Jose’s Pet

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Jose’s PetThe small turbo jet began its flight even though there were some warnings of possible bad weather. To complicate the flight they were flying over a very isolated area in the deep jungle of Brazil. This area was beyond any radar signal but the pilot assured his wealthy passengers that there was no worry. He assured them he had flown this route many times with no problems.Charles Watson needed to return home as soon as possible to conclude a very large real estate deal and decided to trust his pilot. He was a well known billionaire who owned many hotels among other things. So he along with his wife and nineteen year old daughter June boarded the plane feeling assured they would arrive safety to their destination. It was to be an eight hour flight and things went fine for the first three hours. Suddenly they were advised to fasten their seat belts. The pilot reported they were entering into a large thunderstorm. He warned things might get a little rough but again there was no reason to be overly concerned. He did not tell them they were flying over a very isolated unexplored area of the jungle.The jet began to be toss about by strong winds and the ride was becoming very rough. Suddenly a large bolt of lightening hit the plane knocking out one of the engines. As the pilot fought for control the jet was flying toward some tall mountain peaks. With only one engine the pilot knew he would not be able to climb enough to fly over the tallest peaks. As a result he attempted to go around the mountain. However, at this point the jet was again struck by lightening and the pilot had no choice. He did his best to allow the jet to glide down into the jungle. He knew the chance of survival was next to none. The jet crashed into the lush growth and mostly destroyed. But as it crashed it broke into section. One section contained the only survivor June. Maybe it was her youth but she found herself in a portion of the jet that landed in a lush growth breaking the fall somewhat. As she gradually regained conscious she found herself still strapped into the seat. As her mind cleared she slowly began to realize her predicament. She was lost in a hostile jungle. She was tangled in a tree about fifty feet above the jungle floor. She had no idea what to do.June was not an outdoor girl. She had grown up in the lap of luxury. Her occupation was attending school. Her Father was always overprotective of her. She had never had to fend for herself and now here she was. She could not see the rest of the jet but felt sure no one could have survived. Yet, here she was and as far she could tell she was not injured but she did not know what to do.June was incapacitated by her situation. So she just sat in her seat as the thunderstorm finally began to clear. After several hours she was surprised to hear voices below her. “Please help me,” she screamed having no idea who was there to hear her.Jose Sanchez ruled his jungle community with an iron hand. Everyone knew who was in charged and no one dared challenged him. They called him Captain. He had previously led a group of rebels fighting against the government but they were defeated. This caused them to flee to the deep jungles where over time they built a stable community. Here he was the law and he was free from any government interference. His village consisted of over 300 people including women and c***dren. They did not have all the conveniences of modern life but they lived comfortably with what they had. They had limited electricity and their community had comfortable dwellings. They raised crops in their farm and the jungle provided with most of what else they needed.Jose was informed that a plane had crashed near the village. He immediately sent his troops to see what they could learn of what happened. He was hoping there might be some things they could savage from the wreck. As his men returned there was much excitement. Jose walked out to see what they had found. There his trusted Sergeant led a girl to him.“Look what we found,” his Sergeant said.“What have we here?” he replied looking the girl over. She was blond and even with the mud soaked clothes he could see she was quite attractive.“What is your name?” he asked.“June, please help me find my family,” she pleaded.“There were no other survivors. I don’t know how she survived such a crash,” the Sergeant explained.“I have to get home to let them know what happened. You have to help me,” June almost screamed.“Go clean her up and bring her to my office,” Jose commanded. He turned and walked away.“Please you have to help me,” June shouted as she watched him walk away.June was not used to taking orders; she was used to giving them. As she was taken to a small building she was handed over to several women. They immediately began to take off her clothes.“What are you doing?’ she demanded as she unsuccessfully fought against the removal of her blouse.