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Steve Thomas had been seeing his daughter’s former best friend, Julie, for a little over a week. They still couldn’t keep their hands off each other. The man who was old enough to be her father had “unofficially” moved in to her apartment, and she’d already had a set of keys cut for him. They were both still nervous as to what would happen once Steve’s daughter, Heather, found out about the relationship, but each time one of them would express doubts, the other insisted that everything would be alright.

It’s Friday now, and Julie arrived back at her – their, she corrected herself – apartment after another long day of class. Twenty years old, she was studying to become a teacher, and was certain to be the one all the boys would have crushes on.

She was tall, but not overly so, with long, shapely legs toned by years of walking through the city. Just as amazing as her legs were the luscious curves they supported. Old-fashioned people would refer to her slightly full figure as one that had “child-birthing hips.” Whatever you called them, they fit her form perfectly, arcing down to a perfect, heart-shaped ass. Toned, just like her legs, her cheeks were full, but solid.

Moving up her thin, but realistic, waist, your eyes would next pass over her breasts, which were nothing short of voluptuous. When she wore it down, her dark, straight hair cascaded well past her shoulders with just a trace of curls, playfully toying with her chest. Naturally rosy lips pouted below a small, slightly upturned nose. Her high cheekbones perfectly framed sultry, green eyes set in delicate, porcelain skin. All in all, only one word could come close to describing her: gorgeous.

She walked inside, closing the door behind her, and kick off her comfortable shoes in the front hall. Moving on into the living room, she lopped down on the couch, thinking to catch a quick nap before Steve came home from work.

Just a few minutes away, Steve sat in his office at the end of a very long day at work. No matter what he did, it seemed impossible to make anyone happy. Understandably, his mind kept straying to the young woman waiting for him at home. That only made the day seem longer.

He was older, just having turned 48 recently, but was still an attractive man. His athletic form rested on a 6′ 3″ frame. Broad shoulders supported a handsome face which bore a perpetual, lopsided grin. He had short, brown hair and blue-green eyes. His strong jaw was covered in a trim beard that had a slight tint of red. A hint of gray at his temples and the wire-framed glasses he wore gave him an added air of intelligence. His subtle good looks and constant air of confidence garnered him uncounted appraising glances from his female co-workers.

He was fairly recently divorced and they all knew it. They let him know that they knew, too. Flattered as he was, he never gave any of them a second thought.

Steve’s hand slid over his leg for the thousandth time, fiddling with the cell phone in his pocket and he fought to summon the strength to keep from calling just to hear Julie’s voice. It was almost 5 o’clock. He’d be seeing her soon, anyway.

Then, his boss showed up just as Steve was about to shut down for the evening. He dropped a stack of papers on the desk, demanding satisfaction. Sighing, Steve nodded in understand. This wasn’t the first time he’d had to work late. Now it was different, though. Now he had a reason to leave.

Now, he realized, it would be another several hours without seeing Julie, without feeling her skin against his. He picked up the phone to call her, but decided against it. He didn’t want to ruin her evening. Looking down at the stack of work, he judged that he shouldn’t be too long. If she worried about him, she could call. Watching everyone else leave past his office door, Steve grumbled and got back to work.

Several hours later, Julie woke up and frowned at the clock. Steve should have been home long before now. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she walked to the bathroom and washed her face to wake herself up. Slipping her shoes on, she decided to go see what was keeping him.

It took no more than five minutes before she was standing in front of his building, and there were only a few offices with their lights still on. Steve’s, she saw, was one of them. Shaking her head, she walked into the office building and waved at the security guard, letting him know she was going up to see Mr. Thomas. A few moments later, after a slow ride up the elevator, she stepped into the doorway of his office, a smile on her lips as she peered in. His head was resting on his arms. He was breathing deeply, obviously sleeping.

“Working late, baby?” she called, stirring him from his sleep.

Her warm, friendly voice caused Steve to rouse, but his mind was still foggy. “Hmmm,” Steve thought to himself, “I must have fallen asleep. What!? Oh no! I fell asleep at the office!” Suddenly wide awake, he shook his head to clear his thoughts and reached to gather up all Beylikdüzü escort of his stuff. As he started to rise from his chair, he looked up and saw Julie in the doorway. “What’s she doing here?” Steve thought, wondering if he was dreaming.

