Jasmine Fantasies: Going Native

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Summary: Author learns her racist beliefs are very, very wrong.

Note 1: Thanks to Jedd for the idea and the detailed outline… this story is as much his writing as mine.

Note 2: Thanks to Robert, goamz86, and Wayne for editing.


This story is about a racist white woman who is turned into a slut for Indian cock and cunt. If this offends you please don’t read further.

Jasmine Fantasies: Going Native


Jasmine Walker awoke slightly groggy from the night before.

There had been quite a bit of wine involved at her friend’s 40th birthday party, and while not exactly hung over, she was not feeling great either and it definitely was a mistake to get that wild… the night before a lengthy drive.

Jasmine was a sought after educational speaker and had a conference she was headlining in Ottawa, the capital of Canada… her native homeland.

She could have flown, like she usually does, but it was spring, the snow was finally gone, her husband was away on one of his two week long work trips, it was a May long weekend and she figured she might as well take her time and enjoy the country she just never seemed to get to see. She took off two extra days with her EDO’s and headed out for a long drive… her iPod full of blues songs she had downloaded off iTunes.

The conference started on Monday and with Friday off, she could meander her way through the province, making stops wherever she wanted… like surprising her sister-in-law in Toronto. She even planned to take some of the back roads to enjoy the scenery and just get away from the intensity of city life and the school grind. She taught high school English and this was decidedly not the best semester of kids she had ever taught.

As the alarm beeped, she rolled over and slammed the snooze button. Why the hell was she getting up at five in the morning? Of course, she had had no intentions of not getting to bed until 2am… but seeing old friends was a blast and the time flew by (like it always seems to).

When she opened her eyes next it was nine. She jolted up. What the hell happened? Why didn’t the snooze work? She quickly jumped into the shower and allowed the warm water to wash her cares away. As she moved the shower head down to wash her legs, she gave herself a spray in her neglected pussy. She hadn’t seen Mike in a week and wouldn’t for another week. Two weeks without cock was a mighty long time… and she had also forgotten her sex toys that she always brought with her (a suction cup wall cock, a we-vibe, a magic wand and a rabbit vibrator were all toys that rotated being her fuck toy for the night; she also had a vibrating butt plug for the rare times she wanted it in the ass).

Although no one knew this, Jasmine was actually silkstockingslover, a prolific erotic writer on a website called Literotica. She had over 200 stories published in a variety of genres. No one would suspect this from a no-nonsense teacher, this world renowned speaker (she had spoken in dozens of Canadian cities, another twenty in America and had done one European tour), mother of two (the kids were staying with their grandparents for the weekend) and loving wife. She also was a submissive to her husband, something else no one would believe.

She considered getting herself off with the shower head, but realized she needed to get on the road. She washed her body, shampooed her hair and shaved… all of it. She was of the mindset that hair on a woman only belonged on her head and nowhere else (something her husband and her much more dominant previous boyfriend had entrenched in her psyche long ago)

Once she had finished ridding herself of the pesky hair, she moved her hand up and down her smooth snatch, always liking the feeling. This got her horny and she figured a few more minutes wasn’t going to hurt anyone… this was, of course, her road trip.

Jasmine moved her left hand between her legs, while moving her right up to her breasts. They were 34B and although not jugs by any means, her husband liked them and the right push-up bra made them look much bigger than they really were (and all her bras were push-up bras).

Her nipples were extremely sensitive, as if they were directly wired to her clit. She slowly stroked her middle finger up and down her slit, waiting for her juices to provide lubrication for entry. She didn’t wait long as she could feel the moisture growing within her, enabling her to penetrate herself.

As she pumped one, then two fingers inside her box, she tweaked her nipples with her right hand. One, then the other, she pulled and rolled the nubs. For medium sized breasts, her nipples sure seemed big in proportion. They were larger than a dime, and stiffened with the slightest of contact (one of the reasons she always wore a bra… and, of course, the push-up bras flattered her chest area).

