Just One Look

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Just one look.

These are parallel stories, all true and frankly told; I know them to be accurate, since I have been there and have already experienced them both. These stories are generally similar but may diverge at times, only differing by a few degrees, a mere shift or slight change in point of view. I know the truth of them, since I am part of them both, feeling them strongly, if only in my mind, experiencing their gender shifts, both female and male.

Her side, a little lighter.

I don’t know how it started; maybe it was just how he looked at me and smiled, a knowing grin or mocking smile. Maybe, it was just his impish face! He was across the room, dark and handsome, so blasé, so complacent, so sure of himself!

He smiled, a wicked smile, picked up his beer and came over, grinned and said “My name is Brian. May I join you?”

I said, “Of course,” sounding somewhat dumb, but he was so gorgeous. It is rarely that I ever call a guy handsome but he truly was; hair dark as night, straight nose, and wide sensuous mouth, though somewhat cruel.

“I am Anya, pleased to meet you,” I stuttered, suddenly shy as I introduced myself.

“You seem a little quiet tonight. Out of luck with the young men, or, maybe, I should say, the ladies?”

I was somewhat shocked that he should have immediately understood my predilection for the gentler sex. Yes, I am bi-sexual and favour my own kind, but how could he possibly know that?

“Too bad, but I am here and, maybe, I can help.”

“How do you mean, since I do not know what you can do.”

“There are alternatives, of course! What else?”

“I am not sure if I understand?” I stammered.

A sly hand slid down between my legs, gently caressing my cunt, slowly moving up to my breasts and down again to linger longingly between my now moist thighs. Even clothed in denim it was still very sensuous.

“By your immediate reaction, I think you do.”

His caresses became more intense, more intimate: I began to respond. He looked at me knowingly, stroking harder, with greater intent. When he leaned over and kissed me full on my lips, opening my mouth with his tongue, I reacted in some shock.

“No. No! I am not ready for that yet!” my voice weakening with each protest, unsure of my disdain or rejection, uncertain even of my reaction. A still voice within quietly spoke: “You know you will eventually succumb and welcome it.”

Silence fell in the room as the patrons gazed in awe at such an open show of sensuality, apparently shocked at such an overt display.

Again he kissed me hard on the mouth, tongue burrowing deep within, an exchange of saliva and intimacy shared.

My reaction was immediate and predictable; I was already wet, leaking fluids all over my panties.

As if he already knew, he said: “I will not lie to you but I am into spanking and anal sex. Have you ever tried it? Probably you would like it.”

Still in denial, I stared at him in shock, not believing what I had just heard.

“No way! I just don’t do that” but a deeply hidden image surfaced of being controlled, spanked and fucked by a dominant partner.

His immediate reaction surprised me as he grabbed my chin, pulling my head forward, glared into my eyes and said:” If you have never experienced it, how do you know?”

“I know!” maybe too emphatic, a little too defensively.

“How can you know unless you have tried it? If I bent you over this bench right now, lowered your jeans and severely spanked your bare ass, in front of all these people, would that be pleasure or pain?”

I had no answer, since I had fantasized about just that; being spanked and humiliated in public.

Suddenly he seized my shirt front, squeezing quite hard, saying, “You will do exactly as I say. Do you understand?”

I knew not what to say or do, as I gazed in wonder at this total change in circumstance, until he said: “Tell me, do you know my name?”

I hesitated, not wanting to go there, not wanting to utter the words and make that final surrender.

In desperation and prevarication, I said, “Sir, maybe Sir, or I think maybe master.”

He looked at me and asked again, “What is my true name?”

“You are my master,” I finally cried, in total surrender.

Then, in total submission, I bleated, all inhibitions now gone; “I will do anything you want, you are now my master,” a sob of desire and need entering my voice.

Already in command, he again took over; staring unblinking into my eyes, saying: “Now I am going to take you home, spank and cane you to ecstasy or the most exquisite pleasure. Is that what you would like?”

Looking at his earnest face and knowing my desperate need, I nodded and, in silence, totally surrendered.

He did not wait for me to reconsider but took hold of my arm and hurried me out the door.