Stifling a yawn, he spoke, “Julie?”

She laughed softly and stepped into his office. The hallway is dark behind her. The lights were turned off hours ago. Moving around his desk, she combed her fingers through his hair and leaned down to kiss him deeply. Smiling down at him, she pulled back to perch on one corner of his desk.

“Yes, it’s me,” she said. “I thought I’d come see what was keeping you. I was expecting you home hours ago.”

Steve stretched widely and leaned back in his chair to drink her in with his eyes. “Yes, I’m dreaming,” he thought wryly, “I’ve been dreaming for a week, it seems.” Smiling broadly, he placed a hand on Julie’s knee, rubbing playfully.

“I’m sorry, Julie. Rough day at work. The boss made me stay after to finish a few things. I didn’t think I’d be too late,” he apologized. Realizing the source of his recent sleepiness at work, he grinned impishly. “I guess the long nights are catching up with me.”

Giggling softly, Julie felt her cheeks heating with a blush as he teased her. She still couldn’t believe that, after all this time, her dream of being with him had finally come true. Seeing him leaned back, she slid from the desk and straddled his lap, her hands running lightly over Steve’s chest. The short, cotton skirt she was wearing rode up on her legs as she sat down, exposing smooth, creamy flesh.

“Mmmmm,” she purred. “Just think what this weekend is going to do to you.”

“I can’t wait,” Steve grinned at her, hands rubbing on both of her thighs. As her skirt was slowly pushed ever higher, he could smell her excitement building. With a subtle rocking of his hips, Steve pulled Julie deeper onto his lap and leaned forward to kiss her hungrily. “I guess we’d better get started, then. Give me a second to grab my things and we can go.”

Julie let out a soft moan as he pulled her closer, and she returned his kiss eagerly. Her arms slipped around his neck as she nibbled on his ear and murmured softly, “Who said we needed to go anywhere to start?”

Steve growled with delight at her persistent nibbling and his body responded of it’s own accord as his hips began rolling into her rhythmically. Reaching around behind her, he pulled up her skirt and squeezed her ass. Julie gasped and let out a soft whimper as his strong hands closed around cheeks left uncovered by her tiny thong. His lips trailing across her neck, he whispered, “What about security?”

She grinned mischievously, nipping harder at his ear and delighting in his growls of pleasure. Her body was already on fire for him and aching for use.

“That’s the fun of it,” she breathed, “they might catch us. Maybe they’ll want to get in on it and fuck me, too.”

“Not on your life, missy. You’re all mine!”

She giggled at his reaction, knowing she had said just the right thing. Revved up by her teasing, Steve lifted her up onto the desk and pushed between her legs, tugging her thong aside and unzipping his pants in a flurry of motion. Cock now in his hand, he guided it to her waiting lips and teased her up and down. Julie moaned and squirmed as he dragged the head of his swollen cock up and down her glistening slit.

“Oohhhh! But maybe you won’t have a choice,” she continued teasing him, her eyes dancing in amusement as she tortured his mind with the possibilities. “Maybe they’ll blackmail you, or tie you down and make you watch while they take turns at fucking me!”

Driven over the edge, Steve climbed up onto the desk with her, plunging his cock roughly inside of her. Julie’s head flung back and she cried out in pleasure, wrapping her legs tightly around his hips and bucking up into him. Steve decided it was time to give her a taste of her own medicine.

“The only cock you’re getting is mine. But,” he countered, “I’m hoping that sexy lesbian from the office next door stops back by. Maybe she’d like to play.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Julie pulled him close. As he once again buried his face in her neck, she looked over at the door, sure she had just seen a slight movement in the dark. Smiling at the possibility, she moaned again, loudly, lifting her hips harder against his as she panted out, “Maybe. Maybe all they’ll do is watch, standing in the dark. Then, they’ll come and find me when I’m alone and threaten to get you fired if I don’t do what they want. What then, baby? Should I fuck them to save your job?”

“Which one, the guard or the lesbian?” Steve asked, trying hard to keep up their new game.

He nibbled his way down her neck and tore her shirt open. Tugging her bra up over her breasts, he twisted and pulled at her nipples, thrusting harder and harder into her as the desk creaked beneath them. Her body jerked and rocked beneath his, hips lifting Beylikdüzü escort and falling, ass slapping against the desk as they moved together. She cried out as his fingers teased her hard nipples, and she reached up to grip tightly to his shoulders.

