It’s All The Ex’s Fault Ch. 05

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: It’s all the Ex’s fault

This was originally intended to be two separate parts, but didn’t break in a good place. After some positive suggestions from a reader, the improvements to the story lent itself to combining the last two installments.

It was intentionally written without names. It was initially intended to be a part of a larger project in the works, but didn’t fit and was submitted as an independent story.

This is my first submission along this line, so I would especially appreciate comments from the women, and please identify your selves as such. It was inspired from a series of different events, but extrapolated extensively.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Acup

We made it into work Monday, and I saw a large envelope from the school, I caught her between repairs and told her it was possibly in the works, and did she still want to go. I got a smile and a nod, so it was on. He caught me later in the day and told me the school was next week, I told him I would need to take her with me. At first he said no, but when I told him I would have to put it off for another month or so to finish recuperating and that would put us in the middle of opening the new place he agreed. The weekend guys were going to split covering my day shift while I was gone, and would probably be doing that until he hired someone or just gave them the hours when I made the move up to the new place.

“We’re on the road next week.”

“Me too!”

“All set.”

“What should I bring?”

“Well if I had my choice only your birthday suit.” That earned me a little slap, a look around, and then a quick peck on the lips. “I would say probably something comfortable for the trip, a couple of nice dresses to go out in, and then of course some bikini’s, at least one skimpy and one scandalous of course!”

“Typical guy, what about you?”

“Well I only have some big trunks, but if you get the scandalous one you can get me something skimpy too, deal?”

“You got a deal mister.” and groped my hardening cock before heading off to take care of a customer.

I caught up with her later and ran the idea of making it a lazy two day trip out instead of a long Sunday. That worked for her, so we were leaving Saturday morning, and then seeing how it went afterwards.

The rest of the week went pretty much the same. I did clean the van out, and stopped by a custom shop and got some clip on curtains for the windows in case we needed some privacy and some screen inserts to keep the bugs out if we needed ventilation. I remember a night in the back of my truck with a torn screen, and it seemed like every mosquito in the county knew where we were…. Never again!

We borrowed the roommates big cooler, threw some blankets and pillows in the van, and we were off Saturday morning. “I like the van, but I miss the bench seat with you all the way over there.” She shuffled the cooler around a bit and threw a blanket on top of it, flipped the arm rests up, and scooted over next to me. I had to scoot to the left a little, but it let her sit next to me for a while. She didn’t have the super loose top on like the day we went to the new site, but it wasn’t far behind and I got several nice looks down her top at her delicious nipples. “Now that’s a much better view!”

She pulled her top forward, looked down at her nipples standing out, then looked up at me giving me a quick kiss. “You still think so do you?”

I gave her a quick kiss on the side of her neck. Then I lifted my arm to put it around her and up under her shirt to cup a tit and roll her nipple between my fingers giving me a nice little moan from her. I pulled her closer making her cradle her head beside mine giving me an even better view. “Most definitely.”

She snuggled in and started squeezing and rubbing my hardening cock, “I guess you do.”

We drove like that a while, but she was getting a crease in her ass and had to move back. We stopped mid day for gas, and again later in the day for a little sight seeing, also know as window shopping…. After out little excursion, and a quick bite, we got back on the road, and were going into a lot of small town slow downs on a state road crossing between interstates. It was starting to get dark, so I gave her the option. We can drive for a while until we find a hotel, or find a quiet spot and pull over and sleep in the van. She stripped off her clothes and crawled in the back spreading out the blankets buck naked on her back with her knees up and spread. Guess that answered that. I went on a little further and came across an old town that looked pretty well abandoned. There was an old gas station so I pulled in under the overhang in case it rained to cut down on the noise. It was old enough I stuck my head out the window to make sure I had clearance to pull the van in, then I crawled in the back to my naked woman.

