It Happened in Vegas

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It Happened in VegasLinda was happy that conference was finally over!Linda had agreed to come to Vegas to represent the company but her real intention was to have sex with good looking stranger that she would never have to see again and certainly would never have actually be in a relationship with. You see, Linda had recently finalized her divorce and she had no intention of ever being in relationship again. There was just one problem; sex had become an obsession for her since her marriage broke up. There were men who wanted to date her but every time she tried it turned into obligations for more than sex. It struck Linda as odd that so many men talked about wanting to have sex without commitment but just try to find one. She had tried the local bar scene and had sex with several different men but they always wanted her number or to see her again. Then it occurred to her that the best solution was to go out of town, find a guy, have sex and leave! At least that was the theory she was about to test here in Vegas. The thing was she needed to find a guy quickly since her flight out was less than 24 hours away. Linda decided to skip changing out of her business clothes and go straight into the bar of the cheap hotel and casino. The bar was not real busy but there seemed to be several men who would serve her purpose for the night. She sat down at the bar and looked at three guys that were sitting at a table nearby. One of the guys was a bad boy type. His hair was long and she could tell he was a player. She smiled at him as he looked at her. He got up and walked over to her.“Hi there my name is Matt! I would love to buy you drink and have you join me and my two friends.” He said with a winkDefinitely a player was what she thought but he was good looking and had a nice body. Yes he would make a fun partner for the night. Now the issue was getting him away from his friends. Linda wondered how long that was going to take.“Thank you! I can join you all for a little while” She said with she hoped a sexy smileAs she walked over to the table she got a better look at the other two guys who were both nice looking too. Both of them were about the same size as Matt but they looked more like two guys from the country club than bad boys.“Hi, I’m Linda. Thank you so much for buying me drink. It is just what I needed.” “Linda, this is Tom and my other friend is Ron. We’re here having a boys weekend and reunion. You see we all grew up together but we now only get see each other about once a year.” Matt said“So what brings you to Vegas Linda?” Tom asked“I was here for a seminar and my flight bahis firmaları out is not until tomorrow. Tonight I’m just going to see what is going around town. Maybe I can get in a little trouble!” She said with a sexy smile towards Matt“I’m certain we can help you out with that!” Matt laughed while the other two guys joined in but gave each other a quick lookThey spent the next half hour chatting drinking. Linda was starting to feel pretty good. She decided it was time to send a definite message so she reached over to Matt’s lap and squeezed his cock discretely under the table. At first it was like he did not even notice so she started stroking his cock while he continued to chat with his two friends.Then he leaned over to Linda; “do you want my cock tonight?”Linda looked at him and smiled sexy and nodded that she did. Linda was certain that they would be headed to a hotel room in just a minute but then Matt leaned over to her again and what he said surprised her.“If you want my cock you are going to have to fuck all of us tonight. Are you ready fuck three cocks?” Matt saidLinda sat back with her mouth open. She had just wanted a good fuck tonight but a gangbang?“Hey Tom and Ron; Linda is over here grabbing my cock and I just informed her that if she wants my cock tonight she is going to do all of us. This is Vegas baby!” Matt laughedLinda sat there blinking in shock. She was openly being asked to fuck three men! What kind of slut did Matt think that she was?“Listen Linda, you came in here looking for a guy to screw tonight. I could see it right away. What I want to know is; are you woman enough to take us all on? This is your one chance to let your inner-slut out. So how about coming up to our room?” Matt said while the other two men leered at herLinda felt her face turn red but she also felt her nipples harden and then her pussy started growing hotter and wetter as she thought about fucking the three good looking men. Her heart was pounding and her mouth suddenly watered as she thought about sucking not one but three cocks tonight. After all she had come here for sex!