Continuing Beylikdüzü escort to tweak the hard eraser tips, she stroked the two fingers inside her now sopping cunt. She found the little pad there, and rubbed briskly. She was tweaking her nipples harder now, as she reached for the shower head and brought it to her burning box. Her breathing was getting faster as her orgasm began to rise. Doing it standing up in the shower made it take way longer.

She had begun grinding herself on the shower head, when her cell rang.

‘Fuck’ she sighed to herself.

She considered ignoring it, but it could be important (her husband, or kids, or agent). ‘I really should get ring tones for the important people in my life’, she thought to herself as she got out of the shower to grab her phone, dripping wet in more ways than one.


Piper Whitedove entered the door without locking it behind her. It was just after five a.m. and the store wouldn’t open for nearly two hours. She didn’t have anything to fear from any of the people on the reservation though. As for any travelers who might want to do her harm, or steal from her business, Piper was well prepared. She carried her pistol with her, had her knife strapped to her calf, and kept a shotgun behind the counter. Not to mention her sister, who while not always at the top of Piper’s list, was fiercely loyal to her, Uncle Joe who was not to be messed with without consequences, and a wealth of community members who owed a debt of gratitude to her family (not that this was a violent area, it’s just she was raised to always be prepared).

Her family was well respected and helped many of the tribe members still here. Quite a few had left the rez to strive for a better living in the outside world. But Piper stuck it out, running this general store even after her parents had returned to Oklahoma. Her father, 1/4Cherokee, and her mother, 1/2 Choctaw, were originally from Oklahoma. Piper and Peyton had both been born there actually, but moved at a young age to Quebec when their parents had bought into a casino on the reservation there. They were really too young to notice at the time, but as they grew older, wondered, why in the hell Quebec? And while they were at it, why the hell did they name their children Piper and Peyton? I mean, they weren’t all into the back to native thing, and weren’t for naming their kids Running Elk and Happy Coyote, or some such shit, but they were kind of proud of their heritage. Where did they get the idea of some preppy pretentious names like that?

Piper could only chalk it up to something besides tobacco in their peace pipes. And if the names weren’t enough, weren’t there any other reservations in Canada? They had little in common with the Indians in Quebec. Contrary to the thinking of many white people, there was a vast difference in North America’s tribes. Her family had lived in Oklahoma for many generations, although historically they were from the southeast part of the country. So south to north, it was quite a difference in their traditions. Hell, it could have even been western Canada, where besides the original tribes, there were remnants of the Lakota and Cheyenne, closer to her origins. Still, this was only as she had grown and discovered a bit of her history. Really these people now were who she had grown up around, and because of the generosity of her parents, they felt a sense of kinship, and looked after the girls. Then ironically, on a trip to the states, her parents had won the lottery $23 million dollars. After taxes.

While the casino in Quebec was an investment, and a profitable one, her parents had always longed for Oklahoma. The girls did not, having spent the better part of their lives on the Rez. So, when the time came, Mom and Dad moved back to Oklahoma, and Piper and Peyton stayed put. They now owned the store outright, and it was quite profitable. They also had the portion of the winnings their parents had left, which was several million. She didn’t have to work here, but she enjoyed it. She loved the people here, despite the tribal differences. She loved seeing new people stop in on their travels, as many stopped at her store and stayed at her motel while spending money in her casino. And an unfortunate few even had to have automotive work done in the shop she had set up for Uncle Joe. In the end, Piper and Peyton ran the Rez.

So life was pretty good. There were certainly no financial problems, she met interesting and varied people, and she was well respected and loved in her community, which she, in turn, loved to invest back in… giving more back to the community than the federal government ever did (but treaty rights and a lack of respect by white government is a story for another time).

Piper’s sex life was another matter though. She supposed it was her own fault. While she widened her playing field by being thoroughly bisexual, she diminished it by being the domme she was. Beylikdüzü escort Oh, she wasn’t into latex and whips; that just seemed silly to her.

But she was completely in charge in the bedroom. Or kitchen. Or back of the store. Wherever the mood struck her. However, that didn’t fly too well on the rez. There were only two lovely young dark skinned beauties willing to fall to their knees at her command and although she enjoyed each of them and their eagerness to please… she got bored easily.

