Jean’s Special Day

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David pulled the sheet tight over his just awakening body as he stretched the sleep from his burly frame. His movements were cautious as he tried carefully to keep from jostling the bed. His purpose was twofold: he had developed the habit within the first year of his marriage because Jean was such a light sleeper and any movement of any kind would disturb her slumber, and, this morning it was particularly important that she not be awakened… SO important!

He had been planning this day for months, literally months! The idea to do something special for Jean had come to him one day while driving to work. At the time, he had no idea what it would be, but he knew he wanted to do something.

Jean had been particularly passionate as she kissed him good-bye that morning. She always made sure, as he left for the office, that he knew he had no good reason to stray from her. With all those sexy secretaries running around the office, her motto was always, ‘look, but don’t do it with your fingers, and don’t even THINK about doing it with your cock!’

On that particular morning, her kiss had been so deep, so intense, so, so, uh, titillating that he had almost thrown his responsibilities as office manager to the wind to stay home with his lovely wife. She was his joy, the best decision he had ever made in his life! It did not matter how sexy the girls in the office dressed. It did not matter how short their skirts or how tight their bodice.

David looked, to be sure. He was totally man and he loved the beauty of a woman’s body. But one twinge of fear at losing Jean was all it took to keep his eyeballs in their sockets. He did not know if Jean would leave him if he ever strayed. He did not want to find out! He was smart enough to know that once trust has been betrayed it can never be totally regained! And he had no desire to lose trust with his lovely wife.

As he drove to work that morning he tried to get his aroused penis to relax, (at least enough to make the drive more comfortable). He thought about how wonderful life had been since Jean came into his life nearly twenty years earlier. They had both attended a college party during the first week of the fall term. David was starting his final semester of graduate school and Jean was a freshman. Neither of them was at the party because they wanted to be.

Jean was in attendance because her roommate wanted someone there for moral support. Donna, her roommate, was trying to attract the attentions of her latest conquest, Bob Dunmire, and she was hoping that Jean would be there as a companion if Bob’s interests lay in some other channel, so to speak.

David’s fraternity was sponsoring the party and, as one of the older frat boys, he had agreed to be on hand in case anyone got wasted and needed an escort out the door.

Donna was totally successful in her conquests, and Jean was left to her own devices.

It was too early yet in the evening for David to worry about party idiots who could not control their inner need to consume more alcohol than the next idiot. He was bored and listless, his mind more on a term project than on party animals or women.

And then he spied Jean.

She seemed to be wandering around in a world that had not yet claimed her. Her beauty set her apart from the other young women of the party. She had an innocence that seemed out of place, an air of expectancy that did not know exactly what to expect. Her blond hair was totally natural and her slim figure needed no foundations or enhancements to make her a perfect ten!

David was no angel and he certainly had not been a college student for five years without his flings and escapades. He was amazed that the hopeful studs that flocked to these free beer fests were not swarming this beautiful innocent. He prepared himself for the probability that she would turn out to be some kind of a prudish kid whose father had strapped her pussy with a moral chastity belt and a set of antennas that sniffed out any motive for attention that Antalya Escort was lower than her earlobes, and proceeded to try to make contact with this beautiful goddess. She would probably stifle any attempt of this upper classman to gain her favor, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

He made his first comment a statement rather than a question. It was a casual remark, almost generic. Twenty years after the fact, he could not even remember what he had said or if he had been coherent in his speech. He had found himself almost tongue-tied, as if he were a calf looking at a new gate, a teenager seeing his first woman in the nude, or a first-year speech major addressing a crowd of professors.

He had wondered many times just what it was that made her respond to such a lame attempt to gain her favor. He certainly had not been at his best and even at his best he did not consider himself much of a ‘lady’s man’.

But, somehow, this contact had seemed important. No, essential. And as he drove to the office this morning, twenty years of bliss later, he was more assured than ever that it was Jean who had made that night possible. It was Jean who had made him want to succeed. It was his lovely wife who had urged him to attempt things he never had dreamed or considered. It was to Jean that he owed so much. How he wished he could come up with some way to show her how much he appreciated her, loved her, needed her, depended on her, valued her… If only there was some way!

It was later in the day as he was working on the most important contract of his career that it came to him. He had paused for a cup of coffee and to rest his eyes from the glare of the computer screen. And as he stared off into nameless space, his mind seemed to float back to the kiss his wife had planted so provocatively on his lips that morning. His loins stirred as he recalled her warm breath in his face, her hot tongue in his throat, her firm orbs on his chest, and her grinding pussy against his knee. He could only take so much…and he had reached his limit!

