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…………..Writer JCW …………..Story Three Song Birds

Fiction is :imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented. b. The act of inventing such a creation or pretense. 2. A lie. 3.a. A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact. b. The category of literature comprising works of this kind, including novels and short stories. 4. Law. Something untrue that is intentionally represented as true by the narrator.

Ok I cheated I went to my dictionary

He, He

Okay to cover my ass I don”t know anyone that I might name in this mess of words, and don”t really think they would act like I wish they would. check above to see what it means to say FICTION.

(On with the fun)

A dark van drove into the woods near a large town. It waited for a door to raise out of the way so it can back into the parking space. The door shut behind the van, and the sharp sound of a lock was heard as it locked the door shut.

A group of young men was pushed out of the van, and escorted into a hidden passageway. The door was slammed shut with a loud sound of metal on metal. The only sound was of shuffling feet on the cement floor. After awhile the group was standing in front of a large cell with bars fronting it. They can see into their new home. It was a large room with an open shower on the back wall. Toilets setting in the open for all to see and use. A urinal was placed near by in case it was needed while the toilets were being used. A small gym was at one end of the room for their use. a rather large bed was placed near the right wall of the cell. All six of the boys will be sleeping together in the one bed.

The door to the cell was open to a small cage with another door into the cell it was closed, and locked. only one door at a time can be opened.

Each of the boys had their wrists bound behind their back with that handy plastic ties the cops had made so popular. They are forced to their knees in a single line in the wide hallway in front of the cell. The head of the group called for some of the men to strip them naked. Some of the larger men grab a boys arms to drag him to his feet while a young boy about fourteen or fifteen started with the first boy in line unbuckling his belt, unbuttons his fly, and zips down the zipper. He pushes down the pants. The exposed underwear followed it down soon after. Be it tightly whites, boxers, or bikini it all falls to the floor. The next item of interest was any jackets or shirt the boy was wearing. It was unzipped, or unbuttoned then pushed back off his shoulders then down his arms to the plastic tie. a sharp knife cuts the hem of the t-shirt to the neck, and it follows the rest of the shirts to the wrist. The young boy was busy for awhile with the rest of the boys, and then came back to the first boy to cut off the tie around his wrist. A large man held their arms as the clothes were removed.

The head man stepped over to the boy, and held him by the chin as he looked over his naked body, as he spoke, “Eric, you need to understand something”s, first of all I can have you killed at once if you fight me. Next I might French kiss you. If you should bite me I can crush your balls and have all your teeth pulled. I have whips, and paddles. I can use them all. Don”t fight, and you well be treated well.” He also spoke of maybe placing many other items in his mouth. He really didn”t specifies what he might do. He did hold he boy”s ears in cupped hands as he kissed his mouth. Then he placed his hands on his breast, and massaged them to get the small tits hard. A lick on each of the hard nubs was done with lust. His hands ran down his sides to his ass cheeks. He squeezed each cheek, and liked the feel of them. He let his hands spread his legs as he felt the inside of the legs. Then he cupped the balls, and dick with one hand as the other hand returned to the ass cheek. Of course the boy got a hard on as he played with his sex pieces. He jacked him off just to see how large it might get. It was a fine looking cock, and he waved at the guard to pass him into the cell.

The young boy had been busy getting the rest of the prisoners naked while his boss was getting his jollies with Eric.

John as he was called stepped over to the next prisoner to speak to him. “Okay did you hear, and see what I said, and did to your brother Peter?” “Yes sir!” “Good then I won”t have to repeat myself.” Jon proceeded to molest Peter like he had done with his older brother. He liked his looks, and thought he had a good-looking dick as well. He waved at the guard to place the boy in the cell as well.

The next boy was met. His name was Billy, a young singer who was trying his hand at trying to move on from being a young singer to being an adult singer. John gave his talk about being nice, and living. He looked over the boy”s chest to see he had some fine large nipples as he had seen some pictures of him that hinted at this. The boy seldom had any picture taken with his shirt off. He kissed the boy deeply as his hands wondered over the nipples. He soon had them hard, so hard that he licked them till the boy was ready to cum with all the stimulation. John checked out his ass cheeks with both hands, and then weighted his balls, and hard dick in one of his hands.

After pointing at the cell he spoke to Cal; Billy”s younger brother. He found out he had heard his speech and understood John. John kissed the young man, and was soon sure the boy had kissed a man more then once. He made love to the boy as well as sucking on his fine dick. At last he sent him to the cell.

The next young man was a young Canadian named Justin. He had a pretty face, no nipples, and well they were so flat you might say he had none. His belly button was defiantly not an in-y. It was as flat as could be. John had seen a picture on the web that was clamed to be him, but it could not be with that belly button he had. Oh well John was happy with the sight of the boy”s dick as it was a good size as well as being uncut.

John spent a wee bit of extra time with the young man playing with his handsome body. He spread his cheeks to inspect his ass hole as he had it in his mind to fuck him soon. He jacked him off till he came on the wall. He was not really too happy with the last boy the young man”s half brother was almost six years old. He was cute, but way too young for all out sex. He had Justin held till he got the young brother stripped before he had both of them placed in the cell. He patted the young boy on the ass cheeks as he ordered them into the cell.

He clapped his hands as he ordered his team out of the area with him.

They left the naked boys get used to the cell. Alone, naked, hungry, worn out, afraid; all of the above. They wonder what is ahead. Worry was on all their faces as they wonder what is next. They know sex is going to be high on the list, and wonder what kind as the young Canadian spoke of his ass hole being looked at; right close; as he said. The group huddle together on the large bed for company as they talk. Plans are spoke of as they think about what they can do. Nothing comes of any plans as they think of what they had seen as they entered their new home.


Early the next day they are woke up with one of the boy”s songs played loudly. They are served breakfast. Bacon, eggs, milk, toast with butter, and jelly. The next order of the day is for all of them to line up on a red line in front of the bars. A poor imitation of attention is soon corrected.

Master John as he is called; wondered the line from outside the bars, and at last points out Eric as his choose for his first victim. He orders him to enter the cage by the door to the cell. As the first door closes the other door unlocks. Eric is escorted to a room setup as a bedroom. He sees the bed and thinks he is in for it now. Yes he is, but not what he thinks it is going to be. John had him held down while one of his men places an air controlled injector at the base of his penis. A shot was administered to Eric, and soon he finds out what it is as he lays on the bed. It is a liquid form of some small blue pills shot into the base of his penis the Viagra© starts to work at once. He is soon the proud owner of a very hard dick. Lights, bright lights are turned on, and people come into the room with cameras. Eric is posed in many interesting, and sexy positions for the pictures. He has some masked help in some of them. The young boy that had stripped them yesterday is quite a fine sex help for Eric. Dicks are licked, sucked, and placed in many holes over the next few hours.

