Jessica #3

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Jessica #3I was awakened early —farmer’s daughter, got-to-milk-the-cows early— and she wouldn’t tell me why. She just sent me off to my own place, told to shower, shave and pull the car around.She had me headed west toward the college. I rarely went that way except when I had a craving for deep fried country chicken as there was a great place near the college. There was also fairly well stocked used book store to spend a few hours sorting through all the garbage they make k**s read today to find the occasional jewel in the rough. “Slow down. Parking is over there.”“Where on earth have you brought me? And at this hour…on your last day of freedom?”“Oh hush now and do as your told like a good daddy!”“Daddy?”“I want you to be my father for a couple of hours. Think you can manage that?”“And just how am I suppose to pull that off? I know nothing about the man let alone what its like to be a farmer.”“It’s not like that silly. Not that kind of daddy.” The puzzled look on my face as I pulled the car to a stop demanded further explanation. “I’m going to introduce you to Ginger. She’s the same major and we’ve become good friends and I’ve shared everything about us to her.”“You’ve what?”“Simmer down. It’s our secret and Ginger, well, let’s say she wants to meet you and I thought you’d like to meet her.” Jessie giggled. There was a serious mischievousness about her laugh that made me feel uneasy. “I thought we could eat breakfast here and you two could get to know one another a bit before….”“Before what?”“Never you mind. It’s my day and you promised to play along, remember? So just be your loving self. No one’s going to pay us any never mind. It’s just a bunch of college k**s.”After ordering and awaiting our food and out guest, it was time to talk.“Jessie, what we have between us is something most others would greatly frown upon. We’ve talked about this. You know I don’t mind being seen in public with you. That’s not the issue. I just don’t see the wisdom…”“Oh hush now. Here she is. You’re overthinking it.”I stood up as a redheaded young lady, a few inched taller than me, dressed in jeans and sweatshirt with the name of another college on it, smiled at me and hugged Jessie. “So….” the redheaded girl said, “this is him!” I confess, occasionally I had looked a girl up and down but never the way I just got looked up and down by this young alabaster beauty. The girls just giggled while sliding together into one side of the booth, leaving the other side for a stunned old ‘daddy’ to park his behind.“How was your summer?” I listened as two girls exchanged twenty questions, ignoring everything but the waitress who came to take Ginger’s order. Our breakfast place was a noisy cauldron made up of almost entirely students who were also seemingly getting reacquainted with their returning classmates. Our food arrived. It was better than cafeteria fair but really, how bad can you screw up eggs, bacon as two small pancakes?“I’ve got to powder my nose. Join me?” said Ginger to Jessie.“No. I’m fine.” As the energetic redhead departed, I scooted out of the booth and a slid in next to my blonde bombshell.“What’s up? You two are up to something. You don’t get this old and not be able to read body language.”“Do you have to know everything? Now relax. There’s nothing to worry about and as you can see, just students here.”“Where to now?”“You’ll see. Ted. I think we’ve gotten to know each other well enough to know that I only want you to be happy.”“I am happy. You make me happy. I don’t need anything else. I like Ginger. She’s a real firecracker. She seems to bring out a side of you I hadn’t really seen before. So that’s cool.”“Then be still. You’re going to enjoy it.”Eventually Ginger returned, gathering her things before leading us out. “Where’s the car?”“Over here. And he didn’t bring the car.”Ginger guided us out of town with Jessie’s arm wrapped in mine, smiling and encouraging me that the surprise the two of them had in mind was going to be something special. It took us a solid hour to get to the destination. We ended up on a narrow paved country road that wound its way through the typical local countryside of corn, soybean and wheat fields before arriving at our journey’s end. A wooden wall greeted us. Someone was hiding something. A full fifteen feet high, it extended a hundred bahis firmaları yards in either direction.“Here! You’ve got to use this.” Ginger handed me a black, blank faced plastic card with a magnetic strip on the backside. Inserting the card into the card holder, the wall moved. “Park in the lot on your left,” was all the direction I was given before she turned to Jessie to ask, “Are you sure?”It was a large compound with multiple buildings, none of which apparently we were granted entrance. There was a section where camping trailers could slide in between the trees. There was a baseball diamond, a horse shoe pit, some weird sort of monkey bars and what appeared to be workout beams of various sorts with iron tie downs. For the life of me, none of it made much sense to me. Leading us on without hesitation, it was obvious Ginger had been here before. She was quite at ease as if it were a home away from home. Eventually she led us to a crushed limestone trail that led back into a well manicured woods. If it weren’t for the trees, it could have been a world class golf course. I thought of my own forest back home and how much work it would take to even take a stab at being this clean. The crushed gravel trail ended at a paver stone cul de sac. I was like Alice in Wonderland. The whole complex spoke of money and lots of it. What looked like a mini-medieval castle complete with moat and a fake draw bridge, stood at the end.