shots of cum leaking through their fingers and running down the insides of their legs. After that both they disappeared into the bathroom for clean up time.

When they emerged Jill picked up her clothes and got dressed. Jill had so much cum in her that Karen gave her a Tampon to help soak it up. The producer hugged and kissed both of them as he said this would make two epic videos not to mention having four memory cards of stills I took. It seems we’ll all get paid for this effort depending on the sales.

On the ride home Jill looked a bit dazed then said, “Damn I thought you’d stop it. Oh my God I hope I’m not knocked up.”

“Well babe you looked so turned on I didn’t want to get in the way of you having a good time,” I replied. “We’ll find out later Escort Beylikdüzü if you’re knocked up but that’s not a certain bet.”

I don’t think that really reassured her as she looked very worried.

Then Karen said, “Girlfriend I was supposed to get an IUD but the doctor had to cancel the appointment. I too hope my timing was right as well.”

In mind I was thinking that Jill now knows what being blacked really means. And there’s a good chance that two of the guys may have gotten lucky. Evil thought I know but was very exciting to think about.

On the way back home Jill got a call. Seems her mother’s heart problems required a ride to the hospital. After dropping Karen off we stopped and got the kids so I took them home while she went with her father to check on mom. Once home I got the kids fed and into bed.

Eventually Jill’s dad brought her to our house. Seems her mother will be in the hospital for a couple of days so she and her father will alternate being with her. Recovery was expected which was a big relief. As for Karen, well she got called into work and started doing a bunch of overtime.

The result was neither of them had time to go and get a Plan B pill and I was so busy working as well as being the househusband it slipped my mind.

“One night when we were cuddling Jill said, “I’m really scared. That got completely out of hand and I was really swept up in the moment. Did some checking and I realized this all occurred around the 15th day of my cycle.”

“Do you feel okay now?” I asked.

“So far I feel fine but really won’t know until another two weeks go by. Sometimes my period is right on time but every now and then it’s a week late,” she said.

Next day I let the producer know what might happen so he asked if Jill was knocked up would I get a picture of her sporting a baby bulge. He had already asked Karen and she agreed so both women would get a bonus for those shots that would be at the end of the gangbang video.

So now Jill is scared to death while trying to act normal which is quite a balancing act for her. As for me one dream came true as I finally saw her under several guys that were fucking her. The interracial aspect just added spice to the scene although I wasn’t going to tell her that.

The producer sent me a flash drive full of the stills I took of Jill being fucked. Seems the editing is going slow since he has so much material to choose from not to mention waiting to see if we could supply those baby bulge photos. So far she hadn’t looked at the images but I have and yes it’s a real turn on for me.

A couple of weeks later Karen called and said she was knocked up. Hearing that I handed Jill an EPT I had bought. Then she gave me that here goes nothing look and headed for the bathroom with it. Thankfully the kids were in the backyard playing and couldn’t hear her muffled scream.

A bit later she emerged looking very scared and put the EPT in my hand. Sure enough I now have a pregnant wife that will probably have either a mixed or black baby. Being spectators at that gangbang became a night we’ll never forget.

After the producer found out both women were knocked up he said maybe we could get them together for a combined shot. One where they are nude with a couple of smiling black guys rubbing their baby bumps. Now I need to wait about four months then talk Jill into doing that picture.

Hmm, maybe sometime in the future I can get Jill to do another gangbang with just her. That was really exciting and I would love to see it again. Right now however I need to support a pregnant, scared wife as later we’ll have to explain a mixed child to our families.

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