It turned out much better than expected!

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It turned out much better than expected!If you have been following my blog, you know I have contemplated having a session with another xhamster user WHO I have actually met in person. His name is Jesse and I met him at his place at 1 pm on Chrismas eve as planned the day before. Kind of a strange time to meet but he had family to visit that night and I was getting ready for a trip to see friends on Christmas day for a few days; it was the only time we could make work.Jesse was a really sweet guy. He had a nice bottle of wine on hand and he suggested, because I was a little nervous, that we watch some porn and perhaps just masturbate together. I was a little dubious, but he said that he wouldn’t touch me at all if that was my preference. He put on some bi porn (mmf) because he knew i like that and he is bi himself. After discussing some ground rules we sat there on his couch, not touching, and started watching porn. Jesse pulled out his lsix inch prick out of his zipper, lubed it up and began stroking. I kept my clothes on and put my hands down my tights, and played with my clit. The movie was pretty hot and I was loving the scene where the girl was on top of the one guy, while the other guy was fucking her from behind. The guy at the bottom would pull out the other guy’s cock and suck it and then he push it back to her pussy for more. This action made me super horny, I would looking over at Jesse’s glistening cock and more and more thought about doing more with him. I decided t try and pulled my fingers out from my panties and licked the wetness from my fingers with large movements karşıyaka escort to catch Jesse’s attention. He was paying attention to me now and no longer watching the movie. I asked Jesse if wanted to see my pussy. He nodded intently, so I stood up and positioned myself with my ass facing him and slowly pulled down my tights and underwear, giving him a good backside view. Once off, I stayed bent over slid my fingers inside myself, then turned around and placed the fingers infront of his face and asked if he wanted a taste. I knew this was something he would enjoy from our previous conversations. He grabbed my wrist gently and pulled my fingers into his mouth… he liked it (of course).I sat back down beside him and we continued pleasuring ourselves. I was concentrating more on his cock now than the movie and could see a bit of fluid forming on the tip of his cock. I could tell he was getting close. I was having a lot of fun so I didn’t want this to finish with him gtting off and me playing on my own. I asked him at this point if he would mind eating my pussy. I knew he would say yes and in the blink of an eye he was between my legs, kneeling on the floor, face burried in my crotch. He was good! Ladies, Jesse is by far the best male pussy muncher I have ever had and scores up there with many of the woman I have enjoyed… If you ever get a chance to meet this guy, I strongly suggest it, he’ll make your toes curl! I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact he is bi… he loves oral sex and damn did it show! Jesse brought me to an amazing orgasm karşıyaka escort bayan and didn’t stop… he kept going until I orgasmed once again. I think he had to quit after my second orgasm because I held the back of his his head into my pussy while squeezing his head with my thighs so hard that I doubt he could even breath. I was so happy with him that I pulled his face up to mine and kissed him hard… rare for me with a guy! I told him then that it was my turn to treat him and I got him to drop his pants entirely and sit on the couch. Now it has been a year since i have been with a guy and much longer since I have been on my knees to give head! I grabbed that dick and went to work on his head with my tongue and licked from tip to base and tip again before taking it all in my mouth and into my throat. i am so glad he is only 6 inches otherwise my gag reflex would have made it difficult to take him the whole way. I was slobbering all over that cock and actually really enjoying it. He was clean, cut, shaved and really had a nice looking dick! What he didn’t have was stamina though, it couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes before he told me he was going to cum, I think he said this because he was expecting me to finish him off with my hand as we didn’t even discuss the option of me sucking his cock. I kept going, taking him into my throat until I could feel his cock start to throb… I then concentrated on his head while stroking his shaft until he released a powerful squirt of cum in my mouth, it took everything I had not to choke as it squirted escort karşıyaka into my throat! I continueded to work that cock with my hand and mouth until he couldn’t take anymore. He asked me not to swallow and to kiss him with his cum in my mouth; I was happy to! After that we cleaned up and put on our clothes. We chatted for a while about our personal lives and plans for the holidays. I found out he’s ‘been fixed’ which made me interested in having non oral sex with him as it has been a long time for me; he also told me that he rarely had sex without a condom so he was quite surprised that this all took place without any protection. I too am careful with guys, but in the heat of this particular moment, this all felt right. I asked if he was interested in having actual intercourse which he seemed surprisingly carefree about. He replied maybe some other time and that he wasn’t looking for anything serious, which wasn’t my intention anyhow. I asked if he would want to schedule another rondez-vous which he said he would leave up to me to contact him for. He never asked for my phone number, where I lived, a date or anything! He was very respectful of the fact i have a girlfriend and never asked for the chance for a threesome or anything else! Since then we’ve chatted once online and mostly just ‘how’s it going’ and general conversation. I have to say that i am intereted in another meeting but who knows when as my gf does retun soon and I would rather not sneak around on her with a guy. Anyhow, Jesse (you know I was going to write about this) thank you for the fun last week. Ladies (and guys), I highly recommed looking him up for a fun filled session with aparently no strings attached! He lives in Kamloops abd is on xhamster. He has asked me not to write his profile name on this post but said that he’ll take my recommendations as I know what he likes.Thank you Jesse!!! kisses for you!

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