Jen’s Trip to the Beach Pt. 03

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Jen rolled off of her son, feeling like too much time had passed since they checked on her sleeping husband. What if he had woken up and was looking for them? What if he opened the door and found them, naked, lips and limbs entwined? She felt a shiver roll through her at the thought, and cursed her wicked libido.

“I’m going to check on your dad,” she whispered.

As she rolled away from Ben and stood up, she could feel their combined juices flow out of her vagina, streaming down her legs. She cursed quietly and grabbed the closest piece of clothing on the floor – Ben’s underwear, abandoned earlier.

A strange feeling crept over her as she realized what she was doing: Wiping her private area with her lover’s underwear. Maybe not that unusual for normal folks, but her lover was her son. That thought sent a thrill through her nethers and an equal ache in her chest. The desire that had burgeoned on their vacation, that she had tried so hard to ignore, had blossomed into a sinful coupling not once, or twice, but three times. Where did they go now?

The question echoed in her head as she cracked the door open and carefully listened, then looked, for signs that Allen was awake. No sign, so she calmly walked out and down to her bathroom, buck naked, to clean up and contemplate.

Dinner prep still waited, so once she was presentable, she headed back to the kitchen to finish up. Her mind was roiling with impressions, feelings, desires, and questions as she chopped up vegetables. She’d come to grips with the fact that she was abnormal back in the hotel, that she was turned on by her own son. How had she gone from there to fucking him? The fact that it had happened baffled her, but she didn’t regret it one bit. Did Ben?

The thought of Ben sent her mind on a sidetrack. The last hour had been so full of experiences and memories with him that she couldn’t help but get lost in them. The feel of his hands on her hips when she stood in this exact spot, his penis pressed between her ass cheeks. The elation in her mind at the moment when she gave up resisting his advances and bent over to present herself to him. The moment when she gave in to her deviant desires, and allowed her son to mount her right there in the kitchen.

Her chopping slowed as the fresh memories caused her to start gushing into her panties again. What was going on? Why was she so taken by her son having his way with her? Why was she so willing to let it happen, even to pursue him in his own room? She was normally quite level headed, so why had she thrown caution to the wind like this?

This could be a bad thing.

Dinner was a muted affair. Allen stayed on the couch, preferring not to move to the dinner table, which meant that Jen and Ben ate without him there. Jen was careful not to stare at her son, or say anything untoward, as the dinner table was in full view of the living room where Allen was. He only had to turn his head to see them.

After dinner, mother and son cleared and washed up, in silence. Jen was so aware of his presence that she could feel where he was without looking. She wanted to touch him, kiss him, hold him, fold him up in her arms and never let him go. It was almost too much to be this close to him without being allowed to have her way with him.

Once done with the cleanup, and after checking on Allen, Jen went to her room to calm down. She lay on her bed, eyes closed, trying to examine her feelings. Slowly it dawned on her that she was acting like a schoolgirl with a crush, like she was infatuated with her son. Although… was it infatuation, or was it just plain lust? Jen tried to sort her feelings out, but every time she thought of her son, she got flutters in her belly. A mixture of nervousness and excitement that made her weak in the knees.

Cursing herself for her own confusion, Jen got up and changed for bed. She couldn’t be with her husband or her son, so she was just going to sleep. Now wearing just a t-shirt and panties, Jen walked to the living room.

“Hey,” she said to Allen.

He looked up from the TV. “Hey. Are you off to bed?”

“Yeah. Are you okay? Where are you sleeping? There or in bed?” she asked.

“I’m pretty comfortable here now, I don’t want to have to go through the whole process again in bed.” He was propped up on pillows to protect his face and chest from being touched, and had a container of aloe nearby.

“Okay. Goodnight. I hope you feel better soon,” she said.

“Thanks. Love you,” he said.

She smiled back and said, “Love you, too.”

As she walked back to her room, she contemplated her last words. She did love him. She did. This thing with Ben was just new and exciting and it would blow over soon. He would go on with life, and she would stop cheating on her husband. In fact, she would start the process now, and stop this Ben thing in its tracks. Starting tomorrow.

Sleep that night was slow in coming, and she tossed and turned for a couple hours before drifting off to a restless sleep.