He positively pushed me into his Ford Fusion and took off at great speed. I wondered if I had made the greatest mistake of my life or if I was to have kütahya escort the most wonderful experience of my life. I shuddered in foreboding and doubt, as we sped towards my destiny or doom.

In a short time we arrived back at his building and hurried upstairs to his condo.

I entered in great trepidation, since I was to experience my first punishment and did not know whether I should fear or welcome it.

I was surprised at how well the condo was furnished, mostly antiques but, also, some modern pieces. Also, Brian made no secret of his delectation for spanking, since his implements were laid out in full view, spread over a large oak table.

“Undo your belt and lower your jeans and shorts half-way down your thighs,” he ordered. With fumbling hands and red faced embarrassment, I complied. “Now kneel before me while I explain the rules:

“In future, when called you will always be on time; expect to be spanked hard with various instruments; you will always enter with your jeans lowered to mid-thighs, bent over and ready to display yourself to please master. Finally, be prepared to be caned, spanked and fucked at any time. Should you transgress you will be severely punished. Is this understood?”

My throat had gone so dry at hearing the rules as laid out, that I barely manage a chocked: “Yes, master!”

My eyes kept straying to the oak table. As I looked at the array of instruments, I baulked, gasped and almost bolted.

“No need to panic, I will go gently at first. The pain will only increase as your pleasure centre accepts the greater intensity. The concept is total and utter acceptance.”

I thought of myself laid wide open over a chair, bed or table, pants down awaiting a spanking and shuddered at the thought, trembling all over. And what would be next?

That is when Brian took over. Sternly, he ordered me to bend over and assume the position. I complied with great trepidation, yet a thrill of anticipation went through me as I felt him further lower my jeans and caress my buttocks, gently fondling them.

“Just as I thought, nicely well rounded, perfect for spanking,” he casually remarked.

I swelled with pride and, suddenly, felt so naked and venerable but also very provocative and sexy.

“OK, time to get down to serious business! A little strapping first, just to warm you up for the cane. What do you think?”

Well, I was way beyond thinking at this stage and was so excited at the idea of being strapped that I was already moist, hot and ready.

He hit me so hard on the ass that I cried out. “That is only a sample,” he said. “Now we will go from here and each stroke will be harder.” So began my severe chastisement.

Brian started with his favourite strap, not oiled but dry, hard and rough.

He told me afterwards he particularly liked it because it laid a very distinctive stripe on the ass and would mark me well, reddening but not blistering.

“Lay still and accept your punishment. I need your ass softened and prepared before I can begin caning you. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Master,” I cried, not understanding at all.

Despite what he claimed, Brian did not go easy with the strap. I felt the pain, my ass heating with each stroke, harder and harsher than the last. My ass was now on fire, glowing, more than ready for the cane.

“Remember, you must always ask for the cane. It is not a given but a privilege, asked for, sought and, only administered after careful thought and consideration.”

“Yes, master, please cane me, hard as you like, harder or harsher as you wish.”

“Is it time for the cane? Is that what you really want? Are you asking for it?”

“Oh, yes master I need it right now. Cane me severely, for I have been a naughty girl and need to be chastised and punished severely.”

But still he held off, as if trying to provoke a further reaction.

Gently he gave me two light strokes, checking my readiness to receive a real caning.

I was in position, jeans and panties at my ankles, ass bared and spread ready to receive the cane but that was not enough for him.

“Stand up and remove all of your clothes and I mean everything. I want you naked and vulnerable so that you can be properly accept the truth of the cane and the shame.”

I removed the rest of my clothes, now totally naked, about to be humiliated.

“Assume the position and your caning can now begin,” he demanded.

I bent over but he was still not satisfied. “Spread your legs wide, wider until you are in the most vunerable position and present yourself properly for a caning.”

I bent over totally, ass in the air, legs spread as wide as possible, presenting myself as open as possible. I wanted total humiliation, needing to be exposed totally to maximize my humiliation.

Then it came, the cane rose and descended, slow and easy at first and then heavy and hard. Interesting it was the sound that most impressed me and remains with me to this day, the sound of rattan hitting bare flesh, bouncing lara escort and returning to smack and smack again.