Picking up his desk phone. David called his secretary and told her to hold all calls and to make sure he was not disturbed. Sally, his forty-something secretary, smiled to herself as she assured David that his wish was her command.

She wasn’t an eavesdropper but she knew her boss, and she knew that when he made that edict, his phone line would light up and the conversation between David and his wife Jean would certainly make good reading, but not for the Wall Street Journal. More than once Sally had overheard David murmur into Jean’s ear how hot she had been the previous night in bed. And Sally knew that with the request that he not be disturbed, David was about to call his wife on the phone for some erotic phone conversation.

And she was so right. David adjusted the phone to “Speaker” and turned down the volume, waiting excitedly for his lovely Lady to answer the phone. On the second ring, his idea had been spawned, by the third it was an embryo, and by the fourth ring, when Jean finally answered, he was so excited by his inspiration that he almost forgot why he had called her. Of course, that condition did not last for long!

“Hi, Lover,” she breathed into the phone, already having identified him as her caller. “Are you coming home for a quickie?”

There was nothing subtle about her suggestion. It dripped wild with her desire and transmitted her sexy appeal with a clarity that must have heated the phone terminals and lit up the fiber optics all the way from their suburban home to his downtown office. David had no difficulty picturing her standing there at the phone…it was as if he were right there beside her.

“I want you, Baby,” he growled, knowing that the speaker phone would amplify his words and let her know that his hands were free to do whatever he wanted to do. “I want you NOW! You were so naughty the way you kissed me this morning. I had a hard on all the way to the office, and now I can’t Antalya Escort Bayan concentrate on this fuckin’ contract. Can you help me here, now?”

“Poor Baby,” Jean breathed into the handset. “Does David want his Jean to be a naughty little tease? Want his wife to be bad?”

“You are so damned good, Darling! And when you are bad, you are even better. I have my calls on hold. The door is locked. My hands are touching my cock, Baby. I want you to suck me. Come here and be my little cocksucker… just like you did last night before we went to sleep.”

“Aw, David! I thought I was going to get to suck a new one. In fact, I was just getting my bubble bath and getting all decked out and clean so I would be ready for Randy when he comes over. I know he will like my silky smooth skin, fresh out of the bath… my tits all perky and nipples hard. Oh, Baby, please. Let me go get my bubble bath so I am not late for him when he comes over to fuck your hot little wife that you left standing here all alone this morning.”

David moaned into the stillness of his office as he listened to his wife spin out the rhetoric of their fantasy play. He had no doubt that Jean was lightly letting her hands rove over her beautiful body as she spoke her naughty words to him. He also had no fear that her words were more than a total fabrication of lust and play. It was a word game they often used to arouse their wild passions.

“What are you going to wear for him, Baby? Are you going to let Randy see your hot pussy, like you let me? Are you going to make him eat out your cunt, wet with your juices that I made flow out of you?” David’s breathing became shallow as he uttered the shameless words into the office atmosphere. His mind had transported him back to their bedroom and he could see his wife, slowly removing her clothing. He wanted to fuck her so badly!

“Randy can fuck me any way he wants to, Baby. Your wife needs her pussy licked so that I come with rockets and bells, whistles and fireworks. My body is his to fuck any way he wants to use me… he likes my tits so much… Ohhhh, his fingers are so gentle and so rough! He pinches them so hard, David. He is not gentle and wimpy like you are. He is a MAN… and he knows how to take care of me. He fucks my cunt and my ass. He makes me sooooo fuckin hot when he makes me get down on my knees and suck his cock. I am spreading my legs open for him right now, David. Watch me while I let him eat my pussy …” Jean’s sultry voice wafted into the plush office as the speaker phone conveyed her sensuous teasing and dripped with her voluptuous sexuality.

David groaned into himself as he heard his lovely wife, so totally a Lady, utter the gutter language of their mutual lust. Even with the volume of the speaker turned to its lowest decibel level, her sensuous voice seemed to crowd out of his office the atmosphere of professionalism and replace it with the bawdy hue of a devil’s den of iniquity. He marveled, momentarily, at the way Jean could be so pristine in public and so wildly creative in their loving. His moment of reflection was short lived as he succumbed to the passion of the moment.

