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Subject: Jeremy’s Life Of Chocolate 9 This story is completely fiction, written by an author over the age of 18. All names, places, descriptions, and events are purely fictional and Any relation to any real person is purely coincidental. This work contains Intimate, consenting acts between adult males and youth over the age of 11 but under 18 Years old, if that scenario offends you, please stop reading any Further. As an avid reader of the stories I prefer to know the age scenario in Certain writings up front or in the first 2-3 paragraphs. As a writer, I’ve chosen to place that information ahead of the story. Adult male: mid to late 30s I still needed to sort out this whole Zack being Mr. Van Ness’s son thing. Zack browsed a table of junk my mom had out for sale. “Looks like we shared the same guy, awesome! I doubt it will be the last time. I’m not so sure it was the first time either. You ever suck your dad off?” Zack probed and sucked on his iced coffee from Starbucks. “Ew, no! I would never!” “Sorry dude, didn’t mean to offend you but your dad is hot. That wasn’t the first time I sucked him off” Interesting. Seems like my dad frequented that Home Depot bathroom on the regular. “Did you suck your dad?” I asked. ” Yeah, he was my first. But I don’t suck him anymore. I’m too old for him, he likes them young…like you.” “How old are you?” I asked. “I’m 17, I turn 18 in February. I’m way too legal for my dad’s liking.” “So, he’s like a legit creepo?” “I guess. No more of a creepo than your dad. Or the guy that just left here. Or you.” “Me?! I’m not a creepo!” I spoke in defense. “The fuck you aren’t! You’re running around sucking dicks in restaurants, hosting hook ups at your house and hanging out in cruise spots. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle slut to me.” He had a point, but I wasn’t going to give him that satisfaction. “But it isn’t a big deal, I did the same thing when I was your age. Experimenting was fun. I used to go to this park right over by the industrial part of town. Lots of mechanics, construction workers and shit would go there to eat their lunch and get off during their lunch breaks. During the summers were the best, I would ride my bike there in the morning and spend all day sucking cock.” “They didn’t care that you were young?” I questioned. “Some did and wouldn’t touch me. Others didn’t care, they just wanted to get off.” “Any of them black?” I asked with intrigue. Zack looked around and leaned in. “Hell yeah. My first time with a black guy was at that park. You know, my dad is a real dick when it comes to that. The whole race thing. I don’t know why but he has this thing against black people.” “Oh yeah?” I questioned for Zack to speak more on it. “Yeah, when he found out I was at the park, he got more upset şişli escort that I was taking big black cocks in my mouth more than anything else.” “How many people have you been with?” I asked. “Shit dude, I don’t know, 16, 20? That’s if you’re counting blowjobs too. I haven’t gone all the way yet.” Get the fuck out of here, I’ve done more with men than Zack has? I guess I was a little slut but also, it meant that I was more experienced than him in a way. “But I came close. There was this one black guy I met at the park; he was built like a linebacker. He pulled up in his F150 truck, got out wearing these gym shorts that showed EVERYTHING!” Zack’s eyes widened as he went into his story. “I was nervous at first but then followed behind him but lost him. I circled the trails twice when I came up on him with his shorts around his ankles and this big black pipe ramming in and out of this guy’s mouth.” “Another black guy?” “No, he was an older white guy, on his knees, sucking like there was no tomorrow. I stood and watched, kind of like you did in the bathroom. My mouth watered for a taste of that chocolate dick. I watched the white guy’s technique but knew for a fact that I was better. As I walked closer for a better view, I crunched on some leaves and they saw me standing there. The white guy got spoked, jumped up and ran off” Zack chuckled. “Fucking fool, who would get up and leave a big piece of meat hanging there? Anyway, I walked up to him and said, `can I help’?” “That was pretty brave, you weren’t scared?” I questioned. “Nope. I caught him in the act, I had nothing to be scared of, if anything, he was the vulnerable one. He was standing there with his big dick dripping with slobber, he needed to get that load out. I dropped to my knees and took it in my mouth fast. He let out this deep moan and I knew that he wasn’t going to last long-at least, that’s what I thought. After a while my jaw started to hurt, and I was gasping for air. ” “Bit off more than you could chew, huh?” I teased. “You could say that. He made me get up and show my ass to him. He grabbed it, gave it a good squeeze then yanked my shorts down. Next thing I know he was pushing that big head between my buttcheeks and about to impale me.” “Wait! I thought you said you never got fucked.” I stated. “I didn’t, right before he went in, another guy walked up on us. Spoked the shit out of both of us, we got dressed and left.” “Bummer” “Not really, I eventually ended up sucking him off again a few weeks later and getting his cum. ‘Til this day, he has one of the biggest dicks I have sucked.” “I don’t care! Curtis, If you wanted it, you should have taken it. I’m selling it!” My mom walked by us talking on the phone. She walked to sivas escort the end of the driveway then out into the street a little and carried on the conversation. “She sounds pissed” Zack