Janey 2

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Janey 2Janey lay gasping. She could not believe her pervert stepdad had made her cum like that.Her body was still shaking form the intensity of the orgasm this old man had given her. Jim was staring at her firm teen body and laughed/“I knew you were a slut like your mum. Now my turn to cum.*Janey knew he was going to fuck her she begged him not to. She told him he was virgin.“ Fuck I assumed you had been getting cock. Especially as your mum said you were on the pill. This is going to be better than I thought.”Janey tried to close her legs but he told her to spread if she wanted to avoid another painful spanking. Reluctantly Janey opened her legs. He placed his cock against her hole and uttered a low moan as he began to push into her tight cunt. Janey winced with pain. She could not believe this was anadolu yakası escort how she would lose her virginity but her body was reacting to his cock. Her cunt was wet and she felt hornier than she ever had. He took his time withdrawing and pushing n further until he met her final barrier. He pushed in deep and she screamed.He laughed and told her she would get used to his and other cocks. She was shocked by this but as he slowly fucked her she began to enjoy the feelings his cock caused in her. He leaned forward and kissed her. This time she opened her mouth willingly. She hated and loved what was happening. H“Fuck you are so tight. This is better than I could have imagined and I have imagined it since I first saw you.”Janey was ataşehir escort stunned that he had wanted her for so long.She heard his breathing getting faster his face distorted and he shouted out.“Ohhhhh fuck yessssssss you dirty slut”She felt his cock inside her begin to pulse and something start to fill her cunt. He gasped for a few moments and began to pull out of her. she was disappointed as he had begun to enjoy the feel of that cock inside her and she had been close to another orgasm.Jim looked down at her. “ You will get plenty more form me sweetie. You and I will be good friends.”He told her to open her mouth and shoved his cock in. She hated the taste and wanted to push him out but knew Jim would spank her. “Clean it slut.” She tried to clean ümraniye escort the mixed juice of her cunt and his cock.As she worked on his cock he picked up the bedroom phone and she heard him talking.“ Yes, she was good and tight. Still a virgin so you win the bet. Yes, son you can have her soon as well. You’ll be able to compare her to your step mum. I think you might find her a better fuck once she learns.”Janey could not believe that Jim was talking to her 28-year-old stepbrother Dan and that Dan had fucked her mum.Jim put down the phone and pulled his cock out of her mouth. He told her to fuck off and clean up as he needed some sleep. As she was leaving the room he looked at her and said “no school tomorrow but make sure you have your uniform on. We are going out for the day”Janey grabbed her clothes and went to the bathroom to clean herself. She felt humiliated and used but also knew she enjoyed being fucked. She could still feel where Jim’s cock had been inside her. She yearned to have that feeling again and to cum again. Her mind swam with conflicting thoughts as she headed back to her room wondering what Jim had in mind for her.TBC

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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