Janitor and Carole

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Janitor and CaroleJanitor and CaroleCarole was naked and straddling Marcio’s hard stomach. The teenager slid backwards taking his cock deeper inside her. She jumped and squirmed. She kicked but she could not escape… not that she wanted to; she didn’t. She liked to bounce on him like this. It made her tingle all over. She was so happy, she felt like cheering. She placed her slender hands on his big muscular chest and rode him HARD and FAST. Sweat dripped from both of them. Carole’s sweet puss was soon being pumped full of cream. Her pussy hiccupped with pleasure. Marcio’s cock stayed hard as she rode faster and faster. Her pussy went into spasm; her eyes rolled back; she lay forward on his chest and fell into a daze.Before Carole passed out, her thoughts turned to a few months earlier…—Carole and her mom had just moved to this school district and the schoolgirl had not made a single friend yet. The house was so lonely while she waited for her mom who worked long hours at the new job. Carole found out the school library was also the library for the town and had late hours. Since the school and library were nearby, her mom gave permission to stay late as long as Carole was home when her mom arrived. That was the beginning of it all.After a few days, she grew bored. One afternoon, she heard a noise and followed it into the school to discover the school janitor buffing the floors. She watched him for the longest time. He was beautiful. He was tall and well built. His coveralls fit him like a glove… showing off his solid physique. She could see that he had a thick chest and an extremely slender waist. His shoulders were broad, his arms muscular. He moved the buffing machine with ease, gripped in his large powerful hands. His legs were thick and muscular. As he moved the machine around, he looked like he was dancing with it. He was so powerful, yet so graceful. His hair was thick and black. He had the coloring from somewhere in the Mediterranean, maybe Greece or Italy. Carole found herself panting.The machine stopped and he looked up. His dark eyes met hers. They both stared.Marico saw a most wonderful sight. A young teen girl had been watching him. He wondered for how long. She was tall and slender. She was wearing bulky clothing so he could not tell much about her figure. She had thick, dark brown hair that could only be described as “wild”. It went everywhere at the same time. It was like the fur of an a****l… untamed. Her face was hidden behind glasses with broad dark frames. Without saying a word, she turned and walked away.Over the next few days, Marcio would occasionally look up and see his mysterious visitor watching. He smiled at her but she would immediately hurry away. He figured out that she must be coming from the library wing. He waited for her the next day. She was startled when he stepped out and spoke.Marcio: Could you help me?Carole: (After a moment…) what?Marcio: Could you just steady my ladder. It will only take a moment. Please… I work alone and I really help!Carole: Well… OK.Marcio led her around the corner and through a set of double doors. Carole almost didn’t follow; she was as skittish as a young pony. However, she was excited to be close to the subject of her latest dreams. She drifted along behind him. She noticed that his bottom was awesome. His butt cheeks flexed wonderfully as he marched in front of her. He showed her how to steady the ladder before he climbed up. His warm breath as he talked to her was wonderful… like some sort of rich spice. He climbed up. Carole found her head was just at his crotch. There was a large mound where his penis should be… but the mound was way too big for just a penis. (What did he have in there? she thought.) She smelled something she had never smelled before. The fragrance nearly made her faint. He smelled like a MAN… she breathed deeply and closed her eyes. She wished he would come down and hold her… kiss her… touch her.When he did step down, he thanked her and took her to a machine in the teacher’s lounge for a soda. He asked a lot of questions and found out all about her. This close to her, Marcio came to realize a few things. Behind those heavy glasses frames, she had a beautiful face and lovely eyes. As she shifted about, there appeared kırşehir escort to be some curves hiding under that shapeless clothing. She had a great personality, laughed easily, and was bright. Her wild hair was natural, not from a salon. It perfectly framed her pretty face like a wild halo. She deserved a halo; she was an angel. Then he told Carole about himself. His name was Marcio but some of his friends called him “Mars”. He was 27 and unattached. He was working as a janitor but his real passion was bodybuilding. He went to a lot of amateur tournaments and hoped to soon earn his “pro card”.As he talked, Carole watched him closely. He had dark good looks with thick eyelashes and beautiful eyes. His muscles rippled even though she could see only his arms. He had no beard but did have a dark shadow where a beard would grow. That large bulge between his legs still left puzzled her. He caught her glancing there and just smiled at her. She blushed and changed the subject. Time passed quickly and soon she had to excuse herself to go home. She started seeking him out daily. She had simple questions about bodybuilding or janitor stuff. It was such an obvious attempt to spend time with him that Marcio was very flattered. He liked her. She was a bit young but he felt an attraction for her. Since training took up so much of his time, he had not had a girlfriend in a long time. No real sex in a long time either. He decided to see if he could change that.The