It Started at Work

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I had been working at this place for almost two years and had never seen one gal worth a second glance in the office until they hired this cute little thing as an apprentice. The word on the office grapevine was that she just had had her twenty-fourth birthday and this was her first full time job as an apprentice architect. She didn’t have much of a body to speak of but she had a great smile and was cuter than hell. I was guessing her tits weren’t much more than a small handful but her ass was to die for. I am going to have to make a move on her before the other cock hounds in the place went into action.

My hobby is deep-water sailing and I thought she might accept an invitation to join me for an afternoon on my thirty-five foot sloop on the Chesapeake Bay. I keep the boat up near the Bay Bridge in between long distance voyages so it wasn’t too far from the office. I’m twenty-seven, a commercial architect and my uncle owns the firm so I can get as much time off as I want or need. Life couldn’t be any better.

One afternoon I wandered down to the water cooler in the hopes of meeting her in that area when I turned and bumped right into her. It damn near knocked her on her lovely ass but I reached out and caught her before she fell. It was the perfect opportunity to introduce myself.

“Hi, I’m Tom and just noticed you in the place. You must be a new hire.”

“Hello, I’m Jayne Ann and only have been working here for a couple of weeks. I get lost in the place it’s so big and I can’t even find my way around the town.”

“Ah, everyone feels that way for the first couple of weeks. You’ll be an old hand by the end of the month. Do you live nearby or are you one of those with a lengthy commute and can I just call you Jay?”

“Sure Jay is fine and no, I got lucky. I was living at home a million miles from here but my folks just moved to the West Coast for my Dad’s job and they agreed to pay my rent on a small apartment for me until I can get on my feet. It’s only a few miles away so my commute is nothing to speak of.”

“You’re fortunate because the rents are so high near this place than many of the apprentices are living out so far it takes them almost an hour to get here in the morning and the commute in the evenings is even worse.”

“Since you’re new to the area I’d love to buy you a drink after work and I’ll fill you in on the best restaurants, bars, shopping malls etc. to help you get your feet on the ground. How about if we meet after work and I’ll take you to the best local watering hole?” I was going to be certain not to take her to any of the spots where the rest of the office crowd met after work.

“Sounds fantastic for I really feel like a fish out of water in this new town.”

In keeping with my thoughts of not announcing to the rest of the office that I had made my move on her I suggested meeting in the parking lot of a nearby mall where we would leave her car.

After dumping her car I drove to a place about twenty miles away. I know the maitré de and after slipping him a twenty he led us to a nice quiet booth in the back corner of the bar area. Perfect.

“Geez, this place is kind of far from the office. Do many of the group come here for drinks?”

“Only sometimes. The other places nearer don’t have very good restaurants and I was thinking that if we had a few drinks and wanted to get some food in us before getting back on the road this was a far better choice.”

We joked and laughed for the next hour or so when I gave the maitré dé a signal that we were ready for a table in the main dining room. The twenty-dollar tip worked its usual magic for he seated us at a window table with a view of the little river flowing just outside of the place. The scenery was ideal.

We ordered dinner and a bottle of a nice white wine that we sipped while waiting for the food. I looked over at her to see a huge smile plastered all over her face and just had to ask what was so funny.

“Well, Tom, you are going to get a little angry when I tell you. When we bumped into each other at the water cooler you seemed to think that was an accident. You didn’t know that I had spotted you around the office a few days earlier and was on the lookout for you coming anywhere near my office. When I saw you approach I got up and then just ‘accidentally’ bumped into you and then told that sad story about me having a tough time living in a new area. You did exactly as I had hoped and offered to take me for a drink to make me more familiar with the area and here we are.”

“You little hussy.” I said through a huge laugh. “Well, from what you have seen of me so far this evening was it all worth while?”

She laughed while saying, ” Oh yes, so far, so good.”

Dinner went over great and our conversation ranged from politics to art even touching on the forbidden topic of religion. I really enjoyed being with her and her smile kept knocking me over. Before dinner was over I had invited her to join me for a sail on the upcoming realitykings porno Saturday and she accepted. Not bad progress for a first date if I do say so myself. We agreed to meet at the same mall where she had left her car a few hours earlier.

