Just down the mountain….

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Just down the mountain….They were calling for snow that evening,but it was an uneventful,typical evening inspite of that,my wife and I got home from work, and did the routine evening thngs,get of our work clothes,read our mail,e-mails,check the answering machine,as we prepared supper.Living in the foothills just down out of the mountains of Western North Carolina,calling for snow is iffy,at best,and we were quite sure that it would stay in the mountains and we’d just get flurries,as usual.One of the messages on the machine was from my mother in law,ad it was already snowing in the mountains and she asked if was snowing there…”No,” I said,”nothing so far,you know how it is,you guys get the snow.” She then asked,since it was a friday afternoon,already snowing if “they could just let the k**s stay there,” with them,”to get a chance to play in the snow,and that way,no one would risk death driving down or up the mountain if it got bad.” I asked my wife,who,with a grin,said “Sure!” We hadnt had a weekend to ourselves,so this would be a good chance to be alone,and enjoy each other as man and wife for a lost,snowy weekend.So…it was set,and after talking to the k**s,they would be fine and enjoy being with Grandma and Grandpa.My wife and I then ate supper,and we made plans to sleep in,screw,run around in the buff,just be lazy,and maybe it would snow……Nope.The doorbell rang,and there stood a friend of my wife’s,looking upset.She wasnt “angry” upset,just look frustrated and hurt.I watched TV as they talked in the kitchen.Her husband it seemed,comes home,gets a beer,asks whats for dinner…and thats it…Thats all,for months! Now,let me explain all the “physical descriptions to the three of us that are in our apartment.My wife was 22,auburn hair,34-23-36,green eyes,a beautiful smile,oh yes…HOT.Her friend,Jessica,was 20 If I recall,and she was a red head,smaller than my wife in build. She could pass as her sister.Both women had fair skin.My wife,was perplexed as to how a man could be married to her,and ignore her,and she told her so.In time,my wife and her friend,were hugging,sharing the tears,of the moment.The phone rang.It was Jessica’s husband( this was in the days before cell phones)and he wanted to know if she was here at our place.I barley knew him,or my wifes “friend” they were co workers and spent some time together,we as couples didnt hang out,and as I’d heard over the course of the evening,it was obvious as to why,he ~sounded~ like he had little concern as to her whereaouts,just wanting to know where she was.I habded her the phone,and she feigned a nice enough “Hi! Im at Bill and Jade’s apartment!” There was a period where she listened,and then she said “Already??? I didnt even know they were calling for snow!!” Silence—-“OK” she said….more silene as she listened to him,and then she looked at my wife and I and said—“The uh…ground is already white in the mountains(they too lived up in the mountains and not the foothills.Amazing as to the difference 20 miles can make,if it was that far.)…”Ummm” she continued,” he told me to stay put,and if I could stay here with you guys??” She asked with a look as if she were imposing.I still had NO CLUE what was to come,neither did my wife,Jade,and jessica,and at that point the three of us were oblivious as to what was going to happen that weekned.Jade and I looked at each other,and said “Well…sure” And Jessica told her husband that she “had nothing to change into,”And she asked if there was any way she should “just go on home, or if he could come and get her…” And then he got kinda rough on her and said “he wasnt about to go out in this shit,” and that she was “fine where she was at.” I looked at wife…I’d go through 50 miles of broken glass and barbedwaire,crawling naked on my belly to get to her,if artemisbet yeni giriş she wanted me to.So I didnt like this assholes treatment of his wife.But Jade said,she had clothes,she wasnt that much smaller,plenty to eat,she could use anything she needed to stay clean and fresh.It still wasnt snowing where we were.Jessica hung up the phone,after she told him “Bye” and that she “loved him,” like it was part of a eulogy at a funeral.She looked embarrassed,and hurt,but she quickly seemed to shrug it off,and said something like she “needed some time away from this asshole,to think,” and I looked at her,my wife and I both nodded our agreement to her.Jade said “Well…Look at this snowstorm as a break from him,it sounds like you need one…Im sorry,” Jade said,”But, Im not liking this guy.”I continued to watch prime time TV,peeked out the window,at the street light,and it was flurrying a little, and I called the girls in to see it.They had been chatting,Jade had found her some of her night clothes to wear,which was mainly a “t-shirt,and come to find out both women giggled as the confessed to eaither sleeping nude,in their panties or a t-shirt,with Jessica saying that it “does no good to try to get her hunabds attention,he was only 22,and “acted like he was an old man” but they were laughing about it,so,at