It’s Time for a Family Swap Ch. 02

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This is a fictional story based on my fantasies about two families. All the characters are fictional and strictly above 18. I prefer stories with a plot that get us involved in the story and then leads to sex rather than stories with just wild sex. My stories are bit lengthy and usually have everything like gay sex, lesbianism, threesomes, groupsex and mainly incest. If they do not suit you please give these a pass. Enjoy the story.

So far we have seen how Rahul and Akram reveal to each other about their feelings towards each other’s mom. And then how they end up finding out about their parents secret and end up watching them in a groupsex.


As we sat there in the car in complete silence, my mind was running all over the place with crazy things I saw that day. It was trying to process everything from wife swapping to lesbian sex to gay sex. After thinking about it for quite some time, I finally spoke..

Me: “Woaah.. That was some crazy shit we saw today.”

Akram: “Yes dude.. Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined, I would see something like this. I am still unable to process the whole thing.”

Me: “Yes bro. It was pretty wild in there. Much beyond what I had imagined. All these days, I was under in the impression our parents were innocent, fun loving people but after today, I think they are probably the wildest, craziest people I have known. Imagine if they are like this in their 40’s, I cannot even imagine all the crazy stuff they might have done when they were younger.”

Akram: “Yes bro. I am still unable to believe everything I saw out there. They were so careful that we never even suspicious about them.”

Me: “Yes dude.. That we have to give it to them. We definitely have to learn so much from them. Being so careful, restraint and most important of all, sex. That was some wild sex I saw today. No porn video could beat what we saw today.”

Akram: “You are right bro. Today we saw our dream girls in action and that’s the best porn one can ever see. I just so wish I was in my dad’s place. Fucking your mom, while playing with her big boobs.”

Me: “Yes. Even I wish I was in your dad’s place. I would love to fuck your mom’s pussy but at the same time, for the first time I was attracted to my mom’s big boobs. I felt like caressing them and kneading them and sucking them. I might have sucked them when I was an infant but I couldn’t take my eyes off of them today. Today I understood, why you are so crazy about them. And the way she sucked Akbar uncle’s cock, I just wish it was my cock instead of his.”

Akram: “ummm.. Me too bro. For the first time I have sexual feelings towards my mom. The way your dad was fucking my mom’s pink pussy, I wish I could lick that and fuck it and suck her boobs and bite her pink nipples.”

Me: “Me too dude.. All these days, I would just fantasize about your mom but today, I can’t stop thinking about my mom too. I just don’t want to think. I actually want to fuck both my mom and your mom. Just like our dads are doing it. Its good thing we are still virgins because I want one of these two women to be the first woman I have sex with. Even better if it is both of them together.”

Akram: “What! You actually want to have sex with your mom and my mom? Fantasizing is one thing but doing it in real life? Don’t you think it is wrong? Would they even have sex with us in the first place?”

Me: “ummm.. I don’t know dude. It feels wrong but at the same time I am very much attracted to my mom. I can’t stop thinking about her or your mom. I will go mad and crazy if I can’t do anything about it, even after seeing their wild side and everything that happened today.”

Akram: “ummm.. I guess even if I get a chance, I wouldn’t give a second thought about fucking my mom and your mom.”

Me: “ummm.. Remember all the incest porn and erotica we came across? We never really showed any interest in it but I am pretty sure I read somewhere, saying that it is pretty common to have sex within the families.”

Akram: “ummm.. I guess so. Let’s find out more about it. In the meantime we have to be very careful just like our parents were and not do anything stupid.”

Me: “Yes dude. That’s right. We got to be very careful and let’s see what we can do.”

Akram: “Yes. Anyways, what do you think is the craziest thing we saw today? For me, it was our dads sucking each other’s cock.”

Me: “Yes dude. That was the craziest stuff. I still can’t believe they are into such stuff. Especially with two lovely ladies right in front of them.”

Akram: “Yes dude. I wonder how they got into it. I was always reluctant to even watch gay videos but today seeing our dad’s sucking almanbahis each other’s cocks is something I can’t wrap my head around.”

