Just Lemonade

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Just LemonadeWhen I was 18 I got a job at a local gas station. I had been on my own for a few years and had a vastly different life and was often too busy trying to get by to mingle much with people my own age, so when senior prom came around I was unprepared. One afternoon, all of a sudden it was incredibly busy. All the “boys” where coming in wearing suits with their girls in dresses. Many of them tried buying beer, but would return it to the shelves when I tried getting an ID. But when one couple came up with a 6 pack of Mike’s lemonade I was unaware, but the of course the register alerted me that they needed to be 21 to purchase it, and I quickly confis**ted it, and placed it under the counter to return to the cooler later. The night started to slow down, and between customers I would indulge in a few pages of the book I had been reading. I was surprised when I was able to get 10 or so pages complete without the pesky door chime alerting me to a new costumer. I looked around and out the large glass windows to realize my little town was all but dead. I could tell the rest of the night was going to be slow, so I put down the book and decided to work on some cleaning and get ready to close, hoping to get out at a decent time that night. I picked up the six pack of lemonade to return it to the cooler. I was still a bit puzzled by it, I looked at it. I had tried beer before, and never could get past the taste, and I was given a shot of vodka once, and it was awful, but lemonade? I drank lemonade plenty of times before… couldn’t be that bad. I decided to try one. To my surprise it tasted just like lemonade, nothing harsh or hard about it. After my first sip I put the bottle down behind the counter, and waited to see what it would do. After a bit I took another drink, and waited, between each drink my wait time would be a little less, until I managed to drink the whole bottle. Nothing, I didn’t feel any different. It was pretty good, so I went ahead and drank a second. Nothing. A third, and I still didn’t think I felt any different. I continued to work and lazily finish the six pack, just as if it had been soda or anything else. To this day, I am amazed at how slow the night was, but how quickly it went. Normally a slow night like that would have dragged, but the next thing I knew it was 15 minutes after we were supposed to be closed. I went and grabbed the keys. Went I went to lock the door, this boy hastily ran to it. “Just one thing, can you please stay open, I just need one thing” I huffed, but let him in, locking the door behind him, and turning off the outside lights, as to not encourage any other would be customers. It was when I got back to my spot behind the counter that I took a moment to “look” at the boy. He was wearing the white suit like everyone earlier, but it looked hastily tucked in, his hair was a mess, his tie was undone. I watched him as he frantically searched around the store. “Umm, I need… I mean, do you have?… I am looking for…” he stuttered as he looked at me, and than past me. His face lightened up just a bit and pointed at a display behind the counter. “Those! I need one pack of those!” I turned around. Oh, OH! “Those are called condoms silly” I giggled a bit (I can’t really believe I said it myself, condoms, such a funny word.) “Yeah, I know, but I need one bahis firmaları package of those” I looked back at him, I could tell he was a bit embarrassed maybe? But rather uneasy about the whole situation, but for once in my life I felt like what he thought or felt didn’t matter. I felt a bit powerful, and a bit more mischievous than I had ever felt. I smiled and looked at the condoms. “Which one do you want?” The boy wouldn’t look at me, “It doesn’t matter, any one.” “Your trying to impress your date, aren’t you? Then of course it matters!” He looked at me a bit embarrassed. “Just give me whatever you would want I guess.” I looked at him and smiled a little. And than looked back at the selection, “Well the ribbed ones might be nice, glow in the dark is a bit cute… strawberry flavor? Eeww, blow jobs with a condom… does she need a condom for that?” There was a bit of a pause before he realized I asked him a question. “I don’t know, she just asked if I had one, we didn’t get that far.” “Hmm, well there’s extra large.. the other ones won’t work if you need that one.. are you pretty big?” He looked at me a bit strangely. “I don’t know, I hope I am average, I don’t think I am that big” “But you don’t know??” I thought for a second and than went to open a little panel door that separated the counter from the rest of the store. “Come in here so no one can see, and bring him out and I can tell you.” He didn’t move “I don’t know, I don’t think…” “You want to get laid, don’t you? You want her to enjoy herself, don’t you? You know what happens if I girl has really good sex with a guy her first time? She tells her friends. You know what happens if sex is awful the first time? She tells her friends! Do you want a bunch of ladies to think your awesome in bed, or snicker behind your back? This might be the most important thing you ever do!” He stammered a minute and than came back behind the counter. He undid his belt buckle and than his button, and began to unzip his pants “I’m a bit nervous, I don’t think he is his full self” he let his pants drop to the floor, and lowered his underwear to reveal his cock. His cock was a little hard, but looked undecided on if it should be getting ready, or if it should run and hide. I really couldn’t believe I had the courage to do all this, I have always been rather reserved and prude about talking about sex, let alone… “here, looks like he needs a bit of encouragement” I bent down so that the head of his cock was within an inch or so of my lips, I stuck out my tongue and began to massage the tip of his dick with the tip of my tongue. I slowly began working my way down and massaging the fleshy pink head with the cradle of my tongue before giving it a lick and a flick and returning. I could feel his head go from a soft unsure member, to a more taunt and encouraged one and I rewarded it by gurney-ing it on my tongue into my mouth, wrapping my lips around it’s neck and giving the head a light suck as I continued to massage it on the top and sides with the flat and tip of my tongue, before letting it free with a tiny pop. “Much better!, Well definitely not extra large, but I would say a bit larger than average. It’s to bad she is making you wear a condom, I bet he would feel amazing!” I got back up to look back at the selection, glancing briefly at the guy. kaçak iddaa He looked presently stunned. I removed 5 boxes of condoms, all