June at 75

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(note: this is a re-casting of my earlier story, Jayne’s Christmas Present … to fit with my later stories better)

I’ve been thinking of today as D-Day, for me. David-Day. I’ll explain why in a moment.

I’m June. I’m 75-years-old. Short, a bit chubby, and my daughter, Karen, thinks I dress in a frumpy old-lady-conservative way. I have orangey-red hair, naturally going to gray. Pale blue eyes … people say they twinkle when I smile, and get compliments on my smile. I have three middle-aged children. Susan is the oldest, she’s always been single, and is a bit stern. My youngest, Sean, is single, too. But I suspect not really, because I think he’s gay and just hasn’t told me about any partners, yet. Neither Susan or Sean leave nearby.

But Karen does. She’s my middle girl. About to turn 50! She and her husband, David, live in the same town as me, and I see them reasonably often. Since my Brian passed away, two-and-a-half years ago now, Karen has been very kind, and she’s offered David to me for whatever I may need. To be honest, that’s what inspired my D-Day plan.

Once Brian was gone, I down-sized to a smaller place. Karen and David were a great help, and Brian’s being gone has brought me closer to them. Out of necessity, I expect.

Brian was a good husband. Good wage-earner, good father. But not so much in the creative, inspirational, or romantic comfort departments. We’d rather kept to ourselves for years and years. Reading books, watching TV, sharing meals, and that’s about it. Not much talking, after we had kids. Not much cuddling, either.

About ago, I started to feel like I was just letting life slide away. I wanted to do something, but what? A hobby? A social club? I didn’t know what. So I made a list of what I thought had been missing in life, sort of a bucket list. I sorted it and prioritized it over and over, and ended up with a “top two” things to do: Bond closer as a family, and sex.

I know. 75-years-old. The first thing seems kind of obvious, the second maybe a bit wild. But it was something that I’d been missing for so many years, and I didn’t know how much time I had left.

I started out easy, with the first thing. I joined Karen and David for more social occasions, I invited them over more often, and they reciprocated by inviting me to their place. Karen started pushing David upon me to help out at my place.

As for the second thing: I learned to enjoy my body. By myself, in my bedroom, where I always kept the door closed. I might not have a partner, but I could try to please myself. I would undress, and walk around the room … which made me feel naughty and free! I started to touch myself, and, after a while, I got comfortable bringing myself to a sexual climax. I’d never been much of a masturbator, but I became a regular one. I fantasized, vaguely. Images of long-ago beaus drifted through my mind, thoughts of Brian in the early days, and my kids (which seemed a bit naughty, but interesting). I was just fantasizing. Nobody was getting hurt. Nobody knew what I was doing, and I refused to allow guilt into my bedroom.

Then I started thinking about David. My wife Karen’s husband. The man most readily accessible to me. The man who was happy to stop by if I asked. A man I thought was pretty good looking, and very kind and gentle. Around June, I started my vague D-Day plan. I started touching David more, when I saw him. On the arm, on the hand, on the back … once I even stroked his hair out of his face! I began hugging him more often, and for longer, giving him an extra squeeze, and pushing my body against his. Every now and then, I got a little response back from him: a hand low on my back, almost on my bum, when we hugged, or a little push from his groin against my tummy.

The D-Day plan was some vague idea for me to give myself a Christmas present, something with David, although I didn’t know what. I didn’t want to scare him off, or cause problems with Karen. My idea was just to start something, then see where it might lead. You see? My D-Day had a very vague plan.

But it’s D-Day now, today, I think. A couple of weeks before Christmas. It’s been snowing, and cold, so I’ve kept the house a little extra cozy warm. I called Karen, and asked if David could stop by my place on his way home from work, to help me with my decorations. And, as always, Karen said, “Of course! I’m so happy you asked for him.”

And there’s his knock on the door.

“Oh, David, I’m so pleased to see you!” I said warmly, opening the door. “I need a tall man with long arms to help lift down the decoration boxes.”

“Happy to be of assistance,” said David, stepping inside and closing the door. I have him a good squeeze, happy that he squeezed back, then I turned the dead bolt on the front door.

David just watched me, and followed casino şirketleri me down the hall to, my bedroom, the place where I entertained my fantasies as I touched myself.