“We are going to clean you up and make you presentable to Captain Sanchez. Now pleased stop struggling and let us undress you,” one lady said in no uncertain terms.June knew she had no choice so reluctantly undressed and stepped into the shower. All the while she was thinking that once she gets out of this place she is going to make all these people pay. You did not treat a billionaire’s daughter this way and now that her father was likely dead she would be inheriting much of his estate. These people had no idea who she was but she thought, “They are going to find out!”When she finished the shower she was presented with white cotton panties and a rather plain dress. It fully covered her but the material was not thick enough to conceal her nipples and there was no bra given.While June had dated some her Father had been very protective and so June was still a virgin. She had very little experience with sex other than some masturbation. As she stood there she felt her nipples press against the rather rough fabric and in her confused state she felt an unfamiliar feeling. It was something about being out in the wild of the jungle that seemed to be having an effect on her.“It is time for you to go see Captain Sanchez,” a woman announced. June followed as they took her to his office.“Come in June,” he said. She now stood in his office. The ladies left them alone.“Mr. Sanchez, my father was a very wealthy man and you will be greatly rewarded for helping me,” she said with confidence. She also thought that he would regret treating her as a common nobody.“What would you like me to do for you?”“I need to get back to civilization as soon as possible. I am sure you could easily take me,” she explained.“Yes I could but I am not going to,” he said.“What?” she responded shocked at his refusal.“At this time I have other plans for you,” he said.“I don’t think you understand who I am,” she almost shouted. She could not believe this low life would not immediately do what she said. It was simply beyond her comprehension that someone would go against her wishes.“I think you are a young female in the middle of the jungle and you are completely at my mercy,” he said and smiled.Suddenly June understood that maybe her status in the civilized world did not mean anything here. She felt a shutter go through her body.“What are you saying?” she asked her confidence disappearing being replaced by anxiety.“You see June I am the Commander here. I make the rules and everyone obeys me. Everyone depends on me and knows it is unlikely they could survive without me. As a result I do what I want and no one questions my actions. Also, the authorities will never find your crash site in the middle of the jungle and you will all be presumed dead. No one will ever look for you,” he explained.June’s anxiety was dramatically increasing. She had never been in a situation where she felt totally defenseless. She knew that what he was saying was true.“I have been a bit bored lately. And you present me was something interesting. I believe I will keep you,” he said and again smiled.“What do you mean keep me? You can’t keep me!” she almost screamed.“Oh, but yes I can. I can very easily keep you. I believe I will now consider you my pet.”June could not believe what she was hearing. She was to be his pet. What did that mean? It made no sense.“So from now on you will do exactly what I tell you to do. Your life can be relatively nice or it can get very uncomfortable,” he explained.“You can’t be serious,” she said but as she looked at him she knew he was. “Are you going to **** me?” she suddenly asked.“No, on the contrary I nor anyone else will fuck you until you ask me to do so,” he calmly replied.“I will never want you to have sex with me, you must be crazy,” she said feeling some sense of relief that he was not going to **** her here and now. However, she did not like his inference that at some point she would want to have sex with man about the same age as her Father.“What I do want you to do is to take off your dress,” he ordered with some firmness in his voice.“No, I will not,” she said wondering what was next.“Okay, you can do it the easy way or you can pay a price for your disobedience. You see I am a fair kind of guy and you will have a most different kind of relationship with me since you have never been a pet. I treat my dogs very well as long as they do what I want. When they disobey they are punished as you will be if you choose not to obey me,” he explained.June just looked at him. “He thinks I am the same as one of his dogs”, she thought with disbelief. “So I ask one more time; take off the dress.”June felt paralyzed not knowing what to do. Many thoughts went through her head but then her ego woke up and she knew this guy was not going to make her do anything she did not want to .“No, I will not do it,” she replied looking at him with digust.“Okay, that is fine,” Jose said as he stood up. He walked toward her and she backed up but there was nowhere to go. Before June knew what happen Jose grabbed her and pulled her down on his lap.“Whap!” June felt the first blow of his spanking as his hand slapped against her ass.