Jock Tales–The Beginning PT 3

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Jock Tales–The Beginning PT 3Jock Tales—The Beginning PT 3I woke the next morning exhausted. I felt like I had been jumped in the streets and r a p e d. Basically, that’s pretty much what had happened. With just a a bit of stirring, I discovered that my assailants had finally untied me. At least that part was good—I could get up and piss. As I made my way to the bathroom, I felt my ass—seamed wet. Sure nuff, remnants of fresh wet cum sticking to the hairs in my crack, and—b l o o d. Those fuckers made me b l e e d ! Leaning against the wall I cut loose the strong stream of my hot jock piss. Then grabbing a wash cloth from the shower, gently wiped the cum and b l o o d from my crack. I noticed my wrists and ankles were swollen with welts. They will pay. I made my way up the stairs to the kitchen, where everyone was up, still sitting around the kitchen drinking coffee. Guess it was still morning –I hadn’t looked at a clock. With my big jock dick swagging between my thighs, and still buck naked, I walk to the counter and poured a cup of joe for my self. All the b o y s started right in on me—‘morning shunshine’, ‘it’s alive’, ‘well hey there stud’, just laughing and cutting up. I look over at my lil bro Dustin, staring in amazement. Guess it was the first time he seen me naked since I ‘grew up’. All hairy and muscles, and big dick hanging half way to my knees. I ignored everyone else and just smiled at lil bro. “Dustin—Go down to my room. Close the door and lock it. Don’t let anyone in but me. You understand me ?” Dustin just looked at me for the moment, then I yelled at him “RUN”. Dustin jumps from the table and like a scared dog darts for the stairs, slamming the door behind him, and throwing the deadbolt.The rest got quite, and just sat there looking at me. “What’s up Matthew—you ain’t gonna get all pissy now just cause we had some fun last night are you”? Spoke my dad first. “Ya Matthew—we was just havin some fun” came in Mark next. I took a couple of sips from my coffee, and staring at them replied “you fucking tied me up—you assaulted my ass with no mercy, YOU MADE ME B L E E D—and fucking left me there” Still grinning at their conquest, I slammed güvenilir bahis my coffee mug down on the counter. Then turning, walked down the hallway to mom and dad’s room. Checking the nite stand drawer, it was still there—dad’s Colt 45. Checking the barrel, it was fully loaded. I took the revolver and headed back to the kitchen. As I approach and take aim, I fire the first shot—right between the heads of Mark and Maurice. In terror, everyone jumps from the table and backs against the wall. “What the fuck Matthew!” exclaimed Mark. I fire off a second shot—just missing Maurice ear. “Get out of my house” I yelled at the top of my lungs. With no hesitation my two best friends bolted for the front door. I could hear Dustin from the basement yelling, but I told him to just stay where he was.As the two ran from the house, dad looks at me and starts “now Matthew, son—” “Shut the fuck up dad. YOU FUCKIN R A P E D ME !! I fuckin hate you !” Dad persisted in trying to calm me down—but that wasn’t happening. “Matthew, give me that gun son” I responded, still yelling “fuck you dad, and I ain’t your son anymore. You lost that last night. And here’s what ur gonna do now. I want me a dirt bike. And ur gonna go down to the Honda shop—right the fuck now and get it for me”. Dad raises his eyebrows and replies “kinda tall order isn’t it son ?” “Ya dad—tearin up my ass last night was a pretty fuckin tall order too—so I figure it’s worth it”. “That’s a good bit of money Matthew” I persisted “Oh I’m sure you got it laying around somewhere dad, cause you haven’t give mom anything for months. Now get ur ass up and go get me my bike, or do I need to call the sheriff ?” Dad raises his hands in that ‘ok’ gesture, and just says ok Matthew, ok. “And don’t forget the gear either” “Gear” ? Dad responds looking confused. “Gear dad, gear—boots, helmet, chest protector—all that shit. You wouldn’t want your prized jock ass son to get hurt would ya ?” I told dad I would call the shop and tell Jeremy he was coming. He would have the whole wish list. “Don’t leave anything out”As dad left the house, I grabbed my coffee, then went to the staircase door from the kitchen. I rapped on türkçe bahis the door and hollared at Dustin to let me in. He opens it up and looks