Eric is led back to the cell worn out. and ready for lunch. A nurse stopped him as he was ready to return to the cell. He tested his blood to see what level it was reading. A shot of Insulin is given to him for his Diabetes. A handful of pills as well. He was soon seated at a copious table enjoying a fine meal. He spoke of his morning as he ate. The rest of the boys wanted to know if he had been hurt? “Hell no, but that kid sure does know how to wring the sex out of a guy.” He told them about the shot in his dick, and how long he was hard after it was given.

After the meal had settled John was back to point out who was next to get his picture taken. Justin was soon on his way with his brother in his arms. He was upset as all get out. There is nothing he can do about it, but frown. He was told to get over this at once, and get the smile on his face he uses on stage. “You well do it or watch us rip up the kids ass.” The young man was a trooper, and sucked it up. Well really he did his job, and they got some fine shots of him with his hard dick on display. He held the naked six-year-old so Justin”s own body was on display and not obstructing any view of his body they wanted to see. If they wanted his dick on display that was what they got. He did do his best to hide the boy”s face which they let him get away with as long as his own body was seen. It was a few hours of hard work for the two of them. The young boy was left to sleep on the bed coiled up beside his older brother. It was so adorable.

John was there bright and early the next morning to tell Peter and Cal it was their turn in the box as he called it. They were led to another room, and saw it was set up as a Dungeon with chains, whips, and many other items of pain. They were told not to worry about the looks; “it will look worse then we would ever do to you. The sex will be rougher then the fake pain for you. Get on a painful look and hold onto it the whole time the camera is running.”

The two boys were soon looking like they had been whipped with fake stripes, and blood dripping from the fake wounds. Dildos were soon being used with impudence on the two boys as men dressed in black leather pretended to whip them. A man was painting, and pasting fake stripes on them as the time went by. Jon had decided it was time for all of them to be opened up for his dick as well as learn how to get fucked for the pictures as well. At last one was cut down to be told to suck off the other as he hung on the wall. It went on with many other positions being done by both of them one after the other. At last their not so virgin asses were opened for each other to fuck. John called for them to lay down the cameras for a break. He ordered Peter to lay on his back with his legs pulled up so he can get some of his ass. He proceed to lay on top of him, and after letting him get used to the dick in his ass; he started to fuck him till he loaded him full of cum. John had that little death as he came. You know the time before he can think after you came.

Then after a short rest he told Cal it was his turn. He pushed him onto the bed, and preceded to rape him. He did it tenderly, and never tore him up. It was a tight fit, but he was sure he had had a dick in there at least once before. The boy seemed to like it even if he tried to pretend it was not liked.

After they were returned to the cell John called for some of the guards to give them all a tour of the cell. Some of the larger guards led the group to the far end of the cell, and pointed out an alcove with a locked door in it. He handed out bracelets to all of them with their first names engraved on them. As they but them on they found out they locked on their wrists. A fuss was started, and they were told it was to let the computer identify each of you. See the box beside the door it will read the chip in the bracelet to see if the door can be opened for you all. You must all sign in by placing your wrist on the reader.

Each of them did this, and the door swing open to let them into what turned out to be a large workout room. It had all the machines that helped build up your body. Around the outside of the large room was a wide running track. You can use shoes, and socks on the track only. Discard them in the wash basket when you”re done with the socks. The machines that have seats also have a basket of clean sheepskin covers, and one for the used ones as well. Use them, and discard the used ones.

Oh yes each one of them has a reader to see who wants to use them. It sets the amount of weight, and reputations you should do on it. One of the men will determine your range, and set it up for you. He can adjust it if you think he is wrong. I said he can, not will, so live with it.

Another door is close by the exercise room, and turns out to be a swimming pool. They have use of both rooms any time they are free to use them. Another door is opened to show them a sauna, and a steam room, with a large Jacuzzi tub in the floor that has air, and heated water so they can enjoy it. They were told that other prisoners, and some of the master”s men can use any of the rooms so if the prisoners were using them they would be locked out. Post a list of times you want to use any of them. The others will also. Adjust as needed.

A laundry was shown to them. You wash the throw rugs. You change them out, and wash the dirty towels as needed. There are two types of them. Large ones in the shower area, a smaller one in the setting area. You set on them. The master does not like skid marks on the chairs. Oh yes if your doing laundry, and someone has placed the equipment covers in there wash them if it is your turn. Oh yes bedclothes as well.

You place them in the machines, and use your bracelet to turn them on. Go about your business, and the bracelet will vibrate like a cell phone when they are ready to dry, or the dryer is done. Fold, and place them in closets.

Ok boys lets get into doing the rest of your introduction to the rest of your life.

They were soon lined up under bright lights being photographed from many angles. Every inch of their bodies was soon on film. Even the bottom of their feet. Their armpits were even looked at so close you can count every hair. The penis was shot soft, and hard.

After the pictures were all collected the boys were introduced to the barber, and his assistances. He ordered them around. One of his first orders was to lay on the table with their arms over their head so he can trim their armpit hair. He complained that it looked like a jungle.

A comb, and scissors was soon working at max speed. The armpits were soon looking like the fur on a cat; not a brush pile. Any wild hairs outside the vicinity of what he had trimmed was shaved off with a straight razor, and a laser was lit up to kill the roots. The barber cleaned up some wild hairs around the nipples. He trimmed the treasure trail from the bellybutton to the fine looking prick. any wild hairs were removed, and the laser was used on the roots. Then he trimmed the crouch hairs around the boy”s dick. He shaved the bag clean, and killed all the roots. The few hairs growing on the prick were shaved, and lazed off.

His legs were spread so he can shave the taint. You know that skin that is not dick, and not asshole. He cleaned it out with the hope no more will grow there. The boy was ordered over on his front. His ass, and crack were soon shaved, then his cheeks were as well. Roots were taken care of as well. An elect shaver was brought out to trim any long hairs on the leg. It was left the same length anywhere the barber thought it would look good. He shaved any toe hair off as he know the boss hated the look of that.

A tattoo artist was soon ready to do his job. The boss had pointed out some of them had pale looking skin around their nipples. The nipples themselves looked ok when they were stimulated, but the areola was too pale to show up well in a picture. He had many colors in his kit, and used most of them as he brought color to the areola. Red, pink, tan, brown, gray, white, and some I can”t even name. He even touched up the nipple with some highlights, and shadows around the bottom of them. When he got to Justin he spent some of his time looking over his uncut dick as he worked on the nipples. John had told him to get ready to do some work on his dick. He wanted to think about how to do the job for the boss.

Next up was a plastic surgeon. He had been told to work on their nipples. John wanted him to place a pea sized lump of silicone inside the nipples to make them perky, and stand up all the time. Oh boy you should have heard some of the things they called him.

