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Subject: Adventures in Paul (Jared now Knows (10) These are fictional stories of this guy I had the pleasure to work with some time back. He is a short, hot and hairy hunk if ever there was one. These tales are from the vantage point mostly of the fictional guys Paul meets on his travels. And how lucky they are to have a chance with this awesome piece of manhood. This story of course all means does not suggest that Paul or anyone in them could be coaxed into gay sex. Nor any question of sexual preference. But one could always hope. Enjoy.. ============================================================================ Adventures in Paul (Jared now Knows (10) … “Ohh my God!” Jared chirped Paul had just shoved his face to his asshole that he was offering up to the hunk for a good fucking. Paul’s beard raked across his ass lips. Sensitive as they were he felt it. Oh man did he feel it. He cooed as Paul’s mouth and then tongue found the rosebud of his ass. “Hmmf. Fuckk. Yes Paul, oh fuck yess!” He shouted. “That is soo. Ughn. Fuckk” Paul just shoved his wet tongue at the yummy ass hole. Lapping at the twitching entry point to his bowels. He pulled at the guys ass cheeks. Spreading them more to get better in there. And as he did his tongue pierced Jareds ass hole. Again Jared cried out in pleasure. Loving what is best buddy was doing to his ass. Loving the studs tongue in him, that rough beard back there tickling him. It was such a great prep to what was gonna happen to him very soon. Yeah, Paul was readying his happy hole for a nice fucking. Jared would have that stone hard cock plowing into his ass hole very very soon. And it excited him very very much. “Oh baby. Yess!” he shouted “Paul. God I love it Paul” “Fuck my stud. You gotta fuck me!” Paul just continued to slurp in his juicy hole. Getting it wet with all his spit. Fucking the hole with his tongue just enough to loosen it up a bit. Then after a bit longer. A little more hungry grunts as he feasted on Jareds wonderful hole. Paul pulled away from him. Hearing Jared gasp at the loss of what was giving him so much pleasure. “Now its fucking time man” he said to Jared “I need to dig my dick in that man hole” Jared looked back at Paul’s dick. It wasn’t big, but it was thick and sturdy looking. Besides it was easily bigger than any fingers jared had ever shoved into his ass. So he knew that there was gonna be some initial pain. Paul told the guy to lay on the bed for him. That he was gonna crawl up on his back and push his dick into Jared. Jared looked back at the hot guy. The hot handsome man with the delicious beard. The gorgeous kocaeli escort hairy friend he had as Paul hung back there behind him. The man was so fucking stunning to look at. That hairy chest a gay mans dream. So jared did as hus friend requested. He crawled back up in the bed. Laying face down on it. He grabbed a pillow to push under his arms. “Yeah.” Paul said as he touched Jareds ass “Gonna live this sweet new hole” Then Jared felt Paul’s hands as he pulled apart his legs. Jared was spread more for Paul move move up and crawl behind him better. Then the gorgeous Paul climbed up in the bed with Jared. He looked back to see the man move between his spread legs and crawl on over him. The body and fave were a spectacular sight to see. Paul’s sexy fave staring at him as he moved being Jared. “God. He is stunning” he said to himself. “The most gorgeous man I have ever seen” “And he is all.mibe tonight” “Take that Alex!” Its what he wanted to say to his other gay friend. He wanted alex to see this and be on so envious of Jared as he was gonna be slammed today. That he would be experiencing this God like man. “Yeah. Mine” he said softly Then Paul was on his back. He felt the guys head and breath on his shoulder. Then felt Paul’s body as it also moved in on him. That furry chest grazing his back as Paul prepared to drive his dick into his friends ass. Jared then felt that granite hard dick being pushed up along hus ass crack. Moving up and down his butt. All along the line between his two butt cheeks. Then Paul pushed down between the crack. Running at the spot where the hole was. Jared felt the head as it pressed to him. It would be any tone now. His body would be soon filled up with his friend Paul. He would soon have this guys dick buried up inside his ass. “Yeah man. There it is” Paul said “There us that sweet tight hole” And with that comment Paul pushed hard and thrust into Jared. Jared felt the sharp pain of first penetration. His small ass hole trying to push back and stop the assault. Clamping down on Paul’s dick.like buy Paul was inside now. And the hit dude moaned like never before. Feeling the ultra tight hole.on him “God. Ohh fuck!” He shouted “Damn you are tight man” “So much tighter than I thought” “Fuckk!” Jared could not reply as he was pushing back at the pain that had taken him. His back arching as his ass fought to be released from the invading dick. But as his body writhed under Paul he felt that glorious chest on his back. Hundreds of delicious hairs raked along his spine and his body almost when into shivers from it. Paul’s amazing body as pressed against kocaeli escort bayan his. And somehow that feeling alone seemed to dull the pain he had been feeling. It