“You’ve always had this door closed, June,” commented David. “I thought there might be something dangerous trapped in here.”

I laughed. “Just me and my dreams, David.”

I pointed to a storage cupboard above my bedroom closet.

“They’re just too high for me to reach,” I sighed. “And I don’t like going up on step-ladders.”

“No worries. Where do you want them?” asked David.

“Oh, on the living room couch would be fine,” I replied. I directed David with a little pat on the back. I let my hand linger there, just above his bum, as we walked back to the living room.

We opened the boxes, and began sorting through the decorations. There were garlands and lights for the eaves of the living room, in addition to tree ornaments.

“I may need some help again in the next day or so, David, to put the higher decorations up, and to reach the top of the tree.”

“I’ll await your call, or just let Karen know,” said David. It’s easy for me to stop by on my way home.”

He turned towards the front door, preparing to go.

“I have a bit of mistletoe that you could put up in the hallway entrance now, before you leave,” I suggested quickly. I fetched if from a table by the front door, putting myself between David and the door. “Some local children stopped by, selling sprigs. And here’s a push-pin to get it up.”

David took the sprig and pin from me, and I let my hands stroke his as he pulled away. In short order, with just a bit of a reach, David tacked her fresh mistletoe up over the hallway. He turned and smiled at me. “How’s that?”

“That looks lovely!” I proclaimed, clasping my hands, and moving to stand close to him under the mistletoe. “It’s feeling more Christmasy in here already! Thank you, David.”

“Well, you can thank me again when I come back to help with the rest of the high stuff,” he said, giving my upper arm a little rub. “Just let me know when.”

“I’ll get things organized,” I said. It was now or never. My D-Day before Christmas.

As his hand slipped down my arm, I clasped it in both of mine, and looked up into his eyes. “Since we’re under the mistletoe, do I get a little holiday kiss to start the season?”

“Of course,” he replied. David leaned down and gave me a peck on the cheek. I was still holding his hand in mine.

“I know I’m just an old lady, but that wasn’t a proper kiss, was it David?”

I could see the look on his face, like “well, now what?” We’d never kissed except on the cheek, usually with a good hug. I hung onto his hand, and pulled it between my breasts. David looked at me for a moment, then leaned down and gave me a gentle kiss on the lips. As he began to lean away, I held his hand tight to my breasts. I knew he could feel them, and he was blushing a little.

“That was nice,” I said. “Maybe one more?”

My heart began to beat faster. David could probably feel that. I hunched my shoulders forward to squeeze my breasts against his hand.

David laughed nervously

“One more?” I asked again, smiling.

David hesitated for just a second, then leaned down, and kissed me again. I parted my lips, and let my tongue play against his lips, persistently, as if asking to be let in.

He pulled back for a second, and looked me in the eye. I didn’t blink, and I didn’t let go of his hand.

“One more?” I asked. The moment of truth.

David slowly leaned down to kiss me, and again I let my tongue tickle at his lips. And then I felt his tongue, David’s tongue touch against mine. We began to kiss with a bit more heat … almost like lovers. Without letting go of his hand, still between my breasts, I pushed myself against him, and I could feel something hardening, within his trousers, and against my tummy. I rubbed my tummy against him. David’s free left hand slipped down my back to give my bum a little squeeze.

The road of no return, I thought. The road I was choosing, with excitement.

I stopped kissing David, suddenly, and looked in his eyes for a long second. Then without a word I led my 50-year-old son-in-law by the hand down the hallway and back into my bedroom. David stopped in the doorway as I released his hand and stepped into my bedroom.

“Well, June, what’s happening? Is there something else you need done? Another box to lift down?” he asked with a little laugh to disarm things. I don’t think he could believe what seemed to be happening. Nor could I, really.

“Shhhh,” I said. Nothing else. I left David standing in the doorway of my bedroom, as I stepped past the bed to the window, and drew the curtains.

“Don’t say anything. Just sit,” I said, patting casino firmaları the edge of the bed. He sat.

I stepped out of my house slippers, all I had on my feet. My legs were bare, beneath my knee-length skirt. Why I had to keep the house nice and warm.