“Ok” was all she could get outThe three went out of the bar and started up to the guy’s room. On the way all three men felt her ass and tits. Once in the elevator, Matt pulled out his cock and Linda bent over and started sucking on it. As her lips felt the stiff cock slide in and out her pussy started to cream.His cock tasted so good and Linda could feel one of the other men reach under dress and rub her pussy. Matt grabbed her head and pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. Her mind was racing casino oyna as someone squeezed her tits and flicked her hard nipples. Suddenly the elevator reached the floor and everyone took a quick second to start arranging their clothes. As the door opened a couple was standing there looking at Linda. As Linda stepped off the elevator she realized her blouse was open showing her bra. There was no doubt she had been making out in the elevator with three men at one time. “Oh Shit” was all she could say as the men all laughed as the door closed with couple on the inside“Don’t worry baby, this is Vegas and you’re not the first slut to suck dick on an elevator and you will not be the last” Matt laughedThey went down the hall and entered the room. The men all gathered around her and started taking turn kissing her and undressing her. Linda slipped to her knees and found herself looking at three of the most wonderful cocks she had ever seen. She sucked Ron’s cock deep into her mouth as she pumped Tom with her right hand and Matt with her left. Linda could not believe how sexually stimulating this was, When Matt had first suggested that she fuck all three of them she was not so sure but now she wanted nothing less than to make these guys cum as much as they could.Tom and Matt reached down and picked Linda up and carried her to the bed. Ron lay down and Linda resumed sucking his wonderful cock. She could taste the pre-cum flooding her mouth. She knew that he would soon pump sperm into her willing mouth. The thought of eating his load made her even hotter. Tom moved behind her and pulled her panties down. Linda felt the head of his cock at her pussy opening. Then he pushed hard and she felt the whole cock slide all the way into her excited pussy.Tom grabbed her hips and started pumping her pussy with deep hard strokes. She moaned and could see Matt stroking his cock and looking at her.“You love it! Tell us you love getting fucked like this!” Matt said with lust in his voice“Fuck yes! Three big cocks just for me! I love it!” Linda said as she sucked Ron’s cock even harder“My turn for some of that pussy!” Ron saidHe pulled Linda up and she straddled his cock and then slid down on it. Her mind raced as for the first time she felt a second cock enter her pussy while having sex. Linda started cumming from just the thought. Even as her orgasm rocked her Matt and Tom took turns fucking her mouth.In few minutes it was Matt’s turn to fuck Linda’s pussy. He had her ride his cock. She was pumping her pussy on his hard cock when he asked her; “do you like my cock slut?”“Fuck yes, slot oyna I love all the cocks! I want all of your cocks!” Linda screamedTom offered his cock which Linda gladly accepted back in her mouth as she continued to ride Matt’s cock.Ron moved behind her and Linda felt his finger enter her ass. She wanted to protest but then all she could feel was her body once again rocking with another orgasm. Linda was just coming off the feeling of extreme pleasure when she felt the head of Ron’s cock enter her ass. She moaned but could do little else as Tom pumped his cock in and out of her mouth while Matt pounded her pussy from below. Matt realized what Ron was doing and he reached down and spread her ass cheeks open and pushed her up. This forced Ron’s cock deep into her ass while Matt pushed deep into her pussy. Linda had never dreamed that she would ever do anything like this. The two men started pumping her in unison. Tom began to match the others with the tempo and Linda found all three cocks pushing and pulling in an erotic harmony. At one point she pulled off of Tom’s cock and caught her image in the mirror. It was the sexiest thing she had ever seen as she watched one cock sliding in and out of her pussy and another in and out of her ass. Another orgasm rocked her body. Tom grabbed her head and pushed his cock deep into her mouth. She wanted to gag but managed instead to swallow as she felt the head push down her throat. Her ass burned but also seemed to feed the intensity of the constant contractions that was exploding in her pussy. Ron gripped her hips harder and increased the tempo of his cock thrusting in and out of Linda. Linda could hear all of the men panting as their excitement grew. She was suddenly aware that all three were close to giving her their cum. She could feel another orgasm building in her pussy and then she felt Ron’s cock jerk as he emptied a load into her ass. She had never felt anything like this before but she knew that for the rest of her life she would lust for the feeling of a cock in her butt.Her body jerked and that was all that was needed for Matt to empty hiss balls into Linda’s convulsing pussy. Then Linda felt Tom’s cock shoot stream after stream of wonderful cum into her willing mouth. Linda could hear all of the men moaning as they used her for their pleasure.Linda lay on the bed afterward and looked at the men who had just used her and the most obscene thought crossed her mind; “How many time can I get them to cum before my plane leaves tomorrow?”The End(This story was inspired by the photo but also with one of my friend’s on here. She would love to experience this for herself….if she was brave enough….and not married! Hey if you like the story give me a thumbs up. I always enjoy comments and I am always looking for other story ideas so PM if you want.)

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