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Subject: Its more than a game Part 2 It’s more than a game. Part 2 By Chaim groeiutrecht@ Authoritarian/incest. Please let me know what you think, as always, I love compliments and suggestions, it makes me get the next story out faster. Thanks! If you have any comments or constructive criticism on how I can improve, please let me know. English is not my mother tongue, so we sometimes say things differently than in English-speaking countries. Feedback to authors is their primary compensation and motivation. Thanks to Daniel, Joey, Snook, Marco, Crimson and Alan! Support Nifty to keep this site open and free! ========== Training Sammy ========== I walked Sammy to my room. I looked in my desk and found my tools. It was not much, but good enough to be a starter kit for Sammy. I told him to strip, as I left him to use the bathroom. When I came back in a few minutes, Sammy still stood there, naked and in position, straight, his legs wide apart, both his hands in his neck and his torso into a straight position, eyes straight ahead. “Good boy,” I praised him. I can see you are obediently waiting for me.” I noticed that his socks had been neatly rolled and stuffed into his trainers, and that his shorts and briefs, his jacket had been neatly folded and placed out of the way. Our Daddy had trained Sammy well. “Now it’s time to see how good a knot you tied. I ‘borrowed’ this weight from the gym. It’s only two kg, 4.4 lb you can handle that, can’t you?” Sammy looked at the weight, “Sure,” but his voice trembled. “I remember that you said you could handle pain as we wrestled, boy. We’d see.” I took the lace hanging from Sammy’s balls, and tied the weight to it. When I released it, I let it down slowly, it started swinging back and forth between Sammy’s legs. He winced in pain, but didn’t say anything. I was surprised, or he did have experience with weights, or he had learned somehow not to complain. I looked at him, Sammy he was a good-looking boy and it was obvious he grew quickly. He had the muscles of a teen who was very active, who trained and played sports and liked swimming. Sammy’s arms were nicely muscled. I really like a good set of arms and his legs were to die for, so to speak. I walked behind him. Sammy had a nice, tight butt, further evidence of the demands of a sport like swimming. In front again, Sammy’s dick was like myself uncut, not unexpected given he was my little brother, his balls hung down nicely, especially with the weight hanging from it. I sat down, facing Sammy, and told him, “Take off my trainers and socks, boy, and the weight had better not hit the ground.” I’d tied the weight quite close to Sammy’s balls, so it would be pretty easy for Sammy to obey that command. Sammy knelt, and carefully untied my sneakers and slipped them off my feet. He took off my socks, carefully rolling up each one and putting them neatly into my sneakers. I stood up and told Sammy to take my jeans. He unbuttoned them, and carefully pulled it off. I guess he liked what he saw. Sammy looked at me for permission, which of course I gave, and he began nuzzling my crotch with his nose. He was purring as I held his head against my jockstrap. After a couple of minutes I released Sammy’s head. I handed my jeans to Sammy, who carefully folded them and set them down neatly. He stood in position again and faced me, waiting for my next order. “Now it’s time to give it the real test,” I said. “Give me twenty squats,” I ordered. Sammy looked at me dumbly, realizing, I guess, the effect as he moved up and down with the weight hanging from his balls. “Go for it, boy” I said. He was standing there and gave me a squat. “Deeper!” I ordered. Sammy squatted again, I watched his balls stretch as the weight pulled downward. “That one doesn’t count, boy!” I told Sammy. “If the weights doesn’t touch the floor, I’ll make you start over at ‘one.’ Now give me twenty squats, boy and count them out as you do them.” Sammy winced slightly from the pain on his balls. He squatted again and called out, “One, Sir.” another one deeper, “Two, Sir.” I stood there, hands on hips, watching him. Sammy was good, he soon got into the rhythm, and I guess his balls started numbing, or else they were getting used to the weight. By seven, Sammy looked like he was almost enjoying it. I knew what he was thinking, I’ll make Jimmy proud of me. By fifteen his face showed his pain, and obvious he thought, God, I hope my balls last. The last two squats looked like they were done on pure willpower. Sammy called out, “Ten, Sir!” and stood there panting, waiting for my praise. The boy’s balls were visibly hanging lower, and I commented, “Good boy!” Sammy beamed. I added, “You do that every day for a couple of months, and your balls will be hanging lower!” I reached over, and unfastened the weight, then untied the lace. “It’s a good thing the knot held,” I commented. “You probably wouldn’t want to do the squats with more pounds hanging from your balls!” Sammy looked at me in horror. I grabbed his balls, and bounced them up and down a couple of times, just for fun. I told Sammy, “Wait right here,” and went into my rucksack to get something I’d brought with me, a three-inch ball stretcher. Sammy’s boy balls were hanging so low from the weight that it was no stretch for me to fasten the leather band around Sammy’s balls. The stretcher also had a detachable strap which could be used to separate his balls and also to attach weight to. I ran it between Sammy’s balls and snapped it into place. I grabbed his boy balls and squeezed hard. Sammy’s knees got weak as I squeezed harder. I held him up as I continued my pressure on his balls, “Lets see what you can take for your Master.” I just kept increasing the pressure on his balls, it was soon taking his breath away, but he took it. “How are your balls doing?” I asked, “Fine, Sir” Sammy gasped. This was one of my favorite activities. I loved seeing a boy taking ball pain. I especially loved watching Sammy’s face as he dealt with the effect of the pain surging through his body. Testing Sammy this early could only go one of two ways, either Sammy could take it, in which case the possibilities for how his training could proceed would be wide open, or it would be too much for him, in which case the training could well be over before it had truly started. I replied, “Fine? So they can use a firmer grip,” I said and squeezed them even harder. Clearly trying to internalize the pain, Sammy produced a long, low, guttural grunt. “Take it!” causing Sammy to concentrate further on internalizing his feelings, screwing his face up into a grimace. Suddenly my hand left his tortured balls and after waiting ten seconds or so for the pain to subside, I ruffled Sammy’s hair in appreciation. It hadn’t been perfect, this looked very promising indeed. “Come with me,” I ordered, “It’s time to clean you out.” I led Sammy into the bathroom. I told him, “Bend over and brace yourself on the tub.” Sammy turned and bent over, bracing himself as instructed. “Spread your legs further apart,” I commanded. I took some lube and spread it around the nozzle of the enema tube I had taken from my desk. Slowly I inserted into Sammy’s ass, twisting it into place. I squeezed the pump, inflating the ring inside Sammy’s sphincter. The tube was the kind with a double seal, so I after that inflated the ring outside Sammy’s ass. Once the tube it was secure I asked Sammy if it was comfortable, “Yes Sir.” Since I didn’t have an enema tube attachment for the shower, I had to use the bag. I filled it up with warm water, and turned to Sammy. I ordered, “Assume a dog position!” Sammy got into a crawl position and raised his ass into the air. I attached the enema bag to the tube up his ass, and şişli travesti let the water flow. Since the bag was large, I decided Sammy could hold it. I didn’t want it to be too uncomfortable for what I had in mind, so I stopped in time. I released the bag from the tube, and made sure the valve was securely closed and I told Sammy to follow me, and led him back to the living room. I said to him, “You do warm up exercises and practice cardio when at school, don’t you?” Sammy said, “Yes Sir, that he did.” I smiled and gave him a skipping rope, “Well, show me!” I figured ten or fifteen minutes of hard exercise would really churn the water in Sammy’s gut, really clean him out. Sammy decided to put on a good show, and immediately started. After five minutes or so, I walked around and went to the kitchen. “Keep going, go faster, boy!” I saw Sammy from the kitchen as he went on. He was a good boy, he was still working hard even though I’m not there. After about fifteen minutes, Sammy was panting, sweat was dripping fom his body, the combination of the workout and the enema were starting to get to him. After twenty minutes I told him, “You can