Jimmy’s Clean Sweep by loyalsock

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Jimmy’s Clean Sweep by loyalsockSince getting divorced a couple of years back, my ex said I was perverted after she found a link to some of my favourite videos from an online porn site, I have enjoyed a sedate single life. At 34, five foot eleven and with only a slight paunch my few friends say I should have a girlfriend by now. But I work from home, and not being one for socialising, other than the occasional trip to the pub with said friends, I haven’t had much opportunity to meet some-one else. After what happened last week, I don’t think that will be a problem any longer. Living on my own I am more than capable of looking after myself, but I do have a cleaner, Kate, come in once a week to tidy the house. She is quite cute, and we always have a laugh or two when she comes in. I have thought about asking her out, but it would be really awkward if she said no, and I would hate to lose her friendship. On her last visit she told me she was going away for three weeks, but not to worry as a friend would cover for her.”You’ll like Stephanie.” She told me. “You have quite a bit in common.” How right she was. Occasionally I nip out to the shops when Kate is cleaning, the spare bedroom is my an office, but I can’t concentrate when she is vacuuming in the flat. It turned out she had been nosing around on my computer – single life makes you very lax at clearing browsing histories it turns out – on one of these days, and must have found my interest for water sports.The next week her friend, Stephanie arrived on time. She is in her early thirties, an inch or so shorter than me, with a good figure, long auburn hair and amazing green eyes. She wore tight blue jeans and an equally tight t-shirt that left little to the imagination. I could barely take my eyes off her. I found myself making excuses to pop in to each room she happened to be in, just to grab a sweater, or check a reference in a book I happened to leave in the bedroom, or some other flimsy excuse. I wasn’t proud of myself, but she didn’t seem to mind.In fact, as she was leaving she turned to me with a smile. “Kate said you were a nice guy.” I felt quite flattered. “Next week I think I will have a little surprise for you.” Then she gave me a peck on the cheek and left. I don’t mind admitting I was samsun rus escort a little dumbfounded and considerably aroused.The following week Stephanie turned up promptly at two o’clock. She wore another tight top, this one cut to show her midriff, and a short pale green cotton skirt that stopped half way down her firm thighs. Before starting work, she opened up her bag and produced a 2-lt. bottle of cider. “Get a couple of glasses,” she smiled.As she worked, with me following her around less subtly this time, we polished off most of the bottle. She couldn’t have helped noticing the bulge stretching my trousers as she paraded round flashing every bit of flesh she could. She must have known when she bent over I could glimpse her small white panties too, because she made a point of turning to look at me each time.The last room she did was the bathroom. This time however she shut the door locking me out. I was a bit annoyed at first, but assumed she maybe wanted to use the loo first, so not wanting to look like a perv hangin around outside, I went back to my study. After a while the cider began to catch up with me. I went back to the bathroom, feeling sure she must have finished up in there by now and knocked on the door. “What do you want?” She asked.”Are you going to be long? Only I need the loo.” I called through the door. “You’ll have to wait a minute.” She said.A few minutes passed and the cider was really pressing me. I banged on the door this time. “Have patience.” She called. Oh god, I thought as she turned on the taps. The sound of all that water gushing into the sink, swirling down the plughole, made matters so much worse. I was just considering using the kitchen sink when I heard the door unlock. I shoved open the door and shot into the room not caring if I had to do it with her still in there. What I saw stopped me in my tracks. Stephanie was sat on the edge of the bath in just her white panties. “Right.” She said. “I know you want to fuck me, and I may let you if you do everything I tell you.”The sight of her sitting there, unashamedly temporarily distracted my body from its initial desire. She stepped over to me and began to unbutton my shirt. She worked so slowly that soon, even with the feel samsun rus escort bayan of her breath on my face and watching her breasts squeezed together as she worked my raging hard-on was losing the battle with my bladder. The sound of the still running taps made it worse. I began to squirm as the pressure increased. “Stand still!” She snapped. I opened my mouth to protest my need but was told to shut up. I stood as still as I could, tensing every muscle I could to hold on as she continued at a snails pace.With my shirt finally off she knelt in front of me and began on my trousers. The proximity of her face to my crotch had my cock standing to full attention and helped to hold back my other need. I still had to bite my lip to distract myself somewhat. Trousers and pants around my ankles she ordered me to step out of them. I did.Still knelt in front of me and ran her tongue over the end of my cock then began to nibble it. The resulting sensation after so long without sex was too much and embarrassingly, I shot my load into her mouth.She stood up and glared at me. “Did I tell you you could cum? I don’t think so you filthy bastard.” She glared at me, as a small trickle of cum escaped her lips. She swallowed the rest. “What do you do for an encore, piss on me?”I just groaned as he placed her hand on my groin and pressed. That was too much for my bladder and it let go. With a semi hard-on I managed to soak her belly, crotch and legs in one huge spray. Stephanie just stood glaring at me until I finished. “You soaked my panties.” “Sorry.” I muttered.”On your knees.” She ordered.Of course I obeyed. Then she told me to remove her panties with my mouth. Not an easy task as there was little fabric to get hold of and what there was, was covered in warm piss.I had never tasted my own pee before, or anyone else’s for that matter. It wasn’t what I had expected. It was a bit salty, but earthy too and oddly comforting. Of course I could also taste her sex on her panties as I drew the fabric into my mouth and tried to pull them own. All I managed to do was suck a load of juices of them.The only way to get them over her hips I realised was bit by bit. First one side, then the other, then the back. As I dragged the rus samsun escort material over her bum I couldn’t resist flicking my tongue in between those soft cheeks. I felt her tense for an instant, then push back slightly. She didn’t say anything.Eventually I got them past her hips and let go, watching them slide down her legs. That done she instructed me to kneel down in front of her, put my head back and open my mouth. I knew what was coming and sure enough it was. She stepped over me, planted her fanny firmly over my face and relieved herself into my mouth. The hot pee flooded over my tongue and down my throat so fast I could barely keep up with the flow. I could feel some of it running down my chin and body as I choked and swallowed as much of the delicious liquid as possible.”Now you’ve had a drink,” she said when she finished, “put your mouth to work properly.”Holding her arse, I knelt on the wet floor alternately licking out her soft cunt and teasing her clitoris until her legs went weak and she pushed down on me as her first orgasm took her. When she recovered, and I could breathe again, she got down on all fours and told me I could fuck her now. I didn’t need asking twice and slid my already hard cock into her soaking pussy. I began pounding away to the rhythm of her groaning. After a while she pulled herself up on the edge of the bath. For a better grip I held onto her tits and played with her nipples as I continued to grind into her. As her groaning became louder and her rhythm increased I desperately tried to hold back until she came. Seconds after she cried out through her next orgasm, I shot my second load into her. As my cock softened, the need to pee came again. The feeling of being inside her was so delicious I wanted it to last as long as possible, so I let go inside her. She called me a filthy bastard again but made no attempt to stop me, only started groaning again as I filled her up.When I finished and my cock popped out of her, dribbling the last of my pee onto the floor, she ordered me to lay down on my back. She stepped over me, squatted over my face, lowered her cunt onto my mouth and ordered me to lick her out again. Once again I obliged. Tasting her cunt juices, and my own cum and piss as well as hers as she emptied herself into my mouth for a second time was heavenly.Having come a third time she handed me a toilet roll and told me to clean the floor while she showered. I watched her shower, dress and leave without another word.She is due again tomorrow. I better tidy up first, can’t have her spending the whole time cleaning the flat.

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