Jack , Jill – The Real Story Ch. 02

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


Previously: Mrs. Dobs, Jill’s mother, had chastised Jill for allowing Jack to do her chores when he was obviously suffering from a head injury. Jill was caught smirking about Jacks plight and received a spank for her attitude.

Mrs. Dobs grabbed her daughter’s shoulder with one hand and spanked her tight ass hard enough to leave a welt with the other. Jill muffled a startled cry and held a hand over her stinging right butt cheek.

“Ow! That hurt. What was that for? I didn’t do anything.” Jill complained.

“Let that be a lesson girl, from now on do your own chores.” Her mother fumed.

Mrs. Dobs turned back to Jack, kissed him on the cheek and whispered in his ear, “Jack, at times you have to be firm with Jill to get her attention. Goodnight young man.”

“Jill tend to dinner and be a good host to your guest. I’m off to bed and I do not wish to be disturbed before the sun rises.” Mrs. Dobs said with a mother’s stern voice.

Jill turned and watched as her mother climbed the stairs to her chamber. When Mrs. Dobs reached the top of the stairs she sat down and listened intently.

“Come here naughty daughter.” Jack teased with a sly smile.

“Why, do you want to spank me too?” Jill said with a mock pout and a cheek that still smarted. She was surprised that her mother hadn’t chastised her for her obvious lack of underwear.

Jack was sitting with his knees apart as Jill walked up and stood between them.

“Turn around and let me examine the subject of your injustice.” Jack chuckled.

Jill turned around and lifted her skirt to the top of her hips and bent slightly forward. Her folds were stretched closed and formed an inviting crease. Jack did not see that the naughty pose had caused her to blush from nipples to nose.

Jack studied her beautiful heart shaped butt before caressing it. In the center of Jill’s right cheek there was indeed a mirror image of her mother’s palm. Her ass was firm, full and smooth to his touch. He could almost feel the heat from the angry red mark on Jill’s right cheek. Jack kissed the edges of the uninvited welt while fondling her other cheek.

“Do you find my kisses soothing?” Jack whispered just before he shifted his lips and placed a soft kiss on her folds.

Jill stood up so quick that she almost trapped Jack’s nose between her cheeks.

“Whoa, there will be none of that in this kitchen.” Jill said, startled by the feel of Jack’s tongue probing her core. Jill dropped her hold on the hem of her skirt and let it fall back in place.

“There’s a beautiful harvest moon, would you like to walk to the lake.” Jack said invitingly.

“I would be a poor host if I did not serve you dinner. And besides, my life would be over if mother came down and discovered that you had not been fed.” Jill said as she glanced out of the kitchen window at the rising full moon. You know, I think mother favors you.”

Mrs. Dobs smiled at the accuracy of her daughter’s insightful remarks.

“I hope so, because I sure wouldn’t want her to be disappointed with me.” Jack said as he glanced up the stairwell. Jack turned back to Jill and placed a finger in front of his lips and then pointed up the stairs.

“Why don’t you make up a dinner basket, so we can eat at the lake.” Jack said with an urgency that Jill also shared.

“That’s a great idea.” Jill said with a big smile and a teasing shake of her breasts.

Jill prepared a dinner basket and handed it to Jack. She gathered up towels and a quilt. Jack opened the door and off they went down the path to the lake.

Mrs. Dobs quickly descended the stairs and peered out the window with a smile. She watched as Jack and Jill, hand-in-hand, walked out of sight. She was excited by the prospect of having Jack as a son-in-law. She took her walking stick in hand and followed them with a hunter’s stealth.


At water’s edge Jill examined their surroundings. This lake was her childhood playground. It always invoked happy memories. The heat of the day was just beginning to dissipate, and the lake water looked cool and inviting. She led Jack to a secluded spot where she and Abby skinny dipped and she had run naked as a child. Jack spread out the quilts and she set down their basket. The full moon cast sharp shadows on the well-lit ground.

Without speaking, Jill stood tippy-toed and lifted Jack’s shirt over his head. She let the shirt drop behind his back. She quickly untied his pants and let them drop to the ground. He stood naked in all his glory.

