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Once Miko and Jake return to their contemporary style condo, no sooner had Jake locked the security door behind him that the Japanese beauty took it upon herself to be all over him in an impromptu wrestling match.

As soon as Jake had his weight on top of Miko, she started to squirm out from underneath him. This proved to be nothing more than a major turn on for him as the feel of her breasts moving underneath his muscular chest caused his member below to rise to the occasion.

Feeling the bulge within his pants make it’s presence felt, Miko lips turn into a naughty smile as the look in her eyes suggested she was ready to take this play fight to another level.

With a quick movement of her hands, she reached down and begins to pull up his black t-shirt. Once she had it over his head, she left it there and brought her hands back down again. As Jake struggles to remove the shirt from his head so he could see again, Miko rolls him over and onto his back with enough aggression to make him grunt on impact.

Before he could get his hands free, Miko had already undone his pants and was working them, as well as his underwear down his legs. His engorged member was now free from it’s cage, demanding the TLC that only his lover could give.

Like a cat on the prowl, Miko was back on Jake, straddling him and teasing him with perfected moves. He lifted his head just as her face was mere inches from his. He wanted to kiss her, but she kept pulling away. Unable to stand it anymore, Jake reaches his hands out and grabs Miko by the head and pulls her in.

Once their lips locked, the tongues were quick to invade the other’s mouth for some heavy duty exploration. Using his superior strength and weight, Jake turns Miko so that now he bangbross porno is on top of her. By the time she was on her back, her hands had already reached down again, stroking his pole and testicles as if she were creating some kind of erotic sculpture.

Jake bit his lower lip to avoid groaning out again but it was no use. The high of this sensation was just too damn much. He had to pull away before he exploded. However, Miko wasn’t making it easy for him.

To retaliate, he began tickling his Japanese lover’s ribcage. That created a reaction he didn’t expect. Screaming out, Miko’s grip around Jake’s shaft tightened before she let go. This also made Jake scream, right before he shot his hot seed, spraying all over Miko and her clothing.

She laughed out loud before giving Jake a scornful look. “Now you’ve done it!”

With even more aggression than before, Miko forces Jake onto his back and slips away from him before he could get a good hold on her. She immediately takes off her black t-shirt and flings it in Jake’s face before making a mad dash to the bedroom.

Getting back to his feet, Jake chases after his lover. Once he catches up with her and wraps his arms around her, she lets out a loud scream, all the while still laughing.

Forcing her to the bed, Jake scrambles to get the rest of Miko’s clothing off of her. She was still determined to make things difficult for him and continued squirming and kicking about.

This was turning Jake on even more. Next thing he knew, his erection had returned, standing tall and proud for some more love action. By accident, Miko kicked him in the groin and poor Jake went down in a heap, groaning from the pain.

Feeling bad, Miko jumps off the bed and rushes bangbus porno to Jake’s side. “Oh my God! I’m so sorry, Jake!”

Wincing and flinching still, Jake was not about to let Miko get away this time. Now it was his turn. “You’ve been a naughty girl.”

Pouting like a child about to be scorned, but letting in a slight devilish smirk, Miko stands up and removes the rest of her clothing.

Now naked, Miko crawls back onto the bed, remaining on her hands and knees. By this time, Jake had recovered enough to stand. He smiles as his Japanese lover wiggles her perfect little bottom and says. “Spank me if you must.”

First Jake takes his hands and caresses them across the milky skin of Miko’s firm ass. After a few minutes of massaging the soft skin, he takes the one hand and gives the right butt cheek a swift smack.

“Ooooohhh!!!” Miko cries out. “Again.”

Jake repeats the slap, smiling at the emerging redness on his lover’s cheeky flesh. Each time he slapped her, Miko egged him on. Her dirty talk, combined with her reddenning ass was driving Jake wild with lust. His member quickly stood to full attention again.

Miko lowered her one hand and started to play with her own clit as Jake continued to spank her. As soon as his one hand was red, swollen and stinging from the hits, he proceeded to the other hand and began spanking Miko’s left butt cheek.

As he continued to spank away, Jake took his right hand, which was still red and warm, and used it to stroke his throbbing shaft. It was only fair. Since Miko was playing with herself, Jake owed it to himself to do the same.

But, it didn’t take long before he couldn’t hold himself back anymore. He wanted inside Miko and he wanted inside her now. beurette tour porno And, much to his delight, she seemed to be thinking the same thing.

Rolling Miko onto her back, Jake takes her by the legs and hoists them over his shoulder. To make things more comfortable for her, Jake gets a pillow and props it underneath her hips.

Before Miko even had the chance to say ‘take me’ or ‘thank you’, Jake plunged his entire length deep inside her velvet tunnel with one quick thrust. Both lovers cried and groaned out, taking in the feel of his thick shaft filling the incredible tightness of her body. It felt so hot!

As soon as Jake ground himself all the way to the base, Miko reached her hands to grip onto his ass and pull him in that much further. She wanted as much of him as she could get. Jake, being the perfect gentleman that he is, tightens his grip against his lover’s hips. Inch for inch, these lovers were determined to get as much bang for the buck as they could get.

The idea of taking things slow and easy was out of the question. Lust had taken over. After a brief pause while Jake was still deep inside Miko, he quickly began to pump away. Like a madman, Jake pound into Miko as fast and as hard as he possibly could.

He lost track how many times his Japanese lover had come over and over again, but he didn’t care. The more pleasure for both the better.

Grunting like an ogre, Jake continued to go crazy until he finally reached that wonderful plateau. Just as Miko came again, he plunged himself all the way and stayed there as he shot his hot seed like a human geiser.

If the screams and groans of pleasure had gotten any louder from Jake and Miko, there would be complaints all the way from Canada.

Once Jake’s manly gun ran out of juice, he withdrew. Then removed the pillow out from underneath Miko and eased her legs off his shoulders.

Together they get comfortable underneath the covers and snuggle together before giving way to a peaceful slumber.

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