Johns little family affair 5

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On the bed was a pair of leopard skin pattern speedo briefs so thin
they looked like they’d blow away with a puff of air. She knelt before
him and held them open as though for him to step in, saying, “Take your
pants off. Let’s try them on. Wear them for me, and I’ll clean you with
my tongue afterward.”

John grabbed the briefs and tossed them to his dresser, saying, “I’ll
try them on later.”

Judy frowned and stood. John said, “You look a bit tired. Why don’t you
lie down on my bed.”

This brought a smile to her face. She reclined on her back in the
center of the bed after kicking off her heels. She stretched her arms
overhead and ran her fingers along the notches. John sat at her hip,
facing her head, and trailed his fingers up the inside of her left leg
while his other hand toyed with her compressed tits, now arching
skyward. As he rubbed her tits, she said, “So, is number twenty-five
reserved for anyone special?”


“Anyone I know?”

His finger stroked through her moist slit as he said, “Oh, yes. You
know her intimately.”

“Does she have any hair on her vagina?”

John peered between her legs after he forced her legs wide. He examined
every inch with a rude finger then said, “Nope, her cunt’s as bald as a
baby’s ass.”

This time, she laughed, then raised her head to watch him toying with
her clit. She said, “John, you’re impossible. I’d much prefer you
called it a vagina. There’s times when street talk is appropriate, but
not during foreplay. Actually, nasty talk turns me on when I’m nearing
my climax, but never during foreplay.”

He slipped a finger inside and began a crude finger fucking motion
saying, “Is that what this is called? I thought it was finger banging.
Your cunt sure recovered fast. I thought Bonnie ruined you.”

Joy struggled up on one elbow and stopped the assault with a firm hand,
saying, “John, stop being crude and grabby. I find this behavior very
upsetting. Touch me gently, softly, and whisper sweet nothings in my
ear. I respond to that. I turn off to being finger banged. Forget what
happened down there. I don’t want to be reminded. As for my vagina
recovering [she smiled] I work on that with vaginal exercises. I think
you’ll find me nice and tight when I squeeze your penis while it’s
inside me. Touch me gently and you’ll find out.”

“Other girls aren’t this much trouble.”

Hurt and angry, she said, “If you want other girls, what are you doing
with me?”

“I want you, too, Mom. I want you to be number twenty-five.”

Judy sat up and took John by the shoulders, looking deep in his eyes.
She said, “Let’s start over. I think this mother son thing is getting
in our way. You know, I think I’d like to call you Robert. Why don’t
you call me Ann.”

“I’d rather call you whore.”

Through a pained face, she said, “WHAT?”

“Yeah, I always dreamed of having a whore for a mother. I fantasize a
lot about you being a whore that’s always out fucking guys. You’re
always horny and acting slutty, and you like when I call you a whore.”

Judy pushed John away, then got up off the bed, saying, “I was such a
fool to think you were any different than any other man. I thought you
cared about me as a woman, but to you, I’m just another slut for your
headboard. Well, I have news for you, mister; I am not a whore, and you
can start looking for another number twenty-five.”

At the door, she paused to say, “I’m not blaming you. I’m mad at
myself. You were just being you; I was just being an old fool. I won’t
hold any of this against you. Let’s just try to get along, okay?”

“Sure, but I’ll keep twenty-five open for a couple of weeks, just in
case you change your mind.”

“Suit yourself, but I seriously doubt that.”

Judy went to the top of the stairs and called Joy to her bedroom. Joy
entered and found Judy, face down in a pillow, sobbing, her cute little
shaved pussy peeking out from between her legs. Joy sat on the bed at
her hip and laid a hand comfortingly on the back of Judy’s right thigh.
She then began rubbing in circles. Judy turned her head on the pillow
to look at Joy, izmit escort bayan saying, “Joy, I’m such a fool. You were so right. You
were right about everything.”

“I know, I know. At least it didn’t take you long to find out.”

Joy’s massaging hand made bigger circles and were soon riding up on
Judy’s bare ass cheek. Judy ignored this intimate massage and said,
“Yes, but not before I made a complete ass of myself in front of
everyone. I know why you did what you did. You were trying to bring me
to my senses, weren’t you?”

Joy’s hand crossed over, brushing over wet pussy lips on their way to
the left cheek and thigh, saying, “True, but I still had a ball doing
it. You did make an ass of yourself, but thanks to me, the girls were
prepared. You didn’t shock them. They were quite amused. You look good
eating pussy.”

Again, Joy’s hand crossed over, only this time each finger made firm
contact and got wet in the passing. Judy felt the cool trail drying on
the far cheek as the fingers continued to wipe themselves dry on fresh
skin. It felt good. She said, “Yeah, I’ll bet they were amused.
Actually, I want to thank you for doing what I never could. They needed
that talk. I’m sure, if you covered dog sex, you covered everything.”

