Jake’s Magic Remote IX – Crime and Punishment

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Jake’s Magic Remote IX – Crime and PunishmentNOTE: This story is intended for adults only. It includes elements of voyeurism, time stop, non-consent/reluctance, ince$t, and mind control. If you are offended or upset by this sort of thing, please do not read it. The story is fiction and any resemblance to real persons or events is either coincidental or the result of artistic liberty.Feedback and positive criticism is welcome, as are suggestions and requests.Marta adjusted her top as she walked down the aisle toward the break room. She glanced around, smiling and greeting anyone who made eye contact. Always important to do the rounds in the morning. Still, she felt weirdly nervous. Did anyone know about the writing?It had been late Friday night when she’d learned about the words on her back. She’d taken a gorgeous man home from the bar and after some makeouts and a little heavy petting he was ready to go. Marta had turned around and bent over, but when she’d looked over her shoulder to tell him to fuck her, he’d been staring down at her and obviously trying not to laugh.To give him credit, he’d been a gentleman about it, helping her scrub off the ink in the shower, and she’d let him cum in her ass to show her gratitude. But she still felt a little shaken. It had been a week since she’d gone on a real bender, and she figured maybe someone had done it then while she was passed out. But had she worn anything thin or low-backed since? She couldn’t remember. The thought that she’d wandered around with “I AM A BITCH” emblazoned across her back made her shudder.Fortunately, nobody was giving her weird looks or avoiding her, so she was probably safe. Hell even Stevens gave her a smile, and he usually seemed to really dislike her. That really bothered Marta. Not just because it made it harder to get things done, but because she really hated letting someone dislike her, especially someone at all important. She wished she could get Jake in her corner, but it just wasn’t happening.No matter, she thought as she poured her morning coffee. It wasn’t like he actively opposed her or anything. He just seemed weirdly immune to charm. But he’d smiled today. Maybe he liked her new skirt?Marta wasn’t sure she liked this one. It was a pencil skirt, tailored to be very tight around the hips. She liked the way it showed off her figure; it was almost as good as a pair of leggings when she was walking. But it limited movement a little. And it sure seemed drafty in the office with the A/C on.She ran her hands down her hips, smoothing the lines of the skirt, and picked up her coffee mug. Time to go by I.T. and-Marta stopped. Looked around. She touched her hip again.What the fuck?There was no way. Just no way that she’d forgotten again. She was certain she remembered putting on her blue thong this morning. But she was equally certain that she wasn’t wearing it now. Just to confirm it to herself, she carefully slid a finger under the tight waist of the skirt, and found nothing but the bare skin of her hip.Marta hurried back to her desk, sitting in her chair while she thought this through. Morning, shower, breakfast, closet… matching bra and panties today, and the white top with the low round neck. But definitely matching bra and panties.She turned to her computer, opening ankara escort her email to check the day’s schedule, but the inbox caught her eye. There was a message there… from herself. No body, just a single sentence in the subject:“Subject: I see you got my message.”Marta shivered, but not because of her missing underwear. This was just creepy. She deleted the email, but then another appeared.“Subject: An attitude adjustment will be required.”Marta opened the message. This one had a little more to it:“Hello, Marta. This is your conscience writing. Or, what passes for one. You’ve been ignoring me for too long, so I need to take drastic action.“I’m tired of us flaunting our body like a whore, teasing men to get attention and using them for favors. We should do our own work and let everyone else get to it.“Consequently, I’ve decided to punish you. Don’t worry, I didn’t use anyone you know to get the writing on our back. But if you keep it up, you won’t like the consequences.“Think it over. Just to prove my point, I’ll give you a present. Enjoy. -MC”Marta stared at the screen in disbelief. This had to be a prank. It had to-“Mmmmnnfff.”It took Marta a second to realize that the moaning was coming from herself, and another to figure out why she was cumming. Her skirt was pushed up to her hips, and three fingers of her right hand were buried inside herself, pumping in and out entirely on reflex. She gasped and pulled them out, frantically pushing her skirt back down again.Her jaw hurt. That was because of the piece of fabric stuffed into her mouth. She pulled it out, unthinkingly using her wet right hand and getting a taste of herself in the process, and unbunched it.It was her blue thong. The one she’d put on this morning. She looked around, making sure nobody had seen what just happened, and shoved them in her purse, but when she pulled her hand back out there was a note between her fingers and the panties were gone. Shaking a little, she unfolded and read the note:“I’ll just hang on to these. You don’t need them. -MC”Jake chuckled. He was getting better with that poker face, whereas Marta was looking visibly distressed. He couldn’t say where he’d got the idea to prank her like this, but he was glad he had. Maybe she would stop-Nope. here she went toward the I.T. guys to mess with them. Jake sighed. He’d just have to do something more drastic.Marta shook off the weird event. It couldn’t have actually happened like that. She must be imagining things. Not enough sleep, coffee wasn’t working yet. She rounded the corner into the I.T. office.