Since we were alone out here it was an interesting evening. I was crawling back clothed since I wasn’t even Antalya Escort going to try and get undressed in the van without help. That didn’t stop me from stopping between her legs and lapping at her pussy until she came. She was moaning slightly when I started nibbling by her knee, and got louder as I worked my way to her pussy, already spreading a bit on its own and glistening with her juices. Seems it had been on her mind from the cuddling and groping while driving, her legs trembled when I spread her lips to admire her, but she lost it when I ran my tongue from her ass to her clit. I held on and ate for as long as I could hold her still enough to keep my tongue in her with only one good arm. Since there was no one around, she felt no need to be quiet! I wasn’t sure if she blew the windows out with that one, but then she had her legs clamped on my ears when she came. When she did let go of me I finished crawling up beside her and flopped down looking at her smile, her sweaty sheen, and of course her tiny AAA cups tits and huge hard nipples rising and falling with her breathing.

“Need that just a little did you?” She cracked an eye, smiled, and then rolled over and gave me a whopper of a kiss, even licking a bit of her juices off my face.

“Time to get you undressed mister!” I reached down for my buttons, but wasn’t very fast one handed. She only let me get one and start on the second when she took over. She didn’t waste any time getting my shirt off even being careful. The pants were another story. My hip bruise had gotten a lot better, and as soon as she had my pants and boxers pulled down past the bruise that came off so quick I hoped she didn’t tear them. My shoes and socks came off as well somewhere along the way. She turned around and put her dripping pussy above my face and began sucking my cock down.

She was going to town on my cock taking me to the back of her mouth and slightly into her throat with every stroke, and if I didn’t distract her this was going to be over way to quick. With my bad arm down beside me I reached for a nipple, and with the good one I reached around to pull her down to my lips. I wasn’t sure who was distracting who the most, but it was wonderful drinking in what was still in her from the tongue lashing I had just given her. About the time I couldn’t hold back any more I pressed her rosebud with my finger, and she erupted into my mouth again while I unloaded in her throat. Well at least the first few shots, then she had to pull back and held me between her lips to let me finish, but I kept her going until she was collapsing on me. My shoulder was hurting a bit with her on me, but a gaping dripping pussy in front of me made it quite tolerable. I leaned forward enough to give her a lick, and got a moan, I waited a bit and did it again and she jumped a bit and then rolled off of me still panting.

“Sorry about that.”

“Nothing to be sorry about, I got desert twice!” she just giggled. “Grab me some aspirin and something to wash it down with and we’ll call it even.” She crawled up front and got the aspirin and a bottle of water from the cooler while I slid the curtains back and snapped two screens in. The sun was just setting, lighting her up from the side in a way that was just breathtaking. The sweaty sheen on her skin, the glow from orgasm, and a bit more shine from her juices working their way down the inside of her thigh.

She turned to crawl back and saw me watching her. “What?”

“God you’re beautiful……” She gave me a soft smile and then gave me the aspirin and water, when I had swallowed them down she took a drink and stuck it beside the seat. She lifted my arm and curled up beside me to watch the sky darken and the stars come out. We drifted off somewhere along the way.

We went to sleep with the setting sun and rose with the rising sun. Her bright and sunny, me bright and…. sore. I rolled enough to grab the aspirin and water. For once I watched her wake up, the rise and fall of her chest and blissful smile on her face. Her firm nipples poking up inside the light blanket getting me hard. I tried to roll over to her, but I couldn’t with my sore arm. I winced and evidentially made some noise to wake her. She watched me watching her uncover herself, then rolled over me enough to put a nipple in my mouth just long enough to be a tease, then held my cock up enough to let it slide in her.

She slid up and down on me, letting me feel every inch of her velvet vise around my cock. Stopping with just the head of my cock in her, squeezing it with her pussy while letting her nipples down to my lips. Sitting up and rotating her hips to let my cock rub against her g-spot, then leaning forward and rubbing her clit in my hair. She kept this up for a while, switching back and forth and just using my cock to fuck herself. This was better than any porn anywhere. Watching a gorgeous woman riding your cock buried in her for her own pleasure was almost enough to make me cum. As she picked up the pace my aspirin was kicking in, and I was able to reach up and palm those little tits, feeling the nipples trying to drill through my palm as she leaned forward on them and got some serious fucking going. It didn’t take long Antalya Escort Bayan and we wound up screaming into each other. I let her collapse on me to feel those nipples in my chest and squeeze her nice ass before she rolled off me and grabbed my dirty shirt to put between her legs.