And forget about the men. Not a single one, when they discovered her dominant persona, was willing to submit.

That left the odd tourist, and that was such a hit and miss proposition, that when she had one, she would thoroughly and completely use them… seducing travellers was her biggest turn on… especially when she turned a straight woman into a cunt muncher. That said, being a millionaire and not having to worry about her job, she had become more aggressive in her seductions and unknown to her the perfect candidate was about to saunter into her life.


“Hello?” Jasmine answered, on the fifth ring, still trying to dry off.

“Mrs Walker?”


“This is Anna Graf from the administrative office. We received a call from Global Air that you had not validated your flight reservation. If you do not by end of business today, they will cancel this reservation. Mrs. Walker, if that happens, the school will not authorize further travel funds, and in addition to bearing the cost yourself, you may be required to reimburse the school these funds.”

Jasmine fumed inwardly. She had told this dumb blonde bitch three days ago to cancel the flight as she was going to drive. In addition, the next day she had faxed the notice to do so for her and emailed as well. She knew her secretarial skills were not why Anna was still employed at division office. It was more for her dictation skills with the director that she still had a job. Or more properly ‘dicktation.’ Though Jasmine had also heard that her oral talents were also valued by the assistant director, a female. So at least she was an equal opportunity whore.

Jasmine couldn’t blame her, she guessed. She was as attractive as she was dumb. It was probably an instinct to Anna to know that she should go with her physical attributes, which she possessed in abundance, and not her mental ones, which she was sorely lacking. While Jasmine herself had fantasized about being with a woman many times (a quarter of her stories were in the lesbian category and the major theme was being seduced and dommed by a younger girl… just like Anna), she could never get the guts to actually do it.

Best to try to explain it to the dumb bitch again, as getting mad would probably go over her head. “Miss Graf, I spoke with you on Tuesday. I told you I would not be taking the flight, I would be driving. I even faxed a statement to that effect the next day, as well as an e-mail, of which I have a copy. I know it is a Friday, but as I am off today and next week. I will not be flying. Any travel preparations should be handled by your office as I took the necessary steps to inform you of my changes.”

“I apologize Mrs. Walker. I do seem to remember some sort of a conversation, though I don’t recall seeing a fax or e-mail. I’m sure if you have your copies, we can fix this when you get back. I will call the airline.”

Jasmine rolled her eyes as she heard the director say something in the background and the return giggle from Anna.

“That will be fine Anna. I will stop in on my return and we can rectify the issue then. Goodbye.”

“We can rectify the issue then,” Anna mocked inwardly.. Stuck up bitch. She thought using those big words made her better than others. Cunt! Well, Anna had something rather big too, and she knew how to use them just as well as Jasmine could use her big words.

After all, Mr. Pierre was the director, so he outranked Jasmine. And he much preferred Anna’s big assets, over Jasmine’s big words. Too bad for her, Anna thought. She wasn’t a bad looking woman. Late thirties, maybe early forties. Pretty face, though she seemed to wear it in a constant scowl. Not much in the tits area, but she had beautiful legs. Anna wouldn’t mind having a taste of that dish herself, but the bitch probably wouldn’t go for it. Perhaps it would be more fun for Anna to ride that pretty face, and give Jasmine a long overdue snack. Oh, well, her loss. Mr. Pierre and Ms. Jordan appreciated her, she thought, unknowingly confirming what Jasmine had assumed.


Piper had the store opened and business was pretty good this morning. She had not yet seen any prospects for her growing horniness though. She couldn’t understand it sometimes. She tried to fit the stereotype so many tourists wanted to see by wearing buckskin nearly every day. Even her skirt and blouse were buckskin as were her nearly knee high Escort Beylikdüzü moccasins. Her concession to the modern world though, was her thigh highs stockings. While her moccasins came nearly to her knees, her fawn colored stockings extended further, to her upper thighs.

