Jamie – The Journey Begins Ch. 24 – Disneyland and FireFighters

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“Mom I’ve gotta go I’m running to get my flight, sorry.” Luckily my fitness was up, else it would be a breathless one-way conversation, with her doing all the talking.

“Jamie, what’s your flight number so we can come to get you?”

Mom was insisting usual, she’s a force to be reckoned with at times, but I love her. Now a little breathless I answered, “I arrive at 04:45, Mom I’ll get a Uber! gotta go really.”

I was almost full sprint thru the terminal building, plus trying to shove my cell phone back into my pocket without falling ass over, guess that’s why I always use a backpack for carry-on, so I can run and make the damn plane, haha.

Looking down the terminal I saw it my goal Gate 12, “shit” the last call was on the display. Somehow I cracked out a bit more pace, finally coming to a screeching halt at the boarding gate. All hot, sweaty, puffing like I’d run a marathon, fumbling with my pockets I found it and thrust my Frequent Flyer Card at the cabin crew member standing there, she silently smiled and scanned it. At least she had a smile on her face, sure she’s thinking, ‘god here’s another one come on guy, it’s not like we moved the take-off time.’ “Am so sorry guys, I got held up along the way,” apologizing for making them wait. I quietly stood there catching my breath as ‘Melanie’ scanned my card through.

“Thanks, Mr. Spence, you’re in sixteen delta, welcome aboard.”

I smiled and took my card back, “thanks, my bad that was cutting it close, huh?”

She nodded to her offsider and me with a smile. “Your all good Mr. Spence, the ticket kiosk said you were running down here.”

I smiled, taking my card back and headed through the doors toward the aircraft. As I was walking down the airbridge they closed the doors to the gate lounge, okay that was close I must have been the last one, oops…

Quickly I took my seat and buckled in, Simon one of the Cabin crew kindly showed me to my seat and stowed my bag for me. I think it was more they needed to get me settled in fast as no sooner had I buckled in the aircraft pushed back.


Laughing at my own ‘delayed comment, ‘ well I was a bit more than delayed was more a firefight, literal one. I’d decided to do the morning briefing before heading off, that was all good. The plan then was to do a proper hand over to Corey with all the crews and congratulate him in front of everyone on his promotion to Acting Commander.

We were coming to the end of the briefing, when all hell broke loose, pagers started to go off all around, then the automated dispatcher system started rolling out advice that the fire had jumped the containment lines in a few places. Everyone jumped to their feet and assembled crews quickly and relatively quietly for the number of people in the community Hall we’d taken over, there was upwards of two hundred and thirty people in the hall at the briefing.

The cause of all the drama became apparent in moments, there was a hush as the aerial intel maps and ground observer reports were collated in real time and displayed on the large overhead projector beaming an 8mx3m image. An unexpected wind change ripped through a thirty kilometer stretch of the fire front, causing it to flare up, switch direction and was now on the move towards a large number of homes and farms.

The guys that formed my old IMT ‘Incident Management Team,’ were re-deploying crews all along the fire line, sending in resources to quickly pull the fire front up before it gathered much more momentum. It was hard going for them because of course, this all happened during crew changeover. The absolute worst time for this to happen, as your firefighter levels on the ground are at their lowest it’s all a balancing act of weather, time and fire activity, you obviously don’t pull crews out in the middle of a firefight, more you time it for that quiet time just before dawn when it all slows a little.

Seeing I was pretty much spare now I thought I could help out for a little bit, maybe do some resource planning if the needed it. So I walked over to the IMT and quietly tapped Corey on the shoulder. “Hey Corr, can I helpmate? I can hang about for a few hours before heading off to the airport if you like?”

The look of relief on his face and a few of the other guys said it all, I couldn’t go and not help. “Fantastic Jamie, can you grab that strike team of medium water tankers, and patrol along this area here?” pointing to a flat grassland that leads into a small gully. “Were worried about the fire getting into this area, your front-line experience would be a godsend mate.”

We were being tasked to check the containment lines on the North-West edge of the breakout area, doing some field observation’s to provide the Commander center with Intel. “Sure mate-Acting Commander.”

Smiling at each other we all shook hands, “for god’s sake Jamie, please don’t miss that flight the boss will have my ass if bursa escort you do.” I turned away from Corey and the planning group, smiling, “Promise I’ll do my best to make it Corr.”