“What are you doing?” June screamed as he began spanking her hard. She could aksaray escort not believe what was happening. She had never been spanked in her life.She could feel her skin warming up as his spanking continued. Her butt cheeks were stinging more with each slap. It was beginning to be very painful.“Please stop!” she cried. He held her firmly and there was nothing she could do.Jose spanked her for several minutes and then helped her to stand. June could not help but rubbed her stinging ass. No one had ever done such a thing to her. Not only the pain but the humiliation was almost too much to bear.“Now June, remove your dress,” he ordered as he looked up at her from where he was seating. She now understood that this man got what he wanted.Through tearful eyes June pulled the dress up and off of her body. She new stood before him in just her panties. June bowed her head feeling even more humiliated.“Very nice,” Jose said. “Your titties are not that big but they are very well formed and your nipples are very perky. I like that. You will make a very good pet even if it takes a while,” he explained.“Now take off your panties and let me see your pussy.”June could not believe what she was doing but she did not want any more spanking. She slowly pulled her panties down and presented her most private area to this strange man. No other man had ever seen her totally naked like this and she trembled as she felt his gaze go over her body.“You have a very nice shaped pussy. I like that you have shaved and it is nice and smooth. You clit seems a little large but that is okay. Now turn around.”June could not believe this man was critiquing her vagina. She slow turned around presenting her ass to him.“Mmmm, very nice ass. Bend over and pull your ass cheeks apart for me.”Again June could not believe what she was hearing. He wanted her to pose in this obscene manner revealing her most vulnerable female parts. What else could she do.June complied bending over sticking her ass into the air and pulling her ass cheeks apart so Jose had a close view of anus and her pussy.“Yes, you have a very nice pussy and ass. How many guys have fucked you?” he asked.June did not answer immediately but finally admitted as she whispered “I am a virgin. Please don’t hurt me.”Jose was shocked at her admission.“Nice, I am very surprised. I thought most of you young civilized girls began fucking in high school. So I guess no one has ever stuck their cock in your ass either.”“Why would they want to do that? That is so gross,” she replied shocked that he would ask such a thing. But as she thought about his question she felt even more vulnerable bent over presenting her ass to him.“You have lived a very sheltered life haven’t you?”“My Father was very protective of me,” she answered.“Well I will be very protective of you too if you obey. However, it does not really matter what you think now because eventually you will be happy to be my pet,” he said laughing.June wanted to slap him but knew better than to do this. She did not know what he had in plans for her but her stomach turned as she wondered what was next for her. June was still bent over with her ass sticking up as they talked.“Stay just like that. I am going to make your ass feel better from my spanking. You will see I can treat you nice too,” he said. June continued in the humiliating position.“Now let go of your ass cheeks,” Jose ordered. June complied somewhat relieved that at least her anus was not open for him.“Ohhh,” June gasped as she felt a cool lotion being applied to her butt. With everything going on her mind had gotten off the stinging of her ass. But as Jose applied the lotion June noticed her ass began to feel much better. She felt a slight warming feeling as he massaged the lotion into her ass cheeks. “That feels much better doesn’t it?” he asked. He did not tell her that this lotion was made from a very special jungle plant. While it soothed skin rashes it also had the additional quality of increasing the skin’s sensitivity. This also directly effected the libido giving it a subtle boost. It was particularly effective on young females.June could only feel the soothing nature of it even though she dimly felt a certain sensitivity that she chose to ignore focusing on the cool feelings on her skin. June felt Jose fingers kneading her ass cheeks. It was beginning to feel rather good. However when he slide his fingers between her butt cheeks and began applying the lotion to her anus she tightened up. She could feel a strange feeling as he rubbed in the lotion. Her anus had never felt like this and when he poked her butt hole his finger slipped just a little inside.“Ohhh,” June could not help sighing as she felt this push against her anus with the lotion on her fingers. Jose smiled at her reaction. He made it a point to stay away from her pussy lips. That would be for later.“Okay, that should make you feel a lot better,” he said.“Let me see what I have for you to wear,” he said as he went to his desk and opened a draw.First he pulled out a bra but as June looked it was only a half bra. She could see that it would only push her small breasts up and do nothing to cover her nipples.