stop!” We went back to the bathroom and I told him to squat over the toilet. I released the valve on the enema tube, and let the water flow. When Sammy was drained, I filled him up for a second round. This time I used almost two bags full of water. I told Sammy to follow me into the living room again. This time I took the 2.k kg/5,5 lb weight, and fastened it to Sammy’s balls stretcher. “Lie face down on the floor, boy.” I told Sammy. “Now get in a position to do pushups,” I said, “It’s time to work on your arms.” Sammy moved his hands next to his shoulders, and got his feet into position. He looked up at me, waiting for the signal to go. Instead, I knelt by his feet, and got hold of his small ankles. I lifted them, took a chair and rested his toes between my legs on the seat. I figured the angle would make the water run deep into his belly, doing a good job of cleaning him out. I now told him, “Give me, twenty-five pushups. And count them out as you do them. And if you bend your back, or knees, or the weight touches the floor, you’ll start over.” I sat behind him, admiring the view of Sammy’s smooth boy ass, stuffed with the tube, his boy balls hanging down, as Sammy did his first pushup and called out, “One, Sir!” Sammy gave it a good try. He reached fifteen before his knees first bent. “Start over,” I commanded. This time Sammy lasted to twenty, before bending his knees. I told him, “Since you didn’t let the weight hit the ground, I’ll be nice. Give me ten more and we’ll call it enough, but only if they’re perfect. Get up on your fingertips.” Sammy groaned in despair and I slapped his ass, which was a sufficient answer. He raised himself on the tips of his fingers, and counted out twenty perfect push-ups. In fact. He counted out ten more, before stopping! He waited, until I told him he could get up. By then the water must have been hell, but Sammy was not complaining. I undid the weights and the ball stretcher, then led him back to the bathroom, and he emptied himself out. I asked him how he felt, and he said, “Really drained, Sir!” I hugged him, I loved my little brother and told him it was time to clean our outsides. I let the air out of the rings holding the enema tube up Sammy’s ass, and slowly pulled it out. I handed it to Sammy and told him to clean it up while I got the shower ready. When Sammy was he ready he got on his knees as ordered. I ordered Sammy to undress me and to welcome my naked body as a good boy. He was straddling my midsection then started to slide my t-shirt off and stood to pull it over my head then went back to licked me, working his way down my neck to my toned chest where he sucked on one of my nipples like a baby. I shuddered when he wrapped his lips around my nipple and sucked lightly on it. “Sir,” he said, “you are so sexy, I want you to feel good.” I liked when he called me sexy, how his fingers and lips felt as they took care of my skin. Sammy moved down from my stomach towards my waist kissing me lightly. I was shaking a bit still but liked the sensations I stood next to him in just my jockstrap and felt really good. Sammy reached out and ran his hand along my crotch. I shuddered, my cock was hard as rock and I felt extremely self-conscious. One thing I’ll say for my parents house is that it had a large bathtub-shower combination. I turned on the water, and let it come up to temperature. I unfastened the ball stretcher from around Sammy’s sac, and thought this was the moment to reward him. “You are one fucking hot boy and you serve me well. You take your orders pretty good, too. Do you like looking at my jockstrap?” He answered me honestly, “Oh yes, Sir. It’s the hottest thing I ever saw,” I smiled at him and ordered, “Come over here and check it out, boy. You can feel it up all you want. That’s what you want to do, isn’t it? You want to feel my pouch.” Sammy stepped forward and dropped to his knees. He reached out and gently ran his fingertips all over the hard outline of my cock and balls though the tight cotton pouch. The warmth and aroma combined to automatically draw his face closer to my pouch. I moved my hands on the back of his head drawing him into my jockstrap. Sammy’s mouth came closer and closer until his mouth was pressed against it. “Good boy. Now, just go ahead and do what you want down there. You’re a real good boy, Sammy.” He licked at his pouch and reached his tongue far under my balls to the spot where the pouch met the leg