I did manage to slip my shorts on and get behind the wheel. I pulled out, but not before turning the rear view mirror down to look back at her laying there naked. After laying there a while with my shirt in her crotch, she pulled it out and raised her knees. It was getting hard to drive with her juicy spread pussy on display like that, but almost impossible when she began spreading her pussy even further with her fingers and playing with herself while watching me watching her in the mirror. Her fingers were alternating between working her clit and ramming them in her pussy as deep as she could. I hope she enjoyed herself, because it sure sounded like she did. She wiped herself and pulled her top and shorts on before climbing back up front. She pulled the leg of her shorts aside, dipped two fingers in her pussy before bringing them to my lips for a taste and then giving me a quick kiss.

We had a nice leisurely Sunday, toured a winery and grabbed some lunch, had a quickie in the van before getting on the road. I wasn’t planned, but when we were going back to the van the wind flipped her skirt up, giving me and several others a nice view of her bright red thong up the crack of her ass. She got a nice whistle from one of them. When she didn’t reach back to pull her skirt back down I just reached down and cupper her cheek as we got to the van. When I opened the side door instead of hers she snickered at me.

She looked over her shoulder to see if anyone was watching her. The only ones I saw was a couple of teenagers several rows over. She pulled her thong down and bent over at the waist to pull it down, still looking over her shoulder at me, before crawling up in the van and laying on her stomach with her ass and pussy in the air. Even with my sore hip I managed to crawl up behind this vision, naked from the waist down, and sink my cock into her gaping pussy. I drove into her with pure animal lust, and in a matter of a few strokes I was filling her with all I had. I would like to say I knew she orgasmed before I filled her, but with such a beauty spread before me instinct took over and I filled her like a man possessed even with my sore hip.

She laid there for the next hour or so with my shirt from the other night under her, but with her legs spread and my cum oozing out of her and a dreamy look on her face.

We checked in, and because of my injuries we got a handicap room that even had its own Jacuzzi! After a good soak in the Jacuzzi and a hard romp in bed I felt almost human again! What can I say, and naked woman bending over the bed is just too much. It was almost as if she knew what her spread pussy and ass did to a guy. And just like earlier in the van I slid into her and just kept on going, driving her into the bed remembering her tits and nipples in my hand this morning. Her ass and pussy spread in the van, her ass on display with that thong separating her cheeks walking across the parking lot…”HERE IT COMES!!!…”

We fell into bed long enough to recover, then took a quick rinse and fell back into bed naked, my cock cradled in the crack of her ass and her hard nipple in the palm of my hand.

She tagged along with me to class Monday, and because someone else had canceled she was allowed to actually attend the class instead of just sitting and helping me. Monday afternoon after class we took a stroll on the beach, me in my big baggies and her in a conservative two piece. I think we were the most dressed on the beach. On Tuesday she switched to a skimpy string bikini, and put a Speedo on me. Wednesday she changed it up a bit, we both had the big baggies on, but when we got on the beach we both pealed off the t-shirts and she went topless, it was nice to see her walking in the sun topless. We even found a spot to have some nice sex on the beach on a big flat warm rock as the sun went down, I knew it must have been pretty good from the noise she was making….and the applause from the two topless girls behind us when we finished. She even had the nerve to stand up with my cum dripping out of her down her leg and take a bow. I was looking between her dripping pussy and the micro bottoms of the girls that were pulled to one side, I would bet there fingers were in them while we were putting on a show. They didn’t seem to mind my looking either, one of them even kicked her knee over and rotated her hips forward to give me a better look. I smiled and made like I was licking her, making her giggle and the two of them go dashing off. Thursday I was back to my Speedo, but she got down to the scandalous micro that barely covered her tiny nipples, and her bottoms kept disappearing into her wet pussy. That made it difficult for me to stay in my Speedo until we stopped behind the rock we had sex at the other day for a quick blow job and pussy eating, she was just as loud when I slid a finger in her ass while I rubbed her g-spot, but no audience this time.