Jill stared with unabashed admiration at his exposed cock. She could grip it with both hands without touching its crown. The head of his cock and upper portion of its shaft glistened as it swung free in the moonlight. She was too shy to admit it, but she loved everything about it. How his erection stood straight out from his body. How it slid smooth as silk in her hand and across her lips. türkçe altyazı porno How it had tasted like the smell of the forest after a heavy rain. But most of all she loved how it felt when it was buried balls deep inside of her.

And not any less erotic, just a breath’s distance away from her face was his magnificent chest and abs. She yearned to press her breasts against his chest and let her nipples lightly tease and explore it. In the very top of her peripheral vision she noticed Jack lick his lips.

Jill stood again on her toes, propped her hands on the tops of his naked hips and tilted her head slightly.

“Kiss me.” She said wide eyed and wanting.

“You’ve answered my thoughts.” Jack said as he brought his lips down to meet hers.

His lips gently met her waiting lips with a passion that sent tingles throughout her body. With their lips still engaged Jill slid her hands up Jack’s ribcage and then straight up over her head.

Mrs. Dobs gasped when Jack broke their kiss and quickly pulled Jill’s dress over her head. Jill was standing stark naked in the bright moonlight with her body pressing tight against Jack’s. His arms were wrapped around her shoulders and her arms were draped around his neck. The young couple continued to kiss with a passion that Mrs. Dobs fondly remembered.

Where had her daughter gone? The one that had run naked with her little brother at this very spot. Had it really been a dozen years since then. The young woman standing before her could have been her, twenty years ago. Mrs. Dobs accepted that her daughter’s body was stunning. Jill’s adorable face, high collarbone, perky breasts that curved up slightly, rounded hips, tight bottom and long strong legs mirrored the body of her own youth. She could indeed remember clearly when she too was revered for her erotic beauty and feminine charm.

Jack reached out to play with Jill’s breasts and pokey nipples. Jill giggled, brushed his hands aside and ran into the water. Jack stood admiring Jill’s breasts as they bounced in sync with her long strides. The harvest moon shimmered in the ripples of the water as she frolicked and splashed thigh deep in the lake. Jack was in no rush as he walked slowly towards her. He was mesmerized by her overwhelming beauty. The vee of her pubic hair pointed to the center of Jack’s desire. Jill scooped water on her breasts and thrust her arms proudly towards the sky. Her nipples seemed to shout invitingly to Jack.

“Your nipples look as hard as my cock.” Jack said with admiration.

His stiff cock stretched straight out from his body three inches above the surface of the water. Jill laughed and splashed water on Jack’s chest. She then traced a finger under the well-defined edges of his pecks.

“Put your hands behind your back and don’t move, it’s my turn not yours.” Jill commanded with a laugh.

“Yes Ma’am.” Jack replied with a big smile,

The moonlight danced sensually on Jacks muscular chest and abdomen. Jill placed her hands softly on Jacks broad shoulders. She slowly traced her finger through his soft curly chest hair to each of his rock-hard nipples. Without a teasing intent she firmly pinched his right nipple and pulled it. It slipped from her fingers immediately.

“Oh Jack, since last summer you have changed in so many ways. Your arm and chest muscles take my breath away.” Jill admitted with a sigh.

“Thanks to stacking hay and working on the farm all summer long. But this year I have done a lot more lifting then in summers past.” Jack said modestly.

“Well, it certainly shows. I want to touch you everywhere, please tell me to stop if I’m being too bold.” Jill said with a shyness that Jack had not expected.

“My body is yours to explore as you wish.” Jack said with a lover’s complete trust and encouragement.

Jill with her hands behind her, straightened her back and stepped forward until her nipples pressed firmly against Jack’s rock-hard abs. She did not bend at the waist when his cock poked her, she simply let it seek its own comfort against the flat of her belly. She traced the six pack edges of his abdomen with her right nipple. Then she gently nuzzled her nose in the soft hair of his chest from high on his sternum down to his abs. She closed her eyes and inhaled his intoxicating scent. Using a fingernail, she traced his happy trail down to his bellybutton then on down to his iron-hard cock.

Giddy with desire Jill stood back for a moment, took a deep breath and examined him. She placed her hands on his shoulders and turned him until his chest was in the direct moonlight.

“Jack, I have to confess that running my hands over your chest has made my nipples hard and my center warm with anticipation. It’s the same feeling I get when you pull or suck on my nipples. I love the way your nipples sit upon your massive chest like beacons of strength.” Jill whispered in admiration.

