IYA Ch. 05: “Beginning A New Obsession”

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Troy is a wreck after the wildly erotic and exhausting last few minutes. IYA is truly a kinky seductress. One with which he’s becoming even more obsessed.

Suddenly he glances at the time and is startled out of his euphoria. His parents will be home soon and he needs to cover up the mess IYA has wrought with him. He removes the thong and quickly examines it. The pouch is two micro thin rubber layers. Feeling carefully Troy

discovers within the garment what seems to be a mesh of wire and what feels like thin plates.

He can’t believe so much power and movement is possible. Maybe it is some sort of nano tech. Whatever it is IYA controls him from HER house whenever he wears the thong. That’s outrageous.

Tossing the amazing gadget aside he realizes he’s deeply embarrassed. He’s HER guinea pig, HER toy; yet it was such a super cum. And did SHE really mean to call him a

“slave-boy”? Thinking about that gets him tingling again. He asks himself, “Is SHE an alpha?” Well, of course. “A domme?” “A mistress?” “Am I HER property like the thong says?”

Mindlessly cleaning up his room and donning fresh clothes, his thoughts flood forth, “I’m captivated, consumed – what guy wouldn’t be.” “What about Ronnie, Jimmie and those other two I saw HER with, and who knows how many others.” “Does SHE, well, ‘own’ them, too?”

“But I am certainly just a simple, young guy for IYA to play with, merely HER sex-toy.” He shakes his head in disbelief and arousal. “I am so fucked, and I love it.” He hears the family downstairs. Troy needs to return to reality now. “Until later, GODDESS IYA” he moans.


THE DAY finally arrives. Troy is as anxious as he’s ever been, scared as well. IYA has him on pins and needles, effortlessly, probably not even caring what he’s feeling or sensing.

He carefully slips on the thong. Its a snug fit and quite an immediately exciting sensation.

HE roughly squeezes his horny cock to deter the hard-on his body so desires.

Pulling on his shirt and shorts Troy trots out of his house. As past weeks he enters the Diamond estate through the gate and climbs up the drive where he sees HER beautiful Bugatti. He quickly, carefully walks around it admiring the gleaming vehicle. Parked next to it is a pure white Lexus super-car. He knows its a limited edition LFA. Its super-sexy with a personalized plate. His heart races reading the message: 2URNEEZ. His mind wonders, “Is this other vehicle HERS, too?” He can’t resist looking into the black leather interior. On the passenger seat are textbooks and a wind jacket with the logo of his own community college. escort bursa “WTF?”

Troy is shivering in anticipation as he rings the doorbell. Only a few seconds pass before he is startled by the intercom with HER voice uttering, “Troy, Bay-bee…Enter” He does as SHE orders. No one is in the vast foyer so he sits and waits. Seconds go by, then a minute. He closes his eyes trying unsuccessfully to calm himself.

The quiet is broken by a distant sound, the unmistakable ringing of a pair of a ladies heels.

The GODDESS appears and Troy is instantly overwhelmed by HER presence. SHE slowly approaches, divine body entirely coated in metallic blood red. SHE undulates with every fluid stride like a dangerous cobra, each step oozing with HER unquestionable sexual supremacy.

IYA’s swaying hands and flashing feet are both sheathed in shiny black patent. HER ankle boots sport insanely wicked looking spurs which jangle menacingly in unison with the click-clack of HER sky-high spiked heels.

IYA extends shimmering arms, slick gloves slide over Troy’s shoulders and move to cradle his head and bring his face up to HERs. Sultry ebony accented eyes pierce into his and render him helpless and weak. Glistening crimson lips press against his to start a passionate, insistent french kiss. A serpentine, unfettered tongue explores all around his mouth, probing deep and demanding.

When SHE finally releases him, Troy is wildly engorging, his massive cock determined to escape the confines of his thong. IYA steps back to glance down at the surging bulge in his shorts and slyly grins. “Uhhh, that’s MY boy,” SHE coos.

Without warning he experiences a sharp tingle flowing in waves around his shaft. He stares up at his tormentor whose gorgeous face displays a devilish smile. IYA extends HER sparkling crimson arm and shows him a small remote in the palm of HER hand.

SHE taps the device causing Troy’s knees to begin to buckle from the overwhelming sensation. Pressing on his shoulder IYA guides the wide-eyed youth to a kneeling position before HER.

“Ohh, God-de-dess,” he groans, staring straight at the mouthwatering contours of HER obviously aroused pussy etched into the skin-fit latex. HER large, erect clit is prominently, shamelessly displayed in all its sensual glory.

“I just love MY new toy,” The blonde domme gushes, “You were the first to experience it, MY dear test-boy. I’ve tried it on several of MY bulls since then.” SHE runs hands over the curving surfaces of HER torso and hips while chuckling low and wickedly.

Tapping the remote again SHE elicits a mournful moaning from Troy. Obviously delighted görükle escort with the results SHE purrs, “Yesszz, a little pain, a little punishment with no effort from ME. How sweet.”