“OH! Oooooh! Either of them! Oh fuck! YES Steve!”

Now beyond any games, Steve buried his face between her breasts, alternating between them. Coming up for air briefly, he ended the teasing, “Just shut up and fuck me, slut!” Lowering his mouth to her waiting flesh, he sucked and bit at her nipples, causing her back to arch in response. His body ached with pleasure as her pussy clenched his cock again and again with each of his thrusts.

Julie’s mind raced to keep up with all of the sensations as his mouth moved from breast to breast. She dropped her legs from around him, digging her heels into the edge of the desk to thrust back into him. Her eyes widened for a moment as a thought struck her. “What was that,” she thought to herself. During their cries of pleasure, she could have sworn she heard a sound at the door.

Not hearing, or possible ignoring, the sound, Steve pushed up off the desk with his hands. His arms straightened and he gazed down at the pleasure written clearly on her face. Before Julie could make heads or tails of the sound, her orgasm crashed over her. Bucking and thrashing under Steve, her pussy clenched tightly around his pistoning cock again and again. Unable to wait any longer, Steve bounced in and out of her, ramming hard as her climax tapered off and his own began.

‘Oh FUCK! Oh, Julie!” he cried, cumming inside of her explosively.

She gasped for breath under him and shuddered with ecstasy. Her breasts swayed and bounced with his thrusts and she could feel his warm cum deep inside her. She reached up, gripping the edge of the desk with one hand as her hips twitched and rocked against his throbbing shaft. Matching her movements, Steve arched his back, cock shoving hard inside her, pushing her along the desk. His climax reaching its end, his thrust turned to short, fast, erratic bounces. Finally sated, he collapsed against her, her pussy still milking his cock.

Struggling for breath, Julie closed her eyes and reached up to wrap around his broad shoulders. Her pussy continued to contract involuntarily, milking his as he lay atop her in his sweat-soaked shirt. She trembled beneath him as he covered her neck, face and lips with tiny kisses, reveling in their shared ecstasy.

“Mmmmmmm. I’ll never be this happy to be at work.”

She giggled breathlessly and returned his kisses, running one hand through his hair. “Why don’t we head home now, baby? We can spend the rest of the night like this.”

Sliding off her with a silly pout, Steve cleaned up to the best of his ability, zipping away his cock and helping her up off the desk. “Only the rest of the night?”

Julie giggled again as he helped her into a sitting position, her legs still spread wide and her breasts still on display.

“Mmmm. The rest of the night. All day tomorrow. All tomorrow night. All day Sunday. How’s that for starters?”

“Good thing I cleared my schedule,” he joked. “You’d better tidy up, then. We’ve got a busy weekend ahead of us. We’d better get moving.”

Laughing, Julie straightened her clothes and combed her fingers through her mussed hair before sliding off the desk and heading to the door. Sliding up behind her, Steve slapped her ass playfully, but hard.

“You’re such a naughty girl!” he told her, giggling as she jumped and squealed at the slap.

She reached back to rub her ass with exaggerated care, a pout forming on her lips, as Steve moved up beside her. He snaked his arm around her waist and lead them to the elevator.

“Mmmmmm. I love that look,” he moaned appreciatively. “You’ve got such amazing dick-sucking lips.”

Julie grinned at him as they stepped into the elevator. Stopping, she turned him to face her and draped her arms around his neck, grinding her hips against his.

“I love wrapping them around your cock,” she whispered teasingly. “In fact, I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do as soon as we get home.”

Steve leaned back against the wall of the elevator and pressed the button for the first floor, eagerly running his hands up and down her body as the doors close. He stared into her eyes and could tell that she could feel his cock getting hard against her. Julie let out a moan and gave him a mischievous look before dropping to her knees, nuzzling her face against his crotch.

“You know, I don’t think I can wait that long,” she purred.

Seeing their reflection in the stainless steel doors, Steve unzipped his fly and presented his cock to Julie’s waiting mouth. “Nobody here’s going to stop you.”

She tittered and opened her mouth, her lips wrapping around his shaft. Tasting their mixed juices still on him, she relaxed her jaw and took him deep into her throat. She moaned in pleasure at Escort Beylikdüzü the taste and began bobbing her head up and down as she held his hips.

