It’s Raining

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It was cloudy and overcast when the wheels touched down. As the plane taxied to the gate I began to get nervous. What would it be like? What would we do? Many more questions raced through my mind.

They all melted away when I met her outside the security area at the airport. She had come to pick me up and I recognized her smiling face instantly. We hugged and embraced – followed by a gentle kiss – and began walking to the parking lot. I couldn’t get over how pretty she was. More so than the pics we had shared via email. The curves of her body accentuated by the tight t-shirt and jeans she was wearing.

When we got to her car, I put the bags on the trunk and we both got in. There was long silence as we sat looking at each other. Then I began to lean towards her and her towards me and we kissed. Soft tender kisses I had dreamed of in a thousand dreams during the time we had spent online. We stopped and looked at each other closely. I traced my fingers on her face and she smiled, taking my hand and kissing my fingers.

Then she started the car still smiling, and glancing at my now bulging cock made a comment about needing a new stick shift. We both laughed and I took her hand as we drove out of the airport.

Not far from my hotel, she turned into a park. We both agreed that a walk would be nice although my cock was still throbbing. Maybe a walk would bring some casino şirketleri relief. She held onto my arm as we walked. Talking to her was as nice and easy as I thought it would be. After awhile I put my arm around her and we walked slower so slow that she rested her head on my shoulder.

About that time it began to rain. Slowly at first, then picking up. I asked if we should head back to the car and she said no, she didn’t mind the rain and smiled as she took my hand and led me forward. By now we were both soaked. Her nipples were fully erect and the lines of her body were exposed by her clinging clothes. She led me to a picnic table off the main walk turned and faced me and I walked into her arms. We kissed passionately holding each other close, melting together in moans that echoed our growing passion.

She reached down and unzipped my pants – gently taking my cock in her hands and playing with it as we kissed. As the rain continued to fall, she squatted down and began playfully licking my cock. Her hot lips slowly took my member in. I could feel her moans vibrating in the hot tissue of my cock. Slowly she wrapped her lips around it, and made love to it with her mouth. When she took it in up to the hilt I let a moan out that made me look around… but the rain had driven the few people there away and the seclusion of the picnic table was relatively safe for the moment. casino firmaları I stood watching as she went down on me. Moving back and forth with her movements, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the incredible sensations.

She got up and held me close. Then looking into my eyes she asked me to take her… right there and kissed me gently. I unbuttoned her jeans and lowered her zipper slowly as we kissed. I slid my had in-surprised that there were no panties and found her wet slit. She stopped and slid her jeans down and let them drop. By now the rain had slacked to a mist and as she lay back on the table her long wet hair spread outlining her face and the water droplets glistened against her skin. She raised her knees to her chest and spread her legs wide, asking me to take her again softly pulling me towards her. Leaned over her and positioned my shaft and slid it in. She arched her back thrusting her breasts skyward and gasping in pleasure. Slowly I moved the head of my cock around just inside her. Moving from side to side and just in and out. She tugged my arms and moaned “Please” she gasped and slid it in more starting to move rhythmically with the thrusts of her hips. Then taking it all the way out I thrust it in all the way and began to grind my body against her wet moist cunt.

She reached down moaning, playing with her clit. My movements became faster and now her güvenilir casino breasts were moving as I moved I was turned on by the fact that she made no attempt to hold them still but instead lifted her t-shirt and bra up so that I could enjoy them totally. I bent over and began biting her nipples, one then the other, so gently. Taking my teeth and pulling them out making sure it was just enough to stretch them, and then took them all the way in my mouth over and over.

She was moaning frantically now, pushing my head into her chest, grinding her hips against my cock. I rose up and positioned my arms so I could grab her ass and began pounding her hard. The force and speed of my thrusts turned her cries of “YESSSS” in to staccato moans that only urged me faster.

When she came, she screamed. Gasping, grabbing first the sides of the table, then my arms then arching her back and grabbing the table again. As she tightened her grasp of my body with her thighs my balls exploded. I held me cock inside her as the hot cum filled her and then slowly began thrusting again as it slowed. She still lay gasping, holding the side of the table hard. I leaned over fucking her gently and kissed her. Long slow wet kisses that seemed to last forever. She pushed me up right and took my cock in her mouth and ate all the cum that was left, milking every drop with her hand. Then stood and shared it with me in a deep kiss.

I don’t know how long we stood there kissing and holding each other. But when we finally became aware again. The rain was starting again and we held each other close.

I hoped I’d never have to let her go…

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