Jean’s voice swayed into the affluent office with the sultry overtones of a professional call girl. “Unzip your pants, you horny devil,” she cooed. “I want you to tell me what you are doing.”

David, although he had already unzipped his slacks, stood beside his desk so that the phone microphone would pick up the sound of his belt buckle. He made sure that his lovely wife could hear the rustle of the fabric and then, again, sat down. “Oh, Baby!” he moaned. “My cock is so hard. I can feel your hands stroking me, just like you always do when we are making love. Touch your nipples, Honey. Those are my fingers pinching you. Oooooooh! Easy, Baby! I don’t want to come just yet. Let me suck on those beautiful tits!”

Jean’s moans were now very audible in the plush office. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh, Darling. Bite them. Make them hurt so good. Make Escort Antalya your naughty little wife into a wild woman… a bitch in heat. Suck me, Baby! Make my nipples hard. Ohhhh! You do me sooo good. I’ve changed my mind, David! I don’t want anyone to fuck me but you! May I touch my wet pussy, David? Will you let me show you how I want your fingers to fuck my wet, hot pussy? Oh, Darling! I need your lips on my clit. Please, Honey. Go down on my hot pussy. Use you tongue in me. Fuck my cunt with your hot stabbing tongue. Do me, David. I need it NOW!”

The wanton dialogue of his sensuous wife made David suck in his breath in short little shudders. His body tingled with the memories of so many climaxes he had enjoyed in the arms of his wife. He had no difficulty seeing her lying on their bed. He knew without asking what her position was as she breathed her lust and need into the phone mouthpiece. The words that echoed in his private office were not new to him. He had heard variations of this theme over and over. Though the words themselves had been voiced many times, each experience, each occasion of their lovemaking, was as new as the dawn of day. His hand teased and manipulated his thick hardness as he listened and visualized his wife on their bed, twenty miles away.

He knew her so well. She would be lying there wearing nothing but her smile and her lust. The phone would be nestled on the pillow against her ear. Her legs would be spread open, her knees bent so that her heels were almost caressing her cute little bum. Her left hand would be pulling upward on her vagina, making her vulva spread open and her clitoris to be stretched taunt. Her right hand, he knew, would be lightly touching… her nipples, cupping her breasts, gliding over her tummy, caressing her clit, sliding inside, moving to her lips, tasting, returning to that beautifully aroused pleasure opening, and then fucking deeply into it as her hips bucked off the bed to meet her thrusting fingers. He listened for her moans as he continued to stroke, determined to prolong his own arousal until she had caught up with him. She did not make him wait for long.

“Oh, Darling! Fuck your hot little woman! Make me come! Make me feel your cock deep in my pussy! Do me, Baby! I am so close! Fuck me hard. DAMN IT! FUCK me!” Her voice carried the urgency of her need. The speakerphone amplified her passion and David hoped the contractor who had installed the soundproofing for his office had not skimped on his materials budget! Even with the volume control reduced to a low decibel setting, her cries of passion filled the office and David felt his scrotum tighten as his testicles contracted to expel his semen on cue. He hoped Jean was nearly there. His desire had been held in check since her farewell kiss that morning and he had been on the verge of erection all day. His self-control was nearly exhausted and he needed release.

Jean was ready and her cries of passion continued. “Fuck me, you horny bastard. Damn you! Fuck me hard. Fuck me deep. Oh, oh, oh! Yes, Baby. Pound this cunt! Make your wild woman go over the top! Do me, David! YES, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, David, David, DAVID! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

David could hold out no longer! “Augh. Yesssssssssssssssssssss…Uh! UH! AUGH!!” His hips reared up off the plush seat and his cock spurted his milky offering into the tissue he had prepared for the moment. His belly contracted and jerked. His breathing was shallow and came like little gasps as his whole body convulsed with the ferocity of his orgasm.

For several moments there was total silence in the two rooms… the bedroom in their suburban home where Jean lay shivering in the after shocks of her sexual orgasm, and in the plush office where David felt so weak he was not sure he could even stand to make himself presentable again. In those moments of silence, the couple fell in love again, even though they had never fallen OUT of love. No words were spoken. There was no need. The little sounds of pleasure, contentment, and fulfillment seemed to be transmitted without utterance.

And David had been more determined than ever to make a special day for his lovely wife.

And today, as he quietly performed his hygienic rituals, he knew it would be a perfect day for his Jean!

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