Me: “ummm.. Maybe if we get lucky, we will find out about all of this one day.”

With that we drove back home and as it was late, we tried to sleep but we couldn’t. We started exploring about incest. We ended up watching a lot of incest porn and reading a lot of incest erotica. Every time I was reading a story, I could only see my mom’s image in front of my eyes. With that my lust for her was only increasing more and more.

We hardly slept all night and fell asleep for just a couple of hours in the morning. As our parents were going to come home only next day morning and with Sona still at Akram’s place, we continued our research on incest even on Sunday. After a lot of reading and stuff, we were so full of lust for our moms that we finally decided that we would do something to seduce our moms and have sex with them. And we would also swap our moms just like our dads swapped their wives and have group sex.

Our only problem was we dint know how to go about it. We thought about a lot of different plans and ideas but nothing seemed like it would work. We were getting restless and irritated. We were coming up with so many weird and crazy ideas that it felt like, we have already gone mad. So we decided to stop thinking about it and get some sleep. It is at that moment something stuck me and I blurted out..

Me: “Why don’t we take our dads help?”

Akram: “What!! What are you talking? You have really gone nuts. Why would, of all the people in the world, our dads help us to have sex with our moms? If anything they will probably kill us if they get to know.”

Me: “ummm.. Hear me out Akram. I have an idea and maybe we will be able to convince them but for that we will have to do something crazy.”

Akram: “ummm.. And what is that?”

Me: “I will only tell if you won’t get angry at me.”

Akram: “alright. I won’t. Tell me.”

Me: “We will have to become gay and suck our dads’ cocks.”

Akram: “What!! You have really gone crazy. You want us to suck our dads’ cocks? That’s some crazy shit I have heard. You need some sleep.”

Me: “No Akram. I am being serious. I definitely wouldn’t mind sucking a few cocks in order to have sex with our moms. I think that’s the best bet we have. If our dads help, it would be easier to convince our moms and we wouldn’t even have to be scared about them finding out. Think about it Akram. I think this will work.”

Akram: “ummm.. I don’t know man. Sucking a cock itself sounds weird. And I can’t even imagine me doing it.”

Me: “Don’t think so much about it. You always wanted to get your cock sucked by my mom right? What if even she feels the same way? And we always talked about the way we would eat each other’s mom’s pussy. Sucking a cock is not very different from eating a pussy. If we do it a few times with our eyes closed, I am sure we will get used to it.”

Akram: “ummm.. You are good at convincing me. You are sure this will work right? I don’t want to end up sucking cocks for nothing in return.”

Me: “Don’t worry bro. It will work. We will see to it.”

Akram: “Alright. So how do we start? What’s the plan?”

Me: “ummm.. we will start right now. With our cocks.”

Akram: “What! You want to us suck each other’s cock?”

Me: “Yes bro. We will have to learn before we go on to next step. I will start first.”

With that, for the first time in our life I placed my hand on Akram’s dick. I could feel it was not completely erect. I pulled down his shorts and underwear. There it was right in front of my eyes. I have seen it before but never so closely. I took it into my hands and started playing with it. The touch of another person, for the first time in his life got it erected.

In order to get his cock into its full erect state, I started talking dirty about our moms and how we would bang them. Within no time, it was in its prime. It was definitely thicker than mine but not as long as mine. As he was circumcised, his cock’s head was popping out of the skin and was pink in color. I slow licked on the head. It felt weird but he got a vibration in his body.

I slowly took the whole cock into my mouth and started sucking it. I was using all the experience I gained from watching porn. After sucking it nicely for few minutes he shouted he was gonna cum. I was not ready to taste his cum yet, so I removed his cock from my mouth and he cummed on my hand. I went and washed my hands and mouth and came back.

Akram: “Wow. That felt so good dude. Now I understand why guys go crazy for a blowjob. Handjob is almanbahis giriş nothing compared to it.”

Me: “ummm.. good. And I dint mind sucking your cock. In fact to be honest, I enjoyed sucking it. At first it felt weird but as I started it, I was enjoying it more and more.”