“Put this on,” Jose commanded. June did as ordered. As she slipped the bra on she felt it push her tits up and seemed to make her nipples stick straight out.“Very nice,” Jose said.He then hand her some panties. To June shock these simply had two strings that went on each side of her pussy and then up her ass. It left her pussy totally visible. But she put it on with no protest.“Josh looked at June standing there with her titties sticking out and her pussy surrounded by two silk straps. As June stood up straight the straps pulled on her pussy lips pushing them out a bit.“Very nice, that will do very well.”He then handed her a small elastic band about 3 inches wide and made of a silky material.“What is this for?” June asked.“Put it around her titties,” he explained. June slipped the material over her head and pulled it over her titties. She might as well not been wearing anything. In fact this was worse than wearing nothing since it exaggerated her boobs seeming to say notice me.Jose then handed her a very small white skirt.As June put this on it barely covered her revealed pussy. She would have to stand very straight or else her pussy would be easy seen.He then gave her some white high heeled shoes. June put these on.“You look great. Just the way my pet should look. Now one more item.”He handed her a dog collar about an inch wide. June got idea and put it around her neck. Jose then attached a chain to it.“Now let’s take some photos,” Jose commanded. June did as he requested knowing she did not have any choice. “If ever get the chance he will pay for this,” she thought to herself. However, remembering the spanking she posed as he directed and allowed him to photograph her in all these revealing pornographic positions. Jose spent the next hour taking photos of her in many different position and just added to June’s humiliation. “I know my friends will love to see these photos on my facebook page,” Jose commented. June just looked down.When Jose finished taking the photos he said, “Let’s take a walk.”“You mean go outside dressed like this,” she said in astonishment.“Of course, you will have to get used to being put on display. That is one of the main jobs of a pet.”Jose pulled on the chain and June slowly followed him out the door. There were several men and women sitting in the next room and they all looked up as Jose led his pet out.“Friends, I want you to see my new pet. I hope everyone will enjoy looking her but I want everyone to know she is under my protection and no one will do anything to her unless I give permission. Please let everyone know this,” Jose instructed.“She looks great boss,” one of the men said.Then everyone in the room began to clap their hands cheering their boss’s new pet.As June stepped into the office and found herself the object of everyone’s attention her anxiety shot up. Her mind was a confused emotional pile of everything from devastating humiliation to extreme anger at Jose for doing this to her. As these people began cheering her mind continued to race and she found it difficult to stand or focus on anything. Here she was, she was June Watson, not some trashy tramp. No one would have treated her this but here she was and these people could see her dressed as a total slut. She could not stand it.Jose was an expert in human relationships and he understood people. He guessed that at some point June would be pushed too far and would have some type of breakdown. He expected this and had a plan on how to use it.“Let’s go outside,” Jose said and pulled her through the door out in the middle of the village where everyone was working.Jose could see June was near her breaking point. This girl had never endure anything like the past few hours and now she was on display for people she thought were at best trash. Now they were looking and laughing at her and her obscene dress.As June felt Jose pull her outside her anxiety and anger continued to billow. She was standing on a small porch and everyone working outside stopped their activity and was now looking at her. Some were laughing and all the men had smiles on their face. Most of the women were looking at her with disgust in their eyes.“Look friends, this is my new pet. Don’t you just love her,” Jose exclaimed to the crowd who was now gathering near the porch to have a better look. Jose was doing everything he could to break June down. He wanted her to collapse and knew she was very close. He could see the blankness in her eyes as she swayed back and forth.“Noooooo!,” June suddenly began to scream.“I am June Watson, not some dirty slut pet!”All her raw emotions were flooding out as she began to sob and look at Jose with fury in her eyes. She attacked him with all her might swinging her arms in a feeble attempt to hurt him. He easily avoided her strikes and after a short period of fruitless attacks June simply collapsed on the ground crying hysterically.“Friends I am so sorry for this amasya escort outburst,” Jose said looking solemn.