Saturday morning looked as if it was going to be the perfect weather for taking a beginner sailing. The sun was coming up perfectly with about ten to twelve knots of wind. Perfect sailing weather. I had the local deli makeup a couple of sandwiches and stuck a six pack of beer and another bottle of the wine we enjoyed at dinner earlier in the week in a small ice chest. I was ready.

From the moment she stepped on the boat it soon became obvious that she wasn’t any beginner to sailing, at least it sure looked as if she knew her way around a boat. When I asked about it she got laughing again and finally came out with the truth. Her father had a forty-two foot sailing ketch and she had grown up on it. Hell, she had had as much experience on boats as I did. Wonders will never cease.

“Jay, you are full of surprises. You never let on that you knew your way around boats.”

“I figured that if I did you might have second thoughts about taking me for a sail. I am truly sorry if I have offended you in any way.” She replied.

“No, I just stupidly assumed that you didn’t know anything about sailing and here you are with as much experience on boats as I have. I am going to enjoy the day even more for now you can do some of the work.” I laughed.

It was around ten- thirty when we left the dock and we sailed until noon when I pulled into a small cove on the lee side of a remote little island and dropped the anchor. I had put up the bimini (little awning over the cockpit) before leaving the dock so we had a nice breeze and shade in the cockpit as I went below and dug out the sandwiches and drinks for our lunch.

“Tom, would it be all right with you if I went for a swim before eating. I brought a bathing suit in my purse and if you have any towels on board I’ll be all set.”

“Sure, go below and change and I’ll do the same when you get back out here in the cockpit.”

Her bathing suit was a little on the skimpy side and I was right, her tits weren’t anything to write home about but it looked as if the nipples were at attention the way they were protruding. Was she horny?

I went below and pulled on my trunks and joined her in the cockpit a few minutes later.

She made a picturesque dive off the stern and I simply jumped in. We swam around for fifteen minutes or so before she climbed up the stern-mounted swim ladder. I followed right behind her up the ladder and had a great view of her ass and pussy mound from just a few feet behind her.

We sat in the cockpit and let the sun dry us while I got our lunch out and set a small cockpit table to spread it on. The sandwiches and wine went over great and we just sat there and chatted.

“Tom, if you wouldn’t mind I would like to strip down and take some of the cockpit cushions and go and lay down up on the foredeck so I could get an all over tan. If that is going to bother you, forget I asked.”

“Jay, it won’t bother me at all but will it bother you if I do the same and join you up there?”

“Oh boy, I never thought about that. Well, I guess it won’t bother me or at least I hope it won’t.” She answered.

She had her bikini off in a minute and was gathering some cushions together for her move up forward. I was right, her nipples looked to be harder than steel and were protruding proudly.

I knew that if I stripped and walked up forward to join her I would have a hard-on in an instant and could only wonder how that was going to go over with her. The hell with it, she was the one who started this nudity business and I’ll see how she reacts to a hard-on pointing at her during her tanning process.

She was spread out over the foredeck and lying on her stomach when I got up there. I put the cushions down and lay on my back with my hard on aimed at the sky. Whew, this was going to be tough. The mounds of her ass were staring at me and they looked lovely.

I spread some lotion on my chest and asked her if she wanted me to put some on her back and butt. She answered that she would really like that. —and so would I!!!

The sun was warming the lotion and I filled my palm with it before spreading it over her back and then down to her butt. In doing her back I let my hand fall down to her sides so my fingers were just tantalizingly close to the sides of her breasts. When I was doing her butt I slid my fingers a little way down in her butt crack and made sure all of that was covered and she let out a small moan as I came close to the ruby red bud of her asshole.

I let my hand go up and down her legs with the lotion and that was it. Her entire backside was covered.