Piper loved the feel of the sheer silk, and loved the looks she got in them. With her so called red skin and her toned body, gained by the physical labor in the store, she drew the eye of many, of both sexes.

She was blessed with a set of 34C tits, a firm muscular ass, the high cheek bones that many felt were the best asset of her people, and thick black hair hanging halfway down her back.

She frequently wore it in one or two braids to accentuate the image. She was so much more than someone’s stereotype of her, but if it got her laid, who was she to complain? Of course, the fact that she frequently went without panties just above those stockings probably didn’t hurt. If she had on any at all, it was a thong, and today was not one of those days. It had been over three weeks since her last orgasm that was not self-induced, and she needed it… badly

The last time, a couple of kids on spring break had been fun. Boyfriend and girlfriend, in their final year of high school, the two had rejected the idea of so many of their colleagues to head to a beach for the break, and thought they would stay in Canada and go skiing. They were full of themselves, both having recently turned 18 a few weeks apart and liked to think they were making their own decisions. When they stopped in her store to gas up and play a few slots, Piper made a decision for them. It was a gift of hers to know who was willing to submit to her, just like a homosexual having gaydar.

She could spot a sub, and these two were perfect. After a night in one of her hotel rooms, the ski trip was forgotten. The guy, she treated as her personal walking dildo, riding his pole when she felt like it, his orgasm of no consequence to her. If he needed release he could fuck the girlfriend, who learned to eat her first pussy, while Piper waited for the boyfriend to get hard again. Piper smiled at the memory of turning the girl out. While the boy, whose name had already faded from memory, recuperated, Piper still had a horny going on, so she strode to the girl, who had just been fucked, so Piper wouldn’t have to take his load. She was not keen on creampies.

As he lay exhausted waiting for his cock to rise again, Piper decided it was time for an education. The girl was sitting up on the edge of the bed, when Piper placed her hands on her shoulders.

“What are you doing?” the young girl asked, as Piper slowly guided her to lie back on the bed.

“I’m letting you try a new dish,” Piper spoke as she slowly worked her way up the girl, culminating with her dripping snatch hovering over the girl’s stunned face.

“I’m not like that,” she protested.

“You will be now,” Piper smiled down at the girl whose life was going to be forever altered once she had her first taste of pussy.

“I’ve never been with another woman. It isn’t right,” she protested, as Piper put her hand to the back of the girl’s head and guided it into her smoldering twat.

Piper said, “Oh but it feels so right to me. I could tell you were a submissive little bitch when I met you. It’s easy. Stick out your tongue, and lick me where you like him to lick you. Suck on my clit some, and try to work that tongue up into my snatch.”

“No, please,” the girl protested. “I just can’t!”

“Shh, shh. Of course you can,” Piper told her, and then lowered her lower lips to the reluctant girl’s upper ones and started to fuck her face.

As always happens, after a brief hesitation, the girl started tentatively licking.

“Oh yesss, right there. See, you’re a quick learner,” Piper moaned a minute later as the girl finally started to warm to her task. Piper eventually exploded all over the girl’s face, which also stirred the boyfriend’s cock to life again.

As the girl kept licking her, the boy pounded Piper from behind.

Then, being nice for once, she decided she would give these two a small reward.

Though she usually didn’t let men finish off inside her, (she loved a hard cock, but that stickiness was just another thing to clean), she allowed him to shoot his load inside her and then had his Barbie bimbo of a girlfriend clean her up with that wet cleaning utensil in her mouth.

She fucked them for a couple days until she tired of them. Then she called Peyton and turned them over to her. Upon arriving, Peyton asked, playfully, “For me?”

Piper, kissing her sister goodbye, and smacking her ass with a loud crack replied, “Yeah, I’m done with them. Do what you wish and turn them loose afterward.”

“You know we practice catch and release here,” Peyton grinned as she looked at the two cute playthings.

Piper thought, as she left, ‘they have no idea what’s in store for them’. In spite of what Piper had put them though, they were going to think it was vanilla sex before her sister was done. They had shared lovers before, and some of the stuff she had witnessed, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at some of their conquests. Peyton was a freak!

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