“Oh, my little cum slut,” Steve whispered down to her. He ran his fingers through her thick, dark hair, turning to watch their reflection. His cock pulsed in Julie’s throat as he got more and more excited watching her swallow his cock.

Julie grunted and groaning against him, struggling for breath. She bobbed her head faster and faster and stared hungrily at his cock each time she pulled away from it. It glistened with saliva and precum, the same mixture coating her lips as she gazed up at him expectantly.

Steve eyes were closed against the pleasure as his groans filled the tiny space. Opening them again, he saw her reflected image looking up at him. Steve peered down into her eyes and understood her need.

“Oh, Julie. You want my cum bad, don’t you?” he asked, eyes rolling back in his head with pleasure once more as her tongue expertly massaged his cock. “You … you won’t have to wait much longer,” he gasped.

She moaned happily and nodded her head, taking his down into her throat again and again, sucking and slurping eagerly at his cock. Ready for release, Steve grabbed the back of her neck and shoved just a bit deeper into her throat and groaned loudly, cum spurting down into her. She grunted and gagged slightly, his cum filling her mouth and throat as his cock throbbed hotly between her lips. Knees weakening, Steve leaned back against the wall, grabbing the rail for support.

“Oh,” Steve began, laughing weakly with a big grin on his face, “You’re going to get me in trouble one of these days!”

He had just finished speaking when the bell rang, announcing their arrival in the lobby. As Steve hurried to tuck himself back in, Julie pulled back wordlessly, licking her lips, savoring every last drop. As she got back up to her feet, she pressed a kiss to his lips before spinning on her heel and sauntering out of the elevator, hips swaying tantalizingly.

Watching her go, Steve shook the cobwebs out of his head and worked to catch his breath. He reached out just as the doors were almost closed and hurried to catch up to her, pulled ever onward by that sultry swinging of her hips. Halfway across the lobby, he caught up to her and Julie grinned over at him playfully, slipping her arm around his waist. Steve walked beside her, his arm draped across her shoulders. As they approached the door, she gave a cheery wave to the security guard, who smiled nervously and blushed.

Not noticing the guard’s reaction, Steve opened the door and watched Julie walk out before turning to say good night. In response, the guard favored him with a huge grin, a wink a “thumbs-up.”

Shaking his head and laughing, Steve moved to catch up with Julie, anxious to continue their adventure. “I think we have a fan,” he said, motioning back over his shoulder with his thumb. Julie laughed and blushed, inwardly excited by the thought of being watched. She turned back to look, but the guard was no longer in view. Seeing they were alone, Julie dropped her hand from Steve’s waist and wiggled her fingers down into his back pocket.

“Show off!” Steve laughed. Following her lead, he reached down and lifted her skirt, the cold night air bringing goose bumps to her flesh as he dragged his middle finger along her thong, shoving it deeper and deeper into the crack of her ass. She gasped and squealed, blushing profusely and shivering as cool air struck her suddenly warm cheeks. She darted forward a few steps, her hand slipping from Steve’s pocket as she skipped away from his teasing finger. He laughed wildly now, and began chasing after her like some B horror movie villain, grabbing at her madly.

“I’m going to get you, little girl!”

Julie squirmed away from him, shrieking with laughter. She ran on ahead, her laughs floating back to him on the breeze and she raced for their apartment building. Ignoring the stares from the few others still out so late, Steve sped up, grabbing Julie by the waist and spinning around and around and around, giggling like a little kid. She squealed again as he wrapped his arms around her, breathless laughter shaking her body as they spun.

Suddenly inspired, Steve pulled Julie down the alley beside their building, taking her out of view behind a pile of boxes. He spun her around and pushed her roughly against the wall, eliciting a little yelp of surprise from her. His breath hot on the back of her neck, he lifted her skirt again and pressed his crotch hard against her exposed ass. She gasped and panted for breath as he begin grinding into her from behind, his hands running up her sides and roughly grabbing her breasts through her thin shirt.

Reaching up with one hand, Steve turned her face to the side so he could stare into it’s beauty. His tongue snaked out for her ear, pulling her lobe between his teeth. His other hand strayed down between them and he unzipped his fly before tugging aside her thong. His cock still wet and slippery from their mingled cum and Julie’s saliva, it parted her cheeks easily and pressed against her puckered hole.

“I’m going to take you right here, slut. How does that make you feel?”

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