“In here,” Ginger encouraged us as her black card energized an automatically opening beam and iron door. Lights flickered on as we entered. There were velvet covered benches and two rows of lockers with four digit locks. At the back were showers and to one side toilet stalls. Thick fluffy towels hung on racks. That was it.“Who’s going to be first?” the jubilant redhead inquired. I looked at Jessie who smiled and let go of my hand before walking over to one the lockers and opened. Ginger then smiled at my dismay and found her own locker before both girls turn back to me.“Well?”Ginger’s arms then in one fluid motion drew her sweatshirt up over her head before stowing it away in her locker. Jessie did likewise. Dumbstruck, I stood there watching each of them removing shoes, socks and jeans. Jessie was the first to remove her bra, looking not at me but at Ginger, both laughing at my unease. Then Ginger unfastened her own bra, discarding it into the locker while having her eyes fixed on mine. A blind man could have discerned how proud she was of her breasts. Clasping her hands behind her head, pretending to mess with her hair while shoving out her chest, my mouth watered. Sheer white panties indicated that she was a true redhead.“Your turn now, Ted.” Jessie’s voice called my attention back to her. She had removed all of her clothing and stood there waving me over to her. As if walking in a Chicago fog bank, I made it over by her. I didn’t say anything but my face did. “Sssssss! It’s ok. You don’t have to say anything. Here, let me help.” Jessie didn’t have to remove jockey shorts to discern my arousal. She peeked around me to look at Ginger who had remained by her locker but with interest, now strolled up next to me.“How old are you, Ted?” Ginger asked it in such away that I knew she knew the answer and was just paying me a back handed compliment. “It’s not what you think, Ted,” Jessie spoke to me as she put a finger on my chin turning me back to herself. “It’s a nudist colony.”“At least part of it,” Ginger corrected her. “There’s a lot more things that go on here but usually those are scheduled on weekends. Judging by the parking lots, we have the place to ourselves today. Are you ready?”I didn’t ask for what. I was fighting the battle of the boobs. This was the no win scenario that most men feared. I know, if asked, Jessica would say she didn’t mind me being distracted by Ginger’s boobs. But there is that fine line one must sometime walk where the amount of attention given must not exceed a line drawn in shifting sand. Simply put, Ginger’s boobs were pleading with me to be sucked. Though a fair size smaller than Jessie’s, Ginger’s puffy salmon colored nipples of youth, drew my attention like iron to a magnet. I had to be careful. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.Leaving the “castle” we wandered down a serpentine path of kaçak iddaa fine grade sand to an open meadow. Sitting smack dab in the middle of that meadow was a two acre pond, complete with what appeared to be a “castle” boat house. “What do you think?” asked our host.“Wow! It’s just as you described,” answered the bare naked blonde. “What’s in that building?”“Just a secondary changing room, bathrooms and if they are still there, two massage tables. Mostly its just the bathrooms that are used. Everyone I’ve ever seen changes back were we did.”The noon-day sun sat high in a near cloudless sky. I wondered how these two alabaster dolls were going to fare in the bright sunlight.“Do they store sunscreen in there for the likes of you two?”“I don’t know. But I’ll be okay. How about you, Jess?”“I think I’ll be okay. If I start feeling anything I’ll get underneath one of those umbrellas. But we didn’t come here to hide, did we?”Standing between them, I sensed Ginger doing another one of her hands-behind-her-head stretches. The periphery of her ice cream cone breasts tortured my sensibilities. “Oh, that sun feels so good. Don’t you agree, Jess?”Not waiting for hear her reply, I marched down to the waters edge and poked in a toe. Bath water warm. Fearing the redheaded temptresses charms, I waded in and began to swim toward the raft that sat about a hundred feet off of shore. About half way there I could sense the change in water temperature. I wondered how deep the lake actually was. Though the water appeared to be spring fed crystal clear, the sun glaze made it difficult to tell. Diving temporarily, I could see nothing but long blades of snake grass maybe twenty-five feet below me. Perhaps bottom was another ten feet further on down.Resurfacing, I could hear the screaming of two playful girls splashing each other before finally diving in themselves to follow me out to the raft. I wasn’t a great swimmer. Couldn’t float to save my life. But climbing the ladder and looking back, I saw Jessie doing slow effortless breast strokes while Ginger hurried past her in free style.“Going to help a lady up?” Ginger called up to me as she extended her hand. How do other men at nudist camps evade such unrelenting charms?Taking hold of my hand, Ginger began to climb the ladder but not without continually leaning back so as to force me to securely grasp her hand. As she stepped on the final rung, she pulled herself forward, launching herself on top of me as I fell back. “I know you want me,” she whispered before laughing out loud and rolling off to one side as Jessica’s head popped up over the edge. Quickly I stood back up and offered her my hand as her gleaming wet body climbed out of the lake.Jessica flashed me one of her amazingly innocent smiles as if nothing had just occurred. I know that she saw what happened. Did she not care? Was this part of her surprise? To watch me and her friend flirty friend frolic on the raft front of her? Oh for a crystal ball to tell me her mind. I already knew what Ginger’s thoughts were. I was pricked by the nagging thought that I was too old for this sort of shenanigan.The raft was covered with an artificial turf matting which was soft to lay back on. I gazed skyward as the two girls sat next to me exchanging small talk. “This isn’t so bad, now is it, Ted?” Jessie inquired.