“I thought she was ready for this but now she has totally disrespected me in front of all of you. I want you to know that while I admit I made a mistake to bring her out to show you but I will take care of the matter,” he continued.Jose grabbed June by the hair pulling her up and slinging her over his shoulders. He quickly went back inside and took June to her room. As he did he smiled to himself. This was going exactly as he had planned. He placed June on her bed and left saying nothing. June lay there and sobbed herself to sleep.“Get up,” the lady shouted as sun shone through the small window.June was awakened by one of her attendants shaking her.“It is time for you to get up,” she said.June got out of bed. She was still dressed in the slutty clothes and this brought the previous day back to her consciousness. She remembered everything.“I hear you really screwed up yesterday,” the lady said.“I have never seen the Captain so upset,” she continued with the instructions that Jose had given her to say to June. He wanted June to be very afraid of what he might do.“I have seen him kill someone for disrespecting him and from what I hear you disrespected him in front of most everyone,” she explained.June did not know what to think. She had decided that Jose was a narcissistic sadist. The fact that he was in complete control of this village only served to heightened her fears. She now feared for her life but suddenly the thought that he had not killed her yet meant he had other plans for her. She remembered him saying her could make things very unpleasant for her. She feared she would now find out what that meant.“What do you think he will do to me?” June asked.“I have no idea. He usually does not kill women but he is very angry with you,” she explained.June sat back down on the bed and began to sob again.“Now stop that. Captain told me to come in here and get you up. He did not want you whimpering all day in bed. So come here and take off those clothes so we can clean you up. Captain will want to see you at some point so you at least need to be presentable for him.”June was dressed in a plain dress that covered her but with no panties. She was given a very large container of peas and told that she would spend the day shelling these. She was told that she had better get to work.Since June had no idea of what she could do she sat and shelled peas. The day slowly passed and soon she had shelled the entire containers.“Very good, you are good for something,” the lady attendant commented as she returned to room bringing June some dinner.“Why hasn’t Jose sent for me?” June asked.“Jose does what he wants to do.”Three days passed without any word from Jose. June spent each day shelling peas, shucking corn, and various other duties that the attendant brought to her room.On the morning of the fourth day the attendant arrived.“Make yourself as presentable as possible. Jose wants to see you.”Jose’s office door was opened for June. She walked in. Jose motioned for her to sit in a chair. She sat down.“I’m sorry ….” she began.“Silence,” Jose shouted.June sat in silence as she felt Jose’s cold stare. It was several minutes of excruciating silence before Jose spoke.“Do you realize how you disrespected me in front of all my subjects,” he said in a cold stern voice.“I’m sorry,” June whimpered. Part of her wanted to tell him how much it pleased her to make him look bad but another part was deathly afraid of this man and only wanted to appease him.“Do you think your apology helps?”June was afraid to answer.“At first I thought about just taking you out and in front of everyone chopping off your head. I then considered just taking you back out into the jungle where you would not last the night,” he explained. June was almost shaking in fear and anxiety.Jose could easily see the effect he was having and he was pleased.“I decided I would not do any drastic action. I am going to let you live. But you do have to be punished and so you will be,” he explained and stood up.Before given her a chance to speak he said, “Follow me!”She followed him through his office to a building in the back. It seemed to be some sort of storage building. Toward the back their was a wooden chair.“Sit,” he ordered.As she sat in the chair two women appeared and quickly tape her wrists to the arms of the chair. June was too surprised to resist. They quickly strapped her ankles to the legs of the chair. June was trapped.“Pleased don’t hurt me,” she pleaded.“Silence,” Jose said and quickly one of the women put a cloth into her mouth and then secured it with duct tape.The women then wrapped a thin metal about three inches wide around her lower leg. She noticed that there was a soft material that made contact with her skin. She noticed that it was wet and water dripped down her legs as it was secured. June saw wires coming from each of the wraps.She noticed that neither of the women would meet her gaze and they both had very worried looks on their face. June felt the anxiety rising and began to tremble with fear.