She could only guess what I was going to ask next and beat me to it with, “I’ll be able to do my front by myself. Thanks rip her up porno for doing my back.” As she was saying that she looked over to see my full-fledged hard-on. I have about seven and a half inches hard and the gals say I am on the thick side and it looked as if she couldn’t take her eyes off it.

With all the time I have been on boats I learned a long time ago not to let my cock get too exposed to the sun. There isn’t anything more painful than a sunburned cock so I decided to turn over on my stomach.

I asked that if I turned over would she do my back the way I did hers and she readily agreed. By the time I turned over she had her hand full of the lotion and didn’t start on my shoulders but went right to the cheeks of my ass. Her touch was light as a feather and my hard-on was getting even harder the more she lightly rubbed the lotion over me. As hard as my cock was getting I felt as if I was fucking the cockpit cushions. She then let her hand slide up my back and started on my shoulders. I couldn’t get over how soft her touch was. It really felt as if she was just touching me ever so lightly as she went up my back. I turned my face to her so I could see her tits and pussy lips as she was working away on my back.

All of a sudden I turned and lay on my side facing her and reached up and put a hand on the back of her neck and pulled her face down to mine. She resisted slightly but soon gave in to the inevitable and our lips touched. As soon as they did I felt her tongue working its way between my lips and I pulled her tighter to me. My tongue responded and began searching deep inside her mouth and my fingers, still covered with some of the lotion, lightly caressed her nipples. That was about all it took before she pulled her face back from mine and let out a moan that could be heard a long ways off. I was thankful we were the only boat in the cove.

It was time to go a lot further with this and I rolled on top of her and quickly lined up my cock with her pussy and gave a huge push and was buried to the hilt. If I thought her moan was loud when my fingers caressed her nipples I was in for a huge surprise. She screeched so loudly that I dropped my mouth down on hers in an attempt to quieten her. It didn’t work. She pulled her head to the side while her loud noises continued.

She was tossing her head from side to side as I began my thrusting. I would pull out almost all of the way and then ram it home again and each time I bottomed out she would let out another screech. It reminded me of the noise some female professional tennis players make every time they hit the ball. She had her legs up around my back pulling me in deeper and her arms around my neck pulling my face to hers. I finally put my arms under her thighs and lifted her ass and legs high in the air and then gave some serious hard thrusts so it was feeling as if I was driving my cock all the way through her.

“Tom, fuck me, fuck me” she yelled.

I didn’t know how to fuck her any harder than I was and it only took a few more minutes of what I was doing before I exploded in her. I was so damn hot I thought I would never stop filling her pussy with my juice. About the time I was finished she started to unload and her moaning and screeching started all over again.

“Oh God, Tom, you are unbelievable.”

It took both of us a few minutes before we came down from our orgasmic highs. The first thing she was able to say was,

“Tom, I’ve only had sex with one other guy and he was nowhere near as good as you are in making me climax so powerfully. But, I’ve only know you for a little more than a week and I’m flat on my back fucking you. You must think I’m some kind of slut.”

“Honey, I don’t think that at all but I will say you are one terrific piece of ass. You had me really going from the first minute I entered you until I exploded. Whew, that won’t be the last time we do this.”

“Oh I know it. I’m going to fuck you until you scream for mercy as often as I can get you in bed.” she shouted with a smirk.

Making love with her was something I had never experienced before. I weigh about 190 and am very fit with all of the exercising I do in the gym and she is so thin and dainty I could easily put in her any position I wanted simply by holding her waist and moving her where I wanted her. I always thought a gal had to have big tits to be sexy. Bullshit, this one is almost more than I can handle and she certainly doesn’t fall into the big tit category.

We lay up there just chatting while our heart rate was returning to normal.

I leaned up on my elbows and announced that I was going to go back in for another swim and then would go below and take a shower and then plop down in the cockpit while I dried off. I hadn’t hit the water before she was making one of her spectacular dives over my head and far out from the stern of the boat. She must have had some great diving lessons to be able to do that.

We swam for ten minutes rus porno or so before climbing back up to the boat. She went up the ladder before me and when she got up a few steps, and before she reached the top, I reached up and slid my fingers deep in her pussy. She yelped a little and then laughingly scampered up the rest of the way.

