Janie Thinks She is Ready

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The knock at the door was quiet, almost timid, just barely enough for Logan to hear it. He probably wouldn’t have if the door wasn’t right next to his couch. He paused his show and answered the door, shocked to find Janie standing on the other side. He didn’t know the girl even knew where he lived.

“Mom is gone for the weekend. I was lonely, can I come in? Just for a bit?” She asked, smiling up at him.

“Sure. I was just watching Big Bang if you want to join me.” He knew she liked the show, as he had known Janie for most of her life.

“Sure, thank you.” He stepped back and she came in, taking a quick look around. “This is all you have?” She asked.

“Don’t need much for just me, you know.” He told her. It was a simple, one-bedroom apartment. But at least the walls had good insulation, keeping the noise down. The living room just had the couch, the computer desk, and the TV stand. The kitchen was small, with a little table practically inside of it.

“I suppose that is true.” They both sat down on the couch, with Janie curled up in one corner. Logan sat on the other side and turned the show back on, watching her from the corner of his eye.

Marisa, Janie’s mother, being gone for the weekend wasn’t unusual. It seemed like her job required a weekend-long trip every couple of months. A few years ago, she would have had Logan come over to babysit, at least during those times when they were dating. Not that Janie had needed a babysitter for a few years now.

They had been dating off and on for ten years, and Logan wondered why he bothered. Marisa wasn’t particularly attractive, not all that good in bed, or even much fun. At least, not after about six months of dating. She would want to be controlling and demanding, starting fights, yelling at him. Yet, she was also the one who would always break up with him, and then call him back into her life a year or so later with promises that things would be different.

If it hadn’t been for Janie, he probably wouldn’t have come back. He didn’t know what happened to Janie’s father, but the girl herself was a sweetheart. Logan always felt like she could use a decent person in her life, and she had melted his normally cold heart. Logan wasn’t usually much of a decent person, but he had been able to manage it around her.

Janie giggled at one of the jokes on the show, apparently seriously watching it. Logan himself picked up his phone and started scrolling through some news feeds. He had the show on for noise, not really entertainment. He figured if Janie needed to talk, she would. She had been quiet around him since she was about fifteen. Of course, she was nineteen now. Could be a difficult age for a woman, as far as Logan knew. Besides, she probably wouldn’t like him prying.

Janie had been a serious tomboy when he first started dating Marisa. A shock of red hair, green eyes, and a face full of freckles. More often covered in mud and grass than in a dress, always willing to talk about what she had found, and very outgoing. Then puberty came along and gave her a massive chest, long and silky hair, and thick ass, and all the male attention that often came with such. She had seemed to just withdraw into herself. She was currently wearing a baggy sweater and a pair of loose jeans, a far more common outfit for her in the past few years. Then again, he hadn’t seen her much for more than a year, when her mother had called and begged for him to come back to her. They were approaching turn around time now, when she would go from trying to keep him around to what he suspected was her more common behavior of suspicion, anger, and constant arguments.

Jamie suddenly stood up, making him look up from his phone and drop his thoughts. “I need to use the bathroom.” She whispered.

“It’s through the bedroom.” He told her, pointing to the only door inside the apartment. She headed off, and he went back to looking at his phone.

“Logan, do you think I look good in this?” Janie’s voice came as a surprise a couple of minutes later, but he looked up to see her standing in the door to his bedroom, dressed completely differently. She had to have been wearing it under the baggy clothing; a halter top that, even pulled tight over her breasts, didn’t completely cover her stomach. She was also wearing a pair of skin-tight leggings. She was obviously not wearing a bra, as he could see the shape of her nipples clearly through the thin shirt.

Logan hadn’t seen her dressed in anything close to that since she was about eleven and was used to the baggy and loose look on her. The truth was she looked very sexy dressed like that, even though she wasn’t trying to look seductive or anything. Her hands were crossed in front of her, shoulders slumped forward, and she was looking off to the side and biting her lip in clear embarrassment. Of course, the innocence in that look made her extremely tempting, even if he shouldn’t be thinking like that about a girl who was as close to a daughter hiltonbet yeni giriş as he ever had.