bands. The moment his tongue tip touched that spot, Sammy groaned and his dick began shooting the most hottest, hardest load of hot teen cum. Sammy lost control and his body quaked and contorted in the spasms of pleasure as he realized that he came without touching himself and more embarrassing, without my permission! I reached down and squeezed his orgasming dick hard, “Boy, I told you not to cum without my permission.” Poor Sammy, I took the belt from my jeans belt and gave him six whacks on his ass making him count them and thank me after each one. He went crazy after about the fifth stroke but I reminded him, “Count them and thank me or I will start all over again.” Full of shame and fear he did as ordered and accepted his punishment. I looked down at him and reached into my jock and withdrew my hard cock from the right side of the pouch and aimed my pre-cum oozing piss-slit right at his face. “Oh shit, I’m gonna cum. boy!” I groaned, as a tremendous quake of orgasm shook my body. “Fuck yeah.. I am cumming!” but everything seemed to happen in slow motion. My cock shook and trembled, my cum flew through the air to land with a heavy splotch on his left cheekbone. My cock pulsed once again. A streak of hot wet white cum shot out and traced a line up Sammy’s face from below his cheekbone into his hairline. It curled up over his cheek, across his nose and into the socket of his eye. It continued up over his eyebrow and across his forehead before disappearing into his hair. Even before the white line had splattered forcefully into his face, my cock shuddered again. A rope of cum was even thicker than the previous one had been. It shot out like a white cannonball, and Sammy watched spellbound as it approached his face. He opened his mouth as wide as he could, and adjusted the angle of his head. My sperm approached, it headed straight into his open mouth, striking his throat soundly and splattering forcefully backwards across and over his teeth and gums. It flowed wetly across his tongue. Sammy let the remaining cum collect in his mouth, careful not to let any more slide relentlessly down his throat before beylikdüzü travesti I wanted it him to do so. “Swallow your Master’s load, boy!” and he did willingly without hesitation. Slowly, I skinned the jockstrap off of my legs. My cock and balls were shaved, and my pubic hair was neatly trimmed. My balls hung low again, they naturally do. My cock is nothing to brag about, four inches soft and just over seven inches hard, it is enough to do the job. I lifted my jock and began wiping my cum from his face. Neither of us said a word for a few minutes. I looked into his eyes and took his shoulders and pulled him against me. I held him in silence for what seemed like several minutes “Looks like you are a mess. I think we should get into the shower and wash.” We got into the shower. I pulled the door closed, then turned and faced Sammy. I hugged him close to me and we kissed deeply as the warm water sprayed over us. I pushed him down to his knees, his face was but inches from my cock. I could sense that he was leaning forward, closing in, and quickly cuffed him on the side of the shower head. “Sorry, Sir,” he said, eyes downcast. “There’s time for that later,” I told him. I ordered Sammy to stand up. “I want you to be clean,” I said. I grasped his left hand by the wrist, and with his other reached out and grasped his shoulder and now I moved my hand to grasp his other wrist. This way I pulled his arms up over his head, forcing him to step forward, and hard cock pressed against his dick, and our faces were close. Sammy moved to kiss me, seeking comfort, but I didn’t let him. I lifted him higher, almost on tip-toe, and made him step backward into the shower. I released his wrists briefly, then suddenly held them again. I pulled them down in front of him and wrapped a rubber band around his wrists. I pulled it tight, binding his wrists, and lifted his arms high once again. I fastened his wrists to the shower head and there Sammy was, naked and tied up in the shower. As Sammy stood there, the water cascading down his back, I moved close to him, rubbed my cock against his ass, and slipped it into the crack, to rub it up and down. My hands went over his chest with a bar of soap and I was lathering him all over. My soapy hands slid up and down the smooth skin of his abdomen, sliding across the muscles. I reached down between my legs and soaped