was that beautiful chest on him that made his stop and breath, to loosen up so Paul could do what he was here to do. Fuck And now that initial pain he had felt. That hard pain that had seemed to be ready to split him from that hard dick slicing into his ass was gone. There was bit a heat at his hole now. Heat and a feeling of fullness. The fullness of half of Paul’s dick in him. An he loved it. “Awee fuck!” He groaned “Feels big. Shiit!” “Oh Paul. Feels so fucking incredible man” He lifted his head and looked back at the stud on his back. The total handsome Paul that he had known for years. He now had the cock that Alex had been blessed to have in him. “Fuck me Paul.” He huffed now “Fuck me man. I soo need it” Paul looked back at him as he lifted his head too. He smiled as he was gonna take this dude one way or another. But he was glad that Jared was into it. That he wanted this fucking He readjusted himself behind Jared. Pulling out of the guys ass. Then Paul realigned his dick to Jareds butt. Rubbing at the hole again. And then again he pushed into him. But he just started to thrust hard into him. And Paul blouse began to quickly fuck Jared. Feeling the guys very tight hole pulling on his dick. Paul moaned again from it. The tight nice like pull was incredible on his cock. “Shit. Awe fuck man” he moaned “Fucking was is soo. Ughnn” This making Paul really start to give it to Jared. He really started to plow his ass. Jareds body reacted again. He too moaned as Paul’s cock slammed down into him. Pushing against his prostate. And it was like electricity that coursed through him. Raping his ass ring and up his spine. “Hmmf” he whimpered under Paul And Paul just started to bang away at the tight ass hole. Thrusting for some time before pausing and just grinding his dick in Jareds bowels. This made his whole body rake along Jareds back. Jared cooed at that hairy chest pressed to him. As he felt Paul at his shoulder, hot breath on it. It was the best feeling to have Paul on his back. It’s how he always wanted to be. That gorgeous chest on his back and that cock in his hole. “Yes.. Ughn fuck yess Paul!” He crowed “Give it to me stud” “Fuck me. Ohh baby fuck mee!” Paul humped on him harder now. Picking of the fuck pace as he gave Jared what he has been needing. His cock buried in his ass. “Yeah dude. Awee fuck yeah” Paul grunted “Yer hole is soo. Hmmf” He paused again as he hit bottom. He kissed at Jareds shoulder izmit escort and back. Telling him how fucking wonderful his ass was. That Jareds butt hole was the hole he had been desiring for a long time. That Alex’s ass was so opened and easy now. That a nice fresh tight hole was what he wanted. “And i knew you would want me” he added “All my friends eventually do” “I don’t know why. But you all do” Jared said nothing as he sighed under pecs from Paul’s lips on his back. But he knew why everyone wanted paul in the end. He was smolderingly hot. The hottest guy jared certainly had ever seen. Woth Paul’s full on beard and magnificent naked body he was surprised that there was not a line of men and women banging on Paul’s door to get at that beautiful body. Then Paul pulled up and back out if Jared for a moment. He just hovered being him as he he collected himself and prepared for the next ass slamming round. “Fuck man.” He huffed “So fucking tight” Then he kissed Jareds back once more. Then he pressed his dick to the hole again. “Now to finish you off” he said. And with that Paul thrust back in to Jared. Hard and balls deep. Paun registered as the angle of this last assault slammed that dick hard against Jareds button. Jareds body shook from the shattering hit. He then cried out and squirmed under Paul. Paul reached under him and pulled him to his cock and body. Then he just started to drill at Jareds ass after now. Pummeling the hole with his granite hard dick. Jared begged at him. He wanted it, but the roughness on his prostate was intense. “Shit. Ohh God shit!” Jared cried “Slow up. Hmmf fuckk!” “Fuck, fuxk, fuck, fuck” Paul grunted. “Soo good. Soo fucking good” “Gonna bust. Gonna fucking bust” And then Paul stopped his actions again. His body tensed up. And then he slammed back down again. Humping madly as Paul came. He pumped Jared full of his cum. Shot after shot he busted into Jared. Humping and grinding into jared until he was done. And then Paul collapse on Jared in a heap. Huffing and puffing on the guys back. “Awe fuck. Soo good. Soo good” Paul said Jared lay there under him groaning as he felt the hot hairy body on his back still. He felt Paul’s hot breaths on his neck. And it was all soo good. He just lay there under Paul. Letting the std do what he wanted. Then Paul licked his ear ad then just said to Jared he was done. That it was great and there would be more “You are mine now man” Paul said “Just like every one else” Then Paul pulled out and lay down on the bed next to him. The hot man laying on his back. Jared turned and looked at the man. Man he was gorgeous. He pulled his hand up to the guys beautiful chest. Licking his lips as he gazed at Paul. “Anything You want Paul” he said “Anything..” ============================================================================ The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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