Next on the list was a visit to the bathroom for a visit konyaaltı sınırsız escort to the commode, and bidet. The bidet had a hose attached to it. All the boys were soon full of water. Soon they were empty of everything. They had to repeat this flushing out till the water run clear. Enemas are so much fun. If you are giving them, and not taking them. The boys were introduced to an invention John had made. He had made a vibrating deldo with the last few inches being shaped like a butt-plug. That was not all it did. It also had a led light in it to light up the inside so a man with a TV camera can find the prostate gland. The deldo has a laser that marks the prostate so the deldo can move to it, and tickle it till the boy cums.

Oh boy what you can do with the order to bend over!

Anyhow John”s orders had been carried out over the long afternoon. The boys were beat-down, warn out, and flat moving on command. John walked in to order them to stand in front of a table he had built to order. It was strong enough to handle the weigh of all six of the boys. Maybe 12 hundred pounds if you count the six year old as full size. He points at Eric, and tells him to set on the edge of the table with his ass hole over the edge. He pushed him back till he was laying across the table. his brother was next, and they laid their shoulder to shoulder, cheek to cheek. Billy, and his brother join them as ordered. The last two brothers are last to lay down. John enjoyed the view of the table carpeted with naked boy flesh.

He had one of the boys bring in his handy dandy air gun to inject Viagra into the small bold spot the barber had made in the fur at the base of each prick. He had plans for that spot later on. He waited till the dicks filled with blood, and stood up. Eric was at the head of the table. He was ordered to spread his knees so John can stand between them. John ran his hands over the fur treasure trail till he got to the dick. He held the bald ball sack in his hand as he played with the balls. Then as the dick waved around he started jacking him off. Erie sprayed sperm all over his stomach. John rubbed it in as played with the boy”s ass cheeks with the other hand.

Peter spread his knees as John moved toward his body. John soon had his dick in hand, and jacked the youngster off. He sprayed his own stomach with cum which John rubbed in. He moved onto Billy, and ordered him to set up. Billy did so reluctantly. John rubbed his chest, and nipples. Billy had needed no help from the Doctor or tattoo artist. His nipples were always standing up, and the areola looked good in all the pictures that were taken of them. John pinched pulled, and licked his nipples till he had the young man ready to cum without touching his dick. He jacked him off anyway getting a good batch of sperm out of him. Justin was attacked next. John pushed his foreskin back so his acorn shaped head could be seen. He started feeling up the large dick. Maybe it was not the longest dick, but it was large in caliber. It was a handful anyway. The boy”s nipples had a coat of Vaseline on them as they had to color them up, as well as place the silly putty in the nipple to get it standing up. Oh well that was just the start for him. He had so much to look forward to.

Jaxon was only about six years old, but John was going to molest him as well. Hell he had read all the junk; doctors of the mind put out, and they thought kids of his age can get hard. heck most of them say a baby can climax. A dry one, but do it they can. Anyhow with the shot of blue junk in his body he should climax with his little pee, pee being played with. John played with his grape-sized balls, and used a finger, and thumb to jack off his wee hard-on till the young boy had his first climax. As soon as the child came he slipped the wee pee, pee into his own hot mouth, and sucked him to another climax. He held the boy in his arms till he calmed down, and asked if he wanted his brother to lick his pee, pee for him now? A nod was answer enough.

John set him on Justin”s chest with his little weenie laying on Justin”s chin. He ordered the young star to suck off the child. Then he went down on Justin to suck him off as he did as he was told. John enjoyed the taste of the cum he sucked out of the boy. It was sweet on his tongue. Cal was just as good when he sucked him off. Billy had a strange taste to his, and he asked him; what kind of drugs are you taking? We will have to clean you up here.

Peter was not very happy to be forced to cum so soon, but he had to just lay there, and submit to John”s mouth. Eric was last to be tasted. He thought it was all over. Well he was wrong. John ordered Michel I. and Michel II. to get Eric”s legs up over his shoulders and be sure he holds onto them. John pulled the deldo/butt-plug out of Eric”s ass, and with just a small amount of KY on his own hard dick slipped it in to replace it. He waited till the tight ass excepted the intruding invader before he started getting his rocks off. It didn”t take long for him to white wash the walls of the virgin ass.

With just awhile to rest he had Peter folded, spindled, and raped as well.

Billy was soon being invaded as well.

Then Cad got his ride on a wild horse called John.

John had Jaxon slide off his brother”s chest so he can get his legs in his hands so the singer can get raped as well. He fingered the sex year-olds ass when he was finished with his brother. He got his finger inside, and played with his pee, pee while he played with his ass.

Jon took some rest, and took a shower. He was not too messed up; or shitty as all the boys had enemas before he had their asses.

He came back to the table full of naked boys, and approached Eric first this time at the head side of the table. His order was for Eric to suck on his dick. The boy by now did it without objection. John stopped him before he cums, and moved on to Peter, then Billy, and Cal. Cal was the receiver of his cum. Justin got a taste of the cum left behind, and got to start fresh. He was forced to suck John till he unloaded a load in his mouth. Jaxon got a taste of the leavings as well as licking the balls, and dick down.

Okay boys I waited till I got to do your dick, ass, and mouth before I ordered the Tattoo artist to sign my slaves for me. you all well have my initials in scrip just above your prick in that bare patch of skin where we have been giving your shots till now.

J.C.W .

He had them all stand in line so he can French kiss them as he welcomes them to his little home. He waved at them as he left the room.

The next day Justin was cut out of the group to start a series of pictures. He was laid out on a table on his back. A metal cover with a hole in it to let his dick, and balls be seen above it. A ring of cameras set around the edge of the medal. They were all pointed at his soft dick. A leaser painted lines around the dick for the film to pick up. It alternated with vertical, lines around the penis, then both at once, and then no lines. It was all being fed into a computer. A pointer was used to move the dick around so it will all be monitored by the computer. A shot near the root of the penis with some of the blue liquid soon had the young man starting to get hard. The cameras with the lasers playing over his penis were watching every inch of it as it grew, and the foreskin retracted to its hard position.