my cock and balls and stroked them for a while, all the time rubbing my cock against between his ass cheeks. I moved my hands back to his chest now, and covered his pecs with a heavy lather, teasing his boy nipples while covering them with suds. “Face the wall,” I said to Sammy and took a brush. I soaped up the brush, then ran it lightly across Sammy’s back. I started rubbing it in circles, then started pressing harder. Sammy’s skin reddened as I scrubbed him. I worked my way down Sammy’s back, concentrating on his ass for a couple of minutes. It too, took on a nice blush as I scrubbed his butt cheeks. I continued around Sammy’s body, scrubbing one side, working my way up his arm, then turning him to face me. I ran the hard bristles across his chest, carefully avoiding the tit clamps and the chain which still hung from Sammy’s by now very sore nipples. I felt him wince. Sammy was good, he did not complain. Lucky for him! I finished with his chest, and worked my way up and down his other arm. As I scrubbed, I could sense Sammy letting go, feeling the pain but taking it in. Sammy’s boy dick even got with the intensity of the scrubbing sensations. I didn’t want a second orgasm, he had to feel my control, so I took hold of the tip and ran the brush along the length of it. He groaned softly and his dick started softening. I scrubbed more quickly, and harder, making sure Sammy’s dick was thoroughly cleaned before it softened completely. At last I was satisfied that Sammy was clean, and set down the brush. I reached for a razor blade and shaving cream. Sammy looked at me in confusion as I showed them to him. I put my arms around him, lightly hugging him. I ran my fingers lightly over his sore red back, and could tell by Sammy’s movements that it was still very sensitive. Good for him! “It’s now time to shave you,” I told Sammy. I reached out of the shower, and grabbed his neck, “Show me how flexible you are. I want you to stand straight, with your chest facing the wall,” and ordered my instructions, “Spread your legs wide.” Sammy stood there a moment, trying to figure out how to comply. He spread his hands on the wall, and spread his legs wide. I picked up a razor and shaving cream, and quickly shaved Sammy’s firm ass cheeks. I couldn’t help, just inserting a couple of fingers into Sammy’s tight ass, now clean inside and out. I spread my fingers, judging the tightness, I couldn’t believe he was a virgin and told him so, “Boy, who took your cherry?” I enjoyed his reaction, he blushed like a schoolboy, but I didn’t wait for an answer I just told Sammy it was time to turn around. I found his boy dick pointing straight at me, probably hard from my ass play, his dick was hard and now dripping without my permission. I curled my fingers around Sammy’s ball sac, forcing his balls up and away from his body. I made a fist with my other hand, and started pounding on his balls, first lightly, then harder as Sammy’s by dick stayed hard. Finally I must have pounded hard enough, or hit the right spot, because Sammy gave a sudden cry and his boy dick got limp. “That’s better, boy,” I told him. I had Sammy’s balls trapped, so I shaved them first. I did the underside, cleaning the skin between Sammy’s balls and asshole. This time I let his dick getting harder, it’s easier to shave a boy when he is hard. I worked the razor across Sammy’s bush and he was quickly as smooth as a baby. “We’re done cleaning up,” I said to Sammy. “Now it’s time for fun, so don’t go away.” I quickly stepped out of the shower and grabbed a couple of things, then got back in. Sammy, of course, stayed, his back against the wall, his dick pointing out at me, balls hanging down. “You still a virgin, boy?” I let my eyes crawl greedily over his slender ass, I couldn’t wait to fuck my little brother. When Sammy turned brilliant red again and didn’t answer, I chuckled, “I got you a present.” I showed Sammy what I had gotten, it was one of the dildoes I brought with me from Amsterdam. He looked at it in horror, and gulped. I smiled at him and said, “Boy, you’re nice and clean, and open and loose, so this should slip right in.” Sammy groaned, “I’ve never had something like this inside my ass, Sir. It’s too bigger than anything I’m used to…” I looked at him and repeated my question, “Are you a virgin, boy?” Sammy shook his head no. “Who took your cherry, boy?” I insisted. Sammy whispered, “Daddy did, Sir.” taken by surprise and stared