Class was almost Escort Antalya as interesting. She was quite a hit in her short dresses with low neck lines, and she took to leaning against me instead of the table whenever the opportunity arose, giving me a look down her dress and a hard cock for her to squirm on. She actually did pretty well and even passed the final test Friday morning at the intermediate level. I called the boss at the office and gave him the good news, and that all it was going to cost him was a little more per diem. He laughed and said he’d see us Monday.

We had lunch out by the pool, her in her skimpy and me in my Speedo. I watched some of the ladies out at the pool a bit, but kept coming back to looking at her, watching her hard nipples barely covered in that thin material rise and fall with her breath, the way her bikini was starting to ride up enough to let the outline of her pussy show nicely. I realized she had stopped talking while I was checking her out….again. “What?”

“Why do you keep looking at me like that?”

“Like what?”

“Like I’m some hot babe.”

“Because you are.”

She made a noise. “Yea right, not like her.” and pointed to a chesty red head about four loungers down from our table beginning to oil up.

I looked down at her, I had looked at her for a while earlier, but dismissed her. “You mean miss I’m so self conscious I have to wear padded tops and bottoms because god forbid somebody might see a lump of nipple or the outline of my pussy, I mean god forbid somebody might be able to tell if she shaved today or not.” She about spit out her drink, and the redhead got up and left in a hurry. Seems I said that loud enough for her and two of the vultures circling her to hear. “Yea she has some nice sized tits, but give her a few years and unless they are after market, they and her big ass will never be up like that again.” Now she was laughing. “A hot babe means different things to different people. I’ll take a good looking intelligent woman that doesn’t feel the need to hide what she has over miss big and padded any day.”

“Like you would want me and my itty bitty titties on a pin up calendar……”

“Actually I was thinking about how I was going to get you to pose for some pictures for me.”

She paused a bit, taking a bite, “Like what kind of pictures?”



“Lingerie, bikini, and nude with lots of close ups, and some wild sex ones if I could.”

“…..You’re serious?”

I nodded to her, “And I have the hard on to prove it.”

She reached over and began massaging my hard on with a smile. “And just how ‘Wild’ did you have in mind?”

“In a perfect world…. cum dribbling out of your pussy, maybe some dribbles on your lips or tits after a blow job. Something like that.”


“Hey, when you got up the other evening on the beach to take your bow with our cum dribbling out of you I was wishing I was hard enough to take you again right there.”

She got a dreamy look on her face. “That was interesting feeling it flow….” Her nipples were standing up real nice. “OK, let’s do it!” We went out to the beach again, her in her top and shorts carrying her skimpy bikini. I got lots of nice shots of her changing from that into the bikini with plenty of nice close up of her tits and nipples and several of her pussy from front and back. She was getting pretty wet after about four rolls of film and we had to take a fuck break…well kind of. I kept the camera handy, and after I had gotten her bent over the big rock I took several of her inflamed pussy and a few of my sliding into her. After a bit of grunt and groan sex I filled her as she came around me. I grabbed my camera again and got a nice series of my cum covered cock coming out of her, followed by some of her looking over her shoulder at me with her tits hanging nicely and watching my cum drip from her. I even got her to shift a bit to one side and made the last of it run down her thighs before she had to go run in the water and rinse off. All total we shot six rolls of film that afternoon.

We hit the road and got a good start on the trip back that night. I had healed enough to be able to get on top for a while instead of having to stand behind her against the bed, it was nice to be able to slide into her, watching my cock go in and out of her waiting pussy. Watching her lips grip me as I went in and out. I gave her the camera and had her take a few shots from her angle. I even got her to hold the camera above her head so those delicious nipples would be in the shot. Over the next few days on the trip back I got several nice shots at various locations. We got into a routine, I would take one or two ‘normal’ shots, and then she would flash me her tits, pussy, or both when no one was looking. I even got my blow job pictures cumming in her mouth and then dribbling out her mouth and down on her tits with some nice close ups of each. She thought it was a little unfair until I told her I wanted some nice close ups of my eating her pussy as well. It took quite a while getting just the right shots. After pulling and playing and licking and nibbling her inner lips were almost entirely purple. I set the camera beside me on the bed on an interval timer with the last roll and went to town on her. Licking and nibbling and sucking her clit while playing with her ass. The last few on the roll came out beautiful with her pussy overflowing with her juices instead of my cum.

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