commented. “Yeah.” She hung up and started to walk back up the driveway. “Jeremy, your dad is coming by. Come get me as soon as you see him.” Great. I had enough shit to worry about, now I’m about to have a front row seat to their fighting. Mom went back inside, and Zack noticed my mood change. “Divorced?” Zack took a guess. “Not yet but soon” I nodded and answered. “My folks split when I was real young. As my mom tells it, she found this video-a sextape with my dad having all out gay sex with random guys in college.” Wait! This can’t be the same video, can it? If it is, this is all starting to make sense. Dad, Mr. Willis, Mr. Van Ness were all in college together and they used to have those ‘guys only’ parties on the weekend like Uncle Nick told me. “Did you see the video?” I asked “Yeah, your dad is fucking my dad, some football player looking dudes are going down on each other and some black guys. They’re all going at it; sucking, fucking, jacking off.” “I have to see this video. You gotta let me see it.” “Maybe. You have to do something for me. You have to set me up with that Latin daddy with the big dick.” That wouldn’t be too hard, Mr. Sandoval loves to fuck and he already got sucked off by Zack. “Deal.” I agreed. “Well alright, as soon as I get that daddy dick in me, you’ll get the video.” As soon as we shook on it, my dad pulled up. I went inside to get mom but looked back to see Zack walking up to my dad’s car. “Mom, dad just pulled up.” I alerted her while she was in the kitchen showing off her remodel to Mr. Van Ness and Uncle Nick. “Curtis is here?” Mr. Van Ness questioned with a touch of interest. ‘Yeah, he’s here, do you want to get fucked by him again?’ I said to myself. Mom went outside, and Uncle Nick followed behind her, which left Mr. Van Ness and I, alone. “I didn’t know Zack was your son.” “Yep! How do you know Zack?” “He works at Applebee’s. He waited on our table.” ‘And I caught him sucking my dad’s dick in a public bathroom. Oh and I sucked his dick too.’ I thought. “He’s going to college next year. All grown up. You’re going to need a replacement.” “Come again?” Mr. Van Ness was confused. I didn’t want to dance around the bush, I cut right to it. “You’re going to need a boy to replace him. I know you like boys…like me, like my friend Ashton. You need a boy to get you off.” Mr. Van Ness turned tomato red with embarrassment. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Your secret is safe with me.” “Ditto, Jeremy. I won’t tell anyone about your secrets” His embarrassment changed to an all-knowing smirk. “Greg Willis wanted sıhhiye escort me to tell you he said hello” Mr. Van Ness walked out of the kitchen and outside with everyone else. Oh shit! He knew! But how? Mr. Willis must have told him; and right then it started to all connect. The video! Like my uncle Nick told me, they all knew each other from college. My dad, Mr. Willis, Mr. Van Ness-hell maybe even Ray were all fucking each other in college. I HAVE to see this video. 7 HOURS LATER: ________________ The garage sale did okay, we still had a lot of stuff left but mom planned to haul the remains to Goodwill. When dad showed up it got heated between the two, but Uncle Nick was the voice of reason and kept things civil. I was stretched out on the couch watching ‘Christmas Vacation’ when mom came in and muted the TV. “So, I have to talk with you. Your father wants you and your brother to spend a weekend with him.” “Okay” It was not like I had any say in it. “I don’t know how I feel about it, but he is your father. He deserves to spend the holidays with you guys too.” I was not taking the bait; she wasn’t about to drag me into their drama. I remained silent and let her speak. “When does he want to do this?” I finally asked. “Next weekend. At least you only have this one week left before break.” “Mom! I’m ready!” My little brother called from the other side of the house. She darted off to his aid and I sat there wondering what next weekend would be like. As long as I had my phone, I would be occupied. I also wondered where my dad lived and if I would be sleeping in a bed or on a couch. “Going out tonight, might not come home” Uncle Nick announced as he walked into the living room to check himself in the full-length mirror. “Uncle Nick, where does my dad stay?” “No clue. But he was really persistent about having you and your brother stay with him. He must be lonely but that’s the price you pay” “Where are you going out?” I questioned “I have a date with this guy I met on Adam for-” Uncle Nick stopped himself. “Mind your business little boy” He said with sass. I chuckled and thought before I asked my next question. “Uncle Nick, can I ask you something? I kind of need your advice” “What’s up?” He finished adjusting his clothes. “I have feelings for someone, but I don’t know how to tell them.” “Kids. What do you feel?” I looked confused. “Huh?” “What do you feel? You said you have feelings for HIM. How do you feel about him? Is he cute? Does he make you feel like you’re cute? Do you want to kiss him?” ‘I want to kiss his cock’ Is what I thought. “Yeah. All of that but he’s…he’s-” “Straight? Please do not tell me he’s straight. You don’t want to go down that road” “No, he’s…he’s black.” *********************************************************************** Thank you all for your continued support. To say it has been a delay is an understatement, but I am happy to deliver another chapter into Jeremy’s entry into puberty and manhood. This story has more ways to go. Please be patient and send any feedback you may wish to ail.

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