at my little brother in disbelief, “Daddy?” Sammy looked at me and whispered, “Daddy said I asked for it, Sir. I was fifteen and came home late, you were not there and Mom was asleep already. Daddy smelled my breath and got angry. He searched my clothes and found my cigarettes and two beer caps. Daddy told me I was in deep trouble and took me to the cellar. He caught me, his youngest son with cigarettes and evidence alcohol on his breath. I protested in vain, told him I would be sixteen in a few weeks. Daddy just said agreed on the fact I couldn’t smoke and drink before I was eighteen. The realization of what was happening to me set in. I slowly lowered my head in shame, casting my eyes to the ground. Daddy gave me a couple of options. I could get a strict curfew for a month or he could beat me up… or could make him happy. I asked what he meant by that. He explained it was quite simple, I would serve istanbul travesti his needs. In exchange, Daddy would forget what he knew and use me his way until he felt that I had had sufficient punishment. I feared my punishment but mumbled that I had really no choice. Well, Daddy smiled and agreed on that. He ordered me to strip naked and bent over a box. He was very seriously and I expected a hard spanking. I was wrong, Sir. I did as Daddy ordered and spread my legs wide as he ordered me to do so. The hand that slid between my legs didn’t spank me, it gently caressed my balls before moving to my dick. I was almost instantly hard at his touch. Daddy said I was a naughty boy, so I was going to have a severely punishment as soon he had locked the door. With that Daddy closed the door and pulled up a chair. Sitting at just the right level he continued to play with my dick and balls with one hand and my ass with the other. Nobody touched me there before, but there was no way I could stop him. Daddy started stroking my butt cheeks before running a finger down the crack until he touched my boy hole. I shivered as he stroked my pucker. I let out a gasp as he pressed on it, and Daddy chuckled a little. Pulling my wrists behind my back, he quickly handcuffed them. Daddy slicked up a finger and gently inserted it, finger fucking me with it. I groaned and pleaded for mercy, but he didn’t stop, after a few minutes he added another and then another. I asked Daddy with a trembling voice he was going to fuck me. Daddy laughed softly and said that was the only way, nothing had worked to keep me in line. I groaned in frustration. Well, I had my fantasies being fucked by a dominant man, dreamed about you, but never thought Daddy would screw me one day. Daddy pulled my ass cheeks apart as far as he could and buried his tongue in my ass and nearly was sucking my insides out. My heart continued to pound, and my boy dick was throbbing, as I laid there waiting for his cock. The metal cuffs were digging into my wrists and I found myself shivering. I wasn’t totally sure if it was the fear pf being fucked, or my nerves, but I was shaking, as I took in the situation I had placed myself in. Stark naked, bound on a box, at the complete mercy of our Daddy, I felt a little boy, he could do with me as he pleased. That thought got me both excited and anxious at the same time. To be fucked probably, to be fucked definitely. Oh holy fuck! I had the opportunity to look around, as much as I was allowed. I noticed the size of Daddy’s cock. In my young eyes he was huge. How could I ever take that monster inside me? Daddy smiled and told me I would take my cherry. That was the reason why I was so excited and my dick so hard, it was time that my dream came true. Suddenly Daddy asked me someone screwed me before. I shook my head no, of course not, nobody fucked me. Daddy smiled happy and told me I would be pretty tight. He lubed my ass and his cock before resting it gently on my hole. I hoped for it and feared it at the same time. I showed him my willingness by saying, I was able to take it. Daddy stood behind me, lined up and rammed his cock into my hole. I screamed as he entered me, Jimmy. It took about a second for the pain to register and then I knew I was screaming. It felt like my whole ass was being opened. The pain just went on and on and my eyes were filled with tears. When Daddy wet deeper, I let out another scream, but felt my dick thicken and shot my load. The pain pleasure I was feeling almost overwhelmed my whole being. Daddy held his hand over my mouth as he pushed