“What… or who… or…” Logan cleared his throat. He would have to be very careful here. “Yes, you do, but why are wanting to know?” He asked. He had to shift a little, as she was having the obvious effect, but he couldn’t let her know that.

“I was wondering if you might like it.” She told him, taking a couple of steps towards him. “Do you think I have a good body?” She shifted her hands around behind her, and he noticed she had a clear camel toe going as well in those tight leggings.

“That probably isn’t something you should be asking me.” He told her. He wanted to look away. He didn’t want to look away. This would probably determine if he was, in fact, anything like a decent man.

“Why not?” She asked. “Because of Mom?” She asked, looking away again.

“No, because I’ve known you since you were nine.” He told her. “Did you get a new boyfriend?”

“Not yet.” She told him. “Guys my age are assholes. Not like you.” She answered.

That statement made things a lot clearer to him. Of course. “I’m sure you can find a good one with a little work.” He told her. He stood up and walked over to her. He would have to be gentle.

“Mom doesn’t deserve you, and you know it. She always treats you so badly.” She huffed.

He reached out to place a hand on her shoulder, giving it a little bit of a squeeze. “You don’t know me as well as you think you do, honey. You might not be wrong, but I don’t think this is what you really want.”

She suddenly threw her arms around his neck and kissed him, full on the lips. It was rushed and amateurish, clumsy, but her lips tasted amazing. Logan found himself kissing her back before he realized it.

* * *

Janie had wanted him to, but she was still surprised when Logan started kissing her back. She felt absolutely blissful as he did so. He would probably need more convincing beyond this, but she was determined to make this happen. He was the only good man she had ever known. All her mom’s other boyfriends had treated her like a distraction or interruption. Logan had brought her gifts and told her lame jokes to make her laugh. All the boys in school had just wanted to snap her bra or try to grab her breasts or ass, or claim they slept with her. Hell, her last job had ended when she refused to sleep with her crusty old boss. But Logan had always just been kind to her.

He suddenly pushed her away, but she tried not to be disappointed. She looked up at him, breathing hard. “That was wonderful.” She told him, and even though she knew she would have to be bold to make this work, she was still surprised when she continued. “What else can we do?”

“No, Janie, we can’t be doing this.” He told her, looking away from her, like he was looking for something to make her stop. Or maybe himself. He wasn’t what she thought of as classically handsome. More normal. Brown hair and blue eyes, about five-nine, not fit but not heavy, not even a dad bod, just a normal body. But his eyes had always been kind and happy when they looked at her. He was what she used to judge men.

“Just tell me, please. I’ll do whatever you want.” She reached up and put a hand on his chest.

His head snapped back to her, and he looked down into her eyes, cupping her chin just a little. His eyes changed slightly. A shadow of something like hunger. “Are you sure?”

“Yes.” She whispered softly, pouting her lips like she had seen in the movies, wanting a kiss.

“And if I tell you that you can’t tell me no, or it is over?” He asked her. His eyes had grown a little cold. He was probably just trying to scare her off.

“I will never tell you no. I swear.” She told him.

“You might come to regret that. Get on your knees.” He ordered her. She knew it was an order, just from the tone of his voice. Her heart sped up in her chest, and she was breathing harder, faster. This was starting to be a little scary, but that just seemed to excite her more. She did what she was told, slowly sliding down.

“Take off the top.” He ordered. She looked up at him, and he seemed to tower over her now, but again she did as instructed, pulling the halter off and over her head. No other man had seen her breasts before, completely free and hanging open. She was usually embarrassed of them, big heavy F-cups that they were, always getting in her way and drawing all the wrong kind of attention. But not now. “Play with them.”

She was shocked by that order and wasn’t sure how to follow it. She reached up and started to squeeze them a little, rubbing her hands over them. She kept looking up at him to see if this is what he wanted. He was looking down at her, but his face didn’t give anything away. Of course, the bulge in his pants, right in front of her face, was telling her plenty. “Like this?” She asked. She tried to act like some videos she had watched, squeezing them a little. hiltonbet giriş She hissed when she pinched her nipples, shocked at the shiver of pleasure that went through her.