I could not believe the pain; waves of agony and unbelievable torment. I cried out, sobbing, but he continued relentlessly. Then a change took place, as slowly the pain slipped into numbness and then pleasure, not suddenly but slowly as the pain eased and excitement took hold. It hurt so much initially but also gave such joy, that my cunt gave a jolt of pleasure and began to leak my vaginal fluids.

Brian must have noticed this as he said:” Now I have started to cane your ass so hard that you will never want me to stop. Red stripes and marks are the order of the day and you will want me to continue, harder and harsher until you can take no more.”

It was terrible and wonderful and I did not want it to stop as the cane descended on my bare ass: he marked each stroke, described every line, and delineated a new map of pain for every stripe delivered.

Yes, I wanted it to continue, building and building, almost to ecstasy, but then it subsided, denying me that easement or moment of fulfillment.

He slowed the rhythm of the caning and then stopped: I knew we were coming to the next stage and wanted and dreaded what was to come.

I knew he needed to fuck me, but how he would approach this was beyond me. I should have known since he always took the direct approach.

He turned me round to face him and said innocently, but with a wry smile, “Would you like to suck my cock?” Slowly he lowered his pants and briefs: he showed me his prick as it rose and it was beautiful, an eight inch masterpiece, smooth and clear, begging to be caressed and sucked.

I baulked at first, hesitant to go there but who could resist such loveliness! So I caressed it, then slowly lowered my mouth on the very tip of his erection, tentatively at first, then more aggressively, engulfing him totally, sliding back and forth and enjoying his velvet smoothness.

With hand and mouth I worked his cock, wanting to devour it whole, but, engorged, it was too much to totally swallow.

“Work it harder,” he urged and I did, stroking and sucking. I felt he was about to come and would have welcomed his rich offering in my mouth but my ass, gaping wide, spasmed in anticipation, disappointed that this huge prick might not be going there.

I should not have worried, since he did eventually come both in my mouth and ass, not to worry.

He was deep in my throat when I felt his first spasms. His prick was throbbing, then convulsed, pulled out and he said “Open wide” as he shot hot strings of semen into my mouth and all over my face. The richness of the contrast of salt and must of his cum excited me as I swallowed and then licked it off my face.

“Swallow every last drop and thank me for giving you such riches.” Thinking this remark was redundant, I lay back, wondering what was yet to come, tingling with excitement and anticipation, although already dreading it.

“Soon we will proceed to the next stage, when I will fuck you in the ass, but first I must prepare you and recuperate.” Whereupon, he departed, leaving me alone and in anticipation, awaiting my final despoilation.

When he returned he had oils in hand, obviously to ease my penetration. “Lie over and spread wide, because it is now time for your anal penetration. I am going to liberally oil your ass and I need it wide for my cock’s penetration.” And so he worked his fingers and thumb deep into my ass, preparing me for his huge dick.

“Are you ready to receive me? Are you about to receive my offering?”

“Yes master,” I whispered, tears stinging my eyes, of joy or anticipation, crying in fear and trepidation, well beyond any inhibitions or barriers.

But there were barriers, not barriers of pain or subjugation, but pain and pleasure and I knew I could overcome them both.

It is wonderful thing when pain, sex and pleasure coincide and explode in the mind, bringing all together, to give that wonderful feeling of fulfillment.

He approached me slowly, cock full growing, so masculine, so male and, oh, so threatening!

I lay in acquiesce, awaiting penetration, attremble, demanding fulfillment but afraid.

“Did you ever think you would receive a huge cock in your mouth and ass on the same night, or did you just wish for it before?”

I do not know whether I just wished it, wanted it or craved it, but I knew I needed it right now, so I groaned, wanting to be penetrated, nay, demanding that it be consummated.

I was beyond anything at this stage as he turned me over, raised my hips, spanked me lightly and proceeded to penetrate my ass, doggie style.

I felt his prick go deep, hesitate, then slide back, as if uncertain, questing an unsure path, then, more certain, push forward to enter pliant flesh, a soft and unresisting asshole awaiting pleasure and penetration.

A demanding hard prick, going forward, penetrating, refusing any denial, can be both beautiful and agonizing, and lara eve gelen escort I experienced both.

His long prick went deep and, then, deeper as he penetrated me to my very core. I never felt anything so long penetrate me this deeply. He fucked me so hard that I cried out in ecstasy, crying out in pain and shame.