After Justin was sent back to his cell the computer operator displayed the pictures full size on the screen. He also displayed it as a three-D display on a pedestal beside the computer. The tattoo artist started planning his job. He laid out a sample of a lace picture on the prick before him. adjustments of the size, and shape was done for hours. The lace was replaced many times on the computer. It took hours to decide which would look good soft, or hard. The color was decided early on. A cream color lace with the skin showing thro it. A light gray shadow was used on the skin. It left the natural color show with just a wee bit of shadow near the edge of the lace. The lace was at last chosen. The foreskin had to be studied how to handle when it was covering the head, and when retracted. It was decided that the threads making up the lace would be cream colored, each of them and would change to crimson as they crossed the foreskin. They would be formed into a tight knot of crimson threads right where the fold of the foreskin vanishes as it covers the head of the penis. The artist would pull the skin down on the dick so he can lay out the threads as tassels to start at the knot, and stay together till they reach the edge of the head. a thread wrapped the bundle there, and then all the tassels combined to cover the head with a tangled mass of crimson. Some skin peeked out, but it was in the minority. John was called in to watch a display of the cock running thro it”s display from soft to hard a few times. He liked the display, and ordered the man to get the boy on the table so he can start the tattooing of his dick. You know I was really thinking of having you cover the ball-bag too. I decided it was too much. Justin was put under so he would not be in too much pain while he was getting the tattoo. Samuel Started at the root, and circled the whole penis with the hem of the lace. He used his needles with speed, and placed each color in turn. He worked around the penis, and up toward the head with each circle. As he reached the med-point of the foreskin he switched to the crimson color. The knots were evenly placed around the dick. The tassels slowly were painted on the foreskin with the needles going a mile a minute. Then the head had the loose tangle of crimson threads placed lovingly in place. A small drop of sperm colored liquid was placed at the edge of the pee hole by the artist. He had watched the boy cum more then once, and had noted the color of his sperm. He duplicated the color, and as a joke on the boy signed his work with the sperm.

Of course the boy had to have his penis soaked in Vaseline, and packed in gauze for a few days before he could inspect the fine job. Oh boy he did know some fine swear words. He even spoke of his lack of patents. How can a child be born without either a father, or mother? Oh well it was a fine job of work. Every bit of the lace fitted the spot it was placed with every fold, and each shaded spot just right. It healed without a bit of infection. Jon was pleased with the job, it was done with flare, speed, and even the boy had to admit it was done well. He did speak of the fucking red tassels often.

While Justin was getting his fancy prick job the man placed John”s initials on the bare spot in the crouch area J.C.W . It looked fine to John. The rest of the five boys were lined up, and the J.C.W . was placed on their bodies to let the world know he had forced them to have sex with him, and he owned them.

As soon as they all healed from the tattoos, and the perking up of their nipples the men started them on a-round of pictures, The first group were art shots with clothes, or some object covering any sexual part from view. Then more body parts were seen. Soft porn. You know [asses side views, male parts just seen or glimpsed partly.] Then the hard stuff. Dicks hard, being touched be the boy himself. Then the real hard stuff. More then one of the boys, all hard, and having sex with each other. Dicks were in holes, mouth, asses, and hands bringing them to a climax.

The altered bodies were all on display for anyone to enjoy. They were all working out on orders to improve the body. The running, swimming, and the exercise machines were doing a good job on all six of them.

They had got to know the two Michel”s I. and II. One day one of them heard the older boy call his brother Blanket. He looked at them, and asked if the older brother answered to the name of Prince. A yes; as they explained that John had seen a picture of the older brother on the news. He was getting fat, and his face had pimples all over from miss eating. His folks fed him fried food all the time, and he over did the sugar, salt, and the bagged fries. You know the junk kids eat by the bag full. Fruit, and verges that their father had brought them up on was never served to them now. He decided the two good-looking boys needed a change of diet fast. It took him a week to separate them from their family that was sucking the money out of them. [Make that kidnapped not separate]

They had been put on a clean diet without the fat, frying junk, salt, and sugar was controlled. Exercise was instated. The two young men were taught sex while their bodies were fixed as John called it. Nether of the boys were upset, as they had seen it all before with their father. He never hid his love of boys from them. It had cost him dearly for the times he got caught with a young boy.

The two boys were both happy to act as John”s teachers of sex with the handsome young captors. It was an easy job, and they had a good place to live without having to put up with all the relatives, or hanger-on”s sucking up their money. Heck the judge had put them all on notice that till the boys were found they had no free lunch. Get to work, and earn your own way. You is cut off from the trough. The judge really didn”t like the way they had been living off the kids.

The eight boys became very good friends over time, and the two Michaels declared their need to stay with the boss, as they can see he is looking out for them. “We would have died young the way they were treating us. We need to live here to have a long life. You guys well be turned loose one day. You will get some money that is being earned off the pictures. Heck the cops are spending a pile of it to try to buy all of them up.”

The boys were unhappy, but can do nothing.

Anyhow; Jaxon had been thinking he liked the tattoo they had done on his older brothers prick. He had told Justin he liked the look of the lace, and tassels. He almost begged for one of his own. Someone had heard the yearning for his own tattoo. He had told the boss about hearing him.

A while later he had asked Samuel to think about what would look good on the six year old kid. Well he is older then that now. He got with the artist a few times, and asked him to tell him what he thought about doing the job? Sam spoke of some ideas he had about doing one on the kid. He had thought about peeling down his foreskin, and putting a small green bottle fly on the head of his dick. You know a black, and green fly with red eyes, and almost transparent wings. The wings could have some glitters of real gold in them.

John shook his head at that, and asked for a better idea.

One of the kid”s pictures attracted his attention one day. It was of Jaxon laying on his stomach leaning his head on a glass post looking up to the side with a grin like he saw something funny. His green eyes were twinkling. He had his elbows spread out with his hands holding on to the post.

Jon asked Sam if he thought he can do that on the kid”s crotch with his hands holding onto his small prick? Sam asked if he can study the picture to see if he can do the job. He called John later to say it well work, but I well want you to order the barber to use his wee laser on the kid to let chosen areas grew hair, and stop other areas from growing any hair. He spoke of the hands, and elbows having to be clean of any hair. The head, and shoulders had to stay clear as well. Between a point on the shoulders, and the buns hair can grow. Then between the buns, and his bare feet as much hair as wants to can grow. I well be using the hair to highlight the boy”s picture. It well be some of my best work. Heck it might outdo the lace job.

One day the young boy was taken out of the cell, and was not returned that night. It was a few days before he returned to the cage.

He was taken to a hospital room, and had a local placed on his lower body. It stopped all feeling, and pain. He was cleaned with alcohol. The artist told him what he was going to do. He told him it would not hurt as the local would keep him from feeling any pain. A few days later he was returned to the cell. He proudly showed off his artwork. The boys were shocked that they had done this on such a young boy. They were really wondering if they were next on the list.

The boss was not really thinking about doing anything more to them. Thou he had though about having some of the; what Justin thought of as art removed off his body. He only hesitated as he know some people would say it was not him in the pictures because he was not all covered up with his idea of art.


Later on the boss wondered into the cell with two of his larger guards carrying a rolled up rug. It was a round carpet with six stars sewed onto the outside edge. They had six first names embroidered on the star. There were two orange colored circles sewed to the rug near each star.