“June you disrespected me in front of my subject. I have decided to be generous and not kill you but you do deserve severe punishment,” he pronounced. He then picked up a switch as June watched. When he clicked the switch June’s eyes open wide.June had never felt such a jolt of pain as electricity flowed through her body. She was being electrocuted and her body jerked with u*********s seizures. June’s bladder and bowels released as the pain was beyond anything she had ever known.Then Jose flipped the switch and the surge was gone. June fought to get her breath back. Even with the cloth and tape on her mouth she had dribble leaking from the side of her mouth. As her consciousness returned she found herself sitting in her own feces. She hurt all over.“Clean her up and bring her back,” Jose ordered.The women complied. June had no fight in her as the women took her limp body to the next room and began to clean. Soon they were drying her with a towel and proceeded to take her back to the room.“No, pleased don’t take me back in there,” she pleaded.But June has little strength to protest as they carried and strapped her back in the chair. June was now sobbing and shaking as she sat again in the torture chair.“Please, I will do anything. Don’t hurt me again!” she cried as she watch the women re-attached the metal around her legs.Jose said nothing as the women stood up and left the room.“Your punishment is not over. You do not yet understand the damage your action did to me. I took care of you and you disrespected me in the worse possible manner,” he said and flip the switch.Again June’s body jerked with the surge and her body seized up as the pain was unbearable. What seem like an eternity ended with Jose flipping the switch again.June was trembling and shaking as the major pain subsided leaving only the resultant pain of the injury to her muscles. Spit and mucus was flowing out her nose and mouth as she slowly regain some composure. “Please, no more,” she whispered.As she did so he flipped the switch and her tortured body jerked hard with response trying to rid itself and the extreme pain. Jose quickly flipped the switch off. He did not want to damage her body only to teach her a powerful lesson.“Take her back to her room and care for her,” he instructed the women.They took her back to her room.“Here is some tea that will help with the pain and allow you to sleep,” one of the women said. She did not add it would also increase her libido and her overall sensitivity.June drank the tea and found some relief but it seemed that every muscle in her body was hurting. June did not awaken until the next day. As she awoke she found that she her muscles ached. June was grateful for the ladies who care for her. What she did not know was that all the food and drink contained various herbs that had an effect on her sexual desire.At first June did not notice much but when one of the ladies began to massage her shoulders June felt the first stirrings. Each night she was given a massage with an soothing smelling oil. Each night her body seem to respond to the oil. She noticed especially when the woman rubbed it on her breasts. After several days her nipples would get very hard. Also, as the woman rolled her over and massaged her ass cheeks she felt wetness developing in her vagina. When the woman pressed her finger down her butt crack and rubbed it over her anus June felt a thrill running over her. However, the masseuse had been instructed to stimulate June but not to let her get anywhere close to an orgasm. So just as June’s juices began stirring the massage was over. June also noticed excitement when the lady put shaving lotion on her pussy. They had been instructed to keep her pussy cleanly shaven and so each night they shaved her. When they placed lotion on her sensitive skin afterwards June felt some unfamiliar stirring and each time they became more pronounced.“What is happening to me?” she wondered.The massage continued each night and it took a little over a week for her to feel fully recovered from her punishment. During that time she began to look very forward to her nightly massages and pussy shavings.“Jose wants to see you,” one of the ladies told her the next morning. June again felt her anxiety rise but most of the fight of this young girl was gone. Deep inside she still knew who she was and there was fury but it was deep and she knew it would not be allowed to even come into her consciousness. She could not afford such.Chapter 2:June entered Jose’s office with trepidation and stood before him.“I hope you have learned something,” he said not even looking up.As Jose gaze rose June body’s shuttered and she was surprised by what she was feeling. The anxiety was still very present, she was afraid, but there was also something else. It was like a fascination with Jose and his power. As she stood there, as Jose just looked at her, she could feel a warmth spreading through her. As the feeling spread she escort bayan noticed that her nipples were now very erect pressing against the thin cotton of the dress she was wearing. Also, she notice a wetness between her legs and she could actually feel her clitoris filling with blood.