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Jan and Ted 12Still feeling warm and glowing from the hot shower, Jan stood in front of the mirror, opened her towel and stared at her naked body. She knew, at 46, that she was in pretty good shape. She exercised at home, and she and Mike went cycling or hill walking whenever they could. Her plump breasts had obviously lost their firmness, and the extra poundage around her middle and backside were a concern, but overall, she concluded, not too bad. She squeezed her breasts, feeling her nipples grow hard. She pinched them, then moved her hands downward, over her belly to her freshly shaven cunt. Immediately she thought of the previous Sunday, when she had felt Jenny’s tongue and lips on it. She shivered at the memory and stroked it. My God, Jenny! What an experience, and how she had loved it! The last time was when she was 12, at a sleep over with her best friend, exploring each other’s growing bodies. That was nothing compared to Jenny’s experienced fingers and tongue!And the feel of her soft warm body…sucking her erect nipples….kissing and licking a vagina for the very first time….the sweet taste of her juices. She took her hand away. “Stop it. Control yourself. Besides, it’ll get plenty of attention at Uncle Ted’s today!” she thought. Ted. What to do about him…that stuff on the USB stick! Phew! When she had finally some time to herself, she had had a good look at what was on it. At his house, she’d only had a quick look. Lots of numbered folders,containing pictures of naked and semi naked women, of all ages. Nothing too hard core. Harmless enough.Yesterday, she’d seen that there was just one file that was different, labelled with 2 crosses, and she clicked to open it. It literally took her breath away when she saw the dozens of pictures…. …mostly of hard cocks crammed into women’s panties! Cocks of differing sizes, but all fully erect. There was one in particular that caught her interest. It wasn’t just the perfectly shaped, huge erection that appealed. There was something very familiar about the semi sheer purple knickers that struggled to contain it. They were hers! They had actually been a favourite pair, but she had given them to Ted a few weeks ago, as he liked them so much. Now they were being worn by another man! Then she remembered that there was a pair in the box which she hadn’t recognised. He’d probably done a swap with this other fellow! bahis firmaları She looked again at the photos of the stranger’s cock inside her knickers. It certainly was a beautiful looking cock! She imagined the stranger wanking while wearing her knickers…how bizarre! She had a look at all the others. Big throbbing cocks crammed into tiny knickers. A full length picture of a naked old man with an enormous cock. Who was he? A picture of someone’s knicker drawer. Pictures of cocks with come spattered over pictures of women’s faces. My God, a picture of her! An old one, she was about 20 in it. Next to it, a pair of her knickers, and two cocks being wanked over her picture and knickers. A strange mixture of revulsion and excitement ran through her brain. “The dirty old bastard! He’s given someone a picture of me to wank over!” The frozen fascination continued as she looked at photos of men in basques and stockings wanking each other, a photo of a smart middle aged woman standing in a classroom (a school teacher?) with a pair of knickers next to the photo….a blonde woman in a red corset and stockings wanking a man dressed identically… it went on and on.So,what to do about it? Ignore it? No, the temptation to use it against him, to make him even more under her control, was just too much. She’d confront him with it. But first, she’d have to sort him out over last Sunday… the telescope, him peeping and she and Jenny putting on a show to catch him at it. It was going to be an interesting day!She arrived at Ted’s with damp knickers. Her thoughts had strayed to Jenny and last Sunday again, and she just couldn’t resist rubbing her cunt through her knickers. She had to stop herself from becoming too aroused. Even so, she was glad when there was no sign of Jenny in the garden when she arrived. That would have complicated things, knocked her off course. She had to sort Ted out first.She played it deliberately cool when he greeted her. The last thing she wanted was for him to think that the joke they’d played on him was for his sexual gratification. She had to put him straight on that one. She sat on the settee, but refused his offer of a cup of tea. Sensing her mood, he became increasingly nervous, she could see. Then he went to the table and picked something up. He brought it over to her. “Jan….erm, this is for you.” It was gift wrapped, and she suspiciously kaçak iddaa took it and opened it. Inside was a lovely pair of expensive looking satin French Knickers, in her favourite pale blue colour. It was a peace offering, she knew it. “They’re very nice, Uncle Ted” she said. Then she looked him directly in the eye and said” But if you think that this excuses your disgusting behaviour last Sunday, you’re very much mistaken!” She stood up.