The six boys were told to find their name, and stand on the star. “Okay boyo”s there is plenty of room between you to stretch out. Do some warm ups before I start the class.” John left them doing the warm-up for about fifteen minutes. Then he told them to stand at ease. He started out by saying {La Poste} for the Canadians among them. He then said assume The Position. Okay boys you don”t know what I”m asking you to do. That”s fine for konyaaltı türbanlı escort now. What I”m here for is to show you what to do when someone calls out assume The Position. Watch what I do with my hands, and arms. First place the two wrists with the inside together in an X shape like this. Turn the hands to cover the arms, and grasp the arms with the hands. Note that this makes a straight line from elbow to elbow. The only thing wrong is that your arms are in front of your body. Change them to the back of your body, and place your feet into the orange circles on the rug. Oh yes you also should shut up. You are silent when you are in this position. You are able to say only one word when standing there. You can say {SIR} use capital letters to request my attention. I well ask what the emergency is. It had better be one of you dying, or the GI shits. Anything less and you might end up being whipped.

Jon had them move into, and out of The Position many times. He told them they would not be on the rug with the handy dandy spots to place their feet all the time. They were drilled on the carpet every day for a week, and soon could hit it like some of John”s men shortened the command. They always made sure the boys were placing hands, and feet just like on the rug. It was soon automatic when the command was barked out.

The master called out {ponerse en posicion} at last to get them into position so he can walk on the inside of the circle. He wanted to show them that they are at risk of being molested in any way he wants to with them standing there unable to move, or stop him.

John walked around in front of the six boys. He stopped at one of them, and placed his cupped hands over the boy”s ears. He pushed his head to the right so he can place his own lips on his lips. He forced his tongue into the boy”s mouth. He kissed him long, and hard. One hand held the boy”s head in place, as the other hand wondered down to grip an ass cheek. He attacked the boy from both ends.

He stepped over to the next boy in line. John played with his chest with his hands. He massaged the chest, and got the nipples hard. They were standing up for his fingers to play with. He pinched, pulled them, and then licked, kissed, and bit them. The boy was doing his best to keep from making a sound. He did pretty well. A few gasps were heard. No words just sounds he could not hold in.

The next boy got both his arm pits kissed, licked, and played with by having some of the fur pinched, and pulled.

Next one had John step behind his back. He knelt behind his bum, and started licking his cheeks. He licked, kissed, and bit the cheeks {Not with bare teeth, the lips covered them.} He pulled the cheeks apart so he can run his tongue up the crack. When he reached the ass hole he pushed his tongue into the ass. He got it open, wet, and soon had his hard cock pushed into the boy”s ass. He came in him, and kissed him as he moved on to the next boy.

John had his hands on all their dicks sometime as he molested them, to play with, or jack them off. He had Got Justin”s uncut dick hard as soon as he got to him. He liked the look of his tattoo. The cream colored lace with the crimson tassels falling across his dick head was a turn on. He was doing his best to lick, or suck all the color off his cock. Good luck. It was fun trying, and he made the young man feel good every time he tried. John had a fair sized dick to suck on each time he picked Justin out of the group.

The last boy was young Jaxon. He kissed the boy with plenty of tongue. He licked his Adam”s Apple, then down across his chest to his belly button. By the time he got to his pee, pee as he still called his dick it was hard. The boy was still shooting blanks, but was having lots of fun doing that. Jon brought him to a climax more then once this time. He even kissed, and licked his small cheeks. He was doing his best to get the boy to enjoy all the sex.

At last he called out for the boys to relax. He told them they would be on the carpet every day with a group of his men. “They are going to be teaching you many places on your bodies that well turn you into sex machines. You well be shocked at how many places on your bodies well be a turn on. Learn them well. Most of them well also work with that other sex. Heaven help you. I don”t know why anyone would want to have sex with one of him or her.” He turned them loose to do whatever they wanted to do till supper.


{Not dinner, SUPPER is the last meal of the day for any Southerner reading this}

{supper (s�p”…r) n. 1.a. A light evening meal when dinner is taken at midday. b. A light meal eaten before going to bed. 2. A dance or social affair where supper is served.} ©

Month”s later Master John had been asking his guards, and teachers if the young prisoners were getting used to the deldo? He wanted to enjoy some time visiting their fine tight ass”s. He wondered onto the round rug one day as they were being taught some new ways to enjoy sex. He watched for awhile, and then he called out La Poste. The boys had learned the French words for the command. All of them sprung into the position at once without hesitation. John wondered around the circle feeling up their penises

{He, he I bet you didn”t think I know that Word as I don”t use it often} JCW

getting them hard. He handled the balls, and prick till every one of the six were hard. Then stepped between two of them. He wondered along behind them to stop behind one of them. His hands went to the buns to squeeze them firmly. He massaged them with his hands, and then spread them apart. His men had already squeezed a shot of KY into each asshole. He lined up his hard dick, and pushed it gently into the hole. After a slow entry he brushed the cheeks with his crouch hairs. A pause to let the boy”s asshole get accustomed to the size of his dick. Then he pulled out till only the head was still in the tube. As he pushed in he was heard counting ONE. Out again in TWO. After FIVE times he pulled out. He did the same with all six of the boys. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. He was a wee gentler with young Jaxon. He had heard the boy was demanding larger dildos but was still not ready to possibly hurt the boy. Michel I, and Michel II were walking around working on the six hard pricks: keeping them hard while John was working on the asses. He moved on to the first person he had molested. He didn”t slip the dick in so easy this time. He slammed it in, and called out ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE. Then headed for the next boy to repeat the same. He was doing okay till he started fucking Justin in his famous fuck-able cheeks. {The boy was noted for showing off his fine ass in tight-y whitey underwear. His pants sagging so low it was a wonder they never fall off.}

Anyhow John slid in the tight ass, and know he was going to loose it. He counted ONE, TWO, THREE, and white washed the inside of his bum.

John called the six boys to the center of the rug. He held out six pieces of paper; blank on the top to one of the boys, call out the name on the bottom of the paper. If it is yours give it back, and try again. The boy called out the name. John told the two boys to stand off to the side together. He passed on to another boy, and did the same thing. The last two were ordered to team up as well. John spoke of their hard-ons, and told them to jack-off each other. Go to supper when you get done.

Master John was speaking to Samuel later in the week. I told you that kid has some ugly tattoos it almost made me puke the other day to see them on his skin. Do you have a good big dragon you can cover them with. That trash on his left side has to be covered. The small one to the left of his belly button, and down below it needs to be covered as well. Hell the only one that looks have way descent are the Roman numerals. It just needs some color. Okay boss I well look his pictures over, and see what I can do to hide the trash. You know boss your hanging me out to dry. As soon as someone sees this job I well be on a pick up list. I might as well sign the job. I well never be able to try to do a job outside again.