“You don’t have to twist my arm,” Jack teased, “I’d happily suck vivid porno and twist your nipples. Do you want me to?”

“Yes, of course I do, but not yet. Keep those hands behind your back. I’m going to explore you as you have explored me.” Jill laughed, as her hands roved across his chest, over his shoulders, down his arms, up his sides to the soft hair of his inner arm and back to his nipples.

“I see that you are very good at speaking with your cock.” Jill giggled as she noticed his erection twitching.

Jack could feel that his fully engorged cock was about to explode, so he shifted his attention to the trees and bushes at the edge of the forest. Then he saw her. She was peaking from behind a tree watching them. At first, she was just a dark silhouette, but as his eyes adjusted to the moonlight their eyes met for the length of a heartbeat. It was Mrs. Dobs. He feigned not seeing her and looked off in a different direction.

The shadow of Jack’s cock fell upon the water and the sight of his shadow caused Jill to blush at her silly thoughts and laugh.

“If the shadow of your cock were real you would surely win a first prize at the fair. And all of the women in our village would cower in constant fear.” Jill laughed.

Jack looked down upon his shadow and wiggled it as if he were brandishing a sword. They laughed together at his foolishness.

Mrs. Dobs marveled at her daughter’s boldness and at Jack’s good humor. She agreed with her daughter’s assessment, but from her vantage point she could clearly see that Jack would be a contender for first place without the added length. She was surprised by her daughter’s womanly stature. Jill was no longer the child that she had spanked an hour ago.

Jill’s transformation from young girl to woman brought tears to Mrs. Dobs eyes. While it was easy for a grown woman to lust after young Jack, she harbored only a sense of pride for her daughter’s bold desires and their happiness. Mrs. Dobs had been naive and totally without experience on the night of her wedding. She had hidden her pain and humiliation for weeks before allowing herself to openly share in her husband’s lust, and months before she countered with her own.

Jill slowly used her hands to explore the contour of Jack’s small waist and hips. She teased herself and his back by rubbing her nipples against it.

“If you continue to rub my back that way I will turn around and fuck you with reckless abandon.” Jack threatened.

“You will do no such thing, for we would surely drown. Now stand still and let me play.” Jill commanded.

Jill dropped to her knees and kissed his handsome butt cheeks. The tops of her breasts bobbed on the surface of the cool water. She dipped her hands into the water and spread his knees wide enough to allow easy access to his cock and balls.

Jack wiggled his butt in front of Jill’s face and assumed that Mrs. Dobs was still watching.

“You would have a much better view if I turned around.” Jack suggested.

“No thank you,” Jill chided, “The view of your magnificent ass and balls are quite exciting.”

Jill dipped her hands into the water and cupped his right ankle with both hands. She slowly moved them up over his inner and outer calf-muscles and then simultaneously up over his inner and outer thighs. Her hands emerged from the water three inches below his balls. Her nose was ball high and only a few inches from his tight wet ass. When the back of her left hand wedged itself between his balls and inner thigh she giggled like a school girl.

She gently fondled his balls. They were frim and smooth on the outside. But she marveled at how she could feel his inner balls move as her fingers probed the contents of his sacks. The water was cool, her hands were cool, and his ball sacks tightened as she caressed them. The moonlight was so bright that she could see the spiderweb of veins that spread across their surface. She leaned forward to get a closer look.

Jack intentionally clinched his butt cheeks to startle her, just as she had startled him. She reacted by jerking her nose and hands back. She answered his tom foolery with a quick slap to his butt.

“Stand still, you frightened me! I could have hurt you.” She laughed.

“Are my balls to much for you to handle? Perhaps I should ask Abby to give you a hand.” He teased with a raunchy laugh.

Abigail was Jill’s best friend and known among their friends to have the most knowledge of such matters. Jill slapped his cheek again.

“If you go anywhere near Abby with your balls you might as well kiss them goodbye.” She threatened with a jealous anger that surprised her more than him.

Jill then reached around Jacks body. Her fingers traced the well-defined vee from his hips down to the soft hair of his pubis. She was careful not to touch his erection as she let her fingernails etch small circles from his chest down to his upper thighs.

“Jill, please take my cock like you did this morning.” He whispered woodman casting porno with a palpable urgency. Jack turned sideways to give Mrs. Dobs a better view and them a stance that still hid her from Jill’s line of sight. Being watched by Jill’s mother added fuel to his already burning desire. He no longer feared his future mother-in-law.

