Jenn’s First Love

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My hands were shaking with trepidation as I opened the letter from my top college choice. Unfolding the letter inside and reading the first line, I screamed in disbelief. I had been accepted!I would be attending Dad’s alma mater where he had been an All American hockey defenseman and Uncle Tim was the current coach. Little did I know that day how much of a role the connection to hockey would play in my life.A few weeks into the first semester, Uncle Tim called me and asked that I stop by his office. He wanted to talk to me about the possibility of me working in his office a few hours a week.The next day I walked into his office and introduced myself to his secretary.“Oh, so you’re Jenn. I’m Donna Carter. Tim told me all about you,” she said. “But he failed to mention that you are the cutest little girl on campus,” referring to my petite body. “You don’t look old enough to even be in high school never mind college. Tim is in his office. Go on in,” she said pointing to his open door.As I knocked on the door frame Uncle Tim called out, “Hey there, kiddo. Come on in. No need to knock. You’re family.”Coming out from behind his desk he held his arms open and said, “Got a hug for your uncle?” Releasing me from the hug he directed me to one of the two small couches. “Take a seat,” he said pointing to one of the clutter covered couches.“Umm, I would if there was a spot,” I said shuffling the piles of books and papers.“Sorry about the mess,” he said sheepishly. “Actually, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”“What does this mess have to do with me?” I asked.“I need şişli escort someone to help me stay organized. Donna has given up trying to keep up with this mess so if you’re interested I’ll put you on the payroll as her assistant and you can put in a few hours in the afternoon helping her out.”“I sure could use the money,” I repined.“Great, I take that as a yes then. You can start on Monday. Work out your schedule with Donna. I’ll see you on Monday.”“Hi, Jenn. Am I ever glad to see you!” Donna greeted me as I walked into the office the following Monday. “I already have a project for you.”Donna got me started on making copies and filling binders for the team when over the din of the copy machine I heard Donna say, “Hi, Brian. Coach is expecting you. Go on in.” I looked up to see a tall, broad-shouldered figure who had obviously just come from a workout as evidenced by his sweat-soaked T-shirt and shorts. As he turned and walked towards the office he looked at me with the bluest eyes I had ever seen, smiled and said, “Hi.” Mesmerized, I softly stammered, “Hi.” As Brian disappeared into the office, I heard Donna say, “Earth to Jenn,” Smiling she commented, “He is a rather handsome young man. You’re not the first girl to have that same reaction.”“Who is he?” I asked.“His name is Brian O’Leary. He’s one of the captains,” Donna answered. One of the pages I had copied was a team roster. Searching thru the pile I found the list. Scanning quickly, I saw his name: Brian O’Leary, Senior, Defenseman. Height 6 feet 1 inch, weight 215. Hometown: Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.A short mecidiyeköy escort while later Brian came out of the office and waving to Donna said, “See you later, Mrs. Carter.“Oh, Brian, hang on a minute, I want you to meet my new assistant,” Donna called out. Waving me over to her desk Donna started to introduce us only to be cut off by Brian saying, “Oh, I know all about Jenn. Coach filled me in.”Extending his hand, he said, “Hi, I’m Brian O’Leary.”As we shook hands I asked, “Exactly what did he tell you about me?’Smiling, he responded, “Just who you are and eh um err, stuff like that.” Releasing my hand, he smiled saying, “Well, I have to go. See you around.”As he walked away, I turned to Donna and asked, “Why do I have the feeling that Uncle Tim told him more than just who I am? What kind of stuff did he tell Brian?”“Don’t know, Jenn. You’ll have to ask him yourself.” A few weeks later as I was sitting in the campus coffee shop lost in a daydream over a cup of tea, I was awakened by a voice asking me, “Mind if I join you?” Looking up I saw that the voice belonged to Brian.“Sure. I could use some company.” Over the next forty-five minutes, Brian and I got to know each other. I was really amazed that a jock could carry on a conversation. It was really no surprise when he told me that his major was psychology with a minor in philosophy. Just from the way he analyzed what I said and probed into why I said what I did, it was obvious he thought about things on an entirely different level than any other boy I had known. He seemed like such a gentle, caring person. “I’d like to continue our conversation, but I have to get to class. Maybe we can chat again sometime.”“I’d like that,” I said feeling disappointed that he didn’t ask me for my phone number or email address. I saw Brian just about every day after that at the rink. He always greeted me with a smile but in spite of my most aggressive flirting, he never seemed interested in me.A week before the home opener Uncle Tim called me into his office. Handing me an envelope he said, “There’s tickets for the game next week in there for you and your mom and that brother of mine. Tell your parents that they are invited to the reception after the game. Oh, and you’re invited to the reception too.”The night of the game I met Mom and Dad in the lobby of the rink. Dad found our seats in the first row in the corner.“Easy telling Timmy picked out these seats specifically for me.”“Why do you say that?” I asked.“Because he knows how much I like seeing all the action in the corners. Brings back memories of my days on the ice.”Less than a minute into the game I found out what Dad meant by “action in the corner” when Brian slammed a player from the other team into the boards. Was this the same gentle, soft-spoken Brian I had known all these weeks? I asked myself. Late in the third period, Brian again mashed an opponent into the boards. As the referee positioned himself between Brian and the motionless body on the ice Brian looked up at me, smiled and winked.“I think number 3 Is is flirting with you,” Mom said.“No,” I replied, “But I wish he was.”“Really?” Mom replied raising an eyebrow. “Well, do tell.”“Not much to tell, Mom. He’s the sweetest, most intelligent boy I have ever met but doesn’t seem interested in me at all.”

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