My very being called out, I had never felt emotions so strongly, as he went ever deeper; crying, balling or whining without remorse, tears upon my face. The hurt was so much that my nose ran, snot spouting in rivulets down my cheeks, to drop upon the floor, to my eternal shame.

He fucked me without inhibition, knowing he could invade my ass without restraint, aware of my weakness, as my natural inhibitions gave way to being deeply penetrated by a long and uncaring prick. He did not even ask which position I liked, missionary or otherwise, so he fucked me doggie style and, then, any way he wanted. He rolled me over, legs in the air and fucked me thoroughly, watching my face and eyes, knowing the moment I would come, smiling as he saw the pleasure appear in my face.

I welcomed him into my ass; the deeper the better, as he did his job and just gave me more joy. He ploughed me deep and I felt each movement as he went forward. I knew he was reaching climax, as I felt fresh tremours in my ass, but did not expect the huge eruption as he exploded deep within, drenching me with his cum.

I knew this just a beginning and wanted much more.

I wanted more: more pleasure, more pain. I think, deep down, I just wanted more of the same, perhaps the cane, hard ass spanking; or a combination of being penetrated, fucked deep and caned hard.

Choices, choices? Caned or fucked; either way that would not be all bad and could give a great deal of pleasure!

All stories, no matter how true, have diverse shades, changing ever so slightly in the telling. Every eye-witness account, no matter how totally recalled, has a different view, each witness varying their story, never quite the same. Most of the time the story remains similar, with minor alterations in the telling; a gender change or shift in point of view. This particular tale now resumes, as it recycles and reiterates the same account, only with shifting nuances and changing shadows.

His side, somewhat darker.

I think it is starting again, shifting ever so slightly. It is exactly as it was before: I know precisely how it will unfold, since I have been here already, in a different role. It begins as I gaze across the room at this perfect Adonis. I still do not know his name, but I know he will come over and introduce himself. I know exactly what he will say, but that is yet to come. His wondrous physique appeals to me, his muscled body and well developed apps demand attention. My cock begins to rise in anticipation, because I hope, nay know, that I will be lucky tonight.

He advances, exactly as I know he will. I imagine the unzipping of jeans, the excitement of a publicly bared prick, of belt undone and jeans slowly lowered, cock stroked to slow erection, but all that is yet come. Instead he advances, so masculine, striding forth, the bulge of his manhood barely hidden in the tight fold of his jeans.

He eyes me as he sits down and boldly says: “I am Brian. I think I know what you like and, maybe, you already like what you see?”

I stare in awe, not knowing what to say, because it is perfectly true. I do very much like what I see.

“No luck with the ladies tonight or, should I say the young lads?” he adds with a wicked grin. I am somewhat surprised at his frankness and open confidence. I begin to protest, but he cuts me off with: “I know what you want!” When he says: “I think you would like to fondle and later suck on my cock,” it blows me away, because that is forefront in my mind and I would love just that.

Hesitantly, I introduce myself, totally off keel, spluttering, “Frankly, I mean, Frank, that is my name, Francis is what I really mean. I am so pleased to meet you.”

He does not waste much time, as he slides pickpocket fingers down my crotch and then, more boldly, inside my jeans, to stroke a very receptive penis.

He leans closer, breath hot upon my face, and whispers; “I think you are ready to be fucked tonight.” What can I do but nod in silent acceptance, since that is what I want and need?

We leave in hurried disarray, rushing to his car, anticipation raging high. Inside his car, driving in silence, his hand reaches for me and busies itself with my still clothed prick, tantalizing, exciting me for what was to come. It is then that I know he can do with me as he will.

In the elevator, he grips my balls with such vehemence that I cry out, tears springing to my eyes. Then a young couple enter, looking in wonder at my tears and pain, slowly descending to where Brian still grips my balls. My cheeks flare red in embarrassment, as they gaze upon my sudden shame and humiliation. I know they are also embarrassed as they withdraw their gaze, offended by such a flagrant display of intimacy.

Arriving at his apartment, he leads me to his bedroom and orders me to strip naked. I balk at first, but one look at his face is enough to convince me that he will tolerate no delay. So I bare myself and huddle totally naked, so exquisitely vulnerable.

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