This time, Joy reached the crack of Judy’s ass and turned her fingers
down, then massaged between Judy’s legs, saying, “Yeah, I covered the
shit out of dog sex. They had a million questions. I was very thorough,
so you needn’t hide in shame. You’re still the mom and the bread
winner. They still respect you, and love you, even though you never
fucked a dog.”

“They really admire you for that, don’t they?”

“Yes, they do.”

“I’ve been a good girl, and they think I’m sick.”

“They just think you’re very hard-up and horny, that’s all.”

Joy’s massage was more a masturbation from the rear as her fingers
slightly delved inside the hole and rubbed the clit on each pass. Judy
signaled her acceptance of this obscene service by moving her legs
apart. Joy signaled her understanding by sending her two middle fingers
deep in the hole as Judy said, “Tell me about the dogs. I know I always
shut you off, but now I’m curious. You said you showed the girls
pictures. I didn’t know you had pictures.”

“Five albums full in my room. Did you think that one you saw was the

“No, but I thought Jack would have any others.”

“He has albums too. That one he took and mailed was the worst one. It
didn’t even show the dog’s dick in me. He needed something current. We
hadn’t taken any pictures in years. We had plenty.”

“What’s it like, really, to live the way you did. Those first years
with Jack must have been pure hell.”

“Those were the best years. I was on a sexual high for the first three
years. Everything was new and exciting. After a while, that shit gets
old. It never got boring, but it did get old.”

“You once told me he made you wear a dog collar everywhere.”

“Yes, for the first three years. Remember, it had the inscription,
‘Bitch Whore’ engraved on a brass plate. Wear something like that to
the Piggly Wiggly and see if your cunt doesn’t wake up.”

“I can’t even imagine how you got away with that. Didn’t you get
arrested every time you left the house?”

“Not once. I was cited a dozen times for public indecency, but never
arrested, and never for wearing the collar – for wearing only the
collar – public indecency. Those are like speeding tickets and they
usually come with a fuck from the cop.”

“That’s unreal. You wore a dog collar everywhere?”

“Sometimes, I’d wear a turtle neck sweater or a scarf. It all depended
on where I was going and what I was doing. I got used to it in time,
and the last year, I hardly ever hid it. Why, are you thinking of
getting one? I still have mine.”

Judy laughed. “That would be a trip, me wearing a dog collar.”

“Yeah, that’s right, you have a job. They probably wouldn’t like that
around the office.”

“You don’t know Gary Edwards. He’d love it. In his business, that would
be a plus. He wheels and deals with some of the sickest, skuzziest
perverts izmit eve gelen escort around; besides, we don’t deal with the general public. The
office I work in is private. No, if I ever showed up wearing a dog
collar that said ‘Bitch Whore’ on it, I’d be screwed royally. It would
be open season on pretty Judy McDuff. My lesbian front wouldn’t stop
him if he saw me wearing that.”

“It’s a front? You sure fooled us.”

Judy laughed and said, “I got carried away, didn’t I?”

“Just a little bit, but I didn’t mind.”

“I recall.”

A pregnant pause followed, then Judy said, “He wants to treat me like a
whore, Joy. John does. He wants to call me a whore. He expects me to
smile when he calls me a whore.”

“Look at the surprise on my face.”

“I can’t believe what I made you do to your beautiful hair. God, I am
so sorry.”

“Hair grows back.”

“Joy, when you’re finished playing with my pussy, and I do want you to
finish, I want you to go get that credit card from my purse along with
any cash you find. There should be over a hundred. Don’t ever give that
card back to me. As long as you’re here, and you can stay as long as
you want, I’ll clear that five-hundred dollar line of credit each
month. I won’t ever threaten you with having to leave. I don’t care
what you do. You have my word.”

“Judy, I love you. You just lifted the world from my shoulders.”

“You deserve a better sister than me. I’m scum. I’m a slut. You are
too, but you have the courage to live your life with your head held
high. I’m a chicken-shit slut with my head in the sand.”

“You can always pull your head from the sand. John will still be after
you. You still need to protect the girls; although, to tell you the
truth, they don’t want protecting. They are both wannabe sluts.”

“Yeah, I got that impression while I was fondling John’s cock. They
were eager to see me pull it free of his shorts. I suppose I need to
put those girls on the pill. I don’t expect you to protect them. If I
came home and found you holding Bonnie’s legs apart for John, I would
not be at all surprised or upset.”

“That’s good to know. And if John’s fucking me?”

“I’ll hold your legs apart. Have at him. You two were made for each

“And what about you?”

“I guess I’ll take one day at a time and try to put Humpty Dumpty back
together again. I can’t go back to being plain old Mom, I know that.
I’m putting this slut on the pill first thing tomorrow. After holding
that boy’s cock, I know I’m in trouble if he catches me in the right
mood and approaches me the right way. Knowing you, he’ll get good

“Well, I’m happy to see you have the proper attitude. I would like to
see your notch on his headboard. It might interest you to know who
number one was. Remember we guessed that it was an adult, that whoever
started him off taught him the ropes of seduction. We were right, but
you’ll shit when you hear who it was.”

“If I’m going to shit, get your thumb out of my ass.”