A week later Sam told John he was ready to do the tattoo for him. Okay I listed all the tats, and how I need to cover them up. It well be one hell of a big dragon, but it well be one fine one. He spoke of a wing, and the tail going under the left arm. They well cover that script that I don”t think anyone can read. The one on the belly will vanish as one of the legs passes over it. The leg well end up on his left cheek. The talons will be foreshortened as they dig into the bun. They well be bathed in blood. A pool of blood well be formed at the lower end of the cheek. It well leak down the leg in several streams. Drops will be seen clear down to the back of the knee. The letters on his right chest well be highlighted with speckles of gold, and sliver paint. They well be stars, but so tiny it well have to be looked at with a magnifying glass to see them. The top, bottom, and left side will have a crimson outline scallops no less. The neck well go behind the letters it well sweep to the right side, and then back to just before the nipple. The mouth well be open, and the teeth well be just short of biting the nipple. A gas discharge well surround the nipple without obstructing it. Just past it the gas well light up to be a stream of fire, and smoke. It well spread as it reaches the left nipple. The two streams well miss the nipple. One well head toward the armpit. The other will fall to the lower waist, and sputter out. The other foot will go around his right side to his back. It well make some holes in the back to hold on to his body. The talons well leave drops of blood pool on the back around the tears it has made in the skin.

The colors used was brown in the scales with red, green, and gold around the edge. The eyes were sky blue. I know too much red to use there.

The job took days, but it covered the trash he had put all over his body.

Justin had to suffer some pain, but he had a piece of art to match his lace tattoo on his dick. He was not too lively for a few days. He was soon called on to display his newly tattooed body for the cameras. Shots from all sides were in demand. His hard dick was in demand as well, and every inch of the new tattoo was on record before the end of the shoot.

Oh yes Jon had a little plan in the back of his head for Justin. He had got a hold of a very nice rug somewhere in the Far East. An arm, and leg was spoke of when someone asked how much it cost. Well any way he had been planning a photo shoot on the rug. Justin would be naked of course. John had seen the young man often with his ankles folded up in his own armpits. His plan was to use this skill to get some art shots of the boy.

The boy was ordered to lay down on the rug, and put his legs over his head. He was moved around till he was positioned how John wanted him to be. He was almost like he wanted him. Okay lets see if we can place his arms along the legs, and get his body level. I want his arms lined up with the floor. Pillows were pushed under his ass to get the legs higher, and his shoulders as well his head was pushed up higher as well. John said, okay get the tape out and get readings on every position. plans were made for adjustable replacements for the pillows. They were made to be small enough to be hid under his body, and use hydraulics to lift both ends of his body.

Later in the week after many tests the room was ready for the shoot. The boy was ordered to lay on the platform. His legs were placed under his armpits. Adjustments were made to get his arms, and legs level. A coffee table top had been made to lay on his arms. It had a crystal clear glass top. The glass even had a tapered edge that said expense. The wood frame around the glass was carved with fancywork, which had layers of wax buffed to a fare-the-well.

A shot of that fine blue {get a hard on} fluid was given him as they got ready to lay the table on his arms. He got hard! The LED lights under the edge of the wood frame spotlighted the boy”s body; each of the lights had been aimed to bring out the best for the camera. The top of the table had a white taper in a candlestick holder. Not just a holder. It was a cut crystal holder. A crystal bud vase held two roses. One was white, and just partly open. The red bud was not open at all. A few small leaves were on display with each flower. Two wineglasses were placed one on each end of the table {Yes crystal as well} with a fine rose colored wine in each of them.

A crimson taper with some KY jelly on the root of it was placed into his asshole as it was so nicely displayed for that last touch. Both candles were lit as the cameras started work. The edge of the room was softly lit, and a fog machine was turned on, to hide all the walls. An air control kept the fog from moving into the rest of the room. It was a short shoot as the taper in his ass was the timer to stop the shoot. After the men got most of the shots they wanted the younger brother was called into the room to get the cum shot. He knelt down to one side of the candle to reach his brothers hard dick. It was soon quavering in his hand as it got ready to shoot. The shot was recorded as it covered some of the nice clear class. Jaxon toasted his brother with his glass of wine, He handed him his own wine as he was freed of the tabletop.

It looks like Justin gets all the fun jobs. Not true. All of the six young men have had their pictures taken in many sexy position that can be thought of. As spoken of earlier many art shots were made with no sex parts on display. More pictures of the boys with their hard dicks/pricks on display. Then they moved on to two or more of them sucking, fucking, or licking an ass. Anything that could be done with a body was done. Mass sex was next on the menu. Yes each and every one of them had their time in the spotlight.


Peter had one of the spotlight shows early on. A stage was set up with a top of the line drum set. It had all the percussion interments he might need, or like to use. Cameras, and sound equipment surrounded the stage. The young man practiced on the drums every day till he was ready to record the show. One of the other boys joined him with an off stage trumpet. The stage was ready when he walked on to it. He of course was naked, and had his dose of those wee blue pills in the liquid form. His hard on led him to the drums. He started playing them, and with just a wee bit of help from the horn entertained the world on a worldwide connection on the web. It was recorded on a CD that was to be sold for a pretty penny. At the end of the show Peter walked out from behind the drums. He went to the front of the stage. Throw his arms out wide as he bowed to the world. The CD case displayed this picture on the front, and the back of course had the same shot from the rear. Peter was the darling of the world for his playing, and those two shots alone would make him famous.


Eric got his chance to do a show later on. All the other boys helped out on this show. Eric was playing the piano. An old upright no less. The boys were all dressed in some old twenties get-up. They were not wearing that much. Just enough to give the idea it was the twenties. Their bare feet had some white spats on them. {okay for all you young kids shaking your empty heads, and asking what are spats????? They are a cloth or leather gaiter covering the shoe upper and the ankle and fastening under the shoe with a strap.} They had on Derbies brown with black ribbons around the base of the hat. The last item they were wearing was a black bow tie, and just the white collar. No shirt, just the collar. All of them looked well dressed. Peter on the drums of course. Eric on the up right, Justin playing a guitar. Cordless in that time. One of the boys had a banjo. Another a harmonica. The rest sang backup.

Eric sang many of the old songs. Love songs were sang with a few of the words changed; he for she, and so on. The boys demonstrated some of the old dance steps. The ones doing the ladies part changed their Derbies for a long blond wig. Two at a time they danced the Lundy, Charleston, and many of the other dances. It was a lively show. They gathered in a line at the front of the stage to throw their arms around their friend”s shoulders as they gave a bow at the end of the show. This was another shot that would be placed in the front of the CD disk holder.

Jaxon was seen doing some break dancing a couple of times. The boss was told he was good, and being naked it looked hot as hell. His half brother had taught him how to break dance as he did it too. The rest of the boys decided they wanted to learn as well. Classes were started with Justin teaching them how to do it. John had some cameras hidden around the room they were using, and got many fine shots of their naked bodies in action.

He waited till they were all doing as well as they could before he decided to do a web cast of them doing their dance routine. He did make some changes to the program. He had a one-person stage placed in the center of the room they were using. It was a round drum shaped stage that was about two feet high. It placed most of the person on the stage above anyone else around the stage. He told the boys one at a time they would be placed on the konyaaltı ucuz escort stage while the rest of the boys danced. They would jack-off their dick one at a time. They had done this often by now so it was not hard. Well it had to be hard! You can guess what the picture on the cover was this time.