least she wasnt too down and out.Jade said she could have our daughters room,and showed her where everything was,the food the plates the glasses,the bathroom.And they finally joined me in the lving room,where I was still watching TV.Of course,women,being women,liked to talk…and talk…and talk…I was only half interested in what they had to say,when I noticed that there were “wine coolers’ in their hands,hell,even i wasnt paying that much attention,of them going back and forth to the kitchen,I suppose they were,or maybe it was Jade.The conversation began to pull me into it.They began engaging me,and asking me questions,and Jade would tell her what my reactions would be.The conversation steered around to me “having two women in their T-shirts and panties,all alone in a snowstorm….” Now,this got my undivided attention.It got more than just my attention,I could feel my cock starting to get hard,all the sudden,the potential of the evening had popped into my head.My wife,Jade and I had aleardy had a threeway with a buddy of mine,and she was bi-sexual,and had been with 2 girlfriends(a nother co worker and a woman she met) of hers already,and we already were “swingers” having discussed this since 2 weeks after we were married!! It was and to this day,who and what we are.But,it was clear to me as to what was coming,now…So…I said,”You girls are wearing panties with your t-shirts???”I asked” and then I said,”I couldnt tell” and I lied and said,” I havent been paying attention.Well that wasnt true,I wasnt but Im not BLIND either,I knew,in the back of my mind,that I had two beautiful young ladies in my home this evening.They were smiling and giggling and Jade said,”Well,wouldnt you like to find out??? They both giggled.To which I said, “I wouldnt mind at all to know,Im sure it would be nice.” Now.Jade NEVER teases me.To this day,there’s no teasing, she follows through.Jade themn looked over at Jessica,and said “Do you like lingerie??? I have a lot of lingerie! Would you like to try some on? We could model it for him!!!” Jessica smiled and said…”Oh my god!!! Well…!!!”they were looking at me smiling,and she said…”You know what,I think that would be fun!!!” And Jade asked me “If I would mind…” And she knew she didnt have to ask,so the girls got up from the couch and,those t-shirts barely covered their panties,well,thongs, I should say,and they didnt try to smooth their t-shirt down over their cute asses and beautiful legs.They artemisbet giriş left the room giggling,heading back to our bedroom…I got up,my cock was hard,and I got a beer…I was ready to go.I went back into the living room and feign an interest in the TV show…I couldve cared less if the world ended that night.I waited,and I…waited,and girls being girls they took their time.But,finally Jade came out in her white heels,stockings,garter ensemble,with Jessica,who was still just a little nervous,but hey,its hard to being damn near naked in front of a guy you dont know as well.I was sure,that by that time though,being naked together with Jade,seemed to be something she had already gotten used to.But Jessica was wearing Jades corset,stockings and heels,white with roses on it,and they modeled for me,taking time to turn and bend over and toss their hair around.Then the went back to the bedroom,and both came out with bikinis on! Back to the bedroom,Then they came out with black stocking,heels and Jade had on a black leather jacket of hers,while Jesicca had one Jades black satin shortie bathrobe…no bras,and they didnt try to keep the jacket or the robe closed,they turned and twirled and giggled and then they started to get close,hugging and holding each other,and glancing over at me for my approval,and of course I could keep my eyes off them,a 22 year old and a 20 year old,(I was 28 at the time)Then,back to the bedroom,and Jade came out with her baby doll nightie,sheer,black,that tied at the breasts,and the thoung tied at the side.She sat on my lap.Jade wasnt too far behind,and came in wearing Jades,sheer,floorlength, black nightgown.Now I was seeing jessica,all but nude. She was slightly smaller than Jade,but,their pussies were trimmed jsut the same,a triagular patch above,bald,smooth vulvas.And,I mentioned how I “thought they looked damn near identical!!!” The girls giggled,but this time,their eyes were displaying “bedroom eyes,” they held theyre gazes at each other longer,and their gazes with me,and they said that they “were amazed too,and that was already something they ad explored on each other!!” My cock could’ve pierced the side of a fuckin’ battleship!And they stood before me,with Jade holding Jessica,stoking her tits,and running her hands down jessicas body,squeezing her and rubbing her,caressing her,she asked me what I thought…I was fucking speechless.Thye laughed.They were no longer giggling,they were smiling wickedly,and knowingly,and their voices were huskier,their breathing was heavier.Jade kissed jessica on the cheek,Jessica was starting repsond to Jade,the began kissing each other,then their tongues were wildly circling together,and they were lewdly letting me see the action.I turned off the