“What is happening to me?” June wondered as her mind was flooded with too many sensations, fears, and thoughts. She hated this man for what he had done to her but now he seemed to be causing passions to arise in her. Excitement like she had never before experienced.Jose gazed at his captive. He watched as June trembled slightly as she stood before him. He also noticed that as he stared June’s nipples began to be very visible pressing through the thin material. He knew this was a combination of his herbal treatments and the mind shaping he had been doing. He was pleased that there were good signs that it was working. He stared a few minutes longer knowing that he was increasing both June’s anxiety and her excitement too.“Take off the dress,” he suddenly said.Without hesitation June removed the dress and now was stranding naked before Jose.Jose looked closely at June. He noticed her perky nipples. As he looked at her pussy it looked at if there was some wetness.“Move closer,” he instructed.June stepped close to his desk and Jose stood up. She could feel her pussy becoming very moist as Jose stared at her. The more he looked the more she felt a kind of pressure building with her womb. She was afraid she was going to leak some fluid since she could feel the moisture building.Jose saw that his instructions to keep June’s pussy free of any hair was followed. He did not want anything to obstruct his view. Now he could see that her pussy was very moist.“Why is your pussy wet June?” he asked.“I don’t know,” she whispered.“Am I turning you on?”“No, I don’t know what is happening,” she said becoming more perplexed as both her fear and excitement built.“It looks to me as if you wet pussy suggests that you must be some kind of slut that gets turned on by men looking at your naked body,” Jose explained.“It seems you really like me staring at your pussy,” he continued.“Go sit in that chair and spread your legs wide,” Jose instructed.June had wondered what would happen when she again met with Jose but she never considered anything like this. She did not know what was happening but knew she had to obey Jose. She sat down on the chair and spread her legs. This only increased the pressure of her libido and it took all her concentration to prevent her from rubbing her pussy.“Please, I don’t know what is happening to me,” she whispered.“So what would you have me do?” Jose asked.“I don’t know, I am so confused,” June felt as she did just before she had an orgasm. It was if she had been masturbating and the orgasm was very close. Yet, she had not even touched herself and much worse it seemed that Jose was causing this.“It looks to me as if you need a good fucking,” Jose said.“No, please don’t **** me,” she replied.“I told you before I would not **** you. I will not fuck you until you beg me to,” he answered.“Put her hand on your pussy,” he ordered.As June hand touch her pussy she felt as their was an electric shock and her body hunched. She could feel the wetness.“I see your pussy is very wet. Take your fingers and rubbed in the wetness.”June did this and felt more sexually stimulated than anytime in her life.Jose could see June was near an orgasm. “Stop! Now suck your pussy juice off your fingers,” he ordered. He was thinking how much he would like to be licking all those juices. He imagined the juices tasted very sweet and he felt his cock rise at the thought.June licked her fingers and could taste her own essence. In the past she would have never thought of doing such a disgusting thing but now she wanted to drink the her own produced nectar. Her soaked fingers tasted wonderful.“So at this point you do not want me to fuck you but you want to rub your own pussy?”“Yes, pleased let me rub my pussy,” June begged. June could not believe she was begging Jose to let her masturbate in front of him.“You know now that you have to obey me?”“Yes, I know,” June gasped now consumed with her pussy screaming for release.“I may let you touch your pussy but you must understand that the only time you can do this is when you have my direct permission. This means you can not masturbate when you are alone. Also, when your attendants massage you, you can not have any type of sexual release. If you do I will not only punish you I will also punish them. Do you understand?”“Yes I understand,” she whimpered.Jose stood back a little. He opened his desk and removed a video camera. He set it up to video June, turned it on and smiled.“Go ahead and play with your pussy,” he said.June’s hand went from her mouth to her pussy. Almost immediately there was a flood of passion flowing through her.“Ohhhhhhh!” she screamed as her pussy erupted.June looked up at Jose who was smiling and this only seemed to fuel her passions even more. At that moment see saw him as almost a God.“Ohhhhhhh!” she continued to have orgasms after orgasm. It seemed to last forever. Her body was gyrating and hunching in a most obscene manner. As she felt each orgasm she was flopping around on the chair and then slipped down to the floor. She looked as if she was having an epileptic seizure but what she was having was pure bliss.Finally her body was exhausted and she simple collapsed on the floor. Jose noticed a puddle of pussy juice on the floor. He watched as June attempted to compose herself to some degree.