next afternoon, Marcio asked Carole to do him a favor. He needed some current photos for a bodybuilding website being set up by a buddy. Would she take some photos of him? Carole was thrilled but tried not to show it.He took her to the janitor’s room. There was a door inside there which led to a small office. He had cleared the floor and hung a d**** on the back wall. He closed the doors to the inner and outer room and handed her a camera. While she looked over the camera, he stripped off his clothing until he was dressed in only a body shirt and training briefs. He posed while she snapped pictures. Her mind was not on the photos. She was drinking in his physique. He was massive and bulging everywhere. Several times she found herself panting softly with her tongue hanging out. He thought that was so adorable!She included that massive bulge in as many of the pictures as she could. After a while, he stopped and told her he needed some photos with oil. She seemed puzzled so he removed his top and reached for a bottle of oil. He began rubbing the oil on his chest and the front of his legs, including high up between his thighs. He glistened in front. She had stood frozen while he oiled his front. Marcio: Carole… Carole, honey… the photos… take some of my front.Carole returned to the present and snapped away. After a couple of dozen photos, he asked for some additional help.Marcio: Could you oil up my back and the back of my legs?Without giving her a moment to think, he took the camera, handed her the oil, and turned to face the d****. She was stunned. She was in a mental and sexual daze as she walked to him. She spread some oil on her hands and proceeded to spread it on his broad shoulders. She slowly worked her way down to his briefs. She moved her hands upwards to his shoulders again and then back down. She added more oil and kept applying it.Marcio: Don’t forget the legs, baby.She seemed to finally realize that he had called her “honey” and “baby”. She dropped to her knees and started to oil his massive legs. They were like tree trunks. The muscles were like steel cables. It dawned on her that he must shave; he had no hair on his legs or torso. He was so smooth… and now so shiny.He turned around and her head was right in front of the massive mound. A smell that she had never smelt before flooded her nose… and her brain. SHE RAN. He called after her but she didn’t stop until she was home. The next afternoon, he went into the library supposedly to check the HVAC controller. As he passed Carole’s station, he dropped off a flash drive unseen. He smiled back at her as he went through the door. She did not stay late that day but rushed home. The photos she had taken of Marcio were on the drive. She studied each photo closely. When she reached what kırşehir escort bayan must have been the last one she had taken, she found new ones. Marcio had taken more of himself using a wall mirror. His head had been cropped off the images but Carole knew exactly who was being photographed. However, in these special photos, he was not wearing his briefs. He was wearing nothing!The photos were a sequence showing what was in the massive mound. It was not a boy’s pee-pee; it was a COCK. A huge man-cock. It started off soft but it was as big as the largest banana she had ever seen in a store. It had a slight banana curve and a large end. And… it was growing larger in each photo. As it grew, the head started to move upward, exposing a large bag hanging down. Carole had never seen anything like this, even in health class. In the final photo, Marcio had taken a close-up. It was beautiful… just like the rest of him. She stared at it for the longest time. Her mother’s car brought her daydreaming to an end. She realized she had drooled on her shirt. She also realized that her panties were damp.She went to bed early, with her laptop in bed with her. She stared at the photos while she had her fingers deep in her pussy. First one finger… then two… eventually four. She used one finger on her other hand to probe her tight asshole. She fell asleep like that… and dreamed that it was Marcio’s cock inside her. When she found him the next afternoon, she rushed to him, grabbed him around his neck and began kissing him. He took her into his arms, cradled her like a baby and took her to his special room. It was very special this time; he had set it up very differently. In the middle of the room, he had a narrow adjustable-height bench. It was waist high at the moment. He set her on the floor and placed his hands at her shirt collar. He ripped outward and downward and buttons went flying. He pulled the shirt back up and over her head to remove it from her arms. He pulled on the back of her bra and it broke. She slid it down her arms as he pushed her jeans and panties down over her slender hips to the floor. As he picked her up again, she kicked off her shoes. She was naked in seconds. He sat back on the bench and put her on his bulge. Her legs were spread wide over his lap. He put one arm around her and kissed her mouth. She grabbed her glasses and tossed them on some rags. She put both hands behind his head and pressed her mouth as firmly against his as she could. He ran one hand across her firm boobs. She felt like lightning was sparking from her nipples directly to her brain. She arched her back. He pinched one nipple and she screamed into his mouth. She pressed her breast into his hand letting him know she liked the pain. She started to jerk and bounce her bottom against his bulge. She wanted his pants OFF! He stood up. He was so strong that she seemed weightless for him. He held her by her ass with one hand. She wrapped her legs around him above his waist as he used the other hand to unhook and drop