As I headed back across the room where Strike Team Echo was gathered, reading through their recently changed movement orders, “Come on guys, you’re with me.” Waving at crew “let’s see what’s at the bottom of the smoke.”

When had been driving along in mild smoke for about ten minutes, when we crested one of the smallish hills where the grasslands started to make their rise into the ridge of hills behind us. On the other side of the gully and ridge are two townships; both with populations ranging between thirty-five and fifty-thousand people. Let alone the hundred family farms in the direct path of this flank of the fire.

That’s when we spotted a further outbreak, the wind change had pushed a small line of fire down the NTH-EST side of the ridge, once the fire was in there with normal wind flow from the NTH getting behind it, now driving it along like a freight train. My first thoughts were ‘Fuck.’ I grabbed the radio and jumped straight on to the command channel.

“Western Plains Control, Strike Team Leader Echo, Commander Spence-FIRECALL.”

“Strike Team Leader Echo, Commander Spence send with your FIRECALL.”

“Fire sighted, heading along the following Grid Bravo 124028 658475, Traveling in a North Easterly Direction. Further, Western Plains Control, Send community Warnings. We will deploy along the Western Flank. Send Heli Tac when available, out.”

“Strike Team Leader Echo, Western Plains Control Rodger Wilco.”

The fire had really jumped the containment line, and the bastard thing was racing away down a gully, towards more priority assets. Telecommunications towers and the first of two township’s, now less than two kilometers away. We’d stopped with the fire to our right and slightly right off center. “Spence to strike team, action plan to follow, record details.”

“Spence to Strike team, Action plan…”

“Copy all… Tanker one, to attack the mid-point of the western flank with Tanker three in support.”

“Rodger Tanker One received.”

“Rodger Tanker Three received.”

“Copy all, Tankers Two, four and five, to attack the head of the fire from the western flank.”

“Rodger Tanker Two received.”

“Rodger Tanker Five received.”

“Rodger Tanker Four received.”

“Strike team leader will protect the anchor and attack the eastern flank. We’ve located a water point five hundred meters to our east, will mark with a strobe for refills.”

And with that, the firefight was on. It took just over an hour and a half to bring it under control, we’d extinguished this outbreak and crews were en-route to help blackout a few small spots we’d left behind while chasing the head of the fire.

I think Corey couldn’t believe what he was hearing on the command channel by his tone on the radio.

“Strike Team leader Spence, Command message.”

“Send your message, command.”

“Jamie, its Corey aren’t you supposed to be catching a flight in close to an hour?”

“Rodger that, so I had better get busy with this here. We should be switching to overhaul in the next five minutes, would appreciate if you could you send a reliever for me. The crews will need to stay committed here for the next hour.”

“Rodger Commander Spence, sending a reliever to your location now, ETA twenty minutes, make that flight please, command out. With thanks.”

“Rodger Wilco.” Thank god we’d bought it under control and extinguished this part I’m not gonna lie and say it wasn’t touch and go a few times. I thought it was going to get away from us more than once, but luckily the winds slowed a little which was in our favor. Plus, a water-bombing aircraft was available for a couple of runs, so extra bonus there.

Can’t help it when it’s in your blood, you’re there to fight fires and then you see it getting away you can’t just sit back and let it win, you gotta try and kick its ass. And we did, it was a good save, Corey couldn’t believe it at first when I called the attack in.

He was telling me to break free of the firefight ASAP so I didn’t miss my flight, and I didn’t right… well almost missed it haha.


After takeoff, I called the cabin crew. “Hey Melanie, would it be okay for me to move to an empty row now the flight has leveled out?”

“Sure Mr. Spence, 24Bravo is empty make yourself comfortable there.”

“Thanks, Mel,” after getting myself all set I grabbed my carry on and headed to the bathroom, man I needed to change my clothes, wow.

Okay so aircraft toilets aren’t the biggest right but were just enough to strip down and put the smelly stuff I’d just taken off into a giant ziplock bag I had in my carry on, I was standing there stark naked, checking myself in the mirror “hmm not bad Jamie.”