Billy”s brother Cal was an athlete per excellence. He did set-ups push-ups, and all the rest of the stuff people hate to do. Runs the track, and cools off by swimming laps in the pool. It made a show that was watched by many a drooling man, and some equally hot females. A shot of him diving into the pool was present on the cover.


Billy had his day in the sun; so to say. He had done a picture set with him naked. What”s new about that? Well the setup was clouds lots of clouds. A fog machine even had him standing on clouds, or in them in some of the pictures. He had sang a lot of hymns so it seemed likely people would except him as an angel. {Gee after yelling about people always misspelling angel I did it too Angel yes/ angle no.} He had on some white, and gold feathered wings. The shots were well received by the buyers. John decided to make a live action show using Billy.

The stage was set up with a forest of dead tree trunks scattered around. the fog laid low around the roots. The background was clouds. Rain clouds, lightning, and thunder. colors changed to show the feelings. Billy with his wings attached was seen walking around. The wings were attached with some clear straps over his shoulders, across his chest, and back around his waist to attach back to the wings again. They had enough skin tone to blend with his body. He had a projector in his hair that placed a dim halo above his head.

Billy sang hymns as he walked around the stage. His wings were remotely controlled. They fluttered open, formed above his shoulders to give his head a backdrop. They spread wide, and one even wrapped around to cover his always-hard prick. That didn”t happen often. He sang his heart out. As he sang the last song the storm behind him broke with a loud clap of thunder.

A figure was seen outlined by the lighting. it looked red in the light. The man as it was a man walked toward Billy. It was male, but looked like no man should ever look. There were boils all over whatever it was. It had no hair. Its prick was swollen with ugly scars, and rough lumps growing on the skin. On the dick head there was what looked like a steel arrow head with a half a dozen sharp tails sticking out of the back of it. It”s skin had ugly spots all over it, and had scabs, with loose skin hanging off them. It was flat UGLY.

The boss had decided to join the show. He looked nothing like himself. He even had two goat like horns on his forehead. Yes he looked like the devil. He waved four Men???? forward to hold the angel by the arms. They looked almost as foul as the boss did. Horny. Not that way. Gees. Anyway they stretched Billy”s arms out to two of the dead tree trunks, and clamped his wrists in wide cuffs. His legs were drew to two other trees, and his ankles were similarly secured. He was spread eagled in the air about dick high to a devil. Yep that one. The red monster, with his hard dick approached the helpless boy/angel. He walked between his wide spread legs, and pushed his steel capped dick head into his ass hole. {it”s okay people, a real piece of steel would have killed him. It was all soft rubber. Hell the whole ugly cover of his prick was rubber} Billy screamed, moaned, and seemed to pass out as blood gushed out of his ass. {That was some more stage shit as it was all canceled on John”s body with hoses running down the bottom of his prick.}

Blood or no blood made no difference. Jon was going to get his rocks off. He did. As he pulled out of the bloody hole he roared in delight. The whole room was lit by a pulsing red light like flames all around them.

You have to know what the cover of this disk will be. {Yes a shot of Billy bleeding out hanging between the four tree trunks.}

Yes Johnny there are people in the world that like, hell love this kind of shit. Yes some even like piss, or shit to be placed lovingly on their body, and face by a loving person straight out of their prick, and ass.

Oh yes Justin had a show too. Not just being a tea table for awhile. He was told he had do his stage act. He did do it. Somewhat like it anyway.

He was handed a pair of red bikini shorts to put on. His pee, pee was already hard. He got the lovely blue shot earlier. One of the stage men helped place the hard dick in the shorts. He used a pen to outline the placement of the dick, and told him to take them off.

An artist used an air spray to paint shadows on one side of the dick outline, and highlight on the other. As soon as they dried the shorts were returned to Justin. They made sure his dick went into the same place. With the painted shorts it was easy to see the print of his whole prick. He was handed a pair of pants, and a cut off shirt that hung right at nipple height. If he raised his arms the least bit his nipples were going to be on display. The pants as always hung low on his ass. He went into his act. Singing, and moving around the stage. One of the crew on stage snagged a hold of his cutoff shirt. It was gone with a ripping sound. The boy went on with the show, and sang his songs. Later in the act someone slipped a hand into his waistband, and the tear-away pants were gone as well. The hard dick was well marked. With the paint it was like they placed an arrow pointing at it. Another song. and two of the big men picked him up by the arms, and one of the younger boys stripped off the last piece of clothing he had on. He was held up as the young boy sucked him off. Yes that was the picture used on the cover. It was a good one.

Okay now as to way Jaxon hates my guts. I had a crew of schoolteachers just to teach him. I don”t like stupid kids. Or grown-ups either. Any time he was not busy being a photo star he was going to be going to school. Oh yes the rest of the young men found out I was also going to have him learning a few languages. They took a vote, and joined the kid in those classes. It can get old setting around waiting for a call to pose for racy pictures.

Let”s see the two Canadians had some French, and German. That was a start. The rest were pushed hard to pick that up. Then Spanish, and Italian was started with some Latin thrown in as it was a base for quite a few languages. Some Russian was taught, just enough to order some food, and ask way the elevator does not work in the hotel. The Japanese cook slipped into the cell often to teach them his own language. Master John had it in his mind to give them some help in the world if his using them in the Porn industry F….d them up. Oh yes the rest of the USA group were thought how to speak English as well. They sure never learned how to speak it at home.

Every day someone was called out to pose for the cameras. Sometimes it was a pair of them doing all types of sex. They were getting good at doing the sex for the job. A hard dick was a must for some of the best shots.

Time passed while they were learning to speak in many languages. They all were becoming sex experts. A call for an ass to get fucked was excepted as part of the job. Sucking a dick was easy after you started to think it is just skin. Kissing any part of the body was soon being done on orders. Hands caressed every inch of someone”s body as pictures were taken.


I can”t say how long passed till one day Master John called all six of the boys together in their living space. He waved them to seats in front of the couch he had set down on. John pointed at one of the young men, and beckoned him to set beside him. He tapped him on the leg which the boy know meant to spread his legs so John can get his hand on the inside of the thigh. John know this boy will get hot if he massages the inside of his thighs. He soon has him hard, and dripping pre-cum. He jacked him off. He French kissed him in thanks as he shot off in his hand.

The next victim has a weakness for getting hot with someone playing with his nipples. He almost cums with just getting his nipples played with let alone being sucked on. John sucks on the hard dick to bring him off. He gets the cum he wanted with just a few licks.

John knows each of their weakness. He kisses Adams-apples. Slaps one ass as the boy is ticklish till he gets turned on by some light S not gassed. So that”s how you got us in the car? Yep, and we well use a shot to knock you out after we get you back in your seats at the table We will use a timed shot to give us time to cut you loose and get away before you wake up for the meal, and the cops grilling. I think you would be smart to say you remember nothing. Amnesia is so easy to claim. It will make them get doctors, They well be unable to find me, and will soon get tired of bothering you.