up at me, still buck naked, with tears in his eyes. Walking down the stairs, I explained to Dustin that everything was ok, but he was too young for me to explain everything in a way he could understand. “Let’s just say that Mark and Maurice are not our friends anymore. They did some bad stuff last night, so I told them to leave. And dad doesn’t love us anymore, so we don’t love him either. I know that’s confusing, but I’ll explain it to you again when you get a little older. Now—I really bad need to whack off, and take a shower, so get up to your room and find something to do”. Dustin looked up at me and responded “what’s whacking off Matthew ?” I looked down at my lil bro and tossled his hair, smiling at him. “Something big b o y s do when their dicks get big—I explain that when you get older too” “How much older, Matthew ?” “I dunno Dustin, maybe 13 or so—when you start to get hair” “Like you Matthew ?” “Yes lil bro—like me—now git”. As Dustin climbed the stairs back up to the kitchen, I took to my bed, and plopped down on my back. In spite of the v I o l e n t assault on my ass the night before, all that pressure constantly hitting the back of my prostrate had me still about half hard. Hanging full, and really low, dick was demanding attention. He was already oozing fuck juice. I reach for the nite stand drawer, and fish out a joint. Taking just a couple of hits was all it took for me to become fully boned up. Veins popping, and piss slit leaking juice, I grab my head with my fist, and run my thumb across the piss slit. It felt wonderful, but I only did it for a few seconds. I quickly went into a full on fisting of my swollen jock cock. Pounding into my pubes while pulling at my nut sack, I decided to reach again for the nite stand drawer, and retrieved the lube. Squirting a bit on my head then working it downward as I continued jacking my dick, quickly covered my entire shaft. Raising my left arm to my head, I took a deep whiff of my ripe stinking pit. I buried my nose into my pit hairs, then licked at the sweat güvenilir bahis siteleri and funk. This quickly put me over the edge, and with just a few more hard pounds, and grabbing my hairy nuts and squeezing them hard, I blew. The eruption was nearly v I o l e n t. Five shots of unbroken thick rope in rapid succession flew over my head, hitting the concrete wall behind me. My abs convulsed to the point that they felt like I had just done a hundred crunches. I continued pounding my meat rapidly as I continued to squirt rope after rope of steaming hot jock juice across my chest and belly. My body was covered now in the thick juicy goodness of my jizz. I smiled at myself, proud of the huge load I had just saturated myself with. Relaxing, and relishing in the now relaxed state, I scooped up about three fingers of my goo, and placed them into my mouth, sucking on them, dazed at the awesome taste of my prize. Having finally composed myself, I decided it was time to hit the shower, and remove the hot sticky mess, and all of last nights ‘deposits’ in my ass. As I stood up from the bed and turned towards my bathroom, I glanced up towards the stairs, and there at the top was Dustin. Almost yelling at him I cried out “Dustin—I told you to go to your room” ! “Im sorry Matthew—I just wanted to make sure you were ok” he responded sheepishly. I couldn’t help but smile at him. He was worried about me, where I was worried about him being traumatized from my gun play. “Im fine Dustin, now get to your room like I told you”. Still being persistent, he continues with “Was that whacking off Matthew—what you just did with your dick”? I almost busted out laughing at the innocent question. “Yes lil bro—that was whacking off—and you weren’t supposed to be there watching”. My lil bro still persisting “what’s all that stuff that came out of your dick Matthew” “It’s called jizz lil bro—you will get some about 12-13 years old. Now that’s enough—git” !Finally lil bro heads for his room, and I head for the shower. Turning the water to sauna level, I immediately suds up to wash the filth from my body—even the pits, lol. A good twenty minutes of scrubbing, and then the reality of last nights assault finally set in. I went down on my butt as the water sprayed the top of my head, and started balling like a baby. I had never felt hate in all my life—but I did now. As the Klingons would say–”Revenge is a dish best served cold”

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