himself deeper and deeper onto ass. Good thing he covered my mouth, because I sure as hell screamed. It hurt like hell. Daddy grabbed my arm and pushed me down. I got it all the way as Daddy pounded my ass. He started to fuck me with long strokes so that he nearly pulled out before sliding all the way in again. At the same time he was gently wanking me and playing with my balls. Oh God, it felt so good. Daddy continued for ages keeping himself just on the edge until he couldn’t hold it any more. Daddy drove one more time in hard and unloaded into me. When I pulled out his cock was covered in cum. Daddy grabbed me by my hair and dragged him to his cock. He ordered me to suck his cock clean. I didn’t hesitate, just did it. After I was done, Daddy helped me up. Daddy just laughed softly, knelt down and sucked my little dick. I came a second time like a fire hose and he sucked up every drop of my cum. Daddy told me, I was a good boy after all, but I was a little masochist. I didn’t understand that but I wanted someone who would fuck and abuse me. I asked him, if I stayed a naughty boy, would he fuck me again, but Daddy looked at me and answered, he would not. Just stay away from alcohol and drugs. Later we invented the kidnap game and it came very close to what really needed. Some weeks later I asked Daddy again to do it again, but he refused and added. “You will find a good Master, boy, don’t worry.” I believed Sammy’s story and nodded, our Daddy said to take care of Sammy my own way and gave me his blessing to enslave him. I told Sammy, “Daddy said to take care of you and I’m happy you’ve chosen me to help you out. I will take your cherry a second time,” I said, as I started greasing up the dildo with the lubricant which I had also brought back into the shower. I ran a bit of lube around and into Sammy’s boy hole. I rinsed off my greasy hand, and took hold of Sammy’s balls, once again making a fist around his stretched sac. With the other hand I positioned the dildo above Sammy’s boy hole. “Spread your legs,” I ordered him. Sammy spread his legs wider along and I place the head of the dildo against Sammy’s boy hole and pressed. Sammy’s asshole resisted. I pressed harder, but still Sammy wasn’t relaxing. I tightened my grip on Sammy’s ball sac, and placed my thumb over one of his balls. I started pulling upward, stretching Sammy’s sac. At the same time I pressed hard with my thumb. Sammy gasped in pain, but suddenly the head of the dildo worked its way in. I continued tugging on Sammy’s balls and pressing the dildo inward. By now there were some four inches of dildo tightly held in Sammy’s ass, so I let go of the dildo. I made a fist, and started pounding on the base of the dildo, forcing it deeper into Sammy’s ass. At the same time I kept the pressure on Sammy’s trapped ball. When there were only a couple of inches of dildo left sticking out of Sammy’s ass, I stopped pounding, and stood there admiring my work. I did not let go of Sammy’s sac, though. After a bit I took hold of the dildo, and started easing it upward and outward. When only an inch or two remained inside, I started pressing downward again, forcing the dildo back in. As I pushed, I pulled upward on Sammy’s ball sac. Again I stopped, then slowly withdrew the dildo. Again I forced it back in, pulling upward on Sammy’s sac. “Tell me before you cum,” I commanded, “It’s not your time yet.” In and out, in and out when the dildo, first slowly, then faster as Sammy’s sphincter tired and relaxed. I felt some tension in Sammy’s ball sac, even as I stretched it. Sammy gasped, “Please, Sir. Stop, Sir. I’m getting close. I’m real close.” I stopped suddenly, the dildo most of the way out. I slowly pushed inward, pressing it deep into Sammy’s gut. This time I pressed until the base was almost flush with Sammy’s skin, leaving just enough to put it out. At the same time I let go of Sammy’s balls. “Clean yourself up,” Sammy put his ass to the shower and cleaned off all traces of lubricant. He turned to face the shower and cleaned his cock and balls also. At last he was done, and he turned to face me, awaiting my next order. I turned off the water, and we got out of the shower. I handed Sammy a towel, and took one for myself. After we were both dry, I turned to Sammy and said, “Come with me. You said you enjoyed pain. Not it’s time to give you some enjoyment!” Thanks for ail

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