“After I suck your cock I want to go for a quick swim before we eat.” Jill whispered.

“A swim would be wonderful.” Jack replied as he closed his eyes and thought of the similarities between Mrs. Dobs and her daughter.

Jack recalled that some of his first fantasies had been of Mrs. Dob’s full breasts and womanly curves. He and his best friend had spied on her bathing at the lake with her husband at this very spot. Her body was much fuller than her daughter’s but beautiful in every way. Her husband had fucked her with powerful thrusts and in positions that Jack had never imagined.

“Whoa, big guy I know how to do this. But if you don’t slow down a little you’re going to gag me.” Jill said as she pulled her lips off his cock.

“Sorry, I got a bit excited, I’ll tell you why later. Please continue to show me the lessons that you’ve learned.” Jack implored.

Mrs. Dobs watched for a moment too long as her daughter pleasured Jack. So much for the mother-daughter talk, she thought as she turned to go. She had seen more than enough to ascertain that her daughter was way beyond being chaperoned.

Jill wrapped her lips around Jack’s cock and savored every stroke. She loved how the velvety piston motion caused him to moan. Jack had cum almost immediately. She let the overflow spill down her chin in between her breasts and into the lake. He moaned as she dug her fingernails into both his cheeks. She pulled his butt towards her face while she finished him off.

Jack’s head was tilted back, and his eyes had been closed while Jill sucked him. When he opened them, he glanced towards the tree line, Mrs. Dobs had gone.

“I love the hardness and fury of your cock and I’m intrigued by its stamina or lack thereof. This morning it was quick to retreat and yet just now you made it last and last.” She said in wonder.

“And you, how should I be able to tell when you have finished?” He asked with the same degree of wonder.

“I’m never finished Good Sir, I will be ready whenever you are.” She laughed gleefully as she stood up before him. Jack’s cock was beginning to respond, as he began to fondle her breasts. She pushed his chest after hooking her foot behind his heal and knocked him back into the lake. When his head emerged from the water all he could see was Jill’s beautiful naked ass bounding out into the lake.

“Wait for me!” He called.

“Catch me if you can!” Jill shouted as she swam on her back away from him in a flurry of flutter kicks.


Jack and Jill had finished dinner and gone for a second swim before returning to the quilt. The heat of the day had dropped to a comfortable temperature and the Harvest Moon had almost reached the apex of its climb.

Jill untied her braids and shook the water out of her golden hair. She combed the curly tangles with her fingers, toweled it dry and stood majestically above him. Jack was propped up on one elbow while laying naked on his side. He had been watching her fuss with her hair for what seemed to him like an eternity.

“The moonlight dances in your hair and shadows tickle the undersides of your breasts. I am jealous of the heavens for they are caressing you and I am not.” Jack complained with a frown.

“Are you not caressing my naked form with your eyes? And if not, why should I deny such a beautiful moon it’s worldly pleasure?” She teased, feigning a schoolgirl’s innocence.

“I have misspoken, for no man could compete for your heavenly charms without sounding boastful. But I can, as a mere mortal, offer you the passion of my kiss, the strength of my hands, the gentleness of my touch and the fire of my cock to warm you.”

Jill melted with desire at the sappy eloquence of his response. The schoolgirl that hid within her womanly façade, was dancing on her tip toes and giggling with glee.

“Then let your playful words be replaced by your playful deeds. I am embarrassed by my lust for your cock but unashamed to tell you so.” She whispered as she laid next to him with her legs spread in anticipation.

The orb of the moon reflected in Jill’s eyes. Jack leaned over her face and brushed his lips softly against hers. She parted her lips ever so slightly, enough to encourage Jack to probe her lips and explore the sweetness of her tongue. As their lips danced with passion he cupped her breast.

“mmm…” Jill murmured, as he gently pinched her nipple.

Without interrupting their passionate kissing, Jack moved his hand between her legs. He gripped her sex with the flat of his hand and inserted a single middle finger in her slick opening. With a firmness that foreshadowed his lust he removed his finger and gripped her outer lips and gently pulled them away from her body. Jill grabbed the top of his hand and added to the strength of his grip and pulling motion.

“Oh… my… That feels so good,” She moaned with pleasure. “Now, be attentive to the hood at the top of my opening.”

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