The marsbahis güvenilirmi next morning was her first day back at work. Jen showered and tried not to think of her son. She got dressed and avoided wondering what he would think of her outfit of a skirt and blouse. She ate breakfast and put the image of him sleeping in the nude in his room to one side. What else was she supposed to do?

Allen was staying home from work due to the sunburn, so she set him up with water bottles, snacks and a kiss before leaving for work.

The ride to her office was mundane, normal, and not at all filled with thoughts of her son plowing her pussy from behind. She ate lunch that day at her regular place, determinedly not comparing the texture of the pasta cream sauce to her son’s semen. She also grabbed groceries after work, sure to not stare at the pineapple and wonder how a diet of sweet fruit would affect the taste of his load, as it sprayed against her tongue. All in all, it was a good day for avoiding thinking of Ben, and she was proud of herself.

Back at home at the end of the day, Jen pulled into the driveway and started to unload the groceries. Ben bounded out of the house and started helping her. She smiled at him gratefully, and didn’t imagine sticking her tongue between his lips.

As they put the groceries away in the kitchen, Jen said, “How was your day? Any leads on the job hunt?”

“No leads. I didn’t get much done on that front, actually. I was a little distracted,” he replied.

“Oh? Why were you distracted?”

“I, uh, I listened to your advice,” he said, shifting back and forth on his feet.

“Advice? How so?”

“You said you liked your lovers to be groomed. I’ve never done that before, so it took some experimentation.”

The prospect of him doing that for her broke her resolve, that easily. “Can I see it?” she whispered.

“Here?” he whispered back.

She nodded, and watched in rapt fascination as he popped the button of his pants open, and lowered his zipper. Time seemed to slow as he pushed his pants down a bit, and then pulled down his underwear, exposing his pubes. They were trimmed down to a close cropping, short and neat.

Jen stepped towards him, blood rushing in her ears, and reached over to push his underwear even further down. As the cloth lowered, the base of his shaft was revealed, plump in half arousal. Her fingers pushed relentlessly, exposing more and more of that beautiful penis that had caught her attention in the change tent. The pressure of her push caused his pants and underwear to slip off his butt, dropping to the floor.

Jen gasped, and watched in glee as her son’s cock rose in bobbing leaps, filling with blood. Soon his fully erect penis was thrusting skyward between them. She couldn’t resist taking hold of his shaft in her hand, the warm, velvet softness filling her palm. Her other hand playfully danced around the rim of his glans, gently massaging his sensitive skin. He groaned loudly, and Jen stepped back in alarm.

“Your dad will hear!” she said, and spun away to the hallway to her bedroom. Her ears were alert for the sound of him following her. She was not disappointed, and when she looked back, she saw he had shucked off his pants and underwear completely. He walked after her, dick comically bobbing in time with his steps.

The sight caused the same flutters in her belly, and she had to grab the wall to avoid collapsing. Then she thought better of it, and let her knees give way, sinking to the floor in the hall between Ben’s and her and Allen’s bedroom.

Heart beating wildly, Jen watched Ben come closer and closer, her eyes fixed on his turgid tool. Her mouth filled with saliva, so she licked her lips, wetting them almost to the point of dripping.

“Come here, son,” she said.

When he was close enough, Jen wrapped her arms around his middle and turned her head sideways, clutching him close to her. His dick pressed against her face, the heat and flesh felt like a brand, marking her as his for anyone to see. His aroma filled her nostrils and she tried to inhale all of his scent. Once again, the sensations were filed away in her memory, added to the catalogue of impressions she had of him already.

His dick called to her like a siren, and she didn’t resist. Pulling away slightly, she grabbed hold of the sculpted perfection and brought it down to her eager, open mouth. The moisture of her saliva eased the entry of her son’s cock, and she was glad to taste it yet again. Jen briefly contemplated if she would ever get tired of this, before starting a long, slow, sucking caress of his tasty meat.

She felt his fingers comb through her auburn hair, doing their own caress, not adding pressure. One hand held his leg so he wouldn’t move, the other was playing with his sack, feeling his testicles dance in the silky skin. Those were fine things to notice, but the one that took precedence was the feel of his hard cock in her mouth, between marsbahis yeni giriş her lips, against her tongue.