David’s unblinking eyes were on me, with a friendly, questioning smile on his face.

I took off my light-weight sweater, and undid the top few buttons of my blouse. Then I sat down very close next to David on the edge of the bed.

“This is what I want for Christmas, David … a bit of an early present for an old lady. Do you mind?”

Without waiting for an answer, I kissed him again, even more passionately than before. David joined in for a moment, then stopped, and pulled back.

“June, I’m not sure where this is going, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with it, wherever it’s going. I haven’t been with anyone but Karen since we married.”

“That’s why, David. Why you. I need something, someone, and I picked you because I love and trust Karen, because I love and trust you,” I said quietly.

“What do you want from me, June? I’m not sure how far I can go,” said David.

I put my hand in his lap. I could feel how hard he was. I said, “Why don’t we just kiss a little, and see where things take us? You can stop whenever you want.”

I gave his penis a squeeze through the fabric of his trousers. David leaned down and kissed me again. Our tongues swirled for a few minutes, with me still gently squeezing his erection. David began to fumble at my breasts, pulling a few more buttons open. Then he stopped again.

“I just don’t know about this, June. I’m really nervous,” David said. But he didn’t get up to leave.

I whispered, “Let me try something that might help.”

I unbuttoned my blouse, took it off, and set it on the dresser across from the foot of my bed. I took David’s hand, and stroked his fingers across my left breast, with my nipple hardening inside my bra. I let go of his hand, and he didn’t take it away.

I reached behind me to unfasten my bra. “I’m afraid they sag rather.” He took his hand away as I let my bra slip from my breasts. My breasts are large and white and soft and saggy.

“Like Karen’s,” said David, quietly.

I lifted them to him, as if in offering. He touched first one nipple, then the other. Then, using both hands, pinched both nipples at once. I sighed.

“OK, so far, David?” I asked quietly.

“They’re perfect,” he said, lifting my left breast and lowering his head to suck the nipple

“Let me just …” I started to say, rising a little from the bed. David stopped suckling and sat back.

“Too far?” asked David. “I really should be getting home. Really.” But he didn’t move to leave.

I stood up, my breasts swinging low. Be brave, June, I told myself. Be brave. This is a good man. The right man. For Karen. For me. We’ll figure this out.

“I have something special I wanted to share with you, David,” I whispered … because I couldn’t get my voice to work louder.

I stood in front of David, and unzipped my skirt, letting it fall to the floor around my ankles. Then I pulled down and stepped out of my high-waisted cotton panties, stepping forward and very close to David. In the mirror on my closet door, I could see David, fully-dressed, sitting on the edge of my bed, and an old, short, round, soft, cuddly-looking woman standing naked in front of him. I actually gasped at the reflected sight.

David reached forward with both arms and pulled me to him, burying his head between my breasts. He let his right hand fall to glide across my bum, and the large tangle of hair between my thighs.

“Stop! Wait!” I said, rather loudly. David pulled his hands back.

“I’m sorry, June,” He said, standing and stepping away towards the door. “Things have gotten out of hand. I’m so, so sorry.”

“No,” I said, quietly but firmly. “I’m not angry, I’m delighted. But I want to see you. All of you. No clothes. Like you’re seeing me. There’s no need for you to be so anxious. I’m not judging you.”

“Are you sure about this? I’m not a young man any more, and what about Karen?”

“I’m not a young woman, either, and you still seem pretty excited about me. And this isn’t about Karen, yet. We’ll get to Karen in a bit … not that I think she’d begrudge me this Christmas present. Please, David. Undress for me.”

I could see the emotions race across his face. Confusion, desire, yes … and love in his eyes. Slowly, David undressed. Shirt, then shoes and socks. Then trousers. Setting all tidily on a chair by the door. Last of all, his underpants, releasing a modest-sized, uncircumcised, and very hard, very attractive, penis.

My eyes greedily drank in David’s middle-aged body greedily. “David – is my güvenilir casino body OK, do you like it? I love yours.”

“You look lovely, June,” said David. Your breasts are beautiful, like Karen’s … I love how soft they are, how they hang so low.”

“What about ‘down there,’ David? I’ve always been self-conscious about it.”