“No. The sun feels good and its good to be on the water and out once again in the middle of nowhere. I wonder if Google Earth is photographing us now?” I watched as the two naked girls shield their eyes while looking up and waving. “Well I hope I get compensated for it if they are,” said Ginger. Jessica laid down next to me on an elevated elbow while the other hand fingered my chest hair. She just held that position for a while smiling at me before mouthing, “I love you.” That was just as Ginger took a similar position opposite of her, only she wasn’t fingering chest hair. Ginger giggled with a wide toothy grin, looking over at Jessie while she massaged my manhood into granite. “Do you want impalement by his harpoon first or shall I?” Ginger inquired the woman next me.Jessie didn’t reply verbally. She just nodded her head as she sat up, lifting one leg up to straddle me so as to have my shoulders pinned to mat. Her thick gleaming bush was inches from my chin while her kaçak bahis friend climbed aboard me below, grasping my cock and rubbing her apex before working herself deeper and deeper onto the shaft. She moaned in delight.Jessie continued to smile, breathing not another word before sliding forward, offering her dripping wet, two handed spread for my licking and sucking enjoyment as her heavy breasts danced in the sunlight. Ginger was not as wet as Jessie. Maybe that accounted for the difference as she felt tight and resistant to penetration. She moaned excessively, calling to God while commending Jessica on her selflessness. I struggled to remain concentrated on savoring my facial liquid lunch so as not to give into the desire to pop my gun too quickly. Jessie had removed most of the ammo the preceding night. Nor did I know whether or not my little tadpoles still were capable for swimming after seven decades. If anyone was to get pregnant from all this, I wanted it to be Jessica. Always quick to reach first climax, Jessie fell forward as her vaginal lips pressed against my mouth, shaking and quivering as I heard her shuttering moan. She shivered once or twice more before falling off to one side, sighing a deep breath as Ginger took the opportunity to lean forward. Though her height hadn’t intimidated me when first being introduced at the breakfast nub, now I found it quite beneficial as hands grabbed my wrists, wrestling them above my head as she plunged her right breast into my face and rubbed it back and forth across my mouth as her hips began a slow rise and fall.Vainly I tried to catch sight of Jessica as she remained fully prostrated next to me. But I could not. So I closed my eyes and accepted Ginger’s gift, sucking nearly all her breast into my mouth while tonguing its taut nipple. I enjoyed the sensation of the particular hardness of her puffy areola, nursing on it as she moaned and wretched her body, continuing to call out to God. Though I was in the process, it was Ginger who came first. Her whole weight collapsed on top of me. Jessica’s climax was anything but serene, but Ginger’s could only be described as demonically exercised as she shook uncontrollably as her eyes rolled back up in her head, moaning and screaming without reserved. The big quake was soon followed by countless after-shocks and tremors. She laid on top of me, catching her breath as my hips slowly, cautiously began sliding my cock in and out of her yet contracting velvet warmth. I was not meeting any resistance from above as her own hips tried to harmonize the rhythm. Slowly gaining consciousness, I heard Ginger suck in a mouthful of saliva as she pushed herself back upward. She smiled down at me, positioned on bended knees, just slowly grinding her hips as she sought to have every inch of my cock deep with in her. I could feel it bottoming out, knocking on that last remaining door, hoping to open it to dump my creamy white surprise across its threshold.Jessica rolled over and began kissing me. Quickly I wrapped an arm about her as my free hand fingered through the yellow mop of hair, pressing her head down hard onto my lips as our tongues danced inside. The ember that remained inside her soon burst into flame. Rising, she turned back to Ginger who immediately understood. Though she smiled, I could tell she didn’t want to dismount as the tip of my manhood pressed hard against that last remaining door.I watched as Jessie’s breasts swayed by their weight as she effortlessly slid my cock into her blonde thatch. The difference was amazing. She was so wet and so receptive; a gelatinous ooze, warm and almost motherly. Whereas Ginger was smooth but restrictively tight and not a deep. I enjoyed both but in the end, it was Jessica that would continue to find the deepest delight in.The pump had already been primed. Jessie’s final door opened at the same time I erupted. It was a first for us and I think it put Ginger on the sidelines as she watched and heard. We were lost and clinging desperately each other as the emotional explosion washed over us. Perhaps it was Ginger’s part, perhaps it was laying nude and making love out in a sunny nowhere, whatever the cause, I remained erect and continued to pound away until Jessie’s big one had her nails pressing hard into my back as she arched and cried and cursed till fell into a state of semi-conscious rapture, breathing as hard as I had ever heard her breath.I smiled and winked at Ginger as Jessie’s limp body rested beneath me. She returned a curious smile.

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