“You seemed to enjoy that?” Jose asked as he smiled.“You made a mess on my floor,” he said pointing to the puddle of juice from June’s pussy.June finally managed to pull herself up to a sitting position. She could not believe what had happened. She had never felt such feelings. She in fact did not know such exctasy even existed.“June, I said you made a mess on my floor,” Jose said bringing June’s attention back to the present.“Lick up that juice,” he ordered.June did not understand at first. She looked at the small puddle of liquid and then it dawned on her what it was. She felt a wave of disgust but this was mixed with one of lust. She was shocked that she wanted to drink her pussy juice. She also noticed she was beginning to enjoy following Jose’s instructions.“What is happening to me?” she again wondered as she crawl over to the puddle. She bent her head down and licked up the juice. It was both one of the most humiliating things she had ever done but it was also making her pussy wet again. She could not believe how much she was enjoying the taste of her own pussy juice.“Get up off the floor,” Jose said.June slowly stood up. She was a mess. Pussy juice dripped down her legs and the taste from licking it up on the floor was still in her mouth. Her pussy lips was sore from her self inflicted abuse but as she stood there she wanted to touch them again. She looked at Jose.“You are doing very well my pet”, he said.He pushed a button on his desk and June’s attendants appeared in the room. They both looked at June surprised by her appearances.“Now go back to your room and remember you are not to touch yourself in any sexual manner until I give you permission. If you or one of your attendants do anything that allows you sexual satisfaction you and them will be severely punished. Do you understand?” he said.“Yes,” June whispered.He then addressed the attendants. “You will continue her massages and keep her pussy shaved clean but if you give her any satisfaction you will be punished,” he explained.“Yes sir,” they answered looking very scared. They had seen June’s punishment and knew it could be even worse than that.June was taken back to her room. She was totally exhausted from her sexual explosion but as the attendants washed her she began to relax. However, she was very conscious of their washing her skins. Each stroke of the wash cloth on her back reminded her of her new sensuous nature. One that she did not seem to be able to control.As the women applied shaving cream to between her legs June let out a large sign. This frightened the woman so much she was unable to shave June fearing that her shaking hands would allow the razor to cut her. The attendant had to take over. However, they were very careful to prevent June from any type of sexual satisfaction. While exhausted June continued to feel the call of her sex but she finally slipped into a deep sleep.June awoke the next morning with the gnawing desire arising between her legs. Before she was fully awake she stopped her hand from moving down to her pussy to satisfy its craving. She could feel her engorged clit and knew the penalty for attempting to satisfy its demands.June stood up and put on her only dress. As the material slid over her erect nipples she whimpered at the need to massage them but she did not. Soon her attendant brought some more peas to be shelled and thus she began her daily routine. Even though she concentrated on her task the sexual craving were always present screaming for their satisfaction.It was later in the evening that her attendant said, “Jose wants to see you.”A thrill went through June and her body shuttered. She knew that Jose would allow her the satisfaction she must have. As she thought this she was also disgusted with herself for being so happy that this monster of a man wanted to see her. She knew that he would again humiliate her and while she hated the thought she could not wait.“Come in,” Jose said.June came into his office again and stood in front of his desk. Her attendants had put her hair into pigtails as Jose had demanded. She now stood before him almost like a school girl but a school girl who pussy was pleading to be satisfied.“Take off that dress.”June did so wanting him to hurry and give her the permission she wanted.“Put this on,” Jose said as he handed her and bra and panties.June was disappointed. She did not want to be wearing anything, she wanted to rub her pussy.June looked at the panties and saw they were mostly little strings. As she slipped them on one string went on each side of her pussy lips. As she pulled them up they pressed her pussy lips outward. This action continued to remind June that her pussy was demanding attention. The bra was only half a bra. It simply push her tits up and allowing her nipples to protrude straight out.

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