“That is good. Now, undo my pants.” He started to run a hand through her hair. She turned to kiss his arm a little as she reached up with one hand, still playing with her breast as she undid the button on his jeans, slowly undoing them.

Exposing his boxers made her realize just how large that bulge really was. She gasped a little when she pulled them down, and his thick penis fell out. It was easily eight inches long, and she felt her eyes growing wide, her breathing picking up more. She could even fell the heat growing in her crotch. She knew she wanted him, but now she just wanted that.

“Have you sucked dick before?” He asked her.

“No… no.” She told him, looking up at him as she reached up and ran her fingers along it. She started to stroke her hand along it slowly, just enjoying the feel of it in her hand, shocked at how well this was working.

His hand tightened in her hair, and he made her look up at him, leaning down over her. She didn’t stop her soft stroking, as if her hand had a mind of its own. “Call me ‘sir’.” He told her.

She felt another shiver of pleasure run through her. “Yes, sir.” She whispered. “That is, no sir. I’ve never sucked a…” She faltered, as she didn’t talk like this, but maybe it was time. “A dick before.” She leaned forward, still looking up at him and tried licking his head. He tasted salty, and the lick made it jump in her hand.

“Then I will just have to teach you.” He pushed her head down so she couldn’t look up at him as he straightened up, the head of his cock moving forward to rub across her lips. “Don’t watch me, but what you’re doing.”

His hand pulled her forward hard, making her gasp just before his penis thrust into her mouth. “Second, don’t be shy about it.” He pushed her head so far down that she had to remove her hand or smack herself, and then her nose was buried in the thick hair around him. The head of his penis was in her throat, and she was gagging hard on it. She reached up and tried to push herself back, but his arm was too strong.

“Stop struggling and relax. Put your hands behind your back.” He ordered. She tried to relax, but it didn’t help. This wasn’t what was supposed to happen! But even as she gagged, she could feel the heat growing inside her. She finally got her hands behind her back, and he eased up on her, sliding out of her throat. “Suck on it, slide your tongue along it.” He ordered.

She tried to do as he said, the sounds of her sucking were so sick to her ears but still making her wetter. He pulled her hair again, pushing it back into her throat for more gagging, then sliding back. He moved slowly, and she was forced to taste every inch of it. She closed her eyes, held her hands behind her back, and let him guide her head back and forth.

She sucked hard as he was sliding out, listening to the slurping, feeling her spit come out and slide down her chin. She pushed her tongue against it when he pushed in. She moaned against him until it pushed into her throat. The sounds were amazing. A loud slurping and wet squishing under her moan, then a harsh gagging. She wanted to touch him, to hold his hips as he used her mouth for his pleasure. And just knowing that he was doing that made her so hot. Hotter than the porn she had watched to get herself ready. Hotter than she knew possible.

He suddenly pulled her off his cock and tilted her head back to look up at him. She smiled up at him, spit covering her chin. She was gasping, trying to catch her breath, “Please, sir, I want more.” She told him.

“I’m sure you do, sweetie.” He told. “Crawl over to the couch and kneel before it, I’ll be right there.”

* * *

Logan pulled his jeans and boxers off as he watched Janie crawl away. She didn’t argue or even acknowledge the order, just did as she was told. Even the brief time of her crawling showed him the dark, wet spot between her legs. Some part of him knew that he should end it now. But she did just what he said and was so wanting. He didn’t think he could make himself stop now. And he could train her easily, with her so desperate to please him. He knew it made him a horrible person, but he wasn’t going to stop now.

He stepped into the bedroom and got his flavored lube quickly, coming back out. He walked around where she was kneeling, turning so he could run his spit-covered cock through her hair. She gasped and turned, trying to suck it back in but he stopped her. “Not yet, sweetie.” He told her, sitting down right in front of her, spreading his legs wide. He handed her the lube. “Rub this all over your inner breasts.” He ordered.

“Yes, sir.” She answered. “May I ask why?” She didn’t pause, though. She poured it all in her massive cleavage and started rubbing it in while he reached down and pinched her nipples hiltonbet güvenilirmi hard. She cried out but didn’t pause.