I bursa escort bayan closed my eyes for a moment, my right hand rolling my left nipple, gently pinching it like Ben used to do, my other hand snaked its way down to my rapidly hardening cock, gently stroking it to full length. My Ben sex tape was running in my mind’s eye. He was working me, getting me ready to fuck him, I had my hand on his shoulder and the top of his head, guiding his warm mouth and that skilled tongue toward my cock. “Oh god I need him, I want him, hmm-nn” I bit my lower lip, stroking my cock harder and faster. My thumb was rubbing over my head and piss slit, milking the pre-cum out and lubricating it. “Oh god,” I quietly murmured, “Ben, what I would give for you to be here now.” My vision was full of him, the look of ecstasy on his face as I slowly slid into him last time we made love, his outer ring yielding to me, letting me slide into his warmth, his body contracting and moving under me as we slowly rocked back and forth, pushing his knees back till they almost were flat against his sexy defined chest.

My breath was coming in shallow fast breaths, I was close. I could feel the warm sensation start down deep inside me, that boiling feeling as my cum started to pass by my prostate, my cock twitched and expanded in my hand, “Oh god Ben.” I opened my eyes, my mouth was hanging open, my chin on my chest. My vision focused just as I came, firing rope after rope of cum against the mirror and small bench. I stood there, slowly stroking myself coming down from the high, squeezing the last few drops out of my cock. “Oh wow,” that was intense… I really need to have sex again, and soon.

Using a mix of baby wipes I keep in my bag and the hand towelettes, by the time I was done there was no trace of what had just happened. I reached over and pulled out my clean change of clothes from the other ziplock bag, so they didn’t smell full of smoke… a trick shown me by my dad of all people he’d been on lots of deployments over the years, it was an old trick and man it worked well. After packing everything back up, it was time to drown myself in the new Cologne I’d bought, ‘Kouros by YSL.’ Damn it was nice one of the guys on station was wearing it, so I headed to the department store on my first day off to get me some… and wear it I did.

Finally heading back to my seat, bathroom clean and the smell of sex and cum hidden nicely, I was a new man. Freshly emptied put my balls, nice clean smelling clean clothes to nap in I was ready to have a drink then nap. Even Callum the cabin crew took a double taken when he walked past. After the meals service was over, most of the cabin had gone to sleep, I was drifting off when Callum came past, and stopped for a moment, leaning in placing his ” I’d be happy to help,” he pulled back, his face just inches from mine with acute as smile on his face, his eye filled with lust.

“Umm… I-um-okay.” I was kinda taken aback but so turned on too, this guy was so cute, jeez.

“It’s okay Mr. Spence, I was the only one down the back when you were… in the bathroom.”

I could feel my face instantly burn red, I was speechless for a few seconds.

Callum placed his hand on my shoulder, “Ben must be a lucky guy to have you, I’m envious.” With that, he wiggled his eyebrows and quietly walked to the back of the aircraft.

I turned and watched him walk away… my hand grabbed the seat belt clasp. Lifting the lever with my finger, but I stopped. I couldn’t I’m still in love with him-Ben, it would feel like cheating, and I felt bad enough after a stolen kiss, god I’d have to stone myself to death if I had sex I think.

With all the excitement over it was time to sleep, Jesus I was exhausted.


Callum came and woke me, “Mr. Spence we’re preparing the cabin for landing if you wouldn’t mind.”

Groggily I thanked him and sat my seat up, the flight was only sixty percent full so I didn’t have to wait too long to disembark. “Thanks, Callum, Mel, and the rest of you guys, it was a great flight.”

“Our pleasure Mr. Spence, see you next time.” Callum smiled and shook my hand, he’d slipped a small note with his number on it. Okay, I’m only human I took it and saved the number as I walked up the airbridge to the gate lounge. I sent him a smiley emoji, call you later Jamie.

My cell beeped a few seconds later as I hot-footed it to the baggage carousel, ‘I’m here for the next three days give me a call Callum.’

Arriving at the carousel I waited to collect my bag, absently I was looking around the deserted terminal building for the car service guys. That’s when I saw my poor red-eyed dad walking into the terminal hall. Mom had made him come out, jeez I would have ubered it anyway, work would pay for it.

“Hey Dad, sorry you came out,” I shook my dad’s hand then pulled him into a hug dropping one bag to the floor. “Guess Mom wasn’t taking no for an answer escort bursa right?” he nodded. “Anyway, I’ve missed you, daddy.”

He smiled, looking at my face kindly. “Daddy huh, you haven’t done anything right?” his face was now a little concerned.

“Nah all good here Dad was just messing with ya.” I smiled and turned to grab my bag, with my arm around his shoulder still.

“Anyway, you know your mother, she can be insistent at times.” We both laughed at that.

“No shit dad, come on, let’s get out of here.”

The car ride to Mom and Dads was pretty chilled, we were talking shop most of the way, he’d been listening to the radio traffic for the past week. “Old Firies right! Dad, can’t let go, I guess when your son is in the middle of it too doesn’t help.”

“It gave me some solace to hear you on the radio everyday son, sounded like you’ve settled into the new role nicely now.” He let out a small laugh, “sounded like a younger version of Raine and me.”

“Yeah Corey was fantastic to work with, he was just as hard at it as me, so it worked well.”

“Sounded good son, really did. Made me proud to hear my boy having a red hot go.”

“Thanks, Dad,” we pulled up at their place. I could see the kitchen/meals area lights on from out front, “clearly Mom is going to feed me before I get to go home?”

Dad smiled as he put the truck in park and switched it off, “You knew that she was going to feed you and make sure our okay before you can go home didn’t you?”

I just smiled, and climbed out, “she’s nothing if not predictable.”

Dad and I chatted some more as we walked up the pathway to the side door and inside, the house smelled delicious. Mom was sitting at the counter drinking a coffee and flipping through a magazine. “Hey Mom,” I greeted her brightly, sweeping her up into a hug. “How’s my mommy?”

“Hmmm, I see you’ve come back all cheeky Jamie, ‘mommy’ really your six again?”

I just smiled paying her sass no attention, sitting down at the counter grabbing at one of the covered plates. “Hotcakes?”

“Yes, with Bacon, warmed sliced banana, and syrup.”

“Oh my god, absolute favorite breakfast ever! Is this because I’m back or because I’m going?” I smiled cheekily while stuffing my face.

“Both honey, we haven’t seen much of you over the past months and now your off again for a year.” She had a sad look about her face but was trying her best to hide it.

“Yeah but it’s only the state’s Mom, you can pop over whenever you like, right.”

She didn’t answer, just headed over to the espresso machine. It was time for it to dispense it’s rich goodness for us all, “hmm coffee, thanks, mom.”

We chatted on and off for the next two hours, Mom and Dad were both sad to see me going again but understood I needed too, not just for my career but to grow more I guess.

Finally getting my fill of food and coffee, I just couldn’t eat anymore, Mom made up a few take-home packs for Adam and Julie, they love Moms cooking too. Then it was time for me to say bye to mom for the moment. “Thanks, Mom and you too Dad, I really appreciate the food, transport. But more … l love you both, thanks.”

Mom grabbed me into a hug and a few quiet tears were spilled then it was time for her to release me so Dad could drop me home, in the end, she came along for the ride. Apparently, she was going to go to the grocery store after my place. Dad and I just looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders.

Mom led the way with a bag full of leftovers, “Mom really? There’s enough to feed a small army in there.”

“Don’t you get all cheeky with me, James… Julie and Adam might like some food too.” That rebuke was delivered with her not even dropping step as she walked to Dad’s truck, didn’t even have to look around at us, she knew. Well, we knew when to shut up.

The parents dropped me home, Adam and Julies had gone to work so I had the place to myself, well except for Mom now stowing the food in the fridge, and insisting on putting a load of washing on for me. I tried in vain to argue for her not too “Son,” Dad quietly called me, “why are you arguing with your mother, you know she’s going to do it anyway don’t you?”

“Umm, yes I guess so.” Looking down towards the laundry where mom was now in full swing. “See Jamie, you are learning.” Dad smiled and made himself an espresso.

“Okay Dad, I’m Heading upstairs for a sleep. MOM I’m going to head upstairs for a sleep, thank you, please don’t waste your day doing my laundry okay.”

Mom walked out and gave me a quick hug, “It’s not a waste, you know I don’t mind… now go and get some rest, what time do you want me to wake you.” She looked at me with that you’re not winning this argument look, “I’ll just do some cleaning quietly while I’m here.”

I looked at Dad, he just held his hands up in surrender, “Call me when you’re ready to come home love,” as he gave mom a kiss and headed for the door, travel coffee in hand.

“By honey,” and she returned to the laundry room, I think she was about to do the whole change of towels and sheets thing, god love her to death…

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