All of the boys gained something from the forced locking up. They learned much about sex. They can use it with either girls, or boys. What ever they want to. They well be fine lovers whichever way they go. They all speak in many tongues. Justin had grown up. He was now a young man, not a young fool. He had learned that no one cared for a young fool, and he better grow up. His brother Jaxon had learned sex, and enjoyed it, maybe too much, but had been taught how to handle being gay. The young man had been taught about the world, and how to act. Billy; well he had always had his head on straight. He had been forced to have sex. But he had learned about caring for his friends. They would be in his heart forever. He had purposed a plan if they ever got out of the place. Let”s get together an act. We all put into it, and are equal partners in the show. We travel as a team, and put on one large group act. Did you ever hear of an old show called Lollapalooza. Well it was a wild act with shit happening from the word go to the end. A man pushed a small tree across the stage, and the running gag was that every time it came across the stage it was larger till it had to be pulled by a dozen people. We can run sight gags, singsongs of every type. Heck you taught us a batch of the break dancing we can use it. We between us can cover any type of song, and dance. Look we are worldwide stars with pictures of us naked in every home that wants to see us. We can use that to dress the part. We can put on skits with us in as little as we can get away with. Make them pay to see our bodies. We don”t need to show them everything. Hell they already have seen it all.

Well would you pay to see the Three SongBirds in person?

J.C.W ?

Well the plan to turn the boys loose had to be postponed as they needed to be talked to about how to handle the cops who would show up as soon as the guys were found in the private dinning room. A lawyer was needed. Justin spoke up saying they can all use his.

The boys all tell John, “we will just tell them we don”t know anything. We passed out at lunch, and woke up in the same chairs. We were getting ready to eat when you burst into the room.”

One of them suggested the cops go to the bar, and eat some donuts while the boys eat their meal. This was not too well received. Oh well it was their way to take charge of the shit to come. It had been decided that they would give the cops twenty-five minutes to get as mad as they want to get. Then Justin would declare he wanted a lawyer how, and the rest of the guys said me too.

Justin”s lawyer had been called early in the week, and told enough to do some research on the laws needed. He was ready when the call came. He marched into the station to ask if the boys were being held? At the answer no. he rounded them up, and took them to his office. There was a tale told over the next few hours. Shit was said often by the man as he heard all of it. What do you guys want me to do? First of all, make sure we have no charges placed against us. Then we need to put together a show with all six of us in charge of it. We were told our old bands would have new jobs now, and we need all new people anyway. Some of them, mine anyway led me astray about my importance. Never again.

The rest of the guys nodded as they spoke of the new show. Look we need to shoot for a new base of people to show up. I don”t think too many mother will want the young girls coming to any show we put on. At a nod they go on. We well be doing songs, and dances. Comedy skits. We need a Ginger Rogers type foil for some of the acts. We need some dance instructors for us, and the girls too. It well be like vaudeville redone. Lollapalooza was spoke of.

They get up tight as they tell him they well be selling sex by how much clothes they have on in some of the show. We have a reputation now, and well be selling it. We have to have some good staff. Lawyers that check out all the places we take the show to see how far we can go. We have to show a lot of skin, but in good taste; at least in there minds anyway.

They wait as he calls in some of his young assistants. He spoke to them about what he wants them to do for the guys. Start out with a list of places they give you first, and then start on the whole world. List the places they can”t show up like Russia. He showed the young men out as he spoke to the guys about how long it well take to get the show up, and running. Three months is what we want to shoot for. Can your men give us some names to plan for on a city to shoot for? Yes we can. Right here would be my first choice. We have some good laws to protect you here. Hands are shook, and they leave the office to get started calling people in show business.

AD in the newspaper.

Dancers; Twenties to now all kinds needed. Band members needed. Comedians needed. Stage manger. Lighting. Sound,

Heck we need to see everyone that can put on a show!!!

The show was cast, it was rehearsed. It was put on to rave reviews. The talk was around that said; the boys were good, and brave. They had a hit show. Sex was not the huge item they had planned they did get stripped down for some posing in some of the poses the ART shots had them in. Nothing too out of line. They did get a batch of boxes Fed-X to them. John had culled out all of the ART shots for them to sell. The boys made a bundle after each show. They sold sets of pictures at a set price, and added one third to the price if they wanted a single, or choose what ones they wanted.

Oh boy they had a fan base that was worldwide. There was calls every day asking for the show to come to this city, and that one too.

Oh by the way three of the boys came out as gay. Billy, Justin, and his young brother. The rest were very supportive of them, and told them they understand what they must feel.

{I meant to say}

Three of the boys confessed they were gay before leaving the cell. Master John told them to be careful whom they trusted with that information. Billy, Justin, and his young brother. The rest were very supportive of them, and told them they understand what they must feel.

The End

See the Epitaph below.


I think I need to repeat this junk as some of you might have forgot about this junk.

Fiction is :imaginative creation or a pretense that does not represent actuality but has been invented. b. The act of inventing such a creation or pretense. 2. A lie. 3.a. A literary work whose content is produced by the imagination and is not necessarily based on fact. b. The category of literature comprising works of this kind, including novels and short stories. 4. Law. Something untrue that is intentionally represented as true by the narrator.

Okay to cover my ass I don”t know anyone that I might name in this mess of words, and don”t really think they would act like I wish they would. check above to see what it means to say FICTION.


1. The boys learned to do what they were told.

2. They learned how to be clean inside {Enema} and out.

3. When the youngest started to learn languages the rest decided to as well.

4. English as spoke in England and Canada.

5. Spanish

6. Italian

7. German

8. Some Russian: Enough to ask way the elevator is not working.

9. Japanese. The cook had to get his finger into the class.

10. They learned almost every spot on their bodies that can be used to turn them on.

11. Sucking a dick is just licking skin, like all the rest of the body. The ass as well.

12. Smell; It is just fine if it is just a smell of a body. NOT STINK.

13. Modeling for the pictures.

14. The barber made at least three visits a week. They all learned how to care for themselves from him.

15. Exercise was taught to them all to stay fit. Not the over done muscle man bit.

16. Dancing was taught for some of the films

17. The washers and driers were used by all. They well never need to have mom do that for them.

18. They were unwilling nudists. Naked well never be a problem.

19. They all matured from the time they were held prisoner.

20. Justin learned what a real tattoo was.

21. They all learned there was some fun to be had from sex no matter who is doing the sex to you.

22. Food well never be just junk food again. They all learned what good food can do for their body.

23. The three gay boys learned much about how to have sex safely. The rest learned almost as much.

24. They had learned lots about staging a show. They well never just set back letting someone else run their show hoo My pen name is JCW at above

I always raise holy HECK about people that forget to say TBC or the END. This time it be the end.

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