but the extra large and put them on the table. As I tried to decide which one was best, I slipped my hand down below the elastic of his briefs to massage the balls they were hiding. “Is she a virgin” I asked “If she is, I don’t think the ribbed ones would be a good idea, I never cared for them myself, but with your size, and she most likely being tight, they might hurt her more and all. “Umm, I Don’t know, I think so.” With that I took my hand from his briefs and replaced the ribbed condoms back on the display. He shuffled to lower his underwear so I could have free roam to touch as I wanted. I returned my hand to massage his balls, starting to pay attention to the “lost inch” of his hard cock that his balls concealed, and slowly starting to work my way up to the base, where a cock finally frees itself from the balls entrapment. I moved back towards his belly, exploring the sharp crease his hard cock made where it attached, and slowly began enclosing my fingers around the base of his dick, making sure to barely grip it. “Glow in the dark is a bit silly I think, and this fruit flavored one is just gross.” As I spoke I slowly squeezed and released my hand a bit. “Any girl who can’t give a guy a decent blow without a condom, doesn’t need a guy at all, they just need a dildo.” I could feel him starting to pump his hips just a tiny bit. I tighten my hands with my fingers in a wave type fashion, first my pointer, than my middle, than my ring, and pinkie, and released the pressure the opposite way, pinkie, ring finger, etc., before tightening my hand again and sliding his dick through my fingers as I went to return the two boxes of condoms back to the display. Again I returned my hand to his cock, this time to rub and massage the head again, feeling the slit and the little bit of precum it offered. I rubbed the lubrication over his head with my fingers and down to the underside to the chin of his dick, the underside where the head meets the neck, and than I wrapped my fingers around this upper area of his cock. I slid my hand a tiny bit, up and down his shaft making sure to bump the neck, as if it was keeping me from going any further up. He started moving his hips a bit more, trying to make my movements bigger, and better, but I wasn’t ready for him to get to ahead of himself, so I slid my hand down to massage his balls. “Regular, and extra lubrication is what we have left” I dropped his balls and return the regular to the display. “Extra lubrication, is definitely what you are going to want.” By this point I am not sure how much he was paying attention to my condom pitch. He had began to kiss my neck in pleading little pecks as he, a bit sheepishly, started to work his hands under my shirt to play with my bra covered breasts. If it wasn’t obvious before, it was pretty obvious now, that he was rather inexperienced. “Careful, don’t squeeze so hard!” I began to realize that I was starting to enjoy my roll as “teacher.” I never had been with a guy my age, everyone else was always more experienced, and pretty much teaching me. I was pretty confident I could help the boy, and hopefully he could help me release the tension that was building between my own legs. kaçak bahis “I bet you didn’t even bother to jack off before you went to prom did you?” “No” he said barley removing his lips from my neck and ears as spoke. He lifted my shirt off, and fumbled a bit with my bra. “If you don’t cum before having sex, you’ll probably cum too soon during.” I said as I turned around to give him a better view if my tits. He felt them with his hand and leaned down to take a nipple in his mouth. He seemed to almost copy how I began to suck his cock earlier. “Bite them gently” he did as he was told, and I began to wiggle out of my slacks and panties. I found his hand and guided it to my clit. My clit was pretty hard and ready by this point, and easy to find. “This is what you need to find on a girl. Play with this…” I released his hand and went to grab and play with his dick while he played with my clit. Eventually he followed the slit down to the opening. I used my kegels to throb and pulse my cunt to invite and encourage his fingers into play. As he got closer to my cunt, I wrapped my fingers around his dick. As he slid his fingers inside me, I squeezed his dick gently as I slid it through my fingers to match his movements. He caught on quickly and began pumping his finger in and out quicker, and before long a second finger joined. I returned the favor by squeezing his dick just a bit tighter. Very quickly he added a third finger, but this time as I tighten my fingers up a bit more, his cock let out a bit of precum. I leaned down releasing his fingers from inside me, and licked the tiny bit of cum off his cock. I turned around and leaned over with my belly on the counter. I wiggled my bottom just a bit, as I looked back at him from over my shoulder. “Please? I really need to feel what she will miss out on! Don’t make my pussy jealous!” He walked over and tried clumsy to find the entrance to his cocks desire. “grab your dick, and slide it up and down my slit to get it nice and wet and she will welcome you much easier than.” He did, even a little bit longer than I expected, rubbing his cock along and past my slit, and playing with it between my freshly shaved pussy lips. I began quivering my cunt with my kegels again, as if to beg his cock to enter. He finally pressed his cock to my opening and pushed it in. “Stop!” I said quickly just as his cock penetrated, but before he plunged to deep. “Go slow! Give me just an inch at a time, and than take it away, and than give me a little bit more with each return.” As he began to pull out his dick I tighten up my cunt, and then relaxed upon it’s return. He plunged his cock in a bit deeper, and I continued to milk it with each departure, but the poor boy was only able to get a few strokes in before I guess instinct took over and the boy plunged his dick in as deep as he could get it, When he was as deep as he could go, he continued to pump his cock into me, trying desperately to get in deeper, I could feel his cock pulse and his cum splash against my insides with every thrust. I don’t remember feeling that much cum from one guy ever before or since, and it felt amazing. He rested a moment after he was spent, and slowly slid his cock from my womb. It took me a moment to regain myself. And we got dressed. I rang up his condoms, gave him his total, and escorted him out to lock up. I never found out how his night went, never saw him again. He is the only guy I slept with that I never got a name, and one of my many lessons that alcohol and men never mix well.. or mix too well.

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