“Come here and slide those massive tits around my cock.” He told her. She lifted herself up and slide forward, doing exactly that. “Now, squeeze them hard around me and start working them up and down.” He ordered. He continued to roll and pinch her nipples. She whimpered and moaned, her nipples growing large and hard under his attention, but she did exactly what she was told.

“Did mom ever do this for you?” She asked, blushing but working him harder.

“Your mom was a shit lay.” He told her honestly. “And your tits are far bigger and prettier than hers.” He told her.

She smiled at that and started to bounce herself a little, making her tits really bounce on his cock. They were so large that his cock just barely slipped out when she moved down. He stopped playing with one nipple and grabbed her hair again. She gasped out, then moaned and leaned her head against his hand. Her smooth skin and the lube made her slide easily, and he knew it wouldn’t be long now. He held himself back, though, letting it build a little.

She was moaning louder, her hips working up and down faster, and he knew he couldn’t hold off much longer. “Let go.” He ordered before roughly pulling her mouth down and back onto his cock. She was quick, she let go of her breasts and didn’t resist at all, opening her mouth and sucking hard. Her slurping was as loud as before, and her gagging just as harsh, but she even tried to push herself down against him, wrapping her hands around behind her back just like before.

He worked her up and back down, and then let it go. Just as she started to gag on him, he exploded into her throat. She gagged, coughed, and tried to pull away, but he didn’t let her. The first heavy blast went right into her throat. She grabbed the couch and tried to push herself up, and he let her up just enough to blast more into her mouth. He grabbed the base of his cock with his other hand and pulled her off as she tried desperately to swallow, cough, and gag all at once. He jerked hard and a smaller blast took her full in the face. She gasped out and looked up at him. Cum and spit covered her chin, was dripping down onto her heaving chest, and more covered her nose, cheeks, and eyes from that last little blast.

“You can leave now, if you want.” He told her, making her look up at him.

“No… No sir.” She told him, taking fast but deep breaths. “I am yours.”

“My what?” He asked her.

“Whatever you want, sir.” She whispered, not looking away.

“Then you’ll be a fuck toy.” He told her

* * *

Janie shivered when he named her a fuck toy. “What is that, sir?” She asked. She finally put her hands back behind her, swallowing more cum. The taste and smell of it filled her head. When he first cam, it felt like some of it pushed up into her nose before she could swallow. And then more had come into her mouth and onto her face. Her throat was sore from trying to swallow all of it so fast. She felt thoroughly used, and all it did was make her feel soaked.

“It means I will use you for sex. Anytime, anywhere, however I want it. And that’s it. That is all you’ll be.” He told her, staring into her eyes, his own having gone cold and almost distant. Though, some part of him made him seem… hopeful, maybe? Like he wanted her to say no, but hoped she agreed.

“Yes, sir. I am your fuck toy.” She answered.

“Stand up and take those leggings off.” He ordered. She did as she was instructed, though she had to wiggle and push to really get the leggings off. He watched her the whole time. Between her pussy getting soaked and the sweat, they had started to cling. She almost tripped before she finally was able to toss them aside. She wasn’t wearing any panties under them, and he saw her looking over her naked body, pausing at her newly shaved pussy.

He reached over and slide a finger between her wet lips. She gasped, feeling her knees go weak as he found her clit right away and started to rub it firmly. She tried to keep standing straight, but she couldn’t. She reached out and put her hands on his shoulders, leaning against him. One of his fingers pushed into her, twisting and wiggling against her and she cried out, her eyes rolling back. Not even the few times she had dared masturbate had been this good.

“You are a tight little thing.” He told her, working that finger in and out of her.

“Thank you, sir.” She said between gasps. She had to lock her knees into place, her fingers digging into his shoulders. The heat had grown so much inside her, and her legs were starting to shake.

She screamed when he pushed a second finger into her and almost fell before she caught herself. He was fingering her hard and fast, and even though she had though his finger barely fit within her, both seemed to just slide in and out of her. She could feel the wetness sliding down her legs.

“Cum, sweetie.” He ordered. She didn’t even know what that meant before it took her and she was screaming as loud as she could as she orgasmed, cumming all over his hand and her own legs. The next thing she knew she was on her knees, her head on his leg.

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