his pants. He had no underwear on. When he sat again, his big beautiful cock stopped her from sliding off him. He put his tongue into her sweet mouth. He cupped her butt cheeks in his hands and forced one of his fingers into her asshole simultaneous putting another finger in her pussy. She shuttered and bounced. She panted into his mouth. They were both lost in the moment. He kept one finger in her ass and brought the other hand to her front. He lifted her up using her asshole and grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy. She wiggled trying to help him get her lined up. When she was, he lowered her down until the cockhead began a marvelous journey. She jerked and jumped her body and worked her no-longer virgin pussy down and down until she was completely skewered. She felt like it was so deep in her that the head was touching the inside of her belly button. She screamed into his hungry mouth again and again. She kept bouncing on his cock trying to get it deeper. She couldn’t! It had bottomed out! There were still several inches outside her.Her lover took her by the hips and powered her up and down. She couldn’t believe the sensations from her stuffed love hole. It overwhelmed her. She became her escort kırşehir pussy! She became her CUNT! She was woman!He was so eager, he couldn’t wait. His sperm gushed into her. She felt her belly expand. The pressure inside her was awesome. Her pussy spasmed again and again. She jerked and moaned.They remained connected until both regained their breaths. They softly kissed. After recovering, he repaired her clothing as best he could and she kissed him sweetly and returned home. Her mother knew something had changed in her daughter but had no idea what it was. Carole smiled all through dinner and throughout her sleep. She did not need photos or her fingers to fall asleep that night. Her little pussy was so satisfied, it drooled Marcio’s love cream all night. She had the most beautiful dreams of his muscles and his special cock. The next afternoon, she brought an extra change of clothes in her knapsack. Her newest glasses were with her clothes and her old glasses were on her face. She wore no bra or panties. Marcio had lowered the bench. As soon as they were undressed, he laid her across his legs and put some oil on his fingers. He lubricated her pussy and asshole; taking his time as he could tell she was enjoying his fingers deep inside her. He finger fucked her holes and did circles inside; getting her prepared for love.He lay down on the narrow bench and asked her to kneel on a mat beside him. He showed her how to pleasure his cock with her hands and mouth. Her tiny little licks and gentle kisses made his long thick penis tingle and throb. He showed her how to sc**** her teeth and fingernails up and down his shaft while caressing his balls and fingering his ass. She sucked so sweetly. Her lips moving slowly up and down made him extra stiff.She eventually stood and straddled him and the bench. He centered his cock as she lowered her pussy to his cockhead. Once started, she rammed herself down as far as she could. She kicked upward and dropped again… working lower and lower. She wiggled and squirmed and jerked and shook. Her pussy seemed to vibrate on his cock. They both were in heaven.With his help, she pulled her pussy off of his cock and slid her asshole onto it. She had to go slower this time as her tail was a lot tighter. However, she was determined to get all of his cock up her butt since she was not deep enough to get it all in her pussy. She made his cock tremble as she yanked her sexy ass up and down his thick pole. She made her behind do a sexy dance… a love twerk… as she rode him. She kangarooed up and down. She was like an ass yo-yo riding him. She eventually got every inch of Marcio’s cock up her rectum. She grinned at him and he grinned back. Every time she bottomed out, she gripped him tightly with her hole and slid her tight ass muscle upward toward the head. When the head was all he had inside her, she relaxed and dropped to the bottom again. She was milking him.It did not take much of that before Marcio was ready. He grabbed her and pulled her downward. She felt his hot cream spray into her hungry ass. Her pussy had a seizure; she lost control. Hot pee splashed on his rock-hard abs. She collapsed on his chest as her pee dripped on the floor. She passed out for a few minutes. She stumbled home later, totally exhausted. She walked like a drunk who just left a bar at closing. She slept like an angel that night, no dreams; she did not so much as have a single twitch. She never even turned over in her sleep. She experienced total peace.Marcio thought that she was the best, most willing, most wonderful lover he had ever had. He could not imagine anyone better than she was in the whole world. She was perfect on and off his cock. He was so much in love. The next day when he told her he loved her, she cried happy tears. She blubbered that she loved him too. She lay in his powerful arms and sobbed her happiness.They decided on a plan to be together forever. Carole told her mom that she had found the perfect man for her. After a lot of effort on Carole’s part, her mom reluctantly was introduced to “the janitor”. Once her mom got her eyes on the handsome Marcio, she was hooked. He soon found that the mom liked to scream and jump around on his cock just like the daughter.A few months later Carole was the maid-of-honor for her mom and new dad. To Marcio, the mom was just a slightly older version of Carole. Both of his girls were perfection. He was determined to be the best husband and the very best “daddy” for his family. He felt so lucky. And he was!

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