There was nothing teasing about this blowjob. She wasn’t there for a long time, as Allen could get up at any time. The threat of being caught with her son’s dick in her mouth sent Jen’s heart beating frantically. Head bobbing now, Jen bathed the underside of Ben’s dick with her tongue, sucking constantly as she made love to him with her mouth. As she did, she paid careful attention to the taste and textures of him, comparing them to the last time he’d been in her mouth.

Within 30 seconds of starting her fellatio, she was pleased to feel him swell in her mouth.

“Mom,” he warned, and she pulled back to receive his gift.

His cock swelled further, and then it was letting loose. His essence entered her wet mouth, coating her tongue and throat. Instantly she started to swallow, drinking down his semen as jet after jet was shot into her hungry gullet.

Before long he was done, collapsing against the wall. Jen wrapped her lips around his cock again, licking up any residue that remained of his ejaculate. She hummed happily as she cleaned him, savouring his flavour.

When she was done, she whispered, “Put your pants back on.”

She stood up and walked back to the kitchen, her son’s sperm swimming in her stomach. That had been… unexpected. Her efforts at putting her lust for her son behind her went for naught, and now she was right back into full lust. And danger? They could have gone in her room, or his room, but she stopped him right there, in the hall where Allen could find them.

This could be a very bad thing.

After dinner, Jen again avoided being around her men, and went to the washroom to get ready for bed. Her panties were still moist from the geyser that had erupted from her pussy when she was blowing Ben. She thought about changing them, but knew she’d just make a mess of the clean ones too.

As she was bent over the counter, rinsing her toothpaste out, she heard the door of the washroom open behind her. Figuring it was Allen, maybe also getting ready for bed, she ignored the intrusion until she felt hands on her ass.

“Mmmmphh!” she grunted in shock. He couldn’t be feeling frisky yet, could he? His burn was still pretty bad.

The next thing she felt was her panties being pulled down, baring her still wet pussy to the air. Maybe he was, it had been a while for him. She flushed, thinking that it had not been long at all for her.

As she finished up her teeth, she felt a hand spreading her legs, so she helped, widening her stance. His hand delved between her labia, spreading her moisture and she groaned.

“Fuck, that feels good, baby,” she moaned. She kept her head down, resting it on her crossed arms on the sink, and waited for him to continue.

“Why don’t you try your tongue, instead of your hands.”

Jen felt his hands on her drift lower and then his knees thumped to the floor, and finally her grateful pussy was gifted with a warm, wet slathering tongue. “Ohhh, fuck, hon, that feels so good.”

Clearly Allen had decided to try out a new technique, as he floundered his tongue around. He moved from her hole to her lips to her clit in rapid succession, not concentrating on any one part. It was mostly frustrating, as if Allen had never licked her to an orgasm before.

“Ummm, I don’t know what you’re doing back there, but maybe just move on to the main course. I don’t want to get caught in here.”

Jen felt his hands caressing her legs and ass as he got up. He grabbed her cheeks and spread them apart, and then she felt his dick plunge past her opening and embed itself between her engorged lips. The moisture from his tongue and her leaking juices coated his head, and she cried out when he hit her clit with it. He seemed to get encouraged by this, and repeated the movement, pulling back and then hitting her button again.

As fun as this was, they couldn’t stand here forever. Jen reached down and on his next thrust, pushed Allen’s blunt glans to her entrance.

“OOOOHhhhhh, fuck, baby,” she moaned, as his cock spread her open.

“NNNNnnnggg!!!” The sexy wife, bent over in the washroom, panties around one ankle, moaned as her husband’s cock filled her up in one thrust.

He bottomed out, his pelvis pushed against her ass, his balls banging her lips. She moaned quietly at the feel of his cock pressing into her, pleasure radiating away from her center, spreading throughout her middle, ending up as a rising tension in her belly.

Something wasn’t right. Realizing at once what was going on, Jen raised her head and looked in the mirror in front of her to see her son smiling behind her, his cock buried in her pussy. She should have known. Closing her eyes, she lowered her head again and felt the situation change.

Now this wasn’t a quickie between a married couple. It was a taboo fuck, in a public room of the house, between a mother and her son. Jen felt marsbahis giriş the tension in her middle increase, tightening up further as her climax built.