Akram: “What! Really? Or are you just saying so that I would suck your cock?”

Me: “No bro. Why would I lie? I really enjoyed it. And you can suck my cock only if you want to. There is no compulsion dude.”

Akram: “ummm.. It’s ok. I want to do it for my best friend and for our moms. Hope this will help us in getting to fuck our moms.”

With that he pulled my shorts and stroked my cock a bit. He dint have to do dirty talking as my cock was in its prime already. He then took it in his mouth and sucked it. He wasn’t as good as me but I liked the feeling of getting a blowjob. After a good few minutes, I shouted I was gonna cum and ran in to the bathroom to release my cum. I washed my dick and came out. He washed his mouth too.

Akram: “To be honest, even I liked it. It was nothing like I imagined. People make such a big deal about gay sex but sucking a dick is something I don’t mind doing again.”

Me: “See. I told you. At least this was one good thing for us today. Hope someday this will help us in getting into our moms pussies.”

Giving a blowjob to ourselves relieved us and helped us in getting good sleep. Next day, our parents returned. I couldn’t see them in the same way as before. Every time I saw my mom, I could only see her naked body and big tits. And every time I saw my dad, I could only see him sucking Akbar uncle’s cock. I was trying to not think about it as the only thing on my mind was how we could get our dads involved in our plan and help us.

After thinking for a long time, I finally came up with an elaborate plan and explained it to Akram. At first he was skeptic but he got ready to implement it. As a part of our plan, we convinced our moms to take our sisters and go on a ladies fun trip for the weekend. They liked the idea and decided to go on Friday evening and come back on Monday morning.

As planned all the women had left on Friday evening. I was waiting for my dad to return from work. I was getting tensed as we were finally going to put our plan in action. Both, I and Akram were well prepared for the different scenarios that could arise. As we were going through our plan my dad came home.

My dad freshened up and walked in to the hall to watch TV. I went and sat with him. After watching TV for a while, I asked him if he wanted to have a drink to which he replied yes. After I turned 18, I would have drinks with my dad occasionally. After having a couple of glasses of scotch and making sure that my dad was a little tipsy, I started working on my plan..

Me: “Dad, Can I talk to you about something?”

Dad: “Of course beta (son). What is it?”

Me: “Only if you won’t get angry dad.”

Dad: “I won’t beta. What is it?”

Me: “There is something wrong with me dad. I don’t know how or why? I don’t know who I can share it with.”

Dad: “What’s wrong beta. What happened?”

Me: “Other day, I and Akram were watching some porn and one thing led to another and in the heat of the moment we ended up sucking each other’s cock. Since that day, I have been feeling weird. My brain is not working in the way it should. I am getting all kinds of crazy thoughts, that if I am gay, if I am interested in guys and not girls etc. It’s not that I am not interested in girls. I like girls but these weird thoughts are killing me. I am not able to focus on anything.”

Dad: “ummm.. Its ok son. There is nothing to be worried about. At your age people start exploring sexual things and as a part of it you do many things. That doesn’t mean you should be scared of exploring. It’s all part of life. Just because you suck someone’s cock doesn’t mean you are gay. Maybe you are bisexual. And also there is nothing wrong in being gay if you like only guys.”

Me: “ummm.. I don’t know dad. It feels weird. I have enjoyed sucking Akram’s cock but at the same time I feel guilty that I did it. I don’t know how to let my emotions out. Can I ask you something?”

Dad: “Yes son.”

Me: “Have you ever sucked anyone’s cock dad?”

He was shocked at this question. He paused for a few minutes as he dint know how to answer it. I was hoping he would come clean and let his secret out.

Dad: “ummm.. You are my son and I won’t lie to you especially when you are going through this tough phase. So yes. I did suck cock. When I was probably your age, even I was exploring sexual stuff. So just like you and Akram, I and Akbar almanbahis yeni giriş uncle ended up sucking each other’s cocks. That is one of the reasons we are such close friends now.”