“Give me five minutes, then come upstairs…naked!”“Do you realise how much humiliation you caused me when Jenny told me that you’d been spying on her, perving on her with a telescope? Don’t you know, you silly old fool, that when the sun shines on lace curtains they become semi transparent?” she hissed.He’d walked into the bedroom, stark naked, his cock limp and shrivelled. She knew then that she had him worried and frightened…under normal circumstances, he would have been semi or fully erect in the bedroom with Jan. She had him tied face down on the bed, and she had dressed in the black basque, stockings and high heels that he had bought her. In her hand was the tawse. She started to whip him with it, not playfully, but each stroke increasing in force as it landed on his buttocks, then his back, down again to his buttocks and onto his thighs.“And don’t think for one moment that the little show we put on was for your benefit. Oh no, we did it to catch you out…to let you know that we knew what you were up to. We just decided to have a bit of fun while we were doing it. I only wish we could have seen your face when we waved and closed the curtains on you. It must have been something. Spoilt the show for you, didn’t it?”The tawse landed repeatedly on him as she spat out the humiliating words, and by now his buttocks were glowing red, and Jan was panting slightly with the exertion. She stopped, and moved his thighs apart, revealing his fat heavy balls. She smiled.“Well, even so, it meant that you got to see Jenny’s naked breasts, didn’t you? Nice, aren’t they? Bigger than mine…and lovely nipples, too. You’d love to get your hands on them, wouldn’t you?”He didn’t reply, so she whacked him firmly with the tawse on his balls. He cried out with the sudden pain. “Answer me when I ask you a question!” she shouted. “Wouldn’t you?” “Yes.” came the muffled reply. “Yes I would Jan.” She smiled when she recalled how fantastic Jenny’s kaçak bahis plump tits had felt in her hands. “If only the poor old sod knew!” she thought.She stood for a while, looking at the redness of his skin, then untied him. As he got up, she noticed that his cock was still not erect, a sure sign that he was taking her seriously! She went to his computer desk and pulled the chair out. “Come here.” she ordered. He sat in the chair, and she tied his hands behind him, then switched on the computer. She went to fetch the USB stick from the box in the wardrobe. She held it in front of his face, and the colour drained from him. “What have we got here, Uncle Ted? I saw it a while ago, underneath your little collection of my knickers, and have been waiting for the right opportunity to satisfy my curiosity. I think that time has come!” She put it in the computer, and clicked the icon. The folders appeared. She clicked on the first one. The photos of the naked and semi naked women appeared. “Oh!” she gasped, acting as though she was looking at them for the first time. “So this is your little porn collection, is it? Mmmm…not too bad, it could have been worse, knowing you. Now, which ones are your favourite, Uncle Ted? “ she teased. “How about her? She’s nice…nice boobs, lovely smile. Or her…bet you’ve wanked to her a few times, eh?” She closed that folder and opened another, and its content was much the same. She continued taunting and teasing him about the various women on show as she opened each folder, deliberately delaying the moment of opening the XX folder. She could almost feel him squirm, and boy, was she enjoying it! One folder had a photo of a beautiful black girl with amazing breasts and nipples and shaven cunt. “Oh, yes, Uncle Ted. She must be one of your favourites. Don’t tell me you haven’t imagined putting this…” and she reached down and took hold of his cock “…inside her!” She began to stroke and wank his cock, feeling it thicken in her hand. “Actually, you know something? I wouldn’t mind me and her….” she teased. She wanked his by now erect cock. “What do you think? Would you fancy that, Uncle Ted? Sat in a chair in the corner, watching me and her on the bed?” He was back to his old horny self as she pumped his cock in and out of her hand. “Yes..yes..mmmm.” he murmured. She let go, and said “Let’s see what else you’ve got.” She closed the folder and said.”Oooh, what about that one that you’ve got with two crosses on it? Is that something special?” She could hardly suppress the chuckle she felt as she sensed him tensing up. “Let’s have a look, shall we?

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