I let her take her shower first and then took mine while she was toweling off. She had poured us each a glass of wine while I was showering and it was ready for me when I was ready to dry off.

We went out to the cockpit and sat in the shade of the bimini and just plain chatted about a million things. After a half-hour of that I got up to get the wine to pour us another when my old friend, my hard on, reappeared. When I came out in the cockpit it was as stiff as a board and she just looked at it. I came over to her side and my cock was only inches from her face and I reached down behind her head and gave it a slight pull saying, “Take it in your mouth honey”

“Tom, I only did that once before and hated it.”

“Jay, it’ll really make me feel great. How about giving it another try?”

I sat back on my side of the cockpit and she dropped to her knees on the floor in front of me as she took my cock in her hand and guided it towards her mouth. She looked up at me and I was transfixed with seeing my cock lined up in front of her fantastic smile as she opened her mouth. I gave her head a little pull and she had the head of it buried.

“Oh God Jay, yes go all the way.”

It didn’t take her long before her lovely lips were wrapped around the middle of my cock as it was buried deep in her mouth. There was no question in my mind that that was a deep as she was going to be able to take it and I held her head between both hands and then began a simple fucking of her mouth. She followed on quickly and was soon bobbing up and down on it like she was bobbing for apples. Every now and then she’d raise her face up a little and just look at my face. Damn, this girl can really turn me on.

It didn’t take me long before the heat was rising up into my balls and I knew the end was near. It was going to be a huge orgasm even though I just had had one in her pussy an hour or so before.

“Jay, I’m coming.” as I shot stream after stream deep down her throat. She was holding my cock with one hand while she was lightly caressing my balls with the other one. She licked up ever drop and sucked me dry.

“Jay, I honestly never did it that far before and I hope it pleased you.”

“No, it was terrible. You are going to have to do that to me almost every day until you learn to get it right.” I replied with a huge laugh.

Without missing a beat she replied, ” Well, this is a two way street.” Telling me that it was my turn to do the same for her.

I lifted her to sit on top of the companionway hatch with her legs dangling over the edge and her hands propped behind her holding her body up in a sitting position. I reached up and spread her legs and then began working my face between them until my mouth was just lightly kissing the lips of her pussy. I used my fingers to spread them and then let them dive deep inside of her searching out her clit. It wasn’t long before I was massaging it lightly and was able to get it uncovered and that started her moaning. I then pulled my hand out of her replacing it with my tongue. After letting my tongue caress her clit I pulled back and began licking the lips of her pussy while I folded three fingers of my hand into a teepee shape and began hand fucking her while my mouth was working feverishly on her pussy lips. That did it. Her screeching became so loud I really was afraid that if there were any boats anywhere near us they would make a mad dash in our direction to help whoever was in trouble.

Fortunately no other boat was near us and she began throwing her hips and pussy hard at my face. She had leaned forward freeing up her arms and hands so they could grab the back of my head and pull my mouth deeper inside of her. All of a sudden the juices were flowing out of her and she was fucking my face with her pussy. She kept that up for a good few minutes and I finally pulled away and rose up to kiss her mouth. She never said anything about tasting her own pussy juices on my mouth. She wrapped her hands behind my head and just kissed me harder.

Mimicking her earlier comment I said, ” I honestly never did that before and hope it pleased you.”

She fell backwards laughing and continued the mimicking as she came right back with, “No, it was terrible. You are going to have to do that to me almost every day until you learn to get it right.” She replied with a huge laugh.

I lifted her back down to the cockpit seats and we sat there finishing off the bottle of wine.

“Tom, I don’t quite know how to say what I am going to say but I’ll just let it come out so here goes. As I said earlier, I have only had sex with one other guy before and that wasn’t very often. You and I had more sex today than I would have had with him in months and with the conversations you and I had last night over drinks and dinner and then all we talked about today I am falling for you and I have only known you for a couple of days. What the hell is going on with me?”

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