TV,and dimmed the lamp,and the room was light enough,I was going to miss one goddammned minute of this.They went over to the couch,and lovingly kissed as if the were making love one minute,and would shift to lewd tonguing the next,hands began to find each others pussies,and they spread their legs,giving me full access to the view.I sat back and watched them explore,lick,and get to know each other.Glistening pussy soaked fingers went into each others mouthes.,but the big surprise was Jessica,who kissed he way down to my wifes pussy and started to lick her.My wife’s eyes opened wide and she asked Jade if she’d ever been with another woman before,to which Jade said ,”Mmmm Hmmm” as she licked Jades pussy,”I’ve been with a girl before.” We just smiled,and the girls continued to make love.I watched for about half an hour,I watched jade and Jessica bring each other off,licking each other and fingerfucking each other.They were both nude now.I got to my knees,and took turns licking these two delicious pussies,so wet that I damn near artemisbet güvenilirmi lost my breath for the nectar in my mouth,from both of them.I got up after licking those sweet cunts until my tongue hurt,and they welcomed me,by placing me between them,they both kissed me,taking turns frenching me and each other,moving down to my cock.They started sucking my cock,together,swirling their tongues over it and,and taking turns passing it back and forth,kissing over the top of it,their tongues chasing around my shaft.They took turns sucking my balls and again,Jessica surprised us both,and it was obvious,as we later found out,she had done this before,but Jessica started rimming me,and Jade watched her,and joined in…I thought I had died and went to heaven.They sucked my cock and licked my balls,just like you see in the pornos.Then Jade slid down my hard dick,her pussy facing out where Jessica licked my cock and licked Jades pussy as she slid up and down,the girls traded,and Jade did the same,licking my balls and licking Jessica’s pussy,I didnt think it was possible to see such wet pussies,I mean these girls were dripping.I was squeezing their tits,kissing them,and stopping to lick their pussies while one or the other was sucking my cock and balls,then,I had Jade spread her legs on the couch.I put Jessica,with her pussy spread out to me on Jades belly.The site of those two pussies,adjacent to each other,dripping wet with pussy juices,I noticed the room smelled like their sweet pussies,and that warm,wicked smell of FUCK.I took turns banging those luscious pussies,both girls moaning and breathing hard,both girls goading me on with; “Harder harder!!” and “Fuck my pussy! and “I LOVE watching your cock in her pussy!””Pound that whore’s pussy!!!” “O god,You look so fucking HOT!!! So fucking BEAUTIFUL with that cock in your pussy!!!” from both of them…I was STUNNED that I was lasting as long as I did,then Jessica,got off of Jade and went to the side of me on her knees, and we watched my cock slide in and out of Jade,she LOVED watching that,and soon Jade,wanted to see my cock in Jessica’s pussy. Both girls would kiss me,rub my ass and back and chest, as they watched each other get fucked.Finally I told the girls,” I gotta shoot off!! I cant take no more,where do you want it???”Hell, I could barely say it!!! And both of them instinctivley moved down to my cock,pushing me onto my back on the floor,kiising me,and kiising their way down to suck my cock,both saying some of the best sex talk you can have…”I LOVE watching that cock in your fucking face!! “You look so fucking pretty with his cock in your mouth!!” And all the sudden I came like a fucking volcano!!! Mt. St. Helens had NOTHING, on what those two girls swallowed in my come.Afterwards,we lay there for a while,the girls and I,kissing each other,and I loved feeling their smooth,supple skin and those hourglass figures in my hands,and I couldnt find any come,and I asked them where it all went and they laughed,and Jade said,”bewtween the two of us??? I dont know!!!” And Jessica,pointed to her belly.Needless to say,Jessica slept with us in our bed.Around 7 AM I got up and looked outside and it was snowing hard,the ground covered in several inches of snow…” The girls groggily asked me what it was like out there,and I told them.”We’re snowbound!” “Good,” said Jessica,and her and Jade had me slide back in between them,and they cuddled up on eother side of me.The sensation of having the pussies ticle the sides of my thighs was all it took to get me hard again.Soon,both girls were taking turns riding my cock,in a lazy,long morning of sex.For the rest of the weekend,until Sunday,when the snow suddenly melted,as it does here,the girls ran around in the t-shirts,no patines,and we must of screwed another 3 times.The girls had me shhot off in them and the sight of them licking my cum from their pussies was amazing!!She came to see us a few more times,and eventually we hard she left him,that asshole husband of hers,and we lost track of her,as people do…We hope she found happiness,that we still have today.

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