“It was Mom, Judy. He screwed our mother, and he’s still screwing her
about once a week.”

Judy twisted half around, total shock registering on her aroused face
as she cried, “I don’t believe it! That can’t be true.”

“It is. I confronted her about it right after he told me. She broke
down and fessed up. You can call her if you want. I’m not lying. That’s
where he was tonight. Dad’s at a gun show. He took his little bimbette
there and they had a threesome. Mom put him up to asking you to lick
his dick clean. She told me to look for that to happen, then call her
back if it did.”

Judy’s head fell to the pillow. She got up on her knees to present Joy
a provocative target for her masturbatory massage, saying, “The bastard
tried to make her happy. You know damn well he dipped his dick in Mom’s
twat last.”

“He’s a pimp, ain’t he?”

“Oh, he’s a pimp all right. He’s a pimp like his dad. Mom has some nerve.
You know those notches started over two years ago, and she gave him
that headboard. I thought that was a strange gift to give a thirteen-
year-old boy for izmit otele gelen escort Christmas, but there it was. Now I remember when I
first told her he was carving notches in it. She said, ‘It’s his
headboard, he can carve on it if he wants.’ That sly bitch gave my son
a trophy headboard and taught him how to put the notches on it.”

“She is a stinker.”

“Jesus Christ. Oh, Joy, that feels so good! Keep doing that and I’ll
drench your fingers.”

Joy pulled her hand away and gave Judy a playful parting slap on the
ass, saying, “Sorry, kid, but I want to leave you horny and

Judy collapsed, then rolled to her back, pleading, “Why, because I
ruined your hair?”

“No, I just want to. I’d like you to talk to John, and I want you horny
when you do.”

“Again, why?”

“He’ll try to fuck you, and I don’t think you’re in any condition to

“You’re right, but I can’t risk it. I’m ovulating, Joy. That’s why I’m
acting so weird and so horny.”

“That wasn’t going to stop you a while ago.”

“This is super dumb, but I was in-love. I didn’t care. I was going to
let John decide. If he wanted to get me pregnant, I was willing. I’m
not willing now. No way do I want that shithead’s rug rat. He’d take me
down to the pool hall, barefoot in my ninth month, and show me off to
his buddies. I can see him patting my big belly saying, “Yeah, I
knocked up the bitch. I’m all man.”

“Yeah, I picture that too. That’s why I want you to take the risk.”

“I’ll talk to him, if that will please you. I owe you that much, but
don’t get your hopes up about me letting him screw me. I can’t let that
happen, and there’s no way I’d trust him to pull out. Not now, anyway.”

“I understand, but I think this will be an even match. I think it’s a
fifty-fifty shot, but I’m going to go talk with John first to give him
a few pointers. I think that will make it a seventy-five/twenty-five
chance that he’ll at least get to fuck you. Give me five minutes with
him, then you have to spend one hour with him, here, in your bedroom,
dressed just as you are. Oh, and me and the girls get to sit in chairs
and watch quietly. Do we have a deal?”

“I don’t want to get pregnant, Joy.”

“Then don’t let him stick his dick in your pussy.”

“If you talk to him the odds will be 100% in his favor.”

“You owe me, Judy. I didn’t want to fall back on the haircut, but look
at me. It’ll take me at least nine months to look decent again. We’ll
be in the same boat if you fuck up. The odds will still be fifty/fifty,

“How do you figure?”

“Look, if you get him to agree to pull out because you are ovulating,
I’d say the odds are even steven. He might; he might not. I honestly
think he’ll honor your request, or want to. I think a lot depends on
you at the time of ejaculation. If you remind him, he’ll probably pull
out. If you get caught up in the throes of passion and forget, you’re
fucked. Again, I think those odds are fifty/fifty, too. Anyway you look
at it, you have a fifty/fifty chance of ending up pregnant if you meet
with him for one hour.”

“I don’t know, Joy.”

“Let’s sweeten the pot. We both know he’s going to fuck you. If he cums
in you, you become his whore for one year. That means you fuck when he
wants, how he wants, and who he wants. You can deny him nothing. If he
wants to see you sucking pussy, you suck pussy. That means if he wants
you pregnant, and tonight fails, he can keep on trying. If he wants you
putting on doggie fuck and suck shows, you will. Conversely, if he
fucks you but no sperm winds up in your pussy, I’ll be his whore for a
year, and I’ll let him knock me up. To further sweeten the deal, if he
doesn’t fuck you, I’ll be your sex slave for as long as you want me.”

“All right, Joy. You’ve just given me the incentive to win. He’s not
fucking me. I want you, Joy. I would love to have you as a sex slave. I
don’t have to let him touch me, and he can’t know anything except that
if he fucks me, he gets a whore. That’s got to be part of the deal.”

“All right, he must ask permission to do anything sexual, including

“Go get the girls. Go talk to him, then send him in.”

“That’s the spirit. This will be fun. You’ll see.”

“Oh yeah, loads of fun. Possibly nine fucking months worth of fun for

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