Jemma and the Party

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Jemma walked into the room filled with other students from the university. When she had gotten there two hours ago everything seemed normal. A bit too much drinking, the music was a bit loud for her tastes and everyone seemed to be groping someone else. Whether they were dancing to the music or sitting in a corner there were very few people not feeling other people up.

She had promised herself she’d stay two hours and then bid her hostess good bye. That seemed fair to her. And now that the two hours were up she just needed to find the hostess, whom she promised she’d let know before she slipped out, and get out of here ASAP. Some guy she didn’t even know had tried to grab her as she again checked her watch. Oh yes. Time to leave.

So wandering in and out of the rooms she finally hears the voice of the girl she’s looking for. Jemma reaches out and opens the door ready to call out to Rachel, waive at her and turn to go. But once the door is open Jemma just stands there astounded. Rachel, Bobby, Charlie, Cameron, Beth, Sara, Seth and a bunch of other people were all in various stages of undress. All of them were oblivious to her standing there as she gaped and watched the orgy taking place.

Well all were oblivious until a guy she didn’t even recognize bumped into her sending her crashing into the room. She landed on top on Beth and Charlie. Before she could get up and run the guy who had bumped into her had walked in, closed the door again and come down all but on top of her. Not she was literally stuck between Charlie and some stranger.

The stranger flipped up her skirt and began massaging her ass while Charlie casino şirketleri pulled her mouth to his and began to kiss her passionately. The girl he’d been with left them about this same time to join another group. Jemma didn’t really know what to do but she was feeling so many things all at once that she didn’t seem able to stop and pull away.

Charlie’s tongue darted into her mouth and she fell into the kiss. She’d always had a thing for him but had never thought he’d give her the time of day. Now all of a sudden he was touching her, kissing her, wanting her. The feeling of his cock pushing against her thigh felt good and hard.

She’d only had a handful of sexual encounters before and none of them were very good. But maybe, just maybe, this would be different. The stranger behind her had begun to slide her panties aside and finger her. It felt different than in the past. And it felt good. Damn good. With him fingering her from behind and Charlie kissing and feeling her in the front.

Soon Charlie was unbuttoning the top she’d worn to the party while the stranger was removing her panties. She was being pushed to move up but again, it was feeling really good so she didn’t stop them from positioning her. In fact, she barely registered anything other than the good feelings flowing through her. Maybe this party wasn’t so bad after all.

Then she realized what was going on. Charlie was just under her and she could feel the probing head of his cock trying to slide into her juicy cunt. Jemma stiffened and stared to protest. But what she hadn’t noticed was the forth person to walk up to them. She’d been enjoying everything casino firmaları happening to her but this was too much. She saw another cock waive in her face. Looking up again and still ready to protest Ryan forced his hard prick between her lips as she opened them to speak.

The surprise forced her to back off some which pushed Charlie’s hard prick deep into her. The sensation was a good one. But the shock was still quite high. However, she never got a chance to recover. Being skewered the way she was there wasn’t really anywhere to go. Besides, Ryan was already grabbing her head and forcing her all the way down on his cock. She could feel him bouncing off the back of her throat and decided it wasn’t so bad after all, especially not with Charlie playing with her breasts and beginning to move in and out of her pussy.

Then the stranger behind her was massaging her ass and she began to moan around Ryan’s cock in her mouth. Jemma could feel her first real orgasm begin to build in her. This was crazy. But she was beginning to love every minute of it.

Just as her orgasm broke over her and she was squeezing her pussy around Charlie’s big prick something cold first touched her anus then without warning pushed her forward and slid all the way home. Now she really was skewered. All three of her holes full of big pricks wanting to fuck her senseless. Much as it was against her nature she was really beginning to enjoy it.

Well, all but the anal thing. That actually hurt. Tears were beginning to fill her eyes as she looked down. Charlie just smiled at her, told her to relax and let them do the work. Then they were all pumping güvenilir casino away at her.

It didn’t take long. The new feeling in her ass was actually becoming more bearable and even pleasurable after a while. And of course she was actually enjoying being fucked in her mouth and cunt. The three together were doing things to her she never knew was possible. And she didn’t need to do any work. They naturally bounced her back and forth among them. Feeling the warring cocks in her cunt and ass rubbing over the thin membrane separating them was driving her crazy.

And she began to feel the tightening sensation again. She knew she was going to cum. And that is was going to be hard. Thankfully the men playing with her seemed ready as well. The man in front of her began to pump harder into her mouth. Her bouncing becoming more erratic against the other two men in response as well.

As he shot load after load into her mouth and told her she’d better swallow it all she felt the stranger behind her begin to fill her as well.

But Charlie wasn’t quite done with her yet. As soon as the other two men pulled out of her she found herself flipped on her back. Him yelling for her not to cum just yet. He only needed another minute. But his intense hammering into her didn’t give her a chance. She exploded around him. Milking everything he could give. And it was all it took for him to fill her and let her milk him.

The mutual orgasm was intense and severely satisfying. She wasn’t sure if she had lie there for just a second or if she’d passed out from the intense orgasm she’d experienced. But she knew she was dripping cum from every hole and that the man next to her was Charlie. They guy she had liked for so long.

Instead of the worst party this had turned into the best. And better yet, the night was young and the orgy had only just started.

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