Me: “Wow!! That’s crazy. I could have never guessed that. Thanks for sharing it dad. Now I feel a little better and confident. Do you guys still do it now? Even after getting married and all?”

Dad: “ummm.. Yes. We do it now and then. To be honest, I enjoy sucking cocks.”

Me: “oh wow! Me too dad. I really enjoyed sucking Akram’s cock other day. I also enjoyed getting my cock sucked but I liked sucking better. I think I have gone after you.”

Dad: “haha. Maybe son. You do have quite a few features of mine.”

Me: “Thanks dad. Can I ask you something?”

Dad: “Of course beta.”

Me: “Talking about all this cock sucking got me pretty horny. I would really love to suck your cock dad. I want to learn the art from the professional. Please dad.”

Dad: “What!! How is that possible?”

Me: “Please dad. Just once dad. Please. I beg you. All this crazy stuff has been making me go crazy. This will help me get relaxed and understand that it is ok. Please dad.”

He paused for some time, lost in his thoughts. I was praying that he should say yes. I dint want my plan to fail. As I was eagerly waiting for his answer..

Dad: “ummm.. Ok but just for this one time.”

Me: “Ok. Love you dad. You are the best in the world.”

With that, I stood him up and pulled down his shorts and underwear. After seeing my dad’s cock from a distance in the farm house, it was now right in front of my eyes. I also pulled down my shorts and underwear just to tempt him with my cock. As I touched his cock and took it into my hands, it started stiffening up. As I was stroking it, it was completely erect in no time. It was not as long as mine but was of good size.

As I was stroking my dad’s cock, even my cock stiffened up completely and he was surprised at the size of my cock. After playing with his cock for some time, I took it into my mouth and started sucking it gradually increasing and decreasing speed. I used all my experience in giving him, one of his best blowjobs. After sucking for some time, without a warning he cummed in my mouth. For the first time, I ended up swallowing cum. It tasted weird.

I went and washed my mouth and came back. As I was walking back, I could see his eyes were on my cock. I was happy my plan was working. I came close to him and displayed my cock even more indicating that it needs help too. He was ready to grab it. He took it into his hands and admired it for a bit before taking into his mouth and sucking. He was giving an amazing blowjob and I was really enjoying it. I could clearly see the difference between his experience and Akram’s lack of experience.

After a good few minutes, I shouted I was cumming but he continued sucking until my last drop came out and he swallowed all of it. Then he licked my dick clean. I really enjoyed it and wished we could do it more often.

Dad: “Wow. You did really last much longer than I expected. That’s good. You will make your partner happy.”

Me: “Thanks dad. It was the best blowjob I had. You were really amazing. And your cock was amazing too. I would love to do it more often dad. Please.”

Dad: “ummm.. Dint I say only once? But you got a nice long cock. And you also need some training in sucking the cock department. So let’s see. Although, I would want you to do something else for me. If you are ok with it, we can do it again.”

Me: “What is it Dad?”

Dad: “I want you to fuck me in my asshole. I want to feel that long cock of yours in me.”

I was shocked to hear this. I was not prepared for this. But I was up for exploring and experiencing it.

Me: “ummm.. yes dad. I would love to. But I have never done that before. So you will have to teach me.”

Dad: “Don’t worry about it. It’s not very different from fucking a girl in pussy. You will learn quickly.”

With that, my dad took my cock in his hands and started stroking and sucking it again. Within few minutes my cock was stiff again. He turned his back towards me and got into doggy position. I got into position over him and with one push, I pushed my cock into his asshole. It was a little hard to get in but once it went in, I started stroking slowly and kept on increasing the speed.

After few minutes I ended up cumming in his asshole. I lied down on the bed next to him. I was happy that first part of my plan was a success. Now I was thinking about what was happening at Akram’s place and if he was successful. As my father was falling asleep..

Dad: “That was amazing son. I had a good time today.”

Me: “Thanks dad. Me too. I hope I will have many more good days like these with you.”

With that both of us fell asleep. I only woke up next day morning with Akram’s call.

To be continued..

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