SHE watches him collapse onto all fours. Then abruptly the shocking of his genitals ceases, and Troy frantically gasps for air, his face inches from the shimmering surface of HER boot. “Kiss it, SHE whispers.

He leans forward to do as SHE has ordered but IYA swiftly pulls it away. “Oh, MY pet. You are so very, very easy for ME to corrupt.” SHE muses.

He looks upward to see HER towering majesty. SHE is caressing the long, thick braid of HER blonde ponytail which dangles in the valley between enormous tits. The mammoth bulk of these twin mounds stretches the catsuit’s rubber impossibly taut and tantalizing.

“I could break you with little effort, couldn’t I? Transform you into a mindless fuck-toy like Ronnie or Jimmie or the many other studs I own.” SHE sighs softly and pivots, brushing sharp fingernails across his upturned ass. Strutting seductively over to one of the lounge chairs SHE gracefully melts down into its supple white leather. “Crawl here, sweetie.”

Troy complies, the head of his hard-on jutting sideways out of the thong, gushing pre-cum into his shorts. He is already under HER spell thoughtlessly craving the humiliation he is suffering.

“Ohh, honey boy, you are so well hung and so cute that IYA could ride you all day and all night,” SHE exclaims, trailing two fingers onto the moist fabric coating HER mound, “I could unleash MY fury on you till your screams echoed thru the neighborhood, but…”

SHE hesitates still massaging HERSELF to continue “…you are unfortunately not at MY beck and call like MY others. You’re not trained and we don’t have the time, do we?” You see IYA requires complete, unencumbered access to MY slave-boys.” SHE slithers around on the leather seat, now more intensely playing with HERSELF. “UHHH, You are so willing yet I’d ruin your life in mere days…”

A silence ensues as SHE splays HER sculpted legs wider and works HER clit in slow circular motions, moaning slightly. IYA looks deep into Troy’s blurred eyes and goes on.

“…but you are a doll. A submissive babe who needs a strong, confident, powerful young vixen to keep you, and use your gorgeous bod. IYA isn’t that female. IYA has a full stable of 24/7 stallions to choose from. You’d be lost, neglected. That would be a shame.”

Troy is devastated, realizing that SHE is discarding him. He whines, “Pleezz, oh, ple…”

“NO,” SHE sternly interrupts, ” I RULE here. Don’t I darling? I AM bursa escort bayan the Goddess, yes?”

“yes,” the crushed teenager sobs.

Curtly SHE summarizes HER conquest of him, “I seduced you on a whim. I took your cherry. I teased you with the thong, but now I’ve finished playing with you, but…” IYA pivots and calls out, “Daphne.”

Troy looks up to see, approaching from a side corridor, a stunning young beauty. Quickly he scrambles to his feet. Slowly, sensuously She struts forward. Troy stares dumbstruck. She is a slightly younger version of GODDESS IYA, certainly as colossally built as SHE and as stunningly glamorous with a fresh, youthful beauty. HER outfit consists of form-fit, shimmering black latex leggings, a virtually see-thru white crop-top and screaming red stiletto heels. A sultry smirk resides on Her gorgeous face and a sensuous undulation flows over Her every scrumptious curve as She stops very close to Troy, Her gaze taking in his tanned physique and his substantial package.

“Uhh,” She coos, a hand rising to caress his cheek, “He IS cute, Mistress!” The male shivers as long, frosted fingernails descend down my neck, over my chest and knead my abs enticingly.

“I want it,” DAPHNE snarls definitively, flipping Her silver blonde mane back and forth.

“I knew you would,” replies IYA confidently, “but you must go slowly with it. I’ve just barely done him, so lots of training will be needed.”

“Ohh, I can hardly wait to start,” the spectacular beauty chuckles, massaging Troy’s package now painfully restrained by the thong.

He is so overwhelmed in the presence of these two bewitching vixens that speech is impossible. His eyes dart from IYA to DAPHNE and back, confusion and panic and lust blurring his brain.

“Like I’ve just told you sweetie,” IYA says to Troy, “you need an owner that can use you whenever, however SHE desires. I’ve chosen MS. D. here to be your Mistress. I don’t need you. My stable is overflowing. She is beginning to fill HER’s. You will, from this moment on, be DAPHNE’s.”

Troy looks longingly at his fantasy female, realizing IYA is indeed unattainable as he has always believed. He then turns his gaze to the fabulously sexy DAPHNE. SHE is ta once captivating and most certainly irresistible as well.

His knees weaken and he willingly sinks to the floor. DAPHNE chuckles softly running HER fingers thru his hair. Gracefully She plants the sole and slender heel of a studded pump onto the top of his naked thigh, and accepts the remote from IYA. That hand-off is both symbolic and entitling. He has no say in this transaction. He is now owned by another.

A small tingle commences in his genitals and he instinctively bends over contorting his torso so that he can kiss the foot of his new owner. His blind luck lead him to IYA but his fate is now with GODDESS DAPHNE. He is truly a happy boy.

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