“I love your wide hips, and your big round bum. And, June, I’ve never seen so much hair ‘down there’ … and I like it. I like it a lot.”

“Some men like hairy women?” I asked.

“Some men like hairy women,” said David. “I certainly like your hairiness. But what do you think about me? Is my penis too small?”

I stepped forward and grasped his hard penis. “Don’t be silly,” I said. David pulled me to him, and we pressed our naked bodies together, his penis against my round tummy, our skin feeling so warm. I reached up and pulled David’s head down to kiss again.

He leaned back from the kiss. “And we haven’t gone too far? You’re still OK? We’re still OK?”, asked David.

I looked up into his eyes, and said, “David, my Christmas present. Is there anything I can give you?”

David hesitated a moment, then said, “Well, I’d really like to touch, to smell, to kiss, your hair, down there.”

“OK,” I said.

David moved us to the bed, and gently pushed me back onto it, onto my back. He gently pushed my knees apart, and kissed his way up the inside of my thighs.

“Yes,” I sighed.

David combed my thick pussy hair through his fingers. He put his nose down to me, and sniffed, gently, round and about. The tip of his nose slipped in between the wet lips of my labia.

Oh, my. This was so much better than my fantasies. D-Day! My early Christmas present.

David’s nose slipped between my labia lips again, and then again.

“Oh, yes,” I said. “Oh, yes.”

“June, would it be OK,” asked David, “if I licked you?”

“Oh, yes,” I replied.

And David began to lick, first in exploration, then with gusto, his mother-in-law’s wet, hairy pussy.

One of my hands pulled on the back of his head, urging him even closer. My other hand squeezed my soft breasts, pulling on one hard nipple, then the other. I could hear myself panting, and sobbing, and very quickly my hips lifted and I shuddered in a long, groaning climax.

David slid up alongside of her, and kissed my lips, out tongues twining, and I could taste myself on his lips.

“June, may I come in side you?” David whispered in my ear. “Maybe just this one time, because it’s Christmas?”

“Yes, David, yes, yes, yes,” I answered.

He rolled me on my back, and slid his still-hard penis into my wetness. He had to push a bit, for I was a bit tight. It had been a long time since I’d had a man inside me.

“You’re so snug,” said David. “I’m not hurting, you, am I?

“I’m fine, David,” I sighed. “Just push. It’s so fine.”

Moving slowly and steadily, in and out, David said, “I want to keep this going, if it’s just this once. I don’t usually last long with Karen, but I want this too last longer for you and me, if it’s just once, for us to remember.”

David kept his eyes open and locked with mine. I put my hands on his ass, urging his thrusts deeper into me, and speeding up the tempo of our love-making. So much for prolonging the pleasure. But I was feeling urgent need, and was hoping this wouldn’t be our only time.

And David came, inside me, and I came again, too. With low groans of lust, we climaxed and lay in one another’s arms, David on top of me.

After a few moments, David pulled his penis gently out of me, and rolled onto his side next to me. He stroked the hair off of my face, and ran his other hand down my back back, over my bum, and back to my hairy pussy, fingering my wetness, and then to one soft breast, which he kneaded, gently.

“So, that was something, June. Something lovely,” David said, quietly.

“I think I hear a ‘but’ coming, David,” I said.

“But … it’s getting late, and I really need to get home to … Karen. And I hope that’s OK, and I hope we’re all OK, really.”

“Yes, Karen, of course,” I said, stroking his cheek. “There are so many more things I’d like to try, if we had more time. When we have more time. Will you make love to my daughter tonight, too?”

He looked a bit surprised, in the dim light of my bedroom, but I knew I hadn’t sounded jealous or accusatory. “That seems likely,” David said, smiling. “I’m feeling a bit erotic this evening. I wonder why?”

“I’m so happy. My Christmas present,” I said. “I like the idea of sharing you with Karen. It must be different with her than with me.”

“She’s not as soft, nor as hairy,” David laughed. “Nor as snug inside. But I love you both, and I’m delighted to have shared an early and very inspiring Christmas gift with you.”

I smiled at him, and reached down to squeeze David’s semi-hard penis.

“I think Christmas might be coming a bit more often, for all three of us, David. If you like.”

“Oh, I like, June. I like very much.”

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