Her unfettered breasts swayed beneath her as her son commenced fucking her from behind. She pushed back into him, matching his rhythm, or trying to. He was still learning and hadn’t developed a steady in and out yet.

“That’s it, babe. In and out, try not to get distracted. Also…try not to come yet…please,” she said in a quiet voice sure not to leave the washroom.

He grunted behind her, and she was sure he’d do his best, but it would be difficult. He slowed down, rhythm steadying.

“That’s it,” she encouraged.

Now his more assured pounding was sending her higher and higher. The feel of his thick cock ramming into her from behind, making her whole body shake with each thrust, was intoxicating. Her tight walls clutched at him, the veins of his dick rolling against her canal, thrumming with potent pulses.

“I’m almost there, babe. Oh, fuck, keep going,” she said.

Jen felt the moment stretch, as she crested over the top. The sound of his hips hitting her ass, the slap, slap, slap accompanying his repeated penetration of her pussy. The cold sink under her arms, her head dangerously close to the taps as her body rocked each time her son sank his cock into her. The saliva pooling around her open mouth as she gasped out a long, quiet sigh of passion as she came on his dick.

Somehow he held off his orgasm, and continued to fuck her, which sent her even higher as his dick was thrust into her closed canal, gaining entry by the sheer power of his thrusts. She could feel her juices draining out of her as she came, dripping down her thighs.

“Are you close?” she whispered, once she was able to talk, and was immediately rewarded with the feel of him tensing up behind her, his hands gripping her hips. He moaned and then he was delivering reams of his hot jelly into her womb.

She hadn’t intended for him to come inside of her, but it was too late now, and she vastly preferred this anyways. She wanted to feel him inside of her always, to feel him expressing his love and lust in the most intimate way possible.

The knowledge that he was delivering his virile load into her depths sent her over the edge again, and the two lovers shook through their climaxes together.

When Jen came back down to earth, she slowly pulled away from him, feeling his still hard cock pull out of her. Along with it came a torrent of juice as their love potion emptied out of her still throbbing vagina. She tried to ignore the pang of loss at not being filled up by him anymore. Crab walking to the toilet, Jen sat down to let the rest of her son’s semen drain out of her.

She looked at him, standing there, cock covered in thick, creamy semen. He had a sheen of sweat on his forehead and a satisfied smile on his face. It took a second before she realized she had the exact same smile on her face.

“That was a surprise. You’re lucky your dad didn’t catch us.”

“He’s asleep.”

“And what if he got woken up by my screams of pleasure?”

Ben’s smile got even wider, and he said, “I’m willing to risk it, if I get to make you scream.”

Jen laughed quietly. “We’re bad. This is not going to end well, you know that, right?”

“What do you mean?” he said, equally quiet.

“Well, for starters, you keep coming inside of me. I’m not on the pill, I could easily get pregnant. Next, we keep doing this in places where we can get caught. Finally, I can’t keep my hands off you, despite trying, and so it’s inevitable that one of those things, or both, will come true.”

Ben appeared to at least think about it for a minute, before he said, “So what do we do? I am not going to be able to resist fucking you now, it’s too good. Do I have to move out?”

“If you do, I’m just going to fuck you in your house instead of ours,” Jen said.

“So? What do we do?”

“I guess the first thing is to get me on the pill. That’ll be interesting, seeing as your dad had a vasectomy. The next is to assure that we don’t get caught. We might have to take this show on the road.”

“On the road?” he said, wonderingly.

“You’ll see,” she said with a smile.

After cleaning up, a job that was interspersed with kisses, fondles, caresses and full body hugs, both retired to their own bedrooms. Jen had some thinking to do.


The next morning, Jen woke up with a plan. She took time off in the morning to obtain a plan B, and set up an appointment to get a prescription for birth control pills. She’d have to find a way to keep it from Allen.

That taken care of, she took a drive, specifically looking for out of the way spots where two lovers could stop to fuck out of the eye of the public. There weren’t many, but she did find a couple suitable places.

At home later that day, after dinner, she casually asked Ben if he wanted to go for a drive.

“A drive? Where?” he said, a perplexed look on his face.

“I saw a help wanted sign on a shop, and figured we could drop in to put in an application.”

“Ah. Okay, sure. What kind of shop is it?” he asked, not very enthusiastically. His tone would change once he found out there was no shop, she was sure.

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