“Hey guys, how’s it going?”The guys all stared at her. Tim was grinning openly. Hank blinked a few times and said “Holy shit, Marta… uh… it’s going great.”It was about then that Marta realized her breasts were hanging out. Her top was pulled down and her bra had vanished! She gasped and turned around, shoving herself back down into her shirt, stammering an apology and retreating for the nearest washroom.Jake chuckled, walking around Marta’s frozen form. She looked confused and embarrassed, one arm across her chest as if she were scared her shirt was going to fall down on its own. Jake set about carefully shifting her and removing her shirt so he could return the bra to its place. He’d found that ankara escort bayan if he was gentle enough, he could keep her from noticing his touch after the fact. He thought about fucking her, but decided that giving her an orgasm right now would just confuse the message from her “conscience”. Best to find someone else to take out that urge on, despite the strong objection of his hard-on.The bra fit snugly over her tits, and her shirt covered his crime perfectly. Or rather, covered his Justice. A few more tricks like this, he thought, and maybe he could get Marta to actually do good things to garner favor with people, instead of just flashing her cleavage at them. But for now, she could have some time to think about the situation.It was difficult being powerful, Jake thought as he carried the girl under one arm. There was a lot of responsibility to use that power, and he could no longer just stand idly by and watch people be awful to one another. But somehow they kept doing it.Like Danica, that sweet girl from the office… he’d seen her stealing extra pens from the supply room on a frozen patrol of the floor. So he’d taken the pens out of her purse and returned them to storage, then made sure her blouse would “accidentally” fly open in front of some people.Or that cute hispanic cleaner who always cut corners with the desks at the end of the day. Maybe she’d do a more thorough job when she found the post-it Jake had shoved in her pussy with a written complaint. Jake’s panty collection was growing fast.And then there was this girl. Jake recognized her from the food court. Short, petite, asian, with hair down past her shoulders. Probably 19 or so, and always very courteous when taking orders at the sushi place. A little slow, perhaps, but courteous.Except that was all an act, wasn’t it? Because he’d been outside walking in the sun when he saw her enter the building. And once more, that old man with his walker was there, heading for the door. He called out for her to hold it open, but she just hurried on through.Jake had helped the old fellow into the building, then come around the sushi counter and snagged this girl from the back room where she’d been putting her work apron on. He carried her frozen form now under one arm, heading for somewhere more fun… a washroom on a higher floor that was under construction.The workers were all gone to lunch, so there was nothing in the way, and the washroom was mostly complete; they’d moved on to the office area, running cables and setting up walls. Jake set his phone up to take a little video of the mirror for later. Then he positioned the girl in front of the sinks, bending her over and bracing her hands on the tile. He removed her sneakers, slacks, and panties, taking a moment to admire the smooth, exotic skin of her bare ass.Only for a moment, though. It had been a long morning, punishing so many women, and Jake was hard as a rock. He stripped down, grasped his aching cock and began using it to rub open the folds of her pussy. Within a few seconds he was sliding up inside of her, once again savoring that feeling of hot flesh parting around him. He arched her back and pulled back on her hair to make her watch herself in the mirror, then began slowly pumping into her.Deeper and deeper he escort ankara fucked the girl, each thrust pressing her ass flatter and giving him better access… but at the same time making her passage open wider around him. Jake started thrusting faster but it quickly became just too wide open. Even her cervix was too wide from his use to really give him the feeling he wanted. So Jake did what any man would do.Jake started time.Su reached for the apron strings to tie them. Suddenly there was a disorienting turning sensation, and her hands were pressed against a cold tile surface. The first thing she felt was an intense pain deep inside herself, followed by an overwhelming rush of orgasmic pleasure. Her eyes rolled back and she screamed out loud, spasming around the huge cock that was mercilessly fucking her.Her head suddenly felt very heavy, and she dropped it, looking down at what appeared to be a sink. She was being fucked over a sink. How had she gotten here? What was going on? She felt herself almost cum a second time before her head cleared enough for fear to kick in.“St-stop,” she whispered, struggling to breathe deeply enough to speak. “Who are-” She started to raise her head. Maybe there was a mirror that could show her who it was.The man just kept slamming into her, deeper than she’d ever had before. Her pussy clamped down tight, instinct trying to keep him back or slow him down, but that only made it start feeling good again. Su raised her head enough to look in the mirror.The man behind her was definitely older, but in really good shape. Her hormone-and-fear-addled mind registered the beauty of his body, the the warmth of his hands and hips as he held her in place and drove up into her depths. Su looked higher, trying to see who he was, but most of his face was obscured by a piece of white fabric.Panties, she thought. Those are my panties. Her body was jerked back to meet his thrusts and bounced forward again, so it was hard to make out much else. Mostly all she could see was herself, being fucked in a bathroom.Su tried to push against the counter, tried to move to escape, but doing so just drove her back onto her captor’s weapon, letting him slam harder inside her. Once more he drove up all the way to her core, and suddenly she was cumming all over him.Su spasmed and tensed, although she wasn’t sure if it was pain or pleasure that rocked through her. The man kept thrusting, and soon he was cumming too. Su could hear him groan, could feel the eruption of hot seed deep inside her. Distantly, a part of her realized that this was a Very Bad Thing. Su hadn’t been on any form of birth control since her last breakup. “W-wait,” she mewled uselessly, as the stranger hammered fis last fer thrusts brutally into her womb, twitching and spurting within her.Finally it was over. Su stood, bent over the sink, in complete shock, panting for breath as the man reached up and brushed her hair back from her cheek. “Mmh… thanks for that, sweetie,” he said. His voice seemed familiar, but she couldn’t place it. “Maybe next time one of your elders is having trouble, you’ll hold the door.”There was another stomach-churning flip, and suddenly she was back at work, exactly where she’d been, holding her apron strings. There was no indication of what she’d just experienced aside from some sweat in her hair. Swallowing hard, Su tied her apron on, then sat down on the